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How Strong are Different Painkillers: Equianalgesia Introduction

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Intro to how strong/potent different painkillers are\n\nCheck us out on Facebook for DAILY FREE REVIEW QUESTIONS and updates! ( \nCheck out our website for TONS OF FREE REVIEW QUESTIONS!\n( \nThanks for stopping by, and we love hearing from you!\n\nDisclaimer: the information in this video only represents the knowledge and property of the video’s authors- no one else.

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WhatsApp / text+1(917)-790-5806…….Rocket wj écrit: There a NO healthy effective ways to manage severe pain.Rocket wj écrit: How do you get to pain management? Do you just walk in or do you need a referral? Whats the process.MrandMrs Smith écrit: is METHADONE GOOD FOR PAIN? 10mg to 40mg. and is it EUPHORIC?? I have pain alot but not every day, not addicted to anything.Sir points out the obvious alot écrit: Also where does oral oxymorphone fit on this scale?Sir points out the obvious alot écrit: I'd rather take otc ibuprofen rather than tramadol.. for me it's less Than useless as a painkiller I've never noticed or felt ANY reduction in pain levels with itCarbz écrit: Carfentanil is also a drugTiffany Early écrit: I have a question I’m sober from heavy use it’s been years five in October why is it that now whenever I take something like when I have to I get a bad reaction when I used to get a good oneDrug Store écrit: Order quality xanax, oxycotin, norco,percocet , soma, hydrocodone at
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Https://www.buymedshoper.comJatzen Sylvester écrit: To me, this medication is the first in my mind when it comes to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. When you take it by mouth, you experience immediate-release formulation. is my favorite.Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: Would any of these drugs alleviate GERD symptoms ? I . e chest pain.Chris Abbott écrit: Codine isn’t 1/10 if 60 mg of codine equals 10 mg hydrocodone or 10 mg of morphine.Phillip Williams écrit: Wow. This Video is Fantastic. Just telling you guys, i have someone Legit Living in New York i got Meds from Her and her Products are very Good. Her name is Ana, you can contact her also anasoto386@yahoo.comDrug Store écrit: Order quality xanax, oxycotin, syrup, percocet at ����
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WhatsApp / text+1(917)-790-5806����Nicht Fürdich écrit: 06:30 give me 400mg of Oxycodon haha that's the last medicine you will ever take ��Super Nova écrit: Trust me your average Pill Popper knows all about these dosesValerie Sanchez écrit: Dilaudid helps my pain so much better than tabletsRPG 808 écrit: Avoid all of these synthetic pain meds and go directly to KRATOM should OTC meds not be effective. As of this writing you are virtually unable to get these pain meds unless it is post surgery or extreme pain secondary to an ER room acute injury from say a MVA. Pain management is no different and are being used for follow up visits post surgery. If you have chronic pain due to many diseases, botched surgery, not qualifying as a candidate for surgery, ortho injuries, etc., you will most likely be denied pain meds. It is a shame the AMA is so paranoid that they will not fight for their patients that are in severe pain. As a doctor of physical therapy it has left a bitter taste as my rehab patients could do far better with an increase in pain meds, but they suffer and progression in therapy is moderately limited. Unlike most M.D.'s, I am actually concerned about my patients and the new grads are cold calculating bastards just as Trump and Obama. They place the deaths of recreational users before those with legitimate pain! Go to rehab if you need it and leave the opioids to those who really need it! KRATOM is BEST. No overdose and far easier to withdraw. Every time I see an M.D. I come out with MORE problems. You new millennial M.D.'s are HORRIBLE!Draco Millz écrit: I think my IQ lowered watching this video…Brandi !! écrit: What about xtampza? Is tiredness a side effect? And more pain like back pain aching muscles wide effect? Why would oxycodone not make me feel this way but xtampza does?Tim écrit: Where does methadone fall in this chart?Tyler Brey écrit: is etorphine the same as carfentanyl?Dean Robinson écrit: I'm a chronic insomniac. The etorphine sounds good to me, I wouldn't mind being knocked out every night.Kevin Schwinkendorf écrit: Everyone should move to Colorado and start chewing on marijuana infused gummy bears. It’s legal there and definitely takes away the pain. No risk of addiction and overdose. It’s cheap too because there’s plenty of market competition.Tom Mulchy écrit: I would love more information on opioid pain medications in reference to potentially causing my now liver disease. More information on the “ FIRST PASS” . FYI not a drinkerLéo Lehder écrit: The best and save painkiller is D.morphine pills .nunya business écrit: I'm not even in med school, I just wanna write a hospital scene that makes sense lolNatalie Carano écrit: Does methadone fit into this?Frank Da Tank écrit: What about that other morphine it’s like four times the morphine oh it’s called dilaudid I got this all the time when I broke my foot really bad I shattered my foot below the knee bad it was ugly I didn’t feel nothing at the time it shattered but when I was at the hospital I cried like a bitch and I had a skin flap and skin graft and I was in ICU with my own remote with lol with every 8 minutes I could do my own meds lol I did it every 8 minutes lol when the light turns green boom injected lol I had two whole
