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Fibromyalgia: from fiction to fact and to the future – Andrea Nicol

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In her keynote address at the inaugural Fibromyalgia Health \u0026 Wellbeing Summit (Dublin, 2018) Prof. Andrea Nicol provided historical perspectives on fibromyalgia and how recent rigorous and robust research methods have been used to determine what is felt to be the cause of fibromyalgia – central nervous system pain amplification. \n\nShe also discussed well-described treatment options for fibromyalgia in addition to exploring emerging concepts and treatments for this challenging and complex pain syndrome.

Linda Ellis écrit: Oh my!! This is the most interesting, most informative, most helpful knowledge on fibromyalgia there is…every doctor should be made to watch, digest and understand this…. I've never found anyone who has this much knowledge and empathy to fibro sufferers…usually it's 'oh yes, you have pain where? Everywhere? Come on…' unless it's a fellow fibro warrior, nobody else has a clue and they aren't interested in something that's 'all in your head'!!! It can be lonely and, at times, all consuming especially when one has other miseries – autoimmune disorders, IBS, chronic fatigue etc… I'm grateful there is someone in the world who understands and can articulate this misery…thank you….SW Wales, UK.Studio 96315 écrit: And after reading alot of these comments, wow! So here's MY take on my area. Southern Alberta doctors, old white men and then you get their SONS. Let me go 1 step further, LDS, so if you don't belong to their church, you DON'T count. And NO, I don't hate men ����Studio 96315 écrit: My doctor simply told me he doesn't believe in any of these, even chronic fatigue. So lost.Elizabeth Anderson écrit: White old men doctors? What is it with these liberal Democrats putting down elderly men because they're white? Who are the racists? what does she have against a man who became a doctor because he's white . See how Democrats are doing all they can to get racism going and to even get more black people turn against white people. They're the ones creating all the trouble that's going on today and they're the ones getting racism going and people are dying because of it! Shameful. What happens when this woman gets to be elderly is she going to be an old white woman. Don't other races get elderly? What about black people, are there old black men? 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I came here to find out about Fibromyalgia not to listen to this woman knock our great President! Shameful!mayank s écrit: try adding lugol solution …it has helped peopleAndrew écrit: Prof. Nicol, May God bless you for the work you do. So many people don’t know about fibromyalgia or don’t understand how it can really screw up your life. I was diagnosed with the ‘severe’ end of the fibromyalgia scale about five years ago, at a specialised Hospital(link below). I had to give up my job in London, England, and can no longer work. The Cognitive Dysfunction I have with it gives me very limited mental stamina, before I have to lay down and rest. My fibromyalgia came on following a horse riding accident about eight years ago, where I broke my neck and impacted my spinal cord. So I’m one of the rarer ‘dudes’ with it. écrit: Best explanation so far.David écrit: God watches over people like you my dear doctor! Blessing to you from all of us who suffer with the many symptoms of FM, CFS, ME, INSOMNIA NONRESTORATIVE SLEEP, DERESSION. MOOD DISORDER, IBS, AND SO MUCH MORE.klmoll écrit: Fabulous!fred6059 écrit: I have osteoarthritis and fibro. I am so discouraged at this point.Stephanie Bogart écrit: No mention of treatment by changing the diet and getting rid of bad chemicals in the home which is how I did it. I don’t take meds.durantetest écrit: I know I'm two years late for this video. Today doctors simply do not care for patients but sure enjoy the pay from health insurers. They've become like lawyers. I don't trust them. So it's now me, anti-inflammatories, and my migrating pain.Evelyn Odion écrit: Never give up in life they all say no cure to FIBROMYALGIA which is a big lie I have pass through many process also i never believe there is really cure to FIBROMYALGIA until I meet Dr.OBELA the doctor that have been helping many people for many years, I come across this doctor online when I was searching for cure online I found out about this man, and to my greatest surprise this man have the herbal medicine which I have been looking for years I explain my problem to him through the email I found on someone who testify about him also, Dr.OBELA write me a reply and explain how the process work so after ordering for the medicine I got it within 4 days and I took it according to the way Dr.OBELA instructed, I was so happy after two week I took the medicine there was very big change in my health when I was done with the process I go for test, I found out I am negative that was the day I have the tears of joy you can also get in contact with my doctor through his email now or you can also WhatsApp him +2348115919700. And He also have herbs medicine to cured the following diseases; eczema,urethra wart,chronic problems.Herpes, Cancer, Als,Hepatitis, Diabetes, HPV,Infections, CORONARY ARTERY, DIARRHEA DISEASE, DIABETES MELLITUSKat B écrit: Too bad you think everyone has your political viewpoint and feel you have to mention it in your talk. Anyone with so little discernment is not someone who has anything to say worth listening toPamela D écrit: I hate it when my Doctor's tell me I need to exercise to feel better. I can't get them to understand that I am so fatigued that I can barely get dressed. I sleep a lot. I feel sick most days. I have sjogren's, Lupus, Diabetes, Myasthenia Gravis, RA, fibromyalgia, leaky bladder /butt, serious back issues, Barrett's esophagus, neuropathy, RLS, colitis, bipolar severe depression, anxiety, allergic to most things and my weight has shot up to 300 lbs. I am 67.
