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Legal high but is it safer?

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Drug addicts can shoot up legally in a Canadian clinic with clean needles and medics on standby if they overdose.

Ruth A Heavner écrit: Pill/drugs shop price list

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EMail……heavnerrutha@gmail.comjeff vartuli écrit: Free of charge of course.?.??.? écrit: Right stuff?.??.? écrit: this place sounds nicelucia morgan écrit: If you need any contact them https://legalrxpharmacy.comFaggot guy Eatmyass écrit: Huh dum fuckers do your drugs safely sick fuxkK.W. Smith écrit: I am researching the use of hydromorphone aka Dilaudid. Pills are prone to making me throw up. I have heard it can be smoked. The use of needles are definitely not what I want to use. How do you smoke hydromorphone?Chason D écrit: There is no war on drugs. Its pointless. Ppl will always be addicted to drugsEnigma 830 écrit: I wish I could find some fucking HDeviantMotives écrit: Comment #1000lionel_ écrit: 1000th commentGerald Wheeler écrit: stupidest fucking thing you could ever buildChaos Reigns écrit: this isn't a legal high, the title is intellectually dishonest…
its an area designated for addicts TO get high, legally, safely, and under supervisionmark p écrit: Always it’s better to have all drugs to be legal because at least you know that you are a true human being a true son of god that you can stand With the right side of human rights and love the sinner hate the sin kind of thing but it’s very shameful that the people that made drugs illegal are the very same people who sell them to the black and minority communities that then arrest them for the same thing they have sold them in the first place and it’s a long standing fact that that is the actual truth sadly enoughAodeius Aviie écrit: As a drug addict myself this is an amazing society changing godsend of an establishment I am spiritually touched by this resourceMelanie Rapp écrit: TINK1983 écrit: Are u kidding me?E E écrit: In the US you can go to ANY pharmacy and get nalaxone nose spray. Please get some if you use heroin. It could save your life. Never shoot up alone! Thank the lord the times I over dosed I was with someone but we didn’t have that stuff so had to call the medics. I shot up a LOT by myself, it’s literally Russian roulette.setareh a écrit: Insite is the reason i’m still alive today. I overdosed 5 times and would be dead if it wasn’t for them. Now I’m 6 months clean ��Collin Otipoby écrit: Wtf?! I mean I’m on the fence about this. CrazyJayvance 131 écrit: Much safer and much needed!!!!Travis Boyington écrit: Yes this is great! So kids in school that think about banging heroin can just go ahead and do it since theres no consequence in it, just praise! Hell I think I'm gonna move to Canada so I can become a junkie myself!

In reality, dont some of you think instead of praise and a safe place to bang dope, people (especially children and teens) should be seeing death, overdose, disease, families falling apart, and prison as a result of doing drugs? I feel like that would be a better way to keep them off drugs honestly, just my opinion tho…. if they did some sh*t like this where I live, I would quit paying taxes.shotnva777 écrit: So wait. Are they selling the drugs there as well? Or you gotta buy your own drugs on the street?Murder Museum écrit: People are gonna get high regardless if that place existed or not, let them use where its safe for everyone. I never touched a needle, it freaks me out.Ed Diaz écrit: /THE governments should just make small communities where hardcore addicts can live. You'll have the heroin community, the crack community, the meth community. Provide security, (they are human, they deserve to be treated humanely} Give them cheap government food, housing, maybe a little job, task, something to keep their minds occupied. No violence tolerated. Anyone who is too violent ends up in jail. That would cost less than 3billion dollars. I know the heroin addicts can plant gardens and harvest corn. the crack addicts are a complete loss, but their community should be more on trying to get off that shit. my two cents.Dr.PimpDaddy smith écrit: CNN IS FAKE NEWSMiguel Ernandes écrit: 3 million. Wouldn’t a free rehab work instead of this dump. Why don’t they snort it instead of injecting it .. ugh white people.Miguel Ernandes écrit: Wow el Chapo would be proud.Brian Reffitt écrit: Can someone explain to me how to break down an extended release oxycontin to make it shootalbe. ?? I'm trying to be as safe as possibleAndrew Bringas écrit: They litPhilly Delphia écrit: The government ARE the fucking drug dealers. Who you bullshittin. FUCK CNNDoodle Vision écrit: There is methadone and Subutex/Suboxone. This bullshit normalizes shooting heroin. As an addict who is now clean I have to say it is complete liberal bullshit.Joey Zambada écrit: Every heroin user I know just wants to be normal and stop using, when will we get started on that problem.Joey Zambada écrit: This is awesome progress.i wrath écrit: i'm sure the cops are watching aross the st and following the people leaving.Monsecko écrit: So basically we encourage those junkies to carry on with their addiction instead of simply letting natural selection do it’s thing…Matt Cooper écrit: Imagine this is saving people's lives. This is actively inviting people to come here and shoot up. HOW IS THIS THE STATUS QUO? Imagine any other felony where we provide a space for them to come do this. You think drugs are the only addictive, illegal vice? Safe space for illegal activity? Where does this end?TRIX TRIX écrit: It’s the safest way possible you can do something stupid but still be smart at doing it These people will use regardless this is a safer way for them to use it and it’s cheaper than having to take them to the hospital or jail Would you rather have them shoot up in the alley overdose and die cause no one was there to save them would you rather them end up in the hospital with no insurance causing more taxpaying dollars to be spent this is the cheapest most effective way outside of legalizing drugs and yes all drugs should be legalized and regulated and taxed it’s a good way to make money and allows people to access cleaner safer drugs If you bought prescribed heroin from a doctor you know it wouldn’t have fentanyl or other poisons in it would you Therefore you would have less overdoses and deaths less money would be spent on healthcare it wouldn’t tax the healthcare system more these people are going to use regardless give them safer drugs safer ways to use them allow them to buy them from a doctor and pharmacy They will get cleaner safer healthier drugs would you rather have them shoot up pure heroin regulated from doctors and pharmacies or heroin from the streets that contain fentanyl or rat poisoning This absolutely is the answer these people will use either way this is a safe place to use clean needles so they don’t spread aids or hepatitis these people can save them with Narcan if they overdose they offer treatment there it’s less expensive then paying for addicts hospital stays and jailM3 dunkman écrit: Did I hear that correct 01:38 he said the only place in North America? Because I need to make a trip for research purposesСтранно Хрипы écrit: I don’t see it as endorsing crime. Using any drug shouldn’t be a crime in my opinion. But what it does do is encourage the cycle of drug addiction. The singular focus should be to help people get off drugs if they’re addicted, not give them safe places to do it.

