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Tramadol treats acute or chronic pain and works on the same opioid receptors as hydrocodone, oxycodone and Fentanyl. Additionally Tramadol boasts some of the same activities as the SSRI class of antidepressants including Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft and Paxil. \n\nInitially authorities ignored the potential for abuse and addiction associated with the drug. It seems less toxic when administered as an intramuscular injection than when taken as a pill. The body metabolizes these forms quite differently. Originally not listed as a controlled substance, Tramadol was upgraded to a Schedule IV drug in 2014.\n\nWorldwide Tramadol appears to be a major cause of abuse. Widespread addiction exists throughout Africa and the Middle East. Side effects of the drug not only include those customarily associated with opioids, but additionally it may lead to problems associated with the SSRIs.\n\nBoth an immediate and extended release form are available. The immediate release form is reasonably priced while the cost for the longer acting form varies between $125 and $270 a month for the generic version.

einna nabartey écrit: Can the pregnant women take the tramdol?Gee Wiz écrit: Why do we STILL have nothing for PAIN? I have ankylising spondylitis, gouty and osteoarthritis (all run in my family) and I have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. I cannot take NSAIDs anymore due to ulcers and so WHAT do I do? I’m in excruciating pain and am of a certain age that it won’t go away for the remainder of my life. I’m in such despair. Following breast cancer surgery I was given a 3 day supply of the lowest dose 325 mg of Percocet. When I called crying out in pain from the lymph nodes they removed they told me the surgeon could not be reached but I could DRIVE to the emergency room. But drug addicts are everywhere and I am suffering still . What am I to do?blackout lancaster76 écrit: Very good information nice one doclucy bond écrit: I’m in so much chronic pain and Tramadol does nothing. Medical Marijuana is worse —— makes me feel 100 times more depressed. I cannot live like this.Kyle Wagner écrit: He says it's not good for neuropathy, but for me it has been a game changer. I tried the Gabapentin (I did not respond to it, nor at the highest dose) I tried Lyrica which is just as dangerous and new- it works but puts me to sleep at all hours of the day so I couldn't do that. So then I just tried OTC medicines- some in dangerous high doses- my doctor said enough and put me on Tramadol. I've been on it long-term and I am able to function brings the neuropathy pain down to a barrable level. I weigh the pros and cons- and more pros than cons. I am sure withdrawal would be hell like any other antidepressant, or pain relief medicine it should be done thoughtfully under the direction of a Doctor.Michael Steven écrit: I took it for 2 years "ilegally" for depression..The withdrawals coming off were HELL..don't underestimate what you will have to go through.rockbay79 écrit: I was diagnosed with Advanced Degenerative Joint Disease in my right hip. My Doctor prescribed oral Tramadol, three pills a day. It did seem to help with both the pain and mood. However, about three months after taking this medication, my wife and I went on a weekend trip, and I left without taking any Tramadol with me. We left our home at about 8:00 am in the morning, by 3:00 pm that afternoon, I was getting really sick. I was suffering from withdrawal. We returned home on the same day because I was feeling so bad. When, I returned home, I took my medication as prescribed and about an hour later, I left good as new. This is when, I realized there was a problem with this drug. This all occurred on a Saturday. Sunday I took my medication as prescribed. Monday, I decided to come off this drug. I went "cold turkey". I was sick as a dog from Monday until I went to bed the following Saturday, six days total. It was hell. Then, on Sunday, I awoke feeling great! Never again, would I take this drug!!! It does help with pain, but it is addictive as can possible be!!!!Jerry Tom écrit: I have heard many folks testify that tramadol has helped with depression – in very low doses. But it is a narcotic. One has to make that individual decision.KT Tangos écrit: What if i told you 50mg a day and no Asthma attacks for 4 months now�� For some reason it shortcircuits it. Now no more Singular, claritin, steroid sprays etc and now im more alert and way more active. But i will let my Doctor think im taking it for pain until i reach the 1 yr mark. Dont wana open my big mouth and it stop working �� Wish me luck-will keep you posted������shabcaan Sh.ismaaciil écrit: I don't know how to stop this fuck medChris Wilson écrit: I've been on it for 11 years. I can't get off ��Rangatiratūmeke écrit: I found Tramadol effective for acute pain but stopped taking it because it brought on panic attacks. I don't like it.Arjuna Sakyakirti Wirjamoedja écrit: Facts and data well presented and easily digested. Good job again doc.Karen Miranda écrit: It has benefits to my anxiety and depression without altering anything mentally along with a low dose of clonazepam. I feel it gets too stigmatized. I also have chronic pain and they used to have me on a million (no opioid) pills that was way worse for my liver and never help for over a year and a half of taking them along with invasive procedures, acupuncture, massages, physical therapy, etc. I’m still in horrid pain so I stopped taking all those pills for good, yet they won’t prescribe me the Tramadol which helps and makes me feel normal….Ilija Prskalo écrit: with tramadol opiates adict efectivly stop heroin and methadone withdrawalAJ H écrit: BEST info on YouTube on the subject. Thank you doc.David Eagin écrit: I was given tramadol for chronic pain associated with an auto-immune disorder. This was in 2006. It produced a high no different from Oxycontin or Hydrocodone (I know, I have taken both before). I developed a crippling addiction that lasted for 5 years.

