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In the world of a Tramadol addict

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A short journey into the life of a Tramadol addict, Nii Aryee, 26, who lives in Accra.

Jatzen Sylvester écrit: To me, this medication is the first in my mind when it comes to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. When you take it by mouth, you experience immediate-release formulation. is my favorite.Rebecca Cormier écrit: Tramadol does absolutely nothing for me.I was given it for pain and it's like taking nothingManda Panda écrit: A lot of people in the comment section only take tramadol to get high this is why doctors stop giving people medicine I was born with spina bifida I suffer from chronic pain because of it and I take tramadol for it if you don’t need pain medicine don’t take it there are people like me that really do need pain medicineRayJay écrit: Do these African knows about drugs too……its so not match for them ������������……..JJ Saint écrit: Lmao I take tramadol and never feel side effects, you guys just play with your own mind making yourself think tramadol get you high ��Omar Said écrit: I'm dealing with tramadol addiction it's a nightmare I have stopped many times in the past but I keep on relapsing I wish I never tried it or any other painpills they should only be used when it's very necessary.Ethcathinone Hunter 444 marlin écrit: Yo, I know Tramadol since 17 years. I use it retarded, dihydrocodeine I made to dust. When you get up with your dosage while taking aware It's one of the most important failure. You will get really problems with it. The 12 or 24(once a day Tramadol ) hours I recommend first. There's no big problem in reducing the dosage. Tramadol reduce goes with 50mg, all 2-3 days. First 50mg in the evening for 3 days, after in the morning. It's no big problem. But trying to let 200mg or 100mg will not work.
Theres nothing difficult in. You will not feel so much in 50mg step reduction. No really bad feelings.Sand Mann écrit: music?Destroyallcubes écrit: And I cant even get tramadol to help any amount of pain for myself…has 0 effect other than making me sweat like crazyfuturistically fated écrit: tramadol sucks. oxycodone is MUCH better. tramadol is a dirty opiate….& not even a real one at that.Rob sees écrit: Shitty drugs in a shitty place. That blowsstephen piyush écrit: I took tramadol but never felt high? Can anyone say how do they feel high on it?Yassine al adgham écrit: AFRICA sending gold and minerals to the WEST ,and the WEST sending DRUGS and WARS to AFRICAlouis milden écrit: The only legit online vendor of tramadol is 5019049185 and he is a bulk supplier with delivery guaranteeMAC THE SLOVAC écrit: So what this video tells me is that tramadol is a poor man's oxy…. Which is understandable because tramadol sucks assKerry Brooks écrit: 325mlEpicurus _ écrit: Anyone tried the lyrica and tram buzz?Epicurus _ écrit: 275mg lolChristian Escamilla écrit: I have 30 pills of tramadal because i fractured my lower back , lmk if intrested �� $300 for 30 pills !lil od écrit: smoking is healthier then abusing tramadol for suree lmaoimelemi écrit: Fuck tramadol, it’s all about O-DSMTLarry Stallings écrit: Wow i only take 1 an half a day t relax an bakk pains but I rather have my kush if i had t choose i love my kush����������‼Neeraj Arora écrit: Why take such a high dose of Tramadol of 225mg in the first place as shown in video? If you need to reduce pain take 50-100 mg max. So it is easy for you to return to your normal senses without being addicted. Always give a gap of a few days after a few days usage so your body can benefit more with less dosage. I used the minimal dosage after my hair transplant surgery and stopped its usage after a period of 1.5 months. Now, I take it only when I am under some big stress but that is like once in 2-3 months.Unauthorized Expression écrit: This is how the govt seizes control of medications and extorts money from it's citizens through unnecessary regulation. This is propaganda meant to cause an emotional reaction in the viewer and a knee jerk reaction by law makers in the West to regulate