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Are Tramadol and Gabapentin Effective for Cats and Dogs?

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\ »The biggest question that I got today, probably consistently, revolved around 2 drugs: And that was what about tramadol and what about gabapentin, which I didn’t talk very much about. And basically, I didn’t talk about them, even though they’re really popular in the veterinary profession, the data is really counter to using them, in dogs at least. In fact, we have a lot of data that tramadol doesn’t work in dogs, virtually every veterinarians using it. So, part of my goal is kind of to dispel the myth. \n\nAnd gabapentin, we have a handful of papers in both dogs and cats that show that it doesn’t work, except maybe in one instance. And as a data-driven veterinarian, coming from an academic background, my job is to present the data to a group like this and then let them make decisions about how they’re going to manage that data, and manage their patients.\ »\n\nView related videos and content at

Husain B écrit: seems to be working for my cat though, she has a tooth injury and doesn't sleep well without itWG Godfrey écrit: My dog is on both Gabapentin and Tramadol as he has just had spinal surgery. Without either there is noticeable pain (heavy panting, restlessness) but under the surgeon's guidance he takes both and stops panting and sleeps which is exactly what dogs need after spinal surgery to heal and also helps him tolerate his four sessions of physio and massage per day to stimulate muscles.lesbolstad écrit: So 10,000 vets and 1 million dogs/owners say tramadol is effective vs. you, who say it's not. Hmmm….
which way to go.corvette7444 écrit: gabapentin for sure works in dogs it works in mine for nerve pain on spine and disc.ariq mathew écrit: tramadol online cheap & safe price @ Sale écrit: buy tramadol online cheap & safe price @ Hundley écrit: So, what do you suggest to use as an alternative?

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