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What are the side effects of Tramadol? \n\nTramadol is commonly prescribed for pain, but if you look it up online, you will find useless lists of side effects that have hundreds of symptoms listed. You’ll be left scratching your head. \n\nIn this video, Doc explains exactly what side effects you might have while taking Tramadol and helps you understand why they happen. Must watch if you plan on taking Tramadol! \n\nAddiction? Nausea? Constipation? Serotonin Syndrome? What do you need to worry about? Find out here.\n\nRead more about Tramadol on Post Script:\n\nLook up your other medications to actually understand them:\n\nDISCLAIMER*** Post Script provides informal, subjective information about medicines, labs, and medical topics. The views on this YouTube video are opinions and do not reflect any organizations or companies. The information provided is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge, but there may be omissions and errors. Post Script is for entertainment and informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Although the author of Post Script is a medical doctor, readers should not rely on the information on this video for their own health or medical care and should consult a medical professional before taking any sort of action.\n\n#tramadol

Post Script écrit: What side effects of tramadol were you worried about?Ayana Larry écrit: Where to buy Ketamine.
https://www.buyketamineonlinestore.comAyana Larry écrit: Where to buy Ketamine.
https://www.buyketamineonlinestore.comB P écrit: ive been on Tramadol for about 4 days and i feel like ive been happier and less anxious. is this a side effect?Tonny van Donk écrit: I get it for a couple off years now and never had side effect, yes only you're chiller and you can't drive with this, but get it for kidney stone pain because I've cystinuria and for me in real pain I have to take it every four hours. Then when it goes better 2 times a days and 3 /4 days 1 and stop.Jatzen Sylvester écrit: To me, this medication is the first in my mind when it comes to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. When you take it by mouth, you experience immediate-release formulation. is my favorite.hansoloimac écrit: What I wondered about Tramadol is the withdrawal . I took for a week and previous I took for a week Vicodin and I have been going threw major withdrawal for past 3 days . I thought the process of getting off these medicines wouldn't be so bad cause I did not use long term but seems like they are still there . Thanks for your video !!Lets tacobout It écrit: Got nauseous from trying one pill after getting my wisdom teeth pulled never took it againCuliCooking écrit: Oh boy. I use tramadol for nerve infection. My side effects are very heavy. Passing out, being stoned/high, talking problems etc etc.
But it's the only thing that works that doesn't make me feel like crap.
I also had morfine for a while. THAT SHIT made me feel so bad.Humberto Alanis écrit: Severe Restless Leg Syndrome to the point where it has you constantly and urgently wanting to move your legs in an act of desperation is also part of the withdrawal this usually only lasts one night or twonickel mickel écrit: No blowzκιτσος κωτσακης écrit: after my 6th operation,i was addicted to 200mg tramadol tablet (plus 150mg suppos).This took me 1 week to become a perfect junkie.My heart was beating so fast,itches a lot and a feeling like sea sickness were the most severe symptoms.Also,200mg iv injection trams has the most symptoms,when daily injected in the vain.This combined with benzos….BEWARE OF THE TRAMADOL GRIZZLY BEAR.thanx doc!Damien Bradley écrit: Took 2 x tramadol in the past 6 hours, felt very nauseous and extremely tired. As i was falling asleep i was hallucinating and dreaming and very disturbing sleep , woke every 20-30 mins. Felt a little scared when I couldn’t be in control, wont take this medicine again.King Henry1903 écrit: What does it mean when your eyes get a little blood shot while on tramdole ?UtopiAria écrit: i have a rare medical illness called CRPS. My doctor gave me tramadol for the severe pain it helped a lot!Rogirlisfly écrit: They didn't work after my knee surgery. They suckDrippy the Hippy écrit: Maaann when my dog died of cancer i was left with a jumbo bottle of these bitches, i was eating them like tic tacs �� good times lmaoCorrupt Disk écrit: Sterotonin syndrome is the most concerning, should be the black box warning. garbage drug there's a reason it's so cheapCorrupt Disk écrit: Wish I had u as my md hahahCorrupt Disk écrit: Just perscribe a fuckin hydro lmaoBilly Jones écrit: Question,
What about hallucination?Chango Chilemba écrit: I've been on tramadol twice over the last 5 years… (needed it both times to manage some tough chapters of work)…
1st time i didn't know much about it (just assumed it was a typical painkiller)… And eventually came off it no problem with no side effects.

