tramadol 350 mg

tramadol 350 mg

Carisoprodol (Soma): What You Need To Know

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Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant that is sometimes prescribed to treat musculoskeletal disorders (e.g. back pain). It’s also been used recreationally for decades, with its effects reminiscent to some extent of barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and ethanol.\n\nThere’s been an increase in concern about its abuse potential since the 1990s. Some countries have responded by moving away from the substance.\n\nIt’s intertwined with meprobamate, a drug it’s metabolized to.\n\nOverview Page (Including References):\n\nReddit discussion:\n\nCarisoprodol = Soma; Listaflex; Gencari; Genesafe; Carisoma; Myolax; Isomeprobamate; Isopropyl meprobamate\n————\n\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Star Ape, and David Kernell.\n\n————\n\nFacebook –\nTwitter –\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

JesseShortFor Jesse écrit: It feels like cumming for 3 hoursPBR Streetgang écrit: A close family member has been prescribed 350mg TID for over 20 years by our family physician, though it's only taken as needed. The euphoria is quite real and unique, though tolerance builds quickly.Inviting1word écrit: Was told back in the day that this and a little bit of speed I mean adderal you can look down a rifle scope for hours.Medicating With Steve-O écrit: Very happy it’s considered an RC where I live. Got a bunch of pure carisoprodol coming in the mail tomorrow ��Drug Store écrit: Order quality xanax, oxycotin, syrup, percocet at ����
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WhatsApp / text+1(917)-790-5806����Brittany Nicole écrit: This drug KILLED MY MOTHER.Khaotic Grumpy écrit: The soma comaC Milli écrit: DO A VIDEO ON PROMETHAZINE PLEASE !?!?!?!?!?!?LocalBoofBoi écrit: The holy Trinity do be hitting thoMikey Stec écrit: I'm in pain 12 years I'm been on itRoger Jogers écrit: Try tizanidine 4mgGloria Wondrous écrit: Only thing I want to know is where get some!!!!!Adam Marquez écrit: so soma is stronger than xanax?Josh D écrit: inquiries via email rugar.charger@ soma, clonazepam, phenibut, suboxone etc usa to usa ship free international shipping $8.00 USDPeachy Kawaii écrit: I took 5 pills will I OD?Kris Topher écrit: Phil AnselmoLucky Muchtar écrit: Is this the same drug as Somadril?AutisticGHOSTdog écrit: i'm so happy this is otc where i liveDoe/Idaho USA écrit: Use a drug as it is prescribed. It does kill back pain the difference between junkies & real people in real pain. Combinations kill you. Do not mix unless you want out chicken shits.east coast republicans écrit: Dude these pills will fuckin get you RIPPEDDestroy the child écrit: Loooooove soma , throw in any opiate/opioid and you can't find a better feeling…….Salvador Sarate écrit: lmao i did 4,500mg of carisoprodol before and felt drunkJAY UU écrit: These work so much better than flexiril and less sedatingMiles Glasgow écrit: How much do they sale forsuperaaapppaaa écrit: This is awesome with heroin and ghbkale quick écrit: this drug resembles old time Quaalude to meGOD OF OXY écrit: So this drug is like Meprobamate?Imprisoned Fetus écrit: I love your vids Seth. They're so informative and interesting, keep it up! Merry Christmas!kin.1997 écrit: Can buy a 100x 500mg for 2$ is it worth it?Sammy écrit: gave me depression and dysphoria, yay!Rick James écrit: That crap didn't do a damn thing.Gurleen Kaur écrit: Hindi mn video please sirturtles420roast écrit: Mmmm SomaLeah Davis écrit: Please do Methadone!! You did Buprenorphine (Suboxone) which was extremely helpful, I used to be on that but I want you to do methadone one of these days! Please! ����������mind hunter écrit: we all live in a yellow submarineSnagle Channel 2 écrit: Soma's work great! I have alot of medical conditions and it helps great! My Dr started prescribing me. Carisoprodol in 2008.Rayman Khan écrit: It helps with cramping or early stage in case of Epelepcy braintreetment2pill raymanA khanokhstorm écrit: I thought Soma was a amanita muscaria drink?prescription écrit: These are literally alcohol in pill form if you think about itNico Guarini écrit: "Captain Quaalude 714"Nico Guarini écrit: I know junkies who threw their needles away, in favor of the combined Soma,Xan bar,Oxy pill high they felt from da Trinity. Nuff said!RobertX écrit: Carisoprodol is a very misunderstood drug. Taken the right way and used in the right way it is (was for me at least) a miracle drug for back pain. My usage was 1 tablet of 350 mg Carisoprodol brand before bed time. I went from being almost a complete invalid to being semi-functional over a few months. The best part of it was that it gave me a deep long sleep that made my body finaly relaxe and "thaw". After reading a LOT of drug abuser comments about how they took it, I found that it should be taken about 5-10 minutes after a meal. I usually had a bowl of cereal with milk, took the tablet about 5-10 minutes after and then the drug would kick in about 20-30 minutes after. I firmly believe that the Norwegian study that was the basis for the removal of the drug should be revised. I read a lot of stories about drug addicts importing Roxy (Carisoprodol comp with Paracetamol) from Spain by mail. Most of the addicts would use Carisprodol in combination with alcohol. And many would take several tablets at a time. The deaths where Carisoprodol was involved should also be checked for the involvment of Paracetamol. Also, I believe that the prescription intent should be revised. Eating 1-2 tablets every night for deep sleep without pain did not cause me to become addicted. But doctors prescribing a dosage of 4-8 tablets pr day to keep a person working is not the right way to use this drug. That was a recipie for disaster getting many addicted to Carisoprodol.Garbled User écrit: I wish "the soy sauce" was real.Bad Timing écrit: ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ duh duh duh dut DAt duh duh duh dut DAt duh duh duh dut DAt ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬  SOOOMA thats what they would TAAAKE when…lkjyuiop écrit: Weed is safe for me. HahahKenji Sakamoto écrit: Don't like the slurried speech.Rich Chabot écrit: Watching the video because of wrestlersJenny D écrit: This one fucked me up bad, I had to be walked from my car to the door like I had had 6 too many beers.