I just want to scream out, How do you possibly think I have the strength or desire to exercise??? They just don't get it and they are making me feel lazy because I can't?Ave s écrit: I have Fibromyalgia when I was diagnosed I had to google it. I’ve never heard of it. It’s a freak’n nightmare. ��

I also had RSD/CRPS and Hemicranial continua and myelomalacia!

FM is real and horrible. Sending my good vibes to you all! Love ❤️ this talk. I wish I had a doctor like her. Xo ��

Ps. I also noticed that most or A LOT of people with FM were once athletes or major over achievers ����‍♀️Carol Clark écrit: You are speaking too fast for someone who is really new to this!!!KBB écrit: You’ve got low dose naltrexone all wrong. In a low dose it’s a receptor blocker so the body makes more endorphins… go to LDN research and it explains it better.Paras Subedi écrit: She seems to hate men��Juliann Martinez écrit: It didn’t take long as she spoke I broke down in tears plz help me I’m humble but lost I’m alone n untreated many say it in my mind even tho I have been diagnosed long ago but wen people look at me they don’t see it I’m tired I’m so tired wish n pray to God for him to take meMariaelena Bartesaghi écrit: The only thing that has made a dent is what you call "no evidence." The rest have been a JOKE. OMG.DR AKuza écrit: Hello, I'm Dr Akuza1, a herbalist from Nigeria, I sale and supply herbal herps for all types on diseases/viruses due to your health/body system misbehavior? You can contact me on whatsapp: +2347054702462 or email me:drAkuzamiraclehome@gmail.comMelissa Burrows écrit: Thanks i would like to talk to you about a media interview. Could you pls contact meRobert N J Stevens écrit: As someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia I appreciate your information. I did a video that might help some folks understand what someone goes through on a daily day with the disease. B écrit: Hello humans !!!
I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 18 years of age.
I am currently 40 years old.
I live with this very particular condition and as I call it BIPOLAR SYMPTOMS, 21 years old has these symptoms in my body and mind. When I lived in South Africa, a medium recommended to stop all medication, and use cannabis. At first it helped me, but today 27-7-2020, I can tell you that every day I live with pain, and my mood is like a winter storm in Alaska .. But I can tell you that there are days when humor is a beautiful spring afternoon . do not demand yourselves, live today and now, learn to live with pain, do not lower your arms … do not stop living because you are in pain … It is not easy … I know, because even I have days that I want to cease to exist. But I know that a spring day will come soon and my body will let me breathe. The mind programs your body, help it. Taking away everything that stresses you and distresses you first. Then try to do things that make you feel good. Stay away from medications, unless they are necessary, such as when you have migraine, muscle contractures, etc. AVOID SLEEPING MEDICATIONS, TAKE natural remedies. If you can't sleep, it's because you don't waste energy. There are many things that you can try as a routine for yourself, but remember that this fibromyalgia condition does not make a routine, it is changing, different symptoms and rotate. I wish I could feel super good, it isn't, but at least I know I don't poison my body with chemical drugs.URIEL. B écrit: I have this condition from i was 18, now i have 40 . I give up on dr, always fuck around just like you say. giving medication…but making my life worts…better feel pain but awake, then have medication and feeling worst and stupid. i hope i can believe again in dr, but every time i thinking for see a dr i get irritated like when i see a politician…T T écrit: The followings may help :

Other supplement such as Vitamin E, A, B6, B12, magnesiumTom akram écrit: This ������SAP 23 écrit: …thanks.. Very Glad you're absorbed, I pray for you.