I was being pumped full of these pills because the doctors told me, "It's not scheduled and not addictive, everything is okay." To this day, I'll never feel the pleasure in anything the way I felt when I was on tramadol. 10 years later, my experience with the drug still makes everything in life seem drab and boring.

Anyone who acts like this drug isn't like all the other powerful and addictive pain medications simply has not tried it.sierra juliet écrit: Horseshit! The least risky pain killer/ anti depressant of all….
This sadist is the type that refuses a dental patient another shot then the drill hits the nerve. The patient jumps up from his chair, knocks him out cold, and runs out the door. Karma runs over dogma.Johnny Diamonds Music écrit: I went on Tramadol originally 400mg a day for back pain which is permanent. I only take 2-300mg a day now. No side effects. I used to get depressed now it’s all gone and it’s improved my quality of life massively.YouTube explorer écrit: Yeah, when you try getting off it you’ll have terrible headaches, stomach aches, muscle aches, changes in blood pressure and insomnia.artiste soundbox écrit: Can you do one on tumeric and one on cannabis+thcken bramble écrit: It's funny how this guy talks in a bad light about anything that's off label for opiate withdrawAndrew smith écrit: only the rich should be allowed to take any opoid synthetic or otherwiseJason écrit: ty for this research… subbed likedJason écrit: "I want a new drug
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick"Toni Stringfellow-Delleré écrit: I wish I would have had this info sooner. Thank you for sharing now tho. I’m in day 6 of a tramadol withdrawal myself. It’s holy hell. I was on 600-800mg a day for three years because hey, it’s only tramadol right!? Pffft! I’m going to make it thru but I wish more people knew what the withdrawal was like. Please be cautious with these opioids folks. They are badTravis Garcia écrit: The amount of Tramadol required to reach a recreational high that is comparable to Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Percocet, Soma, or Morphine when orally ingested is incomparable. The recommended amount is 400mg/24hrs, and I have personally seen moderate Opioid users consume at least 5x that amount, and claim to feel no affect on their consciousness. This is all conjecture, but I believe Tramadol would be a drug much more suited for depression than any product that is available on the market currently.Virginia Contreras écrit: As a recovering addict I was prescribed Tramadol as a non Narcotic alternative for pain. I was so hooked and being an addict I couldn’t stop taking high dosages I began to have seizures. I literally had to go into a detox facility and retreat myself for Tramadol. I have 6 months off finally and I’m free!Betty W écrit: I'm a73 Year old woman I'll stay off all medication that is nothing but poison they giving people nothing but money making for drug company and doctorsSimon Duvall écrit: Got tramadol and codeine w/acetaminophen at the same time; 20 each. Tramadol didn’t do shit for the pain, codeine at least dulled the pain. Curious as to the SSRI/SRNI effect: did seem to lift me out of deep depression, but also seemed to spiral me into one ��Christian Mohammed cohen écrit: V Ery interesting Sir!
You seem to really know your subject and there is a ton of information!
I fwd the link to my surgeon in Paris France!…
��Christopher Petersen écrit: You are an awesome Doctor / Pharmacologist. You seem to know each medication as if the info was all listed on the back of your hand. True info** on the drugs side affects, strengths, weaknesses, contraindications, etc. I really do appreciate your research behind the manufacturing and studies with each drug regarding FDA approval and independent studies. I trust your opinion and highly recommend others to watch your videos when they have questions about any drug. Thanks Doc!Pat Trubia écrit: Tramadol isn’t strong enough to be addictive,I would need 20 of those just ta deal with my bitch instead of one oxy 30Pat Trubia écrit: I took 5 nothing,these are a jokeAngel Lee écrit: NoPat Trubia écrit: This guy is a pole smokerNative Pride écrit: For me personally i prefer tramadol over hydrocodone, i like tramadol