Why not have tax payer funds only go to helping people get off drugs? Rehab, support groups, etc? Not one cent of my money should be spent just allowing people to shoot drugs in a clean room.

I’m 100% for legalization of all drugs but I’m also a person that believes if you do choose to use them, you should have to deal with ALL the consequences. If you use dirty needles and get AIDS, that’s your fault.

I say this myself as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. It would be like tax payer funds going to creating a building where people can go and binge drink all night, pass out, and have someone come in the tuck them in.

It’s a jokeTyler Macdonald écrit: PatheticTaylor St. John écrit: I honestly don't think we will ever fully understand addiction…nor will we ever find an end-all cure. I suffered for 11 years in the throws of addiction, and I simply had to hit bottom and have a psychotic break to finally start recovering. Brutal. Wouldn't wish addiction on the devil himself!Mike Housego écrit: Saying it for years, legalize it all, educate of the dangers and addiction possibilities, safe supply it, tax it, KEEP IT UNDER STREET PRICES, and unless addicts commit theft or violence to feed their need, then give them help when it's needed. Addiction does not discriminate. A little love goes a long way.the telemarketer goof écrit: Only 3 million, we have spent more on the war on drugs than a measly 3 million a yearfred flintstone écrit: At least it is cleanSweet Dreams écrit: Do they buy the drugs there too?Luke San Roman écrit: Too bad America isnt fucking smart enough to do this.Pirate Smurf écrit: Arizona needs this the law in this shit hole state would give a user 1 to 5 yearsScott Thomas écrit: Such Bull shit cops no all these people go to this place an use an it’s fine but get caught in your car or somewhere by yourself an it’s prison time wtf? He’ll get caught with a prescription pain pill not in its container an it’s jail time but you can go there an do whatever an it’s fine sounds real fair to the rest of people that just do there own thing by themselves or doesn’t want anybody to no they have a problem!DrJones écrit: I'm 6 years off the needle and everyday is still a challengezeb doz écrit: Legalize all of it weed coke heroin and treat it as a diseaseLJ Marzula écrit: Wish we had rezorces like this in the states.Sonia L écrit: what if these people were your doctors pilots emts fireemen would you still agree with thia practice.Ashley Guzman écrit: This is a damn shame and America will never allow this. Only bullshit other countries. America!!!!!!!!Kari Tacoma écrit: Never understood why drugs were/are illegal. If druggies die, big deal. Alcohol’s legal & many people die from it.Kari Tacoma écrit: I heard about this on Adam ruins everything.Abu Hosim378 écrit: +6287881114340johnnyscifi écrit: 17.5 months heroin free. By the grace of God, and God alone. Definitely couldnt put the needle down on my own…We do recoverDecadence4life écrit: Stupidest idea that I've ever heard!I can't believe that this freaking moron thinks it'll be better for all these loser bum homeless smelly disrespectful dirty drug addict people living in tents and sitting in the street….. LOL, just kidding. I think that this is a great idea having just recently gotten over a very very serious and relentless heroin addictionI think and I support any ideas to alleviate stress on the faculty and to bring content to the clients that the professional servechase williams écrit: Hey people of this shit filled society it makes me sick.. ok a who can tell me who is the largest and sneakiest drug dealer there is.. (CAN ANYONE SAY THE FREAKIN PRESIDENT) WHO KNOW THIS AS WELL? K MAYBE THE ONLY HONEST HEART FILLED PERSON LEFT IN THIS SOCIETY.. THATS WHATS WRONG WITH US TODAY. THE WORLD DONT SUCK SOCIETY DOES.. IT STARTES AT THE TOP AND WORKS ITS WAY DOWN.. U KNOW SHIT RUNS DOWN HILL.. IAM OUT BUT NOT FORGOTTEN ¹(CHAZING J)justin henkemeyer écrit: Just one more reason the world is overpopulated death is a natural thing it's not a tragedy every time someone dies people are going to get sick or get addicted and die it's a natural part of lifeShane Mcguire écrit: taxpayer money is not important as death from these drugs. seems we got some greedy people in this comment section. taxpayers also pay for the bad car accident you will get from karma. should they taxes be cut on emergency resonse?Harden Thicke écrit: So it's like a crack house but tax payers pay for it.