2nd time was not so pleasant, but still, it did it's job (got me through a heavy period of work when i was injured) plus it kept me totally sober for a year… but coming off it 2nd time around was quite bad, 3/4 days of hell (but i came off it cold)…

Now i know how to manage it, and maintain a healthy diet, plenty of water and stay active, and it only does good for me… no anxiety ever, more sociable, more focused & creative, and i'm nearly 2 years sober off alcohol.Biochemistry Forever écrit: Im taking it and getting mad muscle spasmsCindy Perez écrit: 150 mgs twice a day helps with my pain from kidney cyst it isn’t interfering with anything drastic but it improves my mood and anxiety n pain it does cause slight constipationITZ Robin écrit: Haha I just want to get highv a s écrit: Edema in right foot only since taking new Rx (round pill, not oval pill) or could it be from body posture when sitting or lying down?Amy Savage écrit: I’ve been on tramadol for pain management for more then a decade. Avg 300 mg / day. I’m wondering if there’s memory loss with taking this for multiple years?Noel Molina écrit: Is taking 5 tramdol and chewing them at once safe? How much would be considered over the limit?Rebecca écrit: I was prescribed tramadol for Endometriosis pain post surgery. I have experienced severe skin itching at night along with insomnia. Not a great combo but it does keep my pain down to where I can actually function. How can I treat the itching? ��Optimum Solutions écrit: I get very bad dreams.Ayaz Safi748 écrit: Sir I'm fall in this drug from one year, please any suggestion for me to avoid from this drug.Ayaz Safi748 écrit: Can tramadol imbalance the serotonin level?Ayaz Safi748 écrit: A person fall in Tramadol, how to avoid from tramadol and any drugs against tramadol?Ritchie Marsteller écrit: What is short term to you? I take 100 mg twice a day around 12 noon and then again around 7pm. I have no major side effects. Sometimes I'm tired sometimes I'm not. You can easily work through it if you are active. But if you sit. Your gonna want to sleep.BO ALAS écrit: Hi my doctor prescribed tramadol 50mg for a recurrence abcess but honestly I dont think I'm going to take a chance and take it…samir ebadi écrit: Great video doc. I just wanted to say I've been on and off tramadol since I was 18 and im almost 23 now. my question is does taking tramadol cause hair loss? I know it's a very rare side affect but I've read many articles about people who lost chunks of hair wile on tramadolDan Stevens écrit: I noticed Tramadol makes me crave sugar like crazy, and have urinary issues, where I get a weak stream and have to go multiple times a night. But its the only med that helps with my 3 nerve diseases. Super super painful every dayKali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: I took it when I had my finger broken. I’ll never take it again. It slows down metabolism.Troye Harris écrit: Hi Doc. I have been experiencing severe anxiety following a hectic hypnogogic jerk from sleep. Woke up and my muscles felt strange like an outer body experience. Since then my body has been feeling so bizarre along with the anxiety and sleeplessness. My spine and mid section feel like they tighten up and I dunno what do as I'm struggling to cope on a day to day basis now.����Kit Johnson écrit: Tramadol just makes me throw up. 1 pill and its vomit city.Dorrie76 Shane écrit: my Oncologist prescribed this for neuropathy only for one toe nerve pain, As it goes I hate all pharmaceutical
drugs, and my biggest fear in this Coronvirius Pandemic was that this drug would cause me to end up with
severe asthma, as I get that from the Chemo meds anyway, so I refused to use it knowing the bad side
effects, and quite frankly it doesn't get rid of the nerve pain just makes me extremely sleepy, but doesn't help,
the nerve pain~ so I quit on the 3rd day as it was giving me a tummy ache!!Katherine Mannix écrit: pls do a vid on antidepressants/ celexa / most common antidepressants. been on them for years and have had some weird ass side effects. my pupils would be different sizes ?? so weird! i’ve talked to my doc and it doesn’t seem to be a reason to worry though.Katherine Mannix écrit: would love if you did a video on antidepressants/ the most common ones / celexa. i’ve been taking antidepressants for a while and sometimes the side effects are really weird. like my eyes not dilating at the same time / having different sized pupils lolthemanthemyth thelegend écrit: Hey my man if you have a NAFLD is tramadol processed through your liver i know to some extent it goes through the liver but that's why I stay away from acetaminophenAmine Hamdani écrit: just took 400mg yesterday and believe me that shit will get you sleepy as fuck and a highEugene Emil écrit: A lot of People use tramadol for sex, please can you explain if the drug works for sex?king0cans écrit: I have been on 200mg of tramadol every 6 hours for 10 years. I also take 1000mg of gabapentin twice a day for severe fibro. Wish I didn't take any of it.

