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