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Addicts Using This ‘Safe’ Medication To Get High

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Gabapentin is an anti-seizure and nerve pain medication, doctors prescribe it as a safe alternative to opioids. But addicts have figured out — in high doses or mixed with other drugs — it can mimic an opioid euphoria.

Bradley Green écrit: My doctor gives me 84 of these a month and I’ve only ever taken a few of these they are shit much prefer to take some zolpidemJarratikan Solo écrit: if you overdosed on it… you were doing other drugs at the time too…
if you take alot you wont absorb it all
youll just piss it out,,183314842 écrit: 1:48 Compare those numbers to alcohol related deaths.john boy écrit: Id abuse her saucy little thingJoshua Walker écrit: Anything that helps you get off heroin is a God send like kratomSherman Merman écrit: it helps me drink less… helps my knee shoulder and back pain…..i work construction AND im a suboxone addict….but to everyone who will read this im just a worthless junkie��Darkwaters écrit: this video is so innaccurate. gabapentin can be mildly recreational but the effects arent even as good as something like weed. theres some euphoric qualities but weed is definitely more euphoric and safer. gabapentin withdrawals can kill you potentially or be very uncomfortable. and also theres no way gabapentin could ever feel anything like an opiate. we have different receptor sites for a reason and gaba drugs bind to gaba receptors and have their own unique effects and same for opioids. cannabinoids. psychedelics. nicotine. stimulants. dissociatives and deliriants.User619 TLSDCA écrit: Gaba is another form of WINE COOLER without the antsy alcohol.. I know, my Drs prescribes like 3 month supply for my nerve damage as I only feel taking Gaba helps calm those nerves down, which they do.. I dont feel any HIGH, SYNERGY, ZENBEND EFFECT… I do get off balance a tad off a bit later at end of dayMisty Matthews écrit: Is this like Lyrica? I just got prescribed it for sleep and restless leg syndrome! I’ve never had any drug dependence’s and I’m adopted but a lot of my birth family had drug addictions and suchStardust Skywalker écrit: Lyrica is another one that’s supposed to be safeLee Judd écrit: All GABA drugs are dangerous afbig dutchie écrit: Gaba is garbage compared to lyricaThomas Barron écrit: Got prescribed Pregablin in the UK for servere Anxiety disorder which was later diagnosed as bipolar disorder. Just made me severely psychotic. That stuff is naughty business.Burger Mister écrit: It makes you sleepykatherine Poletto écrit: isn't he? and 1 mg of xanax i am good All DAY.25 yrs of take home looked at and thought of as sheet, come on, admit it methodone,syboxene users, and TELL ME this Man isn't just Right, He is HONEST.i debated the 1 mg, 2x day X.BUT TRUTH SHOULD NOT BE A HARD DRUG TO SWALLOW.All kidding aside, i want to thank you and wish you Well.God Bless.k.lynn poletto,Ct.Peggy Turner écrit: WOW!!!!! I know some people take Gabapentin and they abuse it!!!! I wouldn't want to take any of the garbage.Watch out people cause your going to get careless and the PO,PO may grab you ass!!!!You DON'T NEED THAT!!!!!Mark Davids écrit: The withdrawl coming off these is a total nightmare. Worse then opiate withdrawlABN écrit: Don't do nothing for me. Like taken SkittlesChris Rucker écrit: LOL I’m so happy they found this man to interviewsewerslide 1312mg écrit: you only OD if u mix it with opiates , it's safe on it's ownBANE 5150 écrit: Yeah "Doug "Crowley". Get real bitches. Crowley is not his real name.Amber Walters écrit: I don't abuse them ben prescribed them over 20 years.Nitroblast écrit: gabapenting? ahaha try pregabalinMichael McClella écrit: Nice fear mongering over a drug with a low abuse potential. How about they go after the Sackler family and the billions they’ve made and thousands of families they’ve ruined from oxycodone.tyree warner écrit: I am 21 yr old,, I was put on at 19 and got up to 900mg 3x a day. It didn't produce any highNot gerald écrit: Lmao, I was looking for lidocaine & thought this might be it but this is about gabapentin and coincidently I just took 1800 mg gabapentinmukwanja dennis écrit: Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried – Nanackson Guardo Philosophy (do a google search)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for revealing the secret to get rid of panic attacks minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy finally got excellent results with it.gowiin gagoo écrit: “Where’s that bitch Gabby?” Lol that’s what they say where I’m fromFernando Aispuro écrit: The Guy literlly said he is not doing heroin because of this and yet they are trying to make it a controlled substance. Im not one to wear a tin foil hat but this sounds a like a DEA conspiracy to me. Almost like they want people to buy heroin instead.Hathor Zamar écrit: Gabapentine is lame AF… I don't get how someone on heroine sees the appeallewis James écrit: We call em GabbyzDeath