To be honest I had never taken thc but I have found out for unexplained pain it works extremely well. I can't tell if it just takes your mind off the pain or something different. I can tell you it gives me a break from the pain. Thank God.Lauren écrit: This medication made me have shallow breathing at night (I didn't even take it at night but I had taken two separate doses earlier in the day). Like I would wake up and have to consciously fill up my lungs with air because it felt like I wasn't getting enough. I'm guessing that's bad and I should stop taking it?
Is there pain medication that doesn't do that that isn't ibprofen or Tylenol? Because I've had a similar reaction with other opiates when I had oral surgery years ago, but when they asked if I had any allergies I said no because I was afraid I'd be in pain without any effective treatment. Thoughts?Cindy Ski écrit: When I’m not well rested, it does not work well. Very upsetting. Herniated discs pain and my ankylosis spondylitis. Also, chronic fatigue. Helps sometimes. Something is better than nothing. Mornings, oh gosh, I can’t handle the pain. I use ice packs and sometimes I sleep with ice packs wrapped in a cloth. Inflammation is incredible! I still have kids so I push myself because I have to. Tramadol has helped me since anything stronger has made me sleepy during the day.Kevi Terhuja écrit: I take 6 to 8 pill �� a day I can’t quitMartin Montiel écrit: I had only one dose of 50mg and it helped me to sleep after 2 sleepless night because of pain. I feel short breath still one day after I had the dose. When should I breath normally again? ThanksBob Harvey écrit: Do Tramadol effect the Kidneys if taking long Term?Chayna Renee écrit: So, when I was prescribed Tramadol, I was informed that it wasn't a narcotic. Has it been classified as a narcotic now? When I took it I was in middle school, used it for severe kidney stones and I got addicted to it without even knowing it but I got off of it. Its crazy. I always thought, there's no way this is a non narcotic!RYAN CIGERCI écrit: 3:29Melvyn Carrot écrit: Anxiety was probably the worst withdrawal symptom I ever had coming off tramadolJayson Clinton écrit: Please somebody help me, I stopped taking tramadol 3months ago after taking it for 3yrs but I still feel an annoying internal fever. What can I do to stop it?Ted Freddy écrit: I have an increase in my BP on one 50mg of tramadol a day. I have noticed my top number is 30 points highter and the bottom number is about 10. I check it and it will be about 140/86 and after about an hour taking Tramadol it is about 160/ 88. Is this normal.Hooligan 90 écrit: Do you think 300 mg a week is bad enough?Ara kanasyan écrit: Is tramadol schedule IV?ChIkeN N U G G ET écrit: I heard alot of things about people having seizures while taking tramadol is it a common thing or just when you do large doses?jeremiah the Song Rains écrit: Very responsible very mature , thank you Dr ,Alex Joynes écrit: Weird.. In the UK it’s not uncommon for people to be prescribed tramadol over a long period of time… I myself have been taking tramadol consistently for the past 7 years and many others have been too!Patrick Guth écrit: I was – and still am mostly afraid of any addiction to it. I got only 10 caps (50 mg) and my dr. recommended using them for 3 days to reduce pain from a severe burn. I mean it works so far but I won't take it anymore, if I get the feeling, regular painkillers like acetaminophene would work sufficient enough, again.Jer of Jers écrit: I took it for a good amount of time for my bulging disc and I took 2 pills twice a day. Never had any side effects, no nausea, no constipation, no dizziness or shortness of breath. The only thing I felt was the pain was gone and I felt like jumping out of bed in the morning to tackle the day. I was in a great mood. Now I'm off it and can't sleep regularly and the pain is back. Doesn't help that we are in quarantine. Is it possible to never have side effects or withdrawals?FunctionForm écrit: Is it possible to be constipated after having taken just 3 pills at 50mgs?Kyle Caldwell écrit: This is really dumbed down. Oversimplified to the point that the MOA is inaccurate.Robert Moriarty écrit: Nice explanation. I stumbled upon this looking for information on Requip. Could you do a video on that. Thank you!Dizzo Dizzo écrit: Hey there, I could really use some help.

I'm a 30 year old man, happily married, ok on finances, and suffering daily from anxiety (what I would describe to be mental irritation or pain) as well as physical irritation and pain. I fear it's leading me in to a long term depressed state.

I played hockey my entire life growing up, ages 5-25. I was extremely physically active until I was 23, when I had a testicular torsion. I corrected it myself, but have experienced random testicular pain ever since. I have had multiple physical exams as well as ultrasounds to that area, and there are zero apparent issues. To this day I get random testicular pain (pretty infrequently though), as well as daily pain and irritation to my knees and hips I think because of my time in hockey.

My physical pain, combined with the severe mental stress and anxiety due to my line of work, has been weighing on me heavily for the last year. My mind is constantly looking for a way to fix this problem. I keep thinking back to a time I was prescribed Tramadol for my testicular pain. I will never forget looking at my wife and saying "this is the answer!" because it solved all my problems at once. My knee pain, hip pain, testicular pain, anxiety, Tramadol crushed all of it and showed me that I really can enjoy my life and my time without those annoyances weighing on me constantly.

I haven't had Tramadol or any drug in my system for 2 years +. I'm on absolutely no prescriptions or anything. I feel bad about it, like I'm not supposed to take drugs or medicine for stuff like this, because I never have frequently, but my daily suffering is starting to really weigh on me. I remember Tramadol fixing all of it in the past. Do you think it's wrong to pursue getting more of it or some alternative through a doctor? I don't like the idea of my brain becoming dependent on something, but man, I'm suffering as is.

My one relief I get myself now is Kratom, and I take it daily. It's the best 3-4 hours of the day, and my only relief to what I've described. I just wish I could get something similar that would last me throughout the day so I could live a fully functional and happy life.

I know it's a long shot getting a response to a comment this big, but I had to try.Stephen Coleman écrit: Watched this cos I've just taken tramadol 50mg for intense body pains. I feel warm and a little sweaty. Btw subscribed.Sak Saktro écrit: How long is take to get addicted??? Anyone??Amir Ahmed écrit: Hey guys is logic a doctor ?RealDeal écrit: tramadol is the best for disc pain i love it if it was not for tramadol i would of end up in the streetscs go écrit: Can tramadol cause erotical Dysfunktion?klam77 écrit: Fantastic Explanation! WHat doctors and healthcare don't take the time to explain to patients…… THANK YOU!Little Brother écrit: I found some in my parents closet. Wanted to give it a try. It’s. 50 mg tablet.Celeste Eason écrit: I’ve thrown up 4 times on only 250 mgAyush Sharma écrit: My doctor told me to taake half tramadol is it ok to cut it in halfRiding Gambit écrit: Tramadol is not comparable to true opioids like morphine and oxycodone, basic pharmacology. It's opioid effects are so weak it is scheduled way below them.Jacob Ponce de Leon écrit: He looks like logic if he became a M.D. instead of a rapper����‍⚕️����Mimi Max écrit: Good all round advice I would say!aavash poudel écrit: I was addicted to tramadol misuse with other various Caps and i feel like I've developed anxiety on me and my moods keeps on changing. I misuse it for around 7 months and was addicted to high consumption. Is it likely to get anxiety from it ?Nope Bye écrit: From past experience this medication acts as an anti depressant for me. I feel that my overall wellness improves while taking this medication.SO-SO music écrit: What can someone do when start having this effectKevin écrit: I take Tramodol for severe RLS three times a day. It is the only thing that has worked for me. The only side effect I've had from it is the constipation.Todd Boden écrit: Doctors are taking everyone off of them. I guess the government knows more about pain then them since there scaring them. Whatever happened to doctor patient relationships? Heroin is killing people! Not prescriptions!!Celine Ang écrit: I am taking tramadol mix nsaid (skudexa) for my endomitrosis. Trying to keep my dosage a low as possible, i am worry it will cause stress to my liver, is that true ?Jangoballs écrit: I take trams for chronic kidney pain and it works wonders for my pain and even my mood… it has given me a better quality of lifeJedd écrit: I just ruined my life with this medicationricardo ebbers écrit: me and a friend snorted tramadol a few weeks ago and its allot of fun and i would do it againHellen Graves écrit: visit know more about tramadolSusan shaw écrit: I have been on tramadol for over 5 years and nearly passed out when the doctor told me he wants me off them. I take 100 mg twice a day, i have had no problems what so ever being on them. I have really lower bad back problem , slip discs, no one has ever investirgated my problem or offered to. The doctor who wants me off them is not even my doctor, without them i can not move. I will be fighting him all the way, as i'm on a low dose and am very happy with how it controls my pain.Tina Walters écrit: Pls help me I'm taking tramadols for over months wht out my doctor telling me my weight ws 75 I'm down to 60 can it be because off the tramadols can u pls tell meLILITHS LAIR écrit: You mentioned Cybalta like it's a good medication ! BAD INFORMATION ; it's BAD !Z Man écrit: It makes my sleeping pattern really bad sleep for like 2 hours and have bad headaches! Hate itterry C écrit: does Tramadol dry the skin outsandra dowgiallo écrit: I’m concerned the long term effects have made my adult child somewhat crazy and personality has completely changed. Not thinking clearly and having strange thoughts . Paranoia. Anyone else see this .B G écrit: I was prescribed Valium with tramadol for back pain and spasms.Emmanuel Wolf écrit: I'm taking tramadol,I live in the UK and I've been suffering from pulsing heart rate all over my body,it's so annoying,and also s small sensation of depersonslisation,do you think this is down to the tramadol or could it be my I'm feeling so tired all the time,and I've noticed that my wounds are not healing very fast as well.i would appreciate your comments,if anyone's reading this.much love !!Benjamin Eva écrit: Does tramadol curse liver and kidney damageIsabell Tindale écrit: Terrible withdrawal symptoms when I stopped

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