bottle full in me for two days 0.2 milligrams every I did it yes it was good lol they told me wow you finish yeah let me see them take ur skin off and a flap omg �� I was pain then I got transfer to a regular facility here in San Antonio, Texas I was in the hospital for one month and a half man that was the worst but I don’t remember no more all that lol for nothing I still loss my foot so now im a amputee �� but even before that I was getting tramadol and Tylenol 3 and 4 and dilaudid. So here’s how they did me every two hour I get a tramadol and every 4 hours I got a Tylenol and a shot of that good shit morphine ain’t got shit on dilaudid trust you left that out you know I feel bad for the people in the old wars morphine don’t work for me lol. I bet they all still died in pain or maybe it did work maybe they got higher dosage Idk ��. But here’s my point I never got addicted lol all these people just want to get high not me I had a bad experience I thought one time I’m crying right now lol I thought I was gonna over dose one time this nurse put it in my picc line to fast a picc line goes straight to ur heart so u feel it fast so from that day I told can you dilute it with ivy and put it in slowly plz I’m scared but I’m in pain. I just feel down last week and broke my two fingers in my left hand and they prescribed me ibuprofen and tramadol again but I’m scared to get addicted like I hear stories about right now I’m suffering cause I’m scared to take I’m just looking at those pills right now lol. I might take one. Or just take the pain and take one at night and one in the morning nothing during the day for I’m a amputee and I can’t no I won’t get hurt from being all drugged up. People get ur shit together if I can do it anyone can plus I still get down at work I can make a person with two legs look bad like really y’all those people in the corner that beg for money I hate them for they have all there body parts and look Healthy but yet they want free money I feel like getting off and breaking their legs and them they can ask for money lol. I’m getting my prosthetic foot soon and I have to pay it forward for I believe in good karma and bad karma. I better stop cause I can write a whole book �� lol. I can’t wait to get my prosthetic foot, thanks to all the tax payers I love you guys.Holly Kurmis écrit: I’m curious is any of you know… I’ve had posterior tendonitis pain for eight years, mixed with overall achy legs for two decades. All I’ve been told is that I have fibromyalgia. I’m on oxycodone right now…sooo…why is it not working for the pain? Because it’s not working does this indicate the pain is coming from a place the oxycodone can’t access or effect? I’m super drowsy and feeling very nicely relaxed.NYC girl écrit: I’m surprised no one mentions Gabapentin to augment pain when on opiates. I’ve prescribed to patients when we were prevented from prescribing what we thought appropriate Part of the reason I retired a little early are the constraints put on NP, PA,MDs. First insurance companies then the DEA.Joe BidenS écrit: I did use 100mg of tramadol and it didn’t do jack shit 0/10 would use Tylenol insteadJerry Shunk écrit: You mentioned oral & IV, where would snorting fall between them?Kim Davis écrit: MY order was been delivered at my home address after 3 days buying Dilaudid from this guy lol écrit: I have tried codeine, tramadol, Norco, percocet, iv Morphin, Fantanyl. For my broken body.
I am currently on Norco. Yup. Damm Cdc guide line killing me.david jones écrit: Yep I like to have some of the hydro morphineJustin Krann écrit: Percocetes 4 lyfjohn zavala écrit: So how many 10mg norco( go37) equals to a 30mg oxycodone (m30)Peace and LOVE écrit: Has anyone taken morphine immediate release!Cody Phinney écrit: Pshh rookies, been taken bout 300 Perk10s a month for a while! Talking AMATEUR dosagesDaniel Sanders écrit: I just got shot 3 times by a 45 they prescribed me 10 milligrams oxycodon and I don’t feel it like that how would I get something higher I should add i just found out my hip was shatteredSunnyRed California2 écrit: Tramadol is a waste I rather codeine which is a natural opiate.Charon écrit: This is one of the most useful videos on youtube. I have saved this and sent it to friends. Thank you for posting sir.Skywalker Dan écrit: In the UK we use the estimate that oxycodone is twice the strength of morphine. Also the fentanyl conversion are you saying 100-200mcg subsys or Actiq is equivalent to 10mg oral morphine ?? We say 10mg IV morphine is equivalent to 100mcg IV fentanyl but no official conversion for oral morphine to buccal /sublingual/ oral mucosal fentanyl.Glen Willimas écrit: How much tramadol should i take to feel pretty good? I weigh around 130 lbs.Alpha Chingón écrit: After seeing this video I guess psychopath killers and junkies going after the park rangers meds box?!!Tony e écrit: In the UK a 120mg tab cost 50pence yet 10mg diazepam tab is £2 and methadone tabs 5mg £2 .are the street price similar in USA?Alexander von Makedonien écrit: That's not true. The bioavailability of morphine iv is nearly 100 percent, the bioavailability of morphin oral is about 3 percent. Thats why its extremely hard if you abuse morphine tablets and shoot it up first of all you have an immidiate rapid onset plus you have a hugely higher bioavailability.ketaki écrit: Is hydromorphone actually stronger than IV morphine? I was prescribed it for oil burns!jayjaybaby écrit: Just usin this to prove to my friend that I should sell percs for more than my hydros lolEller Ellerek écrit: And where is oxymorphone on this chart?Nothing Left écrit: I don't mean to be rude but there is a big difference between Percocet (oxycodone) and Oxycontin.

