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Sex | Three Drugs That Inhibit Sexual Function | Dr. Jack Wolfson

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Hey, it’s Dr. Jack Wolfson here, The Paleo Cardiologist. I want to talk to you today about three classes of drugs that are known to inhibit sexual function.\n \nFirst off, when it comes to sexual function, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. \n \nNumber one is your interest in having sex. This is called libido. \n\nNumber two is the arousal necessary for intercourse. \n\nNumber three, maintaining the arousal and erection. \n\nThere is a part of the brain and neurological system called the autonomic. Balance in the autonomic nervous system is essential to sexual function. This is really where the doctor of chiropractic shines to restore that balance.\n \nBut let’s talk about these three classes of drugs.\n \nNumber one as a cardiologist, of course, are the cardiovascular drugs. Specifically, the blood pressure drugs. Beta-blockers are absolutely classic for that side effect but any class within the cardiovascular space can cause those effects and, once you remove those drugs, typically sexual desire and sexual performance comes back into play. And the statin class of drugs that reduce cholesterol levels down, and by reducing cholesterol levels down, some people can actually have their testosterone levels reduced because testosterone comes from cholesterol and if we’re not making cholesterol, if the statin drugs block our ability to make cholesterol, then we could have problems with that and I’ve seen that many times in my career.\n \nThe second class of drugs is, of course, the anti-depressants. This class includes some of the best-known drugs. The Prozacs, the Zolofts. All of those drugs can certainly lead to sexual dysfunction, loss of interest, loss of performance, etc. The third class of drugs and this is mostly for the men out there, some of the drugs used to treat prostate issues can certainly affect sexual performance. They clearly interfere with the body’s hormone production, so it could be something else that you need to look into and maybe look to your doctor for some natural remedies to help with sexual function.\n \nNow one of my favorite products when it comes to boosting sexual function is, of course, organic beetroot powder. We affectionately term that product the “boner juice.” It is tremendous for cardiovascular health but also can help with erectile function because it increases nitric oxide. What else increases nitric oxide? Viagra. Some why not do it naturally with a with an organic food-based source that has so many different benefits there?\n \nSo, when it comes to sexual health, look at the drugs first. When it comes to any complications or any side effects or any problems you are having, always think of the pharmaceutical side effect first.\n\nThere is a natural way. There is a better way. Continue to watch me and we’ll talk about it. Have a great day!\n_______________________________________________________\nDr. Jack Wolfson is a board-certified cardiologist and a fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He has emerged as one of the world’s leading holistic natural cardiologists and is a 5-time Natural Choice Award Winner in the Holistic MD category from Natural Awakenings Magazine. His ideas have been featured by NBC and CNN and covered in publications like the USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. \n\nAs a trusted leader in heart health and natural heart health, Dr. Jack has taught more than 10,000 physicians his natural heart health best practices. His book, The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health, was an Amazon # 1 bestseller. He is an in-demand lecturer about natural healthy living without Big Pharma pills and invasive procedures. \n_______________________________________________________\nWANT TO READ DR. JACK’S BOOK?\n \n_______________________________________________________\nCONNECT WITH DR. JACK ON:\nWebsite: \nProducts:\nPodcast: \nBlog:\nFacebook:\nTwitter: \nInstagram:\n_______________________________________________________\nHAVE A QUESTION ABOUT HEART HEALTH?\nAsk Dr. Jack – Leave a voice message\n_______________________________________________________\nSUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL\n

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