Fox écrit: They dont wanna say that the only over doses is mixed with other drugs or alch never a overdose if you take by themselvesShannon Mitchell écrit: Have you people ever heard of Alanon.Mid evil écrit: Bullshit . News is bogus.St. Clare écrit: Gabapentin can have nasty rebound effects if you take consecutive high doses. Brain shocks are horrible.Christopher Kleinbach écrit: FDD, DEA STOP THE B.S. I USE IT FOR NERVE DAMAGE I HAVE INTENSE ITCHING ON MY NECK AND ARMS AND FINGERS, I TAKE GABAPENTIN TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPANING, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BECOME ADDICTED TO IT. I SMELL ��.Ryan Polak écrit: If they actually separated the stats instead of throwing heroin in with pain meds thing would be different. They've made actual pain patients put to be heroin addicts not people in pain. And there's a difference if there's drinking, mixing with these ODs. What they don't say is, MORE AND MORE DRS are cutting out and prescribing 8 different pills to meet the 1 pain pill. So it goes from living a life on these meds into I spend more time doing nothing cause I have 20 different pills to take on a time schedule. Yea living a life on one pill or having no life on a dozen! Sure makes no sense. Coffee is the most abused addictive drug and everyone's doing it! You can die from mixing ibuprofen and Tylenol but dentist say take it every 4 to 6 hours. Nothing like killing your kidney. And biost news reports like this are what's ruined actual pain patients lives. Amongst they people who aren't in pain and just getting high. There's a major separation between pain and getting high!louis Koger écrit: This is sad to watch how low people will go to try and catch a a buzz��Dash 97 écrit: You realize this marketing pitch for them from this fuckwit will only make more people use it.Kristian Santalahti écrit: Gaåbapentin dont kill but if you mix whit alcohol its dangerousKim Furuwal écrit: I love Oxy's.dex man écrit: It's not gabapentin that's killing people it's opiates. Alcohol and opiates kills more people then Gabapentin and opiates how about them apples. Also it prevents sezuires in many circumstances Alcohol can't prevent sezuires it can only cause them. Did I mention Gabapentin withdrawals aren't deadly and they also don't cause sezuires unlike Alcohol choose your battles….Susan Chisena écrit: The drug is toxic just the way it is. Takes cannabis will help your more then GABA and Lyrica and you don’t get addicted.Jasmine M écrit: He’s so right tho !Meika Renea écrit: Lyrica is much stronger I wasn’t known to any of this even oxycodone till my chronic pain and autoimmune illnesses I took 1,000mg lyrica ones I was flying �������� DO NOT ATTEMPT (my body is different due to years and years of being on it)Dave Seth écrit: I'm not sure what state this is but they're crazy people need medication for pain management. Take everything off the market and just run around screaming in pain bunch of no-good idiotsAj J écrit: So hes off heroin but yet he's about to get addicted to a new drug?!��aSiA C écrit: I take this to help with my NF1 pain it makes you feel really relaxed and can actually help you sleep then i got depressed for separate reasons started abusing them made me very sluggish tired all the time i could barely even wake up in the morning long story short just because it's not an opioid like oxy it definitely has the same effects cuz I've also taken oxy b4 tooBehindYour House écrit: I'm new to it and prescribed. I'm afraid to take.Preston Hanson écrit: Guys anything that makes you feel good is addictive. That doesn't mean it's bad. It means you are badChristian Fletcher écrit: Good for him, a heroin addiction is thousands of times worse than a Gabapentin addictionJosh Hope écrit: Try pregabalin ��Jack Meoff écrit: If you take enough of anything you can fuck yourself up. This is stupid.workoutfanatic787 écrit: I take 2700mg a day for RLS and have never gotten high, what gives?!?!?Manuel San Miguel écrit: That medication kill persons because thing get hig.☠��������Ron Plantium écrit: Lol Gabapentin is worthlessJustice For Humanity écrit: I am trying to identify the smell of a prescription drug used in a vape mixed with tobacco. Does anyone know what is used in these? Also can anyone tell me of the street drugs used with tobacco in vapes and or with cigarettes?I’m Just Karen écrit: I was in a bad ATV accident in 2004, resulting in severe nerve damage to my legs among a list of other issues; was prescribed Gabapentin . I've admittedly in the past tried to get high off of them. All it did was make me super sleepy and groggy as hell the next day. No fun in that. Everybody's body is different I suppose. There are a myriad of awful long term effects- I had a nurse friend of mine tell me to smoke some weed instead, b/c it did the same thing and was healthier for me (and it would make me feel an added buzz lol). Never tried the weed, but after experiencing a few of these long term effects (which my Dr. NEVER informed me about) I asked