You revealed a lot if not all of my experiences.SAP 23 écrit: Can be caused by a virus…?
Also What about Vaccines?
Is it a side effect caused by them?
Would you be allowed to tell me ?
Would you be safe if you believed that…? Would you be invited to talk then?.monchichiyoshi écrit: Always bad effects of those serious medicationssmithy écrit: Wow I recognised myself in so much of this. I'd love to hear more if they are any further forward with research now 2 years on. I'm off to look for more talks by this lovely dr. I wish I'd had her any time in the first 10 years of getting this. I'm 24 years in now and can vouch that for me pacing, paced exercise with stretching and strengthening and Gabapentin have helped a lot.Mo Corynn écrit: Thank you so much.Cat Nap écrit: You didn't have to. I'm out!! Politicising a condition is far too basic Ms smartypants. Get a grip, and that might help as that comment totally annoyed me. Andrea Nicol, you just disgraced yourself. Be respectful whether you disagree with views or not. Not good form.Monica écrit: I wish this was my doctor. ��Andrés González écrit: Have you ever imagined a very complete digital product offered to treat fibromyalgia? Well, in this link you will be able to discover the wonderful benefits offered to treat this condition.

Remember that the health is the most important aspect in life, so what are you waiting for, it´s your opportunity, go for it!!! Fitness Tutorials and Reviews écrit: Great book for Fibromyalgia sufferers, gives advice on all aspects of this dreadful illness and what really helps: And here:
And here: eratostene écrit: I don't remember the last time a doctor asked me how is your pain where does it hurt. I am crying as I am watching this. When I was told there was nothing anyone could do to stop the horrible pains in my legs and arms and to go get disability because working would make it worse. My family called me a con artist and drug addict.Connie Haskell écrit: So you talk about stress being a common factor and seconds after bring the president and politics into it! I couldn't even hear you after that! You lost all credibility with me!loren disney écrit: Excellent lectureMuge Gokturk écrit: I see that this doctor really is trying to help but unfortunately she is completely wrong. I wish i could reach out to her and explain why. I have been suffering from this condition for 8 years and i have seen a lot of people who has this condition . There are as many men as women with this condition. I think the reason they think the otherwise is because doctors believe that this is a woman's condition and they dont diagnose men with fibromyalgia as much as women. Also i dont believe that this condition is caused by hyper sensitive pain signals because if it were the pregabalin and pshyciatric medications that doctors prescribe should be working and we would be living a normal life. Believe me i have talked to a lot of people with this condition and eveyone says that medication does not work. So i dont understand why they insist on this theory. Yes we have had stress yes we have had traumas but who hadnt. Yes we become sensitive to pain because we live in constant pain 24/7 for a very long time and it becomes unbareable to tolerate pain in time. Doctors say that there are tender points, muscle knots all over our body and also they say it has nothing to do with our condition and it is in our brain. This is absurd. We have muscle knots and these muscle knots cause the pain. Some of us have more and some of us have less of them and that changes the intensity of our pain.When you have a knot in your muscle it locks your muscle's mobility, pinches the surrounding nerves and sends pain signals constantly. The only way to get better is to get rid of these knots somehow. I found a very special doctor who uses a different technique of dry needling to get rid of these knots and believe me it works. I wish more doctors would understand this and really help fibro patients.Heather Unknown écrit: 1st dr treated me like I was crazy & office staff was rude. 2cd dr diagnosed, set up appts & put me on the right path. Pain still crazy ( had to get back surgery ). Hoping for relief soon. Best wishes to you all. Excellent presentationChristine Hanson écrit: Fibro for over 40 years, this is one of the best videos I have seen, thankfully things are changing!Sarah Bell écrit: What about low cortisol in fibro patients?? I incidentally came across this topic after having a prednisone boost (I feel like I’m remembering that incorrectly ��) after a really bad URI. Soo much of my pain was eliminated. I finally got my a rheumatologist to entertain me by checking my levels, and I barely make anything. I’m not classified as having Addisons, because my adrenals are fine, but it seemed most of my doctors were unfamiliar with further upstream causes. Again, I was just left with no further answers or suggestions. Modern medicine doesn’t know what to do with me in this area. I had fibro associated conditions starting in my teens, but not soo much widespread pain until a very traumatic time in my life where I just about blew the lid of the life stress factor survey in less than a 6 month timeframe. I KNOW stress kills now…wish I had the hindsight to tell my earlier self such, but ����‍♀️ another oddity for me is opioids for help my pain. They DONT help much for my rheumatic type pain (no diagnosed rheumatic disorders—even though my inflammation markers