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What Rx,NRx,XRx means on medicines?-Tamil

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Why Red Line is given on Some Medicines? \nOn the top left corner of some medicines strip/bottle you might have noticed these symbols. What are these indications?\n\nOur channels for +1 and +2 students- Biology Lectures and NEET Aspirants\nNEET Biology Tamil (Tamil Channel):\nNEET Biology Expert (English Channel) :\n\n• Rx : Rx means you have to take these medicines only if prescribed by your doctor. Drugs in the Schedule H and H1 category require a prescription. \n\n• NRx : nRx stands for New Prescription. They are narcotic drugs. If the drug contains “Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances” which is narcotic controlled under the NDPS Act 1985 in India, it has to be indicated by the word nRx. These are drugs for sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, psychiatric patients. \n\n• Xrx : XRx means that medicine can be purchased only on a valid prescription. They are Schedule X drugs. Only registered pharmacists could dispense these prescription drugs in India. They are strong pain killers for cancer and psychiatric conditions.\n\n• Generally, Rx is an abbreviation for the Latin word \ »recipere\ » or \ »recipe\ », which means \ »Take, thou.\ » The symbol is a prayer to Jupiter to use his healing abilities to cure the patient.\n\n• Red Stripe Medicines: Medicines with the Red Line on the left side in the strips should be consumed only with the doctor’s prescription. A red line means it is a prescription drug. These medicines are sold only with medical prescription. To check irrational use of antibiotics, packs of certain medicines carry a ‘red line‘differentiating them from other drugs. Should not be sold over-the-counter or consumed unnecessarily which results in antibiotic resistance. \n\n\nReferences:\n•\n•\n\nWatch Our Other Medical Science Videos in Tamil \nHuman Anatomy \u0026 Physiology :\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpcGLK5zRbfqA_jbEjeCgdQN\nImmunology Videos:\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpcter1hcTCdwj6qbnKND7ig\nBlood and Blood Groups:\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpdb8Y1LIVh8Or8gteCcsJ43\nPharmacology Videos:\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpcBwcrrapZCj-mU2tQNAyLv\nMicroorganisms (Bacteria/ Virus/Fungi):\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpehDN31wOTBpimL3qCAi_4z\nMicrobiology Videos:\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpeK5Dh4CLnwBoSNZtQX6rQ8\nMolecular Biology \u0026 Biotechnology :\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpdhLbIYY9WwY1bsVQw42u_c\nHealth Awareness Videos:\u0026list=PLWV95ev_EVpe0rfnFW5Sh2VIpqUkYz7P8\n\nThis channel shares useful medical and science-related topics in Tamil. Our main vision is to provide medical and scientific information in a simple way to people. Please share this video with your friends if you like it. \nMEDICAL SCIENCE VIDEOS – தமிழில் by Science Insights\n\n#Tamil \n#WhatisRedLinonMedicineStrip\n#Rx #xRx #nRx \n#HealthinTamil \n#ScienceInsights \n#pharmacy \n\nFacebook Page: \n\nImages Credit –\n

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