Well done video regardless. I'm just nitpicking.Words of Wizdom écrit: What about oxymorphone? Stronger than hydromorphone but how much?sherlyc1978 écrit: Thanks so much for this explanation – helpful to understand my doctor's prescription.Susan Boyd écrit: BIGGER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO NEED ALOT HIGHER DOSES THAN A TINY LADY WHO WEIGHS 95 LBS AND 5 ft TALL VS A BIG MAN WHO IS 6 ft 5 INCH AND 300 LBSSusan Boyd écrit: DO FORGET FOR THE 1. IDIOSYNCRASY EFFECT FOR EXAMPLE SOME PEOPLE MORPHINE IS LIKE WATER TO THEM ( non addicts ) IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING FOR THEM, SWITCHED TO DEMEROL or DIULADID AND THEY DID GREAT 2. WEIGHT 3. HEIGHT 4 NATIONALITY ( i noticed asian women need really small doses ) 5. AGE 6. SOME PEOPLE NEED EXTREMELY HIGH DOSES BECAUSE THERE BODY IS IMMUNE TO THE PAIN KILLING EFFECT AND BULD UP A TOLERANCE AFTER YEARS ON THE MEDICATION FOR CHRONIC PAIN ( BEING CRUSHED BY A BULL DOZER OR RAN OVER BY A CAR, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PAIN )Susan Boyd écrit: PS I AM RN NURSE, I TOOK A CLASS LIKE THIS IN COLLEGE, I WAS SUPRISED NONE OF THE DOCTOR I WORK WITH KNEW THIS STUFF_____GEEZ THEY DO NOT EVEN TEACH NUTRITION IN MEDICAL SCHOOL___OR NOTHING ON CHIROPRACTIC/ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE___ACCUPUNCTURE etc…Susan Boyd écrit: I AM RN NURSE, I HAVE HERNIATED DISC, SCOLIOSIS I HAVE BEEN ON TRAMADOL FOR 13 YEARS WITH GOOD RESULTS___BECAUSE OF THE DEA/CDC CUTS ON PAIN MEDS___I MIGHT HAVE TO QUIT AND GO ON DISABILITYRobert B. écrit: You forgot alcohol ����������Robert B. écrit: CARFENTANYL ��������������Jason Webb écrit: After breaking my back in 3 places, I was put on pain meds. It started out with 60 loratabs a month for 3yrs. Then it got to the point it wasn't doing anything anymore. So they bumped me up to 180 a month. Then I went to Pecks at 180 a month till they quit working. Then went to 30mg Roxy's 6 times a day. So just say that my tolerance is not even on a scale. I had a kidney stone and matter or fact, it was 2 coming down at the same time and out my same kidney. The ER gave me 1mg Dilaudid through an IV and I'm not lying. As soon as that crap hit the vein it was instant. The nurse tels me not to try to get up. I looked at her and said I'm fine and I was. 2 years later I had another stone and this s at 1am in the morning. I was getting dressed in the bathroom and my wife walks in and says umm, where in the hell are you going. I turned around and she new I was crying. I said the hospital right now. She said it's going to take me a few minutes to get dressed. I simply said I'll meet you there. I'm laying on the bed and the catscan showed I had a 7 and a 1\2 mm stone. They asked me if I had a ride home. I said I sure do, my wife. They not me with 2mgs of Dilaudid in the iV. Now this time they did NOT tell me they stepped itupfrom the last time. Look people, I've been messed up before and I've been taking pain killers for 19yrs now. I was grabbing the table so hard to make sure I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. Till this day I truly believe that she overdosed me. Now I'm on 100mg fentnal patches. People these patches are nuts!!!! Thee 100mg patch only contains about 10mgs of fentnal and it will last for 72 hours. Fentnal is the strongest pain killers I have ever used. It was so bad that I told my doctor that I needed to switch back to something less. The withdrawals from that crap is ever lasting. It has messed up my tolerance and my doctor and I were talking about me getting admitted in the ER to detox. If anyone knows how bad tht is, I didn't like the idea but said ok. After 12hrs I had a heart attach. So there went my chance. I also had a minor stokedue to my blood pressure spiking. Just becareful everyone and God bless you allSummer C écrit: Tramadols my addictionKar3n écrit: I checked that weed was in good quality it just seemed abit too moist but i though it just wasnt cured properly. Never