which just makes the product more expensive for those who need it. Addicts will move on to drugs they can more easily obtain with much worse health/legal consequences. When you make human nature illegal you just create criminals who become a huge burden to the tax payer.Presten k écrit: Just took two AN 627's heheOcxcaxhbxca714 écrit: Tramadol through me into 2 seizures in one night hitting my head with concussion as an addict this drug is dangerous especially when mixed please just smoke herbSickem Jenkins écrit: lol smoking is so much worse, why not quit smoking first then tramadol?Fake Account écrit: yeah man stick to weedStevie Jo écrit: 3 trams and good to go.Lit InDatTrap écrit: Currently watching while high on trammy lolCalla Doll écrit: Been on it for 5 years. This is nuts. Why would anyone crush it up. This person is crazy. Tramadol is not addictive. It has saved my life. I take 50 mg 4x a day. Same dosage for 5 years.Ashley Oasis écrit: But sticks to smoking �� which is more helpful ������Sklawz écrit: I pooped my pants watching this.Sean Surrao écrit: I just had around 580 mg of Tramadol a few hours back… It doesn't get me as high as it used to..Timm Spencer écrit: I don’t understand the addiction I’ve taken it and it’s like whateverJohn Curtan écrit: Lights up a fatty lmaosopelekk écrit: ja sobie właśnie zarzucilem 400 mg i się rozkręca pozdroJaniya Garrett écrit: Please get helpwhatsupitsg ; écrit: I am addicted to tramadol and gabapentin. It's tricky and I know I need help ��bibanu28 dumitru écrit: Tramadol is efective drug dangerous. Analog for codeine but verry strong comparative for codein.14598175 écrit: Changes to this class of medication will only get more deadly as they reduce the "high" without reducing pain control. With each new "abuse limited" drug like tramadol, side effects grow worse as people try to get high on new medications that will require a lethal dose to "get high". They would be better off just selling morphine pills still and stocking narcan.TheTachibanaSAN écrit: why the fucked would you hooked by this lousy shit?the only prescription drug that ever makes me feel good was nospan..thats it..Moore Moore écrit: My 4th day off trams now, I'm feeling a little better than the first 3daysŽiga Kokalj écrit: i was high as fuck with trammy when they injected it in to me.. was happy for 5 minutes then fell asleep (i was in a hospital) i dont abuse it tho, my mom got 35mg tramadol tablets and im itching to try one for my self for old times sake lolBuddyrebel écrit: I’ve been taking tramadol for 3 years now, it got worst this past year as I was taking 5 times a day. Couldn’t function made me depressed and made me not have a social life. Broke off two relationships because of it. Although I was already in trouble before the addiction. Anyway, it’s been 2 days since I haven’t taken them and I feel so sick. Yes I’m going cold turkey I don’t care. I have cold sweats and I feel dizzy.You wouldn’t Understand écrit: Snorted 10 in a row once and almost died. Sat there fighting off oncoming seziures for 3 hrz. Clean is the way to be peopleEthan Watson écrit: Tramadol feels amazing!Andreas cool écrit: This med Tramadol is not that strong and I don't get how people get addicted to it?!The Unsalted écrit: So does anyone know where you can get legitimate ultram in Atlanta?Kristian Richardson écrit: Tremodol addict? this guys on cocaine too, wayyyy more addictiveLJDUBZ écrit: – My tramadol addictionThe Unsalted écrit: I thought I was a Tramadol addict. But I don’t crush them, drink them, shoot them, and I can’t function without them because of MS. I also don’t take anything else or mix them with anything. I am very angry that doctors say the Tramadol high is like heroin…..bullshit. I’ve never felt high when taking it, all I felt was less pain in my neck and shoulders.Karen garvey écrit: Lost three days of my life because Iof tramadol,amitryptilian, z
sleeping pills and valuim. Never thought I'd become addicted ������Theria Williams écrit: Y'all make me fuckin sick…chevy king écrit: lol im off the trims nowsnigie1 écrit: Trammy is awesome!

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