years later, I did a DNA test to see what drugs I could metabolize well. This drug and Plavix came up as "Avoid" because my body just for some reason did not jive with it. And my episode all made sense. These tests should be taken by everyone.
You don't know what seemingly innocuous meds that are out there that can really really F you up.Lee Klinedinst écrit: Feels like getting a full body massage.BLOOD BOILING écrit: Ok so I've taken 3 a day for the last 2 years, today I went to the pharmacy to get my refill and the pharmacy is out of stock. They have no idea when they'll be getting more. I'm just worried cause I only have 3 left. Am I gonna go nuts? Lol withdrawals? Anything I can do?D M T écrit: I took 5 of these at once one time. Completely blacked out. Felt suppppper drunk. I probably could have died so I wouldnt suggest it lolNathen Herrell écrit: Thank you for the informative videos!Cory Kelley écrit: I've been through the Soma shuffle before.alextheskaterdude07 écrit: Somebody I know was prescribed soma and their pain management doctor (anesthesiologist) claimed that it acts as a QUUALUDE!Sean Price écrit: the chemical structure looks hella scary. Retta Scaffe écrit: I get them ever monthKelli Jenkins-Iles écrit: What do you mean!!! ��Carter Hayes écrit: Watching wrestling shoot interviews brought me hereJustin N. écrit: love themEndo écrit: I can honestly say that soma is by far the strongest cns depression I have personally taken. It will hit u like bus because of that milltown, scary that is only a scheduled 4 drug. Get predicted robaxin instead, it has the same muscle relaxing properties and none of the drowsiness. Stay away from this thingCJ Rebel écrit: Soma = Somach for what you were doing todayLordOfGuitar666 écrit: on it rn b 1050mg its awesome having a cool pcpde prezzed écrit: Can this kill uZoraida Sousa écrit: Why are soma just short term and my doc had me on them for ard 8yrs now he retired and I am scared they won't give them to me when they help meL Dudley écrit: Exellent overview of this medication well done. This is very accurate information as I take this medication daily after having 5 major spinal fusions due to a rare genetic medical condition. Thank you for making this video very well done 🙂スベタplugplay écrit: I’m on 700mg rn and I’m pretty fucked up hahaKelly Moran écrit: I Consder Soma A Very Effective Med And Have Been Using It For 25 Plus Years. I Use It With Oxycodone 15mg IR. I Remember The Good Old Days Before They Placed It Into Schedule 4. Its A "Miracle" Med For Me With Back And Neck Muscle Spasms. People Just Need To Use It Responsibly Like Any Other CNS Med.Dale Dillard écrit: I want some! My dream will prescribe suboxone, several, benzodiazepines, etc. But the whole will NOT prescribe this. No way. How can I get this. Any info will be appreciated.BR Whitehead écrit: The only drug that has really helped my back painJerem714 écrit: The first time I took this drug I was like HOLY FUCKKKK!!!! It’s even better than quaaludes and barbiturates man I loooooove somaONEBODY IN YAHAWASHI LOS ANGELES écrit: Does it make you feel like hydrocodoneJuaffreBlumpkins écrit: my coworker gave me a bottle of dan-5513's and let me tell you, boi…………….