are through the roof) I tried LDN, and at first, I thought I found my miracle. I stopped taking pain meds and felt better than I had in soo soo soo long. After 1.5 months however, it’s like my body just went bonkers and I had…gosh, fibro brain…inflammation where the ligaments connect to the bone??) ALL over!! I could barely move let alone walk to the bathroom. At this point, I’m afraid of doctors. I’ve dug deep trying to find answers for myself, and get treated like I’m crazy. I realize I’m just one of MANY patients they see day after day (before I fell apart, I worked in family practice, so I do understand the flaws in our current approach to care) but to be the one suffering day in and day out, you have a huge motivation to find answers, so it’s unfair to make patients feel crazy. I was always my patients cheerleaders when they had complex health matters and were struggling to keep hope on the face of no answers…but I’m struggling to do that for myself now. I’ve heard and seen how doctors respond behind the scenes to complex or “difficult” patients. I just want to be taken seriously and have someone care enough to not give up on me. I know I’m not alone…mohsina khan écrit: She has such a beautiful heart..she feels our pain…We are not just a body full of pain…we are human..I wish when doctors are being trained to become one..they could also be trained in sensitivity and compassion..Dr Nicole you are our cheerleader and hats off to arthritisireland and fibroireland guys are doing such a great job creating awareness of this painful disease..I wish it was taken as seriously in other countries where patients are just shrugged off labelling them crazy in the head..I guess that's the most painful part of this whole process where people/families/friends especially docotors fail to acknowledge and accept that we are not making this up and our pain is "REAL".2020 VisionS écrit: I am tired of trying and the pain and trying ,are making me depressed2020 VisionS écrit: My Dr. Claims it's from my depression2020 VisionS écrit: And my doctor makes me feel like I'm wasting her time2020 VisionS écrit: I also get accused of being a drug seeker and that's why I am trying to get helpGayle Cheung écrit: Every time I bring fibromyalgia with my health care invite her she tries to change the topic and not address the issue for over 30 freaking years I am 57 nowVeil Break écrit: My friend has it and takes tramadol and some strong sleepers. I suffered with inflamed joints for decades, mostly my wrist and ankle, and it came in waves, maybe 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off. The doctor just said keep taking ibuprofen…though didnt mention the drug we should take with it, to proect the stomach, she just said take with food. I ended up with an ulcer, so researched natural anti inflammatories, of all the recommends, I had ginger…in the form of tea bags, and chilli (dried crushed) so made the tea and sprinkled some chili flakes, not a lot, it doesnt have to burn. The pain had eased to almost nothing after the first cup….that was at least 18 months ago . Ive not been back to the doctor, or taken ibuprofen since. The remedy also worked for my sister….she rolled her eyes when I said try it (everyone thnks their pain is worse, if a natural remedy works for you, it cant be that bad right?)
But even before she finished the cup, the pain which was in her fingers had about gone. She wrote about it on FB and others are taking it now. But it didnt work for my friend with myalgia….there must be something natural that will help. Ive just seen an oil remedy to rub in, but cant find much more. Im a believer there's a remedy for everything in nature. Especially since ginger and chili cured my inflammation…that was like a miracle to me. She's addicted to the tramadol….I know what opiate addiction is like, (even if tramadol isnt an opiate, the withdrawals are gonna be the same sort of misery) . Sometimes I think she remembers to take them because her body is in withdrawal, not so much the myalgia pain.Miff L écrit: I have MS allodynia and migraines..the fibromyalgia was only diagnosed 3 years ago but I swear I've had it for 20 plus years. Drs here in Australia would rather believe we are crazy or drug seekers . No help over here .White Feather Metal Arts écrit: ��Lori Makar écrit: God Bless youSusan Fowler écrit: Fibro for 35 long years and now have a basket of autoimmune disorders. Onset after an MVA with major head and neck injury. No real help. Restorative sleep? What's that? ��Connie Martinez écrit: I just found out I have Fibromyalgia I’ve had RA for about 10 years and this video has really gave me more understanding of what I was feeling and how to go about tackling it. Thank you so much.Clementine Libre écrit: Nothing lends credibility to a medical discussion like a very young, hence less-experienced doctor, admitting they have TDS to a crowded room, lol… I am only staying tuned because I am interested in the information due to my condition, however I really wish people would leave irrelevant politics out of every single other topic, it is so annoying! I don't need to know whar side you're on, and if you can't see that all of this Division and siding is what is actually causing all the stress then I guess you're blind. The president that stress me out more than any other was Obama! Now there's Obamagate… this should be interesting!!!J. Dog écrit: Thank you for making this video! It was so helpful.

