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Why OxyContin is different from other opioids

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It seems like Purdue Pharma is taking more heat than other drugmakers for the opioid epidemic, and there’s a reason for that.\n\nLearn more about this story at\n\nFind more videos like this at\n\nFollow Newsy on Facebook:\nFollow Newsy on Twitter:

Jaakko Oksa écrit: If FDA has approved it, why is the manufacturer held responsible for abuse (note: note correct usage) of their product?Drug Store écrit: Legitpillsstore.comTumu Ernest écrit: If you are interested in getting top quality pills visit our website
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Adderall 30mg tablets
Adderall XR 30mg capsule
Concerta (Methylphenidate) 18mg tablets
Concerta (Methylphenidate) 36mg tablets
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Phone …. +1 (205) 530-1392redhot écrit: Thanks for teaching us how to get a stronger more immediate high lolAlex White écrit: Hopefully a purple one is possible..easy on the eyes. Huh?forever SHAMPOO écrit: Nothin like some good old IR morphine thoughLeakedTunes2020 écrit: Mike MajlakTurboed Dude écrit: Idk what they're talking about with the snorting and injecting shit. You can snort most other pills as well and you can shoot up anything. Also I dont see any difference between oxycodone and oxycontin. One is stronger and the other lasts longer. Only difference.Señor Benito écrit: This are legal US DRUG LORD'S AND THIS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE AGIANST MEDICAL WEED.
YOU GUYS THINK THIS OXY PILLS AND HEROIN DON'T GET YOU TO THE SAME SPOT. THEY BOTH HAVE SOME CHEMICAL STRUCTURE THEY WILL BOTH GET YOU ADICTED AND BOTH WILL DESTROYNOT ONLY YOUR LIFE BUT YOUR FAMILIES LIFE AND END UP DEADRobert B. écrit: People destroying a wonderful medicine with their fear mongering….Jared Craver écrit: People are bitching about how addictive oxy is…shit, man, heroin was a legal prescription drug a hundred years agoEUROPEAN PHARMACY écrit: buy oxycodone here here Jordane écrit: So many people have different experience and idea relating to this drug but I stand to say, it is really good. I have been on it for 13years and not addicted and has never failed meShane Stewart écrit: Doctors were prescribing opiates WAAYY before "the early 1900's". LoLZak Stoffle écrit: Those ppl that abused it made so hard for the ppl that really need it for real back pain it is just disgraceful boooooooooShe-Rides0 3The-Night écrit: Bizzare how Opana has remained unscathed.Shon Mark écrit: So many people have different experience as far as this drug is concern but to me, oxycontin, oxycodone and fentanyl are the best pain meds of all time. I have lived the pass 8 years of my life under these drugs, thank God for it. i can not do without this drugs and i believe there are several out there who can not do without it.tanner ! écrit: Yet the still push fentanyl patches on patients. Fuck out of here. The problem will never stop. Allow natural selection to do it’s thing.No Comment écrit: Rip lil peepsalvok nasman écrit: PAINKILLER PLLS,ANXIETY PLLS AND MORE FOR SALE..WHATSAPP/text/call.. +1 240-326-3732No I’m not good 10 years ago écrit: Oxy is made to be used for the rest of your life it’s mainly for cancerCredit Launch Travelers écrit: I think it depends on the person

I’ve used a fuck tone of perks, vikadins and I am just not addicted to that shitGenovese écrit: Buprenorphin is the way out from this shit
Take it 2 weeks than you aint feel anythingi will kill you if you reply to my comment écrit: fuck the legal cartels producing this they should all get life sentence in a dangerous prison where terrorist pedos and killlers lived where it was up to them to survive we dont need their heroin pills to destroy people i would personally arrest them well god will punish them for ruining lives so its up to godhelen scott écrit: Buy Top grade strains and cannabis oil for cancer and concentrates ,,Hash

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WhatsApp / text+1(917)-790-5806����Pabst man écrit: I just took 4Rix Slade écrit: titties and pillsLA_stateofmind écrit: Lmfao when there was no perc 30s aroundmike hunt écrit: Why can't they make hydro with no Tylenol need it can't be fucking up my liverAnders Essemann écrit: Why does they show a lot of xanax been poured out when its talk about oxy ����Cook2430 écrit: Most fucked up I ever been was this stuff and I chewed on a fentanyl patch a long time ago. Glad I'm out of that dark place. You think you're in pain and need it, until you give it up, and most of the pain goes away.mikey1974 hetfield écrit: Fet lollipops work great. Not really addictive imoKush Head écrit: I take 40mg pills of Oxy or 7-8 Percocets, that sense of calm is amazing, lew my problems away and i can solves my problems very Peacefully. kick my General Anxiety away and its better than taking Xanax and act like a drunk all dayJames Robertson écrit: Legit and Quick delivery of our products contact us for more information.
+13185991361Unknown Unknown écrit: SUE YOUTUBEThe Boring Stuff écrit: Sue FDAjames franxx écrit: gimmmie those drugs babyBryan L. écrit: Oxycontin actually – from 10mg-160mg

Old formula:
OC 10 – 10MG
OC 15 – 15MG
OC 20 – 20MG
OC 30 -30MG
OC 40 – 40MG
OC 60 – 60MG
OC 80 – 80MG
OC 160 – 160MG

Newer formula:
OP 10 – 10MG
OP 15 – 15MG
OP 20 – 20MG
OP 30 -30MG
OP 40 – 40MG
OP 60 – 60MG
OP 80 – 80MG
OP 160 – 160MGKaren Staring écrit: Sounds about White��������������Mk S. écrit: The podcast, Behind the Bastards, has an amazing episode on the family behind the marketing of the drug…. Check it out!!Joshua Ashley écrit: You guys must be losing so much money

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