again.Kar3n écrit: I never try this un porpuse but i could have been smoking weed lased with any of this. This is the must danger of buy weed from street that weed will becom dry or wasnt store properly and it looses some effect and they delaler will put something in it so u still get an effect with a bit of high. Im coming off that weed now and my withdraw should go away in a few days.Jamie-Lynn Murray écrit: Thanks. Is it possible for you to show the buprenorphine comparison? Plain old 8 mg tab bupe without naloxone. Thanks.briansjw écrit: Can anyone please advise me on how much heroin would be equivalent to eg. OxyContin/Oxycodone? Out of all the videos I find about quantities they're all about how many mg of oxy people are taking. I don't have any experience of prescription drugs so I don't know how much more/less potent heroin is compared to pills. I know heroin varies in strength and administration also effects it, but typically, if the heroin is average strength, how many 30mg OxyContin pills would be the same as 1gram heroin? I know my motivation to detox doesn't rest solely on this, but I'm getting as much information as I can in preparation. Thanks to anyone who may take the time and has the experience to help me with this. I really do get lost because there's very little information I can actually apply to my own situation. I smoke on average between 1g – 1.5g per day, but whenever heroin is discussed on-line it's always about people injecting, but I've never done this; most of the videos on opioid abuse is about pain pills, and I don't know how to interpret that to my own usage. Thanks again, God bless you in advance for your help.Janie Luna écrit: My pain management up and quit and left to another state so we got a new pain management same place but he got mad at me cause I canceled my appointment for steroid injections so I knew I would be in withdrawal a so I got Kratom and I thank god this is helping me so much get through withdrawals. But my spine surgeon got to comfortable and cut into my spinal cord and now I Adhesives Arachnoiditis and lots of pain but I’m gonna try CBD gummies and Kratom if needed I was so tired of taking Hydrocodone it just numbed me to everything and for the first time I can feel again. But thanks for showing us I will never take pain pills wish I knew that u can get addicted after 2 weeks doctors don’t tell u that! Kratom is awesome try it for withdrawals.Heat Pete écrit: Who is here cause their high on opiates? for every like I get is one more month off my life.Rollie écrit: I took 100mg morphine and didn't feel any pain relief. How much am i supposed to take? Im 50kg btwMk J écrit: You forgot my favorite. OXYMORPHONEMk J écrit: Why can't I just have my pain killers?Simon Spoor écrit: This is "Med School Made Too Easy" – Unfortunately the presentation here is massively misleading and certainly should not constitute serious medical teaching for students. For example it may be quite reasonable and safe to prescribe a patient with serious pain morphine 30mg q8h po, but it would be entirely crazy, possibly deadly, to prescribe the same patient tramadol 300mg q8h po yet this video suggests the 2 are equivalent (not to mention how toxic giving 10grams of ASA would be — also "equivalent" to 30mg of morphine according to you .
In fact many of the drugs you list are simply incomparable in any reasonable sense, its apples and oranges. Perhaps one can reasonably compare iv morphine to iv fentanyl is a reliable fashion because of their analogous pharmacodynamics, but for most of the others no such comparison is applicable. ASA is a NSAID, Tramadol is largely a SNRI with opiate effects, codeines effect differs on orders of magnitude depending of the patients genetics and you gloss over the huge differences due to mode of administration. You claim meperidine is 1/3 the strength of oral morphine yet if we were to compare, 33mg oral morphine to 100mg of IM or IV meperidine, the meperidine woud, undeniably more potent,