But I’m an America that wants to MAGA though. ��Gigashadow écrit: It is painfully obvious you are not a musician and have no idea how a guitar and amplifier work, if you did know how they work you would NOT use this analogy! This analogy is one of the worst I have ever seen, it's not even close and does not fit at all, please stop using it! Otherwise good talk.Maltese Falconess Australia écrit: It's true about the �� drs lol
Thankyou for your videoMichael Goeller écrit: What article from DR. Daniel Clauw? Thank you.J Cole écrit: I feel that interstial cystitis & fibromyalgia are linked,with me anywayKaren Boudriault écrit: look into high copper levels and low zinc levels on a patient with fibromyalgiaandy bones écrit: Why why why did you have to say anything about our president !!!!! I really liked you until you went there. God , what did that have to do with fibromyalgia???? Now your an idiot !Barbie écrit: God bless you!! Thank you for following your heart and desire to help your patients!Sue Taylor écrit: I think you are missing mold illness! Genes, yes! Thank you.Marco Marignoli écrit: Dr have you ever looked into the work of Dr Sarno and chronic pain?mike beaumont écrit: I’m a British male of 79 years and have suffered from fibromyalgia since 1962 when in a crushing accident I broke my Back in 3 places fractured pelvis and multiple crushing in the stomach. That’s 57 years of pain and doctors think it is all in my head. I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist in 1995, but there is no pain relief. You are a pleasure to listen to and thank you for caring.Kathy Arancio écrit: Thank u so much dr. 4 being so understanding n compassionate.
You r one in a million!!!
If there were more people
Like u …. the world.
Would be a.better place
U r caring❤����Sarah Steer écrit: Thankyou for explaining Fibromyalgia clearly. I wish you were my Doctor to listen and respect this illness. ❤️��❤️Dave Kellar écrit: In the veery last description words——- complex pain syndrome lol make no mistake its not crps lol——— i understand yesVivian Tristesse écrit: One good thing about having fibromyalgia is that I don't really feel that much worse when I get a bad cold. It's like a bad flare-up day, which I'm used to!Vivian Tristesse écrit: This doctor is AMAZING!!! I want to be just like her.SouthernChick écrit: Too bad she lost me by making a snide remark about the president, especially to another country. Very disrespectful!tim kenney écrit: Brilliant overview and exigesis of the etiology, presentation, physiological processes and course of this baffling g disorder. I agree, it seems to be a derangement of some what would ordinarily be normal circuitry and reposes in the nervous system. Would love to study with you!AdrienneS1970 écrit: I think everyone in the world has experienced some type on trauma. Why doesn't the whole world have it?XXX écrit: I don't know what my problem is but I hurt thru out my body. Both outer hips, inner groin, low back and both knees.