because i feel it works for both the chronic pain and also the depression that comes along with having chronic pain. Im actually happy and makes me indifferent to the damn persistent pain, and I've been taking it for 2 years consistently. Although it is addictive and do suffer from withdrawals after missing a dose. For those of us who metabolize the tramadol well it is a life saver.Mark O’Cain écrit: I found tramadol good for moderate pain in that it induced sufficient indifference to it. It did feel a little 'speedie' though and that was unpleasant. I would like to see a breakdown on tapentadol hydrochloride which has contention surrounding it as well.Silva Jalava écrit: Tramadol has destroyed my life,withdrawal has lasted two and half months,extreme agony ,and extreme anxiety,and im suffering from debilitating severe nerve pain,muscle twitching,stomach cramps,memory loss,anxiety is literally killing me not exaggerating,toothache,headaches,neckache,stomach pain,high blood pressure,diarrhea,depression suicidal all the timeAnthony Ladua écrit: Jeeeesus you got oldBetty Windish écrit: Tramadol didn't help my pain at all.RCACollector écrit: Just use kratom wtf why do any illegal drugs do legal ones!AND ERSON écrit: I remember waking up to dr ken landow on sunday mornings. Amazing video.Mick Hal écrit: Take 6 Panadol
You also will end up in hospital
Abusers are the problem
Taking drugs safely is not a problem if you need it
Tramadol is the best depression medication available ,
I stop for 1-2 weeks at times
No issue
Ssri I stopped for 2 days
Withdraws were terribleStevie Jo écrit: One of the first drugs that got me hooked on opioids. Withdrawals are bad. Just the same all around.Andrew Rivard écrit: Is it just me or this doctor just reads useless information and doesnt use personal experience or just a genersl overview,he classifies every person who takes medication for pain and the onee who abuse them which you shouldn't do,but he thinks that if you take a painkiller for pain your an addict no matter whatDude FromTexas écrit: Tramadol sucks assMick Hal écrit: Abuse any drug is not good
Tramadol is great for mental issues
Just control it
Feeling better has no limits
Feeling bad is terrible
Tramadol for mevincent insomnicide écrit: Tapentadol is more effective.Petar Mikulić écrit: It can lead to pregnancy in unmarried men, loss of menstrual cycle in Navy Seals, it can lead to sweet taste in mouth when eating sugar, it can kill an already dead person, it is the leading cause of poverty on Mars, it can make you a Huawei phone user, it is dangerous for republicans and it is especially dangerous for your back pain.Bryan G écrit: Tramadol is garbage. Does ZERO for my pain. ZERO. Whenever a doctor prescribes this dogsh*t medication to me, I laugh then wipe my ass with the script. There's literally no pain relief, no euphoria, no nothing.. other than a crap placebo. ����������Calla Doll écrit: have also taken it for 5 years. Stop repeating with the DEA is telling you. It has saved my life and it has no withdrawal like xanex. None
My last dr gave me Lyrica. It was 200$ with insurance. It made me numb and I couldn't do my job at work.
The stuff you want is addictive and acts on dophamine receptors. Tramadol doesn't. Because of this tramadol doesn't feel super euphoric and you don't get a resistance to it. I've been taking the same amount daily for 5 years. And when I lost my meds once I had no withdrawal effects. Stop bitching and ruining lives for people that want something that's not addictive.Hygrave écrit: So why was Tramadol liberally prescribed like M&M's for years? Why was is a NSAID, until it was classified as a opioid in 2015? Why was is deliberately covered up as containing a SSRI?
Anyone who reads this, and has been prescribed this for the first time, take it back to your MD, and request Codeine, or Hydrocodone in the place of it. If you have mental illness, either directly, or genetically, do NOT CONSUME THIS MEDICATION. Doctors do not psychologically profile patients before prescribing this medicine, which has active SSRI properties in it. Be safe, this medicine was liberally give out for years, recklessly overprescribed.Jamie Drummond écrit: That was a very concise explanation of the drug. Thank you.