My suggestion would be to teach actual pharmacology, mechanism of action, clinical applications etc instead of this oversimplified cookbook "equivalency" nonsense. Such teaching can only give medical students a skewed and fundamentally wrong foundation to understanding to analgesics in clinical practice, and contribute to producing young doctors incapable of effectively or safely managing pain…nMichael Brown écrit: ibuprofen is a anti-inflammatory, not an opiate.UnSlient Minority écrit: I have a herniated disc L4 and L5….Norco 10/325 have not done anything for my pain. Standing up is painful. I can barely stand up long enough to pee. Pain becomes unbearable and I have to either lay down on my side or sit on a hard surface. To make pain go away. I tell the doctor its not working but I dont want them to think I'm a druggie that wants drugs.Daniel Franzen écrit: Fuck the pharma companies. Our country is brain washed on the war on drugs. Smoke weed insteadAngel écrit: So they teach you how to kill us but not heal us dr aren't dr anymore and they don't care if you live or die just about the moneySternkrieger écrit: So where does kratom fall under, since it affects the opiod receptors and relieves pain like these drugs do?3EYECROWN écrit: Where does Buprenorphine fall on this list ?James Clary écrit: I was prescribed some cough syrup once. As an opiate addict who had taken and abused morphine this cough syrup was as strong as morphine. I eventually got addicted to Tramadol. Was taking as many as 50 pills a day. Buying off internet. Thankfully got clean 10 years ago.Eller Ellerek écrit: And where is heroin (diamorphine) on that list?MegaLBoogey écrit: This is a peek inside of the world of addiction to painkillers ��Gabriel K écrit: What's interesting is how oxycodone is more affective for me MG to MG as iv morphine. Every one is differentIdeoform Sun écrit: As a caregiver, I have been confronting pain in multiple ways for many years. Over time, I have discovered a few tips you might try.