I think I live in fibro fog all the time.Sea Oracle écrit: Thank you ����‍♀️Love Single Mom écrit: You all have the same Causes and Symptoms, you dont have to tell us how it function.. We just need to wakeup without intense pain, spend the evening without mindfog finish the evening without aches and fatique, to experience sitting still without pain.. to sleep without burning and tingling tips of the body .. It's not all in our head it is everywhere, in bed , on couches, on chairs, on stairs and highways ..We need a Goddamn medication to cure this.. Most of us are living with this pain for 5-20 years , and not give up in the hope that because of you people we might one-day live as what we're supposed to, CBT,Meditations,Tai chi, Dance class are way too far for people who are struggling to earn a daily living with FM, I think they would prefer to die .. rather than taking a long steps and dancing around while starving themselves and their familyNorm Thompson écrit: Hi there I wish I could get you to email me I keep asking re I am fighting life of pain from Fibromyalgia I saw the greatest nerve specialist was great felt I had ALS then he moved away then I saw 2 other nerve doctors they both said I work to hard they never touched me sat at desk and talked to me well this is going on 5 year and I am drugged to the hilt still pain you can see the knots in my legs and arms from mussels and nerves I work them out and 4 hrs all back each time I have just given up I see the doctor get meds go home 3 months later go back no help I live in Canada in BC and yes stress makes thing so much worse re my Daughter passed away needed a liver transplant didn’t get one and that just fryed me and pain was so bad I don’t no what to do I keep trying but no help I am very nice do what I am asked to but no I need your help Please please Norm thank you for reading thisDee S écrit: I became very angry on Gabapentin. Almost committed suicide on Lyrica. Do more research on these horrible drugs!SRV1 écrit: Weed increasing car wrecks?? As compared to alcohol, not even worth worrying about. gotta have population control somehow.SRV1 écrit: also shes a lilllll quirky and immature for me.SRV1 écrit: White old men Doctors? hmmmm interesting 😉SRV1 écrit: Can also be secondary to many ruptured discs, DDD and DISH of the spine also known as Forresters disease. Turns out the anthrax vaccine we took in 91 for Desert Storm eats your discs out. Book out called Vaccine A wonder how long before i see VA money for that! lol im 59 so doubtful.SRV1 écrit: Ritalin helps, I have Fibro bad with all discs out too but nerve pain was much helped and energy levels and brain fog gone on Ritalin 10mg twice a day. to start anyway. also on Lyrica 600mg a day for years but have heard over 300 doesnt really help so will wean down. Also look up Dr Ken Landow on here, talks about all drugs for up to 30 minutes! Older Dr who knows his stuff , series called "Well Now Doctor"Evy Vlogs écrit: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I had stress and trauma since young age, painful cannot sleepangel witchywilding écrit: my doctor was useless although she accepted i do have fibro her treatment options of anti depressants and co dydramol i thought yea great this is rubbish i now use CBD Oil and help myself ive stopped going to see her for her to constantly repeat theres nothing much i can do for you……Mark Forquer écrit: I have seen so many physicians who are nice to me because I am paying them, but they don’t take my condition seriously. I served my country with dignity and honor for 23 years to include a combat tour that gave me 40% disability as a gift, from a combat zone being on the front lines of being shot at, to watching men get killed and torn apart due to the horrors of combat. I hurt every day with wide spread pain and fatigue. I am 60 yrs old and I am about to just give up and leave this earth. Pain is not my friend , but it visits me every day. I am so tired and so discouraged. I am in tears as I type this.Bushra’s channel écrit: Wow so fibromyalgia is the culprit for my light sensitivity. It seems like I am a prisoner in my body. It hurts every where and with 3 kids under 10, every day it’s a battle of survival. I wish and pray they come up with a real solution.TheRealLadyMagnus écrit: I had my former rheumatologist diagnose me with Fibro, and in the same breath say "There's nothing I can do for you." Then he walked out of the room.iluvubb247 écrit: I don’t even know you but I love you for understanding and trying your best to help us with this horrible chronic illness! ��������Stephan van Tonder écrit: Cannabis is the only cure that works.Paul Zane écrit: What about the mind & body connection? for example, bad news can trigger an instant migraine headache, so why can't roving pain elsewhere be a manifestation of internalized rage and anger? Some people here talk about abusive relationships, so could the unconscious mind channel unhealthy energy into any type of pain as a coping mechanism? Just a thought.Paul Zehner écrit: A lack of sleep can induce Fibro symptoms in otherwise healthy people. Could it be as simple as addressing the quality of sleep?Joanna Corlett écrit: Even though I already know all of this, just knowing that there are such brilliant and wonderful Doctors like this lady, who are putting their all into knowing everything they can to help us, their patients, helps to lift my spirits on a bad day. Such a lovely, compassionate lady.Fran Guzman écrit: You have give me hope and new tools. I wish you could be my doctor. Im frustrated when I have to accept to see my dr every 3 months. It is a lot time for me feeling pain in my whole body.Fran Guzman écrit: It is true i get inyections many times a week and i receive none aleve. Just get me to sleepFran Guzman écrit: Where do you attend your patients?

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