Great.junckie fien écrit: OH.HELL! YAH!!Mike Rubendall écrit: Great they never say anything about what a place like this actually does. Not a single person has died in any of these establishments. In fact, either Sweden or Switzerland, can't remember witch, has places like this that also provide the heroin too. The actual price of heroin as reflected by the market is 10 to 20 times cheaper depending so it's cheaper for the tax payers than it is for an addict to steal or con money and buy on the black market. The result was nearly all theft disappeared, there were zero deaths by overdose, addicts maintained there jobs and steady social lives with friends and family, and black market heroin disappeared in the area. Nearly the same result can be obtained just by legalization. No black market no cartels which means no more black market related murders which is about 80% of all murder in the U.S. with simple maths using prescription opiates you find that 97.5% of overdoses from heroin alone would be prevented since the ingredients would be listed on the packaging so you KNOW what's in it and how potent, tax payers would save the $90 billion it takes to imprison people for victimless acts like drug possession or distribution , and 90% of value loss to citizens by theft would disappear since the drugs wild be at least 10 times cheaper. Not to mention it makes it easier for people to get help if they want it before they die. also, neither legalization nor prohibition causes the amount of drug users to go up or down. It's a no brainer considering we learned this all during alcohol prohibition but people are so brainwashed through indoctrination. And yes, drug sale is a victimless act since both parties involved are in agreement and participate voluntarily. If you think otherwise it's because you're allowing your emotions to do your thinking. Everything I said is factual and backed by mountains of data. Science should determine how laws are made. If we used science we could some all criminal legislation up with one single law that is only one sentence. "Each individual has the right to do anything they want as long as they don't interfere with another's right to do anything they want." It's that simple. Problem is the greed of those in power gets in the way because they'd rather make law complicated so that they can increase there wealth and power more.CxJAGUAR écrit: Why are people so stupid today? How do you save people from drugs? Easy hand them a needle and teach them how to do it. I’m gonna say it again why are people so stupid? This is completely ignorant at best.The Electrician écrit: Regulation is a good idea. This is how compassionate, Ex-addicts would likely approach this issue I think. To Help the addict as best you can within reason to get safety through their dope sickness with the hope that they will one day see the light. It’s human decency and it’s good that the business of selling sex in Las Vegas has also moved towards something fairer and more reputable which increases the quality of life of the escorts.Nadzya Octo écrit: Here in Indonesia, they injecting sublingual suboxone, after sometimes, they have big gash wounds on their bodies. It's sad, scary, but true.Raymund Labs ra écrit: all of my friends, cousins and my brother died because of using used needles. nalbuphine or nubain is the #1 injectable drugs here in Philippines.ken seymour écrit: 3 million a year is cheaper than prison costPyrex Whippa écrit: Paying taxes so toss-pot drug addicts can get high “a safe way” that’s ridiculous.Aria Jade écrit: They should supply the drugs too I’m not being sarcastic.
As a pain patient under medicated at this point… may have to turn to stupid heroin.Henry McElroy écrit: Dude that’s crazy you can legally do drugs in this facility… wow…. the world is ending soon I’m sure….GOD OF OXY écrit: This is fucking great! Buildings like this should be all over the world. Drug addicts are people to and this is a step in the right detectionSean B. écrit: fuckin hell. what has the world come to?Dustin Carter écrit: $3,000,000 a year ain’t shit you could literally fund that from the taxes mad e on legalized MarijuanaGraphical écrit: Stupid fuckin heroin addicts
Dumbass stupid fucking drug addicted to fucking shooting drugs into their fucking veinsDavid Ramos salsologo por exselencia écrit: My first clean day was
Mar: 29 1989 I been clean
For 30 years now..but not
Every one that wants to make make it. I was