I take it 4-6 hours before bed and it's great. Gives me a great high, but i only take them on the weekendJohnnyRebKy écrit: My doctor gave me 60 of them a few days ago. I can’t figure out what all the fuss is about because it’s like taking a aspirin. Why people like them and why nobody will prescribe them evades me because it’s virtually useless in my opinion. Doctor won’t prescribe real pain meds for a severe disk rupture in my spine but will prescribe this stuff that’s just as addictive and is a schedule 4 drug LOL. The medical system is broken. So far I’ve taken 2 350mg soma pills at once…no pain relief…no relaxation…and definitely no recreational feelingsWillitta Bess écrit: I just need to know this my mom was using this drug was giving to my mom by a doctor nw she is bed ridden can I still give her and what would be dosage for her she is 82this yearGarrett Ledwick écrit: It get me hii as fuckKyle Penot écrit: It’s interesting how this drug gets digested into meprobamate (Miltown) an old sedative from the 50’s. Miltown hasn’t been really used since benzos came around, but Soma is still prescribed to this day. I guess it’s cause the muscle relaxant effects are stronger than the sedative effects.I_bombhills écrit: It’s scary how fast you build toleranceMia Khalifa écrit: Was prescribed this 3 years after an accident!!! Holy shit it was terrible how good it makes you feel. Im off of it now for about 2 months, but i have about 100 pills left. Sometimes i take it for recreation and its fucking ridiculous. Take 2 and you have so much energy and confidence ready to talk alot. Its not a good drug to take be careful. Doctors dont care and will give it to you. Causes insomnia in long run!!!!Just Jeff écrit: This is what was handed out like candy in, A brave new world. SomaAshley Guzman écrit: Has anyone seen the stamp on a Soma that has Dan on one side and yess 5513 on the other, but here is the catch. The 5513 is imprinted going up and down when compared to the Dan on the other side. HELP PLEASE!!Vikrant Pathare écrit: Can you make a video about methohexital?GenericPharma Half breed écrit: Do flexeralGartett Ledwick écrit: Thank you this video helped meGartett Ledwick écrit: Omg I Live it it fuck me upJune Taradejna écrit: Just got prescribed 90 of the 350mg ones. Maybe I'll have fun ��Mikey Stec écrit: The first time i took 2 years ago i fell asleep 18 hours straightmilk mon écrit: San pedro cactus is pretty coolClout Academy écrit: Shout out to the late great Aunt Lori RIP who put me on to taking 1 soma and 1 vic es every half hour all night until u hit that u doing the rocaway SOMA COMA!Bill Doh écrit: My mom used to abuse the shit out of these things when I was a kid before they were a controlled substance. She would get to the point where she couldn't even talk and do weird shit like pee on our front porch, microwave dog collars, wash her hands in milk. We tried checking her in to a hospital but they wouldn't take her because they said she had to sign paperwork and she wouldn't. She's dead now though no surprise.Anomaly88man écrit: You are very smart Seth! I watch many of your videos, and have learned even more about drug mechanisms of action! That is why I subscribed to your channel.Anomaly88man écrit: I did experience lower back pain relief from Carisoprodol. I did feel euphoria, but dry mouth, and very sedated.Chris Lemaster écrit: Can you do Valium(Diazepam), Lorazepam(Ativan) and Clonazepam(Klopin)Roy Hemion écrit: anyone remember the ww176 brand soma? nothing comes close to those! the V and the DAN ones suck….worst ones ever were the c103 ones.Ben Gorong écrit: my brother gave me one of these and i had no idea what it wasniteshade music écrit: mix this with pain killer like vics n snort it! great times.JosephHF écrit: This drug only worked for me the first time I tried it. After that, even double-dosing with no tolerance was unnoticeable. Ditto for Kratom.Tyson Alba écrit: flunitrazepam video plz!John Johnson écrit: I've used this probably for the last 8-9 years and in huge doses. In my experience taking this by itself doesn't do anything except maybe make someone that's new to this feel a bit more relaxed. In conjunction with opiates… this drug makes the opioid high feel 10x's more powerful and sometimes you do lose control of speech/walking abilities, very briefly though. I really haven't used alcohol (don't care for alcohol but I have friends who insist on going to bars) with extremely high doses but once, and I was an instant drunk mess so stay away from that. If done for many consecutive days you may wake up and feel like it's really really hard to stretch but that's happened once in 9 years. I felt that it was the soma giving me a hard time in the morning. Also not good for the… erection (talk about a muscle relaxer lol). I personally never thought this drug was addictive as I've went very long times without having it and didn't have any noticeable withdrawal symptoms. (That's not to say you won't though). Somas fun but take responsibly in conjunction with your other things and it will intensify most pharmaceuticals (legal ones are the only ones I've ever tried with) an insane amount. The drug quickly metabolizes and is out of your system in 2-3 days. I'm about 160 pounds and taken many drug tests myself to see and 2 days is when a very large dose is gone. Great for the person that needs to correct their sleep cycle.Mikey Stec écrit: I been taking soma for 3 yrs because of a sciatica,lower back pain disc degeneration disease Chris Lemaster écrit: I've been on this for 8 years no problems, but do not mix with alcohol.

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