My oldest adult son gets terrible headaches from hydrocephalus and multiple brain surgeries. After going through many different treatments, there was nothing left to try but Botox. And insurance denied it. So I searched for alternative things to try.
He's better now. A few years ago he started getting acupuncture from a third generation acupuncturist, twice a week, for a few weeks, then once a week, then once a month and now only a few times a year.
I found this book by a neurologist who gets headaches himself. It's called "The Migraine Miracle." From that, I started giving him the vitamin B2 and the herb Butterbur. At first he took this as needed, but then his primary doctor suggested taking them daily even without symptoms. His wife gets migraines, and she had started taking B2 and Butterbur and this worked for her!

Also, we discovered that one of his triggers is diet soda, or anything with the artificial sweetener Aspartame in it. Before we figured this out, he had such a serious migraine he had to have surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain.

For Fibromyalgia, I have had complete relief of pain that has lasted over 20 years, slowly getting worse. 12 years ago, I changed my diet to be very strictly gluten-free and casein-free. The gluten had caused inflammation in my intestines so bad that I got multiple vitamin deficiencies that led to the joint pain, bone pain, and serious headaches. I can now have small amounts of dairy after avoiding it for a year. But even a very tiny amount gluten will still cause a headache. This diet helped my niece whose rheumatoid arthritis went into remission. She doesn't have to be as strict with the diet as I do, probably because she started much younger before permanent damage occurred.

This same diet also helped my other adult son who has Autism. He now can function well enough to have a basic job and he drives a car, and has a girlfriend. He's very mellow and calm now. You can get this book called "Special Diets For Special Kids" to learn more about it. We also did many other things for him, but this got rid of all of the odd Autistic behaviors like meltdowns, hand flapping, OCD like behaviors, sensitivity to sounds and bright lights, and abnormal fears.

Recently, I am reading this book by a Dr. Osborne called "No Grain, No Pain" to get more ideas for dietary changes and recipes. I still have rice in my diet, though not that often.

For back pain: 23 years ago, I had damaged my back from lifting and carrying my older disabled son and his wheelchair. I didn't have insurance at the time, so there was nobody to suggest surgery to me. I figured the lifting had caused compression, so then decompression might work. I wanted to buy a slant board or an inversion device, but I didn't have the money at the time. So I did traction by putting a metal bar wrapped in white tape in my hallway between and above two doorways. I used metal closet rod holders to keep it in place. This cost about $20 at the time. I put a step stool by it and pulled up enough to take pressure off my back every time I went by. I also laid down on my stomach during the day for a few minutes throughout the day and put my feet over the edge of the bed and pulled on my back. I had to do this daily for about six months. Eventually the back pain went away and it has never come back. I find it interesting that nobody suggests traction first before trying surgery. Years ago, traction was always recommended. If you have the money, get an inversion device, but be careful if you are older to not get dizzy, and don't stay in it too long.

For general inflammation, try grounding your body. This is the exact same thing as grounding your expensive electronic equipment.
You can do it for free by going barefoot or laying in the grass outside. walking on the beach in wet sand works best. To ground indoors, use the ground in your electrical wall sockets. You can do this yourself but I recommend getting the stuff made by people who make Earthing devices. It's just easier. I used to work for a bank, handling all their personal computers for five branches of the bank. I used to make sure each one was grounded. The initial effect is subtle, but give it a few days and you might notice that your pain caused by inflammation or swelling is better.

I'm not saying these things will cure all your pain. I'm on prescription pain meds right now for pain caused by complications of a surgery I had. So I thank God for all the very good pain meds we have now. Many years ago, I spent a year at the Childrens hospital with my daughter, who died of cancer. 30 years ago, doctors didn't treat pain very well. Often very young children were not medicated at all for pain. A person could break their arm, and after surgery, they were just sent home without any prescriptions at all. Just a sling. I had to advocate for better pain management. They had no real guidelines to go by.

It's sad that now, in our country we've overprescribed pain meds so much that young people are taking them out of boredom or depression, or to resemble getting drunk. Pain meds can alter brain development, and change your brain forever. And there are epigenetic effects.
Even Doctors are prone to taking these medications for stress, and end up needing rehab for this. I know this from personal experience. This affects Doctors, Nurses, and Veterinarians.