Lucky enough..we need more help from the government…John Barney écrit: It’s not condoning crime. Some very good people have gone down because doctors are too damn stupid to help their patients who need their opiates. I’ve been addicted, and on soboxone for 5 years. But I’m considered a second class citizen not covered by insurance, nor the drug ! 200$ a month for the little analgesia I get from Fox my spine in the militaryLorenzo DeMonteclaro écrit: Drugs will be legalized so that the Drug addicts can accept the New World Order, give the people drugs then you control the people.John Barney écrit: Alprazolan injected !– .̕͝ écrit: America doesn't have a opioid epidemic with pill forms, the government realizes it's the best antidepressant/anxiety and of course pain medication available (any drug that actruly works they take away) . Dr's are not following the Oath they took to help patients in need. Instead they make up some bullshit excuse so they can sleep at night but I bet if they are in pain they get any drug they want.D Victor écrit: taxpayer paying for it ya right who put the first needle in there armMulmar Khadafy écrit: Do I agree as a non heroin, non cocaine user? Idk- all I know is its not about right or wrong anymore. Its a matter of damage control..Dusty Dison écrit: Well how about sitting up these type of clinics for diabeticsSharon Crawford écrit: This is crazy. It would be better to put them somewhere that they wont be able to use or get drugs, and get them off of it. Just another way to condone the use.Tom Kruze écrit: The sign says “we won’t save lives” hahacrystal ball future écrit: People are going to do it legal or not. This is a good idea to help control iv transmitted diseases and over dose deaths. Addicts are people too just that theyre struggling with something more. We all have our flaws. And only god can judge us.E Patterson écrit: We need these in the United States instead of them putting all this restriction on medicationJeff Pierson écrit: Oh yeah one more thing i been clean over 16 years now so people can change im fucking proof of that n so are many more out theirJeff Pierson écrit: For all you negitave people who think you should just let them die because of an addiction they have and being judge mental about it i would say go sit down n talk to some of them n see what they been through in their life cause i can tell you mine i had a abusive step father stayed drunk would beat you cuss you kick you out on the streets all the time when your mom worked two jobs to pay all the bills i was nine when he started kicking me out of the house always sayin im a pice of shit ill never amount to shit no one will ever want you your worthless you stupied n so on i was 13 n he kicked me out n i never went back i lived in a park sleeping on a bench one night n i was raped n molested by 3 men who was also home less n what they did to me is unimaginable n sick they beat me n threaten to kill me if i told any one what happend the sad part is even if i wanted to tell anyone i couldnt i was completely alone n lost i kept that locked within my self for years at 13 i started drinking n doing drugs to escape reality from what i was going through n happening to me through out my teen years what i went through in my life most kids that age would kill them selfs or tried to i could sit her n wright you a fucking book with everything i went through n why n how i got addicted so my point is a lot of addicts didnt use just for fun alot of them been through so much trauma in their life n feeling alone n lost feeling hopeless with no one to trust and people in society alway being so fucking judge mental towards addicts makes them feel worse about them selfs quit showing so much fucking god dam negativity towards them n take 15 min out of your time n show some fucking compassion and treat them as a human being n not a fucking parasites get to know one addict n not be afraid maybe if society would take the time n show them people care when no one else did maby afew addicts would be encouraged to seek help n try their hardest to get clean n stay clean quit judgeing a book by its cover n if you want to judge someone look in the mirror n judge your cold heartless souls cause your the true parasitesFuk Yuo écrit: Stop fucking rawEl Diablo écrit: Are you fucking kidding me, shut that fucking place down and open up a fucking methadone clinic you fucking jerkoffs!!Adam écrit: this title is super misleading.Jeff Thompson écrit: Let them overdose!elliott farmer écrit: can we have special lanes for drunk drivers too?YT ZOMB 115 écrit: These drugs were developed by the government. So why not give them a place to wake or bakeHooter Texas écrit: At least all the junkies will go there. I feel sorry for folks who live and work near by. Junkies are like zombies. They can infect people and contribute nothing good. In a perfect world they’d be culledHooter Texas écrit: Canadians don’t comb their hair?David Moore écrit: I mean they all should be arrested but at least needles will not be all over public places

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