I have bad back issues, and Tylenol 3 is not so good for me because the caffeine is like crazy speed in my body.

Generally opioids make me throw up, and so Tramadol is the only painkiller I any find comfort from.

Yes, I get a bit high on it, but I don't appear to have that addictive gene.

I just bought some Tramaadol in Mexico for very little money, tried it out, and it certainly works, BUT, I don't feel the need to take any more of it.Stifled Voice écrit: Awful stuff tramadol. After two years of a pill a day I got watery eyes and blurred vision. Stopped it and symptoms went away. Now I take an occasional OTC naproxen and just rest.Cody Gardner écrit: Tramadol is crapBR Whitehead écrit: Tramadol does nothing at all for pain it a bullshit medicine.Panzer Valkyrie écrit: Used it off and on for over 20 years in 50mg pill form. Have taken up to 12 doses within 24 hours. Not addictive for me. Easily go for periods of 18-24 months without even thinking about taking it. No withdrawal. However I noticed to get the same effect as in 1998 I have to take 2x the same dose. So obviously some tolerance has toy écrit: The person speaking in this video is not an expert or even competent in treatment of depression or pain. This asshole alarmist is a dermatologist, who pops pimples and treats acne. Just another religious fanatic probably mormon who wants to make alcohol illegal and make it illegal for any doctors in the world to treat any kind of pain.B G écrit: Can you suggest a better alternative for lower back pain ? I only use this drug as needed not regularly and rarely go above 150mg a day.theKaufmanTapes écrit: I took tramadol for 8 years for fibromyalgia and it was wonderful . . I used the 50 mil 2 in the morning and2 before dinner . . It took 8 years for my tolerance to go up. It works wonders for humans and animals. I did not drink , but do use ambien for sleep. Tramadol is a great medication. This guy is very negative!Sheren Hasan écrit: I am off tramadol since 8 days now and I am trying to Live again without this shitty pill . and I will not prisoner of this drug any moresidka84 écrit: Also drops r common for oral use in Europe.Very bad for skin,expecially on face.LyesergicBrainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal écrit: I fuckin love tramadol, I been takin it every day for a good 9 years or so & never had a problem.Allan Mcewan écrit: been on it for six months for kidney stones,nightmare 8 a day. pain was still awful . lucky i found a real doctor who changed the script.i dont think i can ever trust another g pbaobabridoo écrit: Tramadol is the best drug in the world!En Lightened écrit: This drug destroys life’s and changes ones life to a state of mass hardship for the rest of ones life.Lynda Pierson écrit: been taking 50mg 1-2xday for several years without side effects, no tolerance issue. no unnecessary euphoria for chronic back pain and osteoarthritis. it has been a blessing! however, i feel as if i am being 'scrutinized' whenever i go to the pharmacy. sad state of affairs.Nibbz23 écrit: Having tried both tramadol & hydrocodone, Tylenol-3 etc I can unequivocally attest to the fact that tramadol is worthless for pain management. Now the susceptibility to addition is a whole different topic.Al écrit: That intro brought me back to the 80s

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