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Duloxetine (US Brand Name Cymbalta) Side Effects, Dosage, Uses, Warnings, Drug Interactions, withdrawal and more are discussed.\nTalk about the most common side effects of duloxetine 20 mg, 30 mg, and 60 mg capsules. Duloxetine used for pain and fibromyalgia.

Kim Bloeser écrit: I am hooked on your vid. I like the format you use. Can you do your usual precise way of dissecting on tabrecta? thanks. Tabrecta is a fairly new drug for lung cancer i assume you may know that already.الربيعي الربيعي écrit: Hello.I have neuropathy. And I had two years of this situation and I checked the neurologists and gave me this treatment: Duloxetine 30meg and Semazin 5meg, and I did not benefit from a better treatment. Thank you.HEALTHY ENERGY écrit: Doctors in America lack life experience always in school and depression victims are cash cows and people are cheated. I was prescribed Cymbalta with no help. It's so toxic and my skin always feels hot. There must be a better alternative?hgallegos915 écrit: I'm taking tramadol and duloxetine.. q different doctor did blood tests and i came out pre diabetic… I have has done suicide behavior but i know i don't want to die. It's not really lowering my neuropathy due to a avulsion.. thoughts? Sounds i just taper off?Alpaca Arch écrit: I just took one yesterday and today I have chills and diarrhea and nausea I'm guessing I shouldn't take and consult my doctor.Majid Ali écrit: My Father has been using this medicine for two years now. Can you use it for such a long time? Hepatitis C and sever itching have also occurred. If left unmanaged, They can be left astray and lose the right path. If there is any substitute for it please let them know. I am great Thank Full to you. So that my Father can use any other medicine besides it. And answer me as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanxsuzi _ écrit: Hi can I take d5 pills with duloxetine?Gladiator Man écrit: Be aware folks. The side effects getting on or off can be nothing short of brutal. I bet people go to detox centers to get off this shitGladiator Man écrit: Took this devil drug for 2 days. Stopped. Horrible drug. The withdrawal effects must be pure hell.Spot Jos écrit: WORST. DRUG. EVER.dixit piyush écrit: I have taken just two pills as advised by doctor, now I m facing sexual disfunction as lyk erection problem of my penis…What should I do I am pretty afraidMarge Gould écrit: Awesome video. Thank you.Victoria Pollock écrit: Lasted 4 days on this. Never again.
Its been a wk and I still don't feel right.Frances Gillotti écrit: This pill is poison, don’t take it you will never get off it . The doctors lie . It has 500 side effects it’s soul destroyingJohn Freer écrit: I started 20 mg . 3 days ago. I asked the Dr. Specifically if I should be concerned about taking 50 mg. Of Tramadol daily with the cymbalta. In the video you single out Tramadol..How concerned should I be ?Courtney Petit écrit: Loved the presentation of information I have SLE Lupus and just been recently put on this and I'm nervous I don't want withdrawals!Brigette 5280 écrit: What about horrendous gas?Alfreda Phifer écrit: I am someone that have seizures would this medicine be a good medicine for me to take for depressionWren thaDjinn écrit: I've been on 120mgs of duloxetine for a few years now. It definitely helps with my depression but I also have to deal with alot of the side effects as well. I'm actually scared to death to even try lower my dosage, because the withdrawal effects are so horrible. I can never let myself run out of it, I would not be able to function properly.Mr-Mrs Curls-n-Kinkz écrit: Thank you for sharing all the information with us in an easy way of understanding. Things you've mentioned are ringing a bell with long term usage.Christian Gammons écrit: Im,on 2mg alprazolam 2x a day and now in this should i be concernedKawaii lette écrit: This shit iS HORRIBLE to come off of, doctor didn't tell me and I suffered from brain ZAPS and hot and cold flashes and nausea for MONTHS .
They shouldn't be giving this crap to anyone. :/Xengaa écrit: Weaned off of it a week ago. Tried taking it from July 2019 till the New Year, and I never got any better. I’ve had severe depression, suicidal thoughts and problems with eating (appetite), nausea, fatigue, problems with sleeping and nightmares ever since I started it.Kristi écrit: I was just given 20 mg of this by my doctor today, because the 20 mg of Lexapro stropped working. What are your thoghts on using this in combination with Lexapro or perhaps being able to come off the Lexapro if this works? Thanks.Robyn M écrit: What are the interactions between sumatriptan and 60mg cymbalta? I take sumatriptan with zofran for chronic migraines.Ruth Vermeer écrit: Horrendous drug to discontinue. Twice pushed to take it. Never again!LILITHS LAIR écrit: Mama says this medication is the DEVIL !!!!Diane Synnott écrit: Has anyone ever have like a chemical smell comming from them.i just went up to 90mg i have been on 60 for over a yearSandra Taylor écrit: Add terrible nightmares and brain zaps to withdrawal.Andrés Tudor écrit: It takes two weeks for the drug to come into effect. These two weeks have been really tough. From China.Mayar Shaheen écrit: Heart ache ?Destany écrit: I take Meloxicam 15mg in the morning and Duloxetine 60mg in the afternoon and amitriptyline 25 mg at bedtime. None of my doctors told me about any interactions. Do you think I should be concerned????Christine M écrit: Would you agree with prescribing for a 84yr male/occasional drinker (vodka;) high blood pressure, uses inhalers/digoxin, warfarin, statex, morphine sulfate, i know im missing a couple……the reason for the medication is pain. I dont know why, it doesnt sit well with me when i go over the scenerio…Shaun Leonard écrit: Withdrawing from this medication is impossible without horrible side effects.bill thompson écrit: I never miss one of your videos, you are great and extremely explanatory.

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