to be taken off the med. I just recently started them up again b/c managing the nerve pain with CBD oil wasn't cutting it anymore. I don't take as high a dose as before b/c those side effects are awful. Before you try Gabapentin, for pain or other reasons, take a minute and see if the cons outweigh the pros. If I didn't REALLY needs these guys, I would find another way to get high. Just my 2 cents !!Anteroization écrit: prescribed for "sciatica" pain, I prefer the pain , than to take doses and doses of that pill. i think you do better with back pain exercise. but i am older and wiser.Kristin Mako écrit: Why pay a buck a tablet when you can buy a large pack for $15 in a pharmacy? This report sounds phony.Brandon Farrow écrit: Any one needs pregablin 100mg message meFred Cashew écrit: Hard on liver!Paul W écrit: Great arse hole,you make it hard for people that really need it. Selfish prick.LiLBlueVenom écrit: Weak ass shit. Don't fuck with that shit.sputnick jones écrit: Dr damn leave my Johnny's aloneMichael V écrit: I'm prescribed Gabapentin for anxiety. Junkies are going to make legit use harder for us.Charles Williams écrit: Neurotin/Gabapentin was prescribed to me with Tromadol for sciatica. Tromadol is a kinda effective painkiller for pressure on the sciatic nerve while in therapy, but Gabapentin is useless for disc pain. A 2018 study pretty much proved as much, but doctors keep throwing it at back pain.Ben _Jamin écrit: heroin addicts have nerve damage from needle abuse over a number of years and gabapentin is just another drug doctors can prescribe to addicts so they can kill them selfs in their sleep. i know at least 3 people that have died from it and they all have prescribtions for it. i know 7 plus people that have pregabalin prescriptions that have died because of it. its just another way to kill heroin addicts. thats all. i dont have a prescription and im not asking the doctor for one coz i know he will give it to me. trust me its not safer than heroin.Tina L écrit: The title of this video is so ignorant.. Addicts use this for WITHDRAWALS from opiates/opioids… NOT TO GET HIGH…. sighMatthew Farley écrit: My mom takes about 300 gabs a month. Maybe more that I don't know about. She just made me feel like a bad son for not giving her 50 dollars so she can drive for 3 hours to get them . She is prescribed them and then out in 5 days . She uses subs and her other ten medications. What do I do ?Colin Chaponis écrit: Heroin was my miracle drug to all that ailed me, when fentynal replaced it I quit because it just didn’t do it for me. Made me sleepy more than high. Methadone helped me get back on my feet but jonnies are the only thing that’s helped my anxietyBarry Manilowa écrit: Boston is full of addicts. Horrible city!Benji Arehart écrit: Gabapentin works wonders for opioid withdrawals. 4 a day got me thru the first 11 days better than anything I've ever tried. By far. Take it for a month, and you are well on your way to beating this horrific nightmare. I'm not a doctor, and advise only taking under a doctor's recommendation, and care. But I can tell you one thing, it worked miracles for me. After that, it also helps with PAWS, and then it becomes a mental battle once you start feeling more normal again. You got to really want to quit whole heartedly though, and dont give up if at first you relapse. Statistically, most that beat this have admitted to at least one relapse. But you get back on that horse, and keep riding till it becomes your past problem. Learn the trigger symptoms for that relapse, and avoid what those causes were. Delete any contacts with others who are not on board with joining you in your recovery as well. I was on Suboxone 3 years under a doctor's care, and he had me tapering so slowly. It would have taken 10 years at that rate. He retired, so I decided to go for it alone. I was on 2 pills a day at that point, and for 9 days, nothing. I thought I was out of the woods. Boy was I wrong. On the 10th day, I nose dived like I have never in my life. The withdrawals from Suboxone for me was 10 times worse than I'd ever experienced from cold Turkey Hydrocodone. So I relapsed, and guess what back to. Hydrocodone. It wasn't until I found the Gabapentin, that I was able to successfully overcome it. I took it for 2 months, and after stopping. I had 5 days of mild fatigue, with none of the opiate withdrawal symptoms. Did I feel 100% new. No, but at least It gave me the chance to allow the PAWS to slowly, and eventually go away. Still, you've got to want this, and want it bad, If you are gonna beat it. Just dont give up if you do fall down. The Gabapentin really takes those strong urges away, and helps you not be thinking about it all day. And when you're are not dwelling on it constantly, the success rate goes way up.Matthew Crowson écrit: why didnt the dumbass just get a prescriptionjlk écrit: I did not know it was being abused for euphoria?Justin Mumma écrit: Stop with this propaganda. I would guess that almost all of those “52 overdoses” were suicides.