Tylenol can seriously hurt your liver if you are not careful. Find the things that work for you, but only take what you really need, and never take these drugs for a recreational purpose. You will develop a tolerance for them, and they won't work as well when you might really need them some day.johnnyshd écrit: I know that vicadin and a bottle of wine will kill the pain of a herniated disc that no one could diagnose. You know, they want to try physical therapy, then steroids, then a spinal shot, then they say " Yup. you have to have surgery !" after nine months of pain.John Draper écrit: Good info man thanks I take IP 109 5/325 for pain 3 surgerys on my Ankle/TibiaCoasterdude02149 écrit: Isn't Hydrocodone Vicodin? And where does Heroin (whcih IS used as a medical pain killer, in the UK at least) rank? I heard that was 2 times stronger than IV Morphine. Also, isn't Demerol not used much anymore becasue it can buid up to toxic levels and kill you…similiarly to how with Barbirurates there's a very fine line between a therapeutic dose and a fatal overdose?Frank Velez écrit: i have back pains and a buddy of mine gave me an oxycodone 7.5 325mg i just want to know that im not going to pass out and die after using it for the first time…. Anyone??¿¿??T-B4NE écrit: Codine is morphine basically it metabolize into morphine n Tramadol is the weakest next to aspirin I have done everything so I can tell you from experience and Percocet is the weakest form of Oxycodone you can get I used to eat tons of them when I was like 13 12 and didn't do anything to me only codeine and hydrocodone made me feel pain killing effects and something and heroin tops them besides Fentanyl so I would say aspirins the weakest Tramadol is the second weakest fentanyl is the strongest and hydromorphone or morphine is the third or second strongest codeine is one of the best painkillers you can get because it metabolizes into morphine and your body can't control exactly how little or how much it can output this guy sucks at explaining take it from an addict I got my leg burn 3rd degree they didn't prescribe me s*** they shot me up with Tramadol with 100 ml that's a lot and it didn't have no effect I was taking Tramadol like crazy before my surgery and only thing that would help with codeine or heroin so codeine or any other strong opiate will help with pain and is good but even hydrocodone I had surgery on my nuts which is very painful they gave me only 12 pills of 325 mg they didn't do s**hydrocodone synthesized from codeine to and hydrocodone just puts up your pain threshold if you're ever like me and if you have wisdom teeth there dislocating your jaw or crazy problems with your nuts where you got to have surgery or f**** up back that it is unfixable buprenorphine Percocet codeine Fentanyl go save your life I wanted to kill myself when I was six months clean and I couldn't get no pain relief at all until I started taking codeine again and then sadly heroin but I have been an addict for 7 years on and off .Cringe Theory écrit: Ps buddy I’m Justin sayin not trying be rude but fentanyl is exactly 100x the strength or regular non IV morphine that also means that take 10 mg and IV Demerol is the same as morphine strength wisejessica wesley écrit: whats good for pain in the brain i dont noCameron Hempsey écrit: Pull up on a nigga with a tranquilizerJoshua Ervin écrit: I just insufflated some hydrocodone and now I’m learning about it. I was interested in the bioavailability of different routes of administration. I also have a 10mg oxycodone pill I’m going to insufflate later. The hydrocodone did not make me “high” in any way, it merely burned my nasal passages and left me with a disgusting, bitter nasal-throat drip. I’m hoping for a different result with the oxycodone. Don’t tell me I’ll overdose as we know that isn’t true, it would require many tens of milligrams to overdose on either hydrocodone or oxycodone.Terry Lunsford écrit: If you live in the USA, you now live in a country and culture where the Fed.Gov. would rather see you commit suicide than give you proper relief for excruciating pain. Why ? because they are more concerned with the street junkies and recreational drug abusers than legitimate patients using regulated drugs via professional medical supervision. The system of Big Pharma, Big Fed Gov. & Big Medical practice put millions on these opioids, now indirectly cause them to end their lives by denying access to them.Jerry Mccorkle écrit: I was on tramadol but after my spinal fusion and adjacent segment load the tramadol 50 mg didnt control the pain anymore or as well

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