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Administer Intramuscular Injections

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Administer Intramuscular Injections\n\nFull length video and free trial software –\n\nThis video excerpt is from our Medical Assisting e-Learning suite. Each module covers a different MA procedure and provides a simulation to help you learn and practice the procedure, plus explanatory text, anatomy model, video and quizzes. A personal logbook tracks your learning time and scores. \n\nPersonal subscriptions to the SIMTICS eLearning modules available at YouTube users benefit from 30% discount – use coupon code YOUTUBE30 during sign-up.\n\nThe learning objectives for this e-Learning module are as follows:\n- Describe pre-procedure considerations for administering an intramuscular injection.\n- Describe and demonstrate the preparation for administering an intramuscular injection.\n- Describe and demonstrate suitable injection sites for intramuscular injections.\n- Describe and demonstrate appropriate needle and syringe selection for intramuscular injections.\n- Describe and demonstrate correct preparation of the medication to be injected.\n- Describe and demonstrate methods for reducing patient discomfort.\n- Describe and demonstrate safe and correct administration of intramuscular injections using the deltoid, vastus lateralis, and dorsogluteal sites.\n- Describe and demonstrate needle and blood safety.\n- Understand and apply the correct post-procedure considerations.\n- Define and demonstrate correct documentation.\n- Understand and apply Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.\n- Understand and apply the appropriate drug safety guidelines (seven rights).\n- Define and use related medical terminology.\n- Explain the Patient Privacy Rule (HIPAA), Patient Safety Act, and Patient’s Bill of Rights.\n\n\n\nSIMTICS is powered by SimTutor Inc.\nSimTutor Inc creates simulation-based solutions to prepare students and professionals for mission-critical moments at the time they need these skills the most. \nSimTutor offers two options: the SIMTICS library of over 175 simulated healthcare procedures, adopted by more than 350 schools across the US, and SimTutor Author, a software tool for creating life-like simulations and scenario-based eLearning.\n\nThe SIMTICS modules include simulation, 3D anatomy, video and step-by-step text guidance, covering a wide range of content for medical assisting, dental assisting, sonography, radiography, and more. The SIMTICS library of healthcare simulations is created using SimTutor Author. \nProof that SimTutor Inc is the only consideration when it comes to online simulation solutions. \n\nSIMTICS website:\nSimTutor website:\n\nFollow us on social media for news, updates and relevant articles:\n\nSIMTICS FB:\nSIMTICS Twitter:\nSIMTICS LinkedIn:\n\nSimTutor FB:\nSimTutor Twitter:\nSimTutor LinkedIn:\n\nKeywording: SIMTICS, online learning, medical assisting, dental assisting, radiography, e-learning, medical educators, medical tutorial videos, medical tutorial, Administer Intramuscular Injections

Shaista Saadat écrit: Kya is ko pe skty hain ? Plz rplyPatricia Katez écrit: hie im in second year nursing class and just started practicals i wanted to ask when breaking the top of the medicine container wont pieces of glass escape into the containerKamel Kamel écrit: NiObi Rich écrit: Insane!Craig Walsh écrit: Informative revision video. Thanks!annie pones écrit: Question: is it ok if the syringe needle is not fully inserted in giving an IM injection on the arms?Roger Quintanilla écrit: health system in USA sucksBrian Geary écrit: What would be the difference if any between administering an IM injecting compared to administering a reconstituted IM injection?Garrett écrit: When I go to college I'm thinking of being a doctor because I like helping people and it pays wellSIMTICS écrit: darinap25: It's important to remove air bubbles because if they're taking up space in the syringe, they may prevent the correct dose of medication being administered.darinap25 écrit: Is it important not to have air in the syringe before injecting into a muscle? Ohh and why?
-tnx 🙂Rahma Mohammed Saber écrit: Thank you … Thats great but wher is the gloves ?! SIMTICS écrit: @Jacob, thanks for stopping by!. Some people do say that the small amount of air that may be in the needle hub will not have any serious consequences for an **intramuscular** injection. However, it is safe practice to always eliminate all air bubbles so that it becomes routine practice irrespective of the route of administration. DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be medical advice. Please inquire with a supervisor or instructor regarding your use of equipment or medication.Jacob Palmer écrit: Question. I was told that it is ok if there is air in the HUB area of the needle because its insignificant is that right? It can't be in the syringe but it can be in the hubSIMTICS écrit: Hi @gomulkaa, we are sorry that you were disappointed, however we made sure to label this YouTube clip "Prepare for…injection" and the description says it is an "excerpt." We are a small company that earns its revenue by selling subscriptions to our e-learning modules, so unfortunately we cannot give the entire content away for free.infinitydomi écrit: This is very usefulBroadcasting1996 écrit: I'm aware 🙂 thankyou thoughSIMTICS écrit: Hi – thanks for stopping by and commenting. We always recommend that you check your local regulations and institution policies – they do vary a lot, between locations, states, and countries. (And even between physicians and specialists who often have personal preferences on how they want things done by the nurses or MAs!)Broadcasting1996 écrit: Same here! they require us to turn the safety on because its a one handed kinda thing, and dispose directly into a sharps container. And where i live its a 10,000 dollar fine for every capped needle they find. jussam sanon écrit: i work at the urgent care and we never recap needlesmeshkat1388 écrit: خوب بود

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