The lethal dose of gabapentin in mice is as high as 8000mg/kg oral. Let’s say a 150lb person takes 2000mg to get high, the lethal dose would be around 550,000mg away.

Propaganda like this is why safe and useful medications stop getting prescribed.Tommy Gun écrit: But we can’t get od with this lmao I fucking take very 50 or more a day gtfoTommy Gun écrit: This guying is not lying very true if you no how to take them you be flying high .Pickle Weasel écrit: I take it. They help with coming off of clonapin big time.JP 9590 écrit: Propaganda like this will end up causing Gabapentin to become a Schedule IV drug.

WAIT AND WATCHJalen Caldwell écrit: I just took 2 300mg each like hopes I don’t overdose��Ron Brittany écrit: Lol, been taking the drug for years, never ever heard of this as a drug to get high. I take mine for pain management and it’s been a game changer for me, however get on on this to me is a strange one.First Amendment écrit: After a couple days of abusing it the euphoria fades away and you could take 20 pills and not feel it.BlueBallsExotics écrit: These things get u high af…..dannKyle the Son ov Baphomet écrit: Why do so many things have the nickname “johnnies”? Condoms(if I remember correctly), gabapentin, and I’m pretty sure some other things are called johnnies too.viktorya psychedelic.souljam écrit: This is some form of eugenics… so fucked up.D S écrit: I dont like gabapentin. Dr put me on lyrica. I feel like i can sleep all day. I dont like being lazy feeling.joe curtin écrit: How close is it to a heroin high?Night Prism écrit: Bought & paid for big pharma. Your times coming to an end. Enjoy it while it lastsJake Whitaker écrit: I aint never heard em called Johnny's? Lol wtf?Anna Del Rey écrit: They’re fine if you take only one a day. People are stupid.joey rohde écrit: They only come 600mg haha stupid not 800 everyone showed are 100 200 300 and 600Honokerss écrit: local news garbage, want everyone to suffer. F.U. NBC10 BOSTON.Rich Head écrit: Gabapentin helps tremendously with opiate withdraw..way better than kratom, clonodine and all the other pills pushed on addicts to deal with a miricale drug as far as wd'sKathy Davis écrit: Better watch out aspirin might be misusedthemalehater écrit: Good high like a weed with less creativity thoughJon Doe écrit: We need to help our citizens, not drive them to the black markets.– .̕͝ écrit: everyone needs to shut the fuk up or else were not going to have shit to take anymoreZoe Fountain écrit: I got 1000 for saleSammi-Jo Reviews écrit: Just goes to show that people with LEGIT CHRONIC PAIN aren't getting high & have lowered risk for addiction. I took gabapentin (brand name Neurontin) for some 18yrs to help with nerve pain and restless legs syndrome. It stopped helping the damaged nerve pain after 18yrs, which is why my doctor switched me to a newer medication for the nerve pain & restless legs syndrome. Given the effects I had when taking gabapentin, I'd never have associated it w/a drug that has the potential for abuse. The heightened desire to add it to a watch list is ridiculous. Next thing we know those of us who ACTUALLY HAVE nerve damage pain w/ or w/o restless legs syndrome patients will lose access to gabapentin & other like medications used to treat the same conditions!

The last time I checked, ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS ARE WATCHED! WHY ADD ANOTHER LAYER OF RED TAPE THAT WILL MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN FOR THOSE WHO TRULY NEED IT? The only people who will get hurt by this new 'Watch List are those who actually take it as directed BY THEIR DOCTORS! Rather than help chronic pain patients, this is yet another knee-jerk reaction that will end up causing us to be discriminated against even more than we are now. It is really starting to feel like there is a group out there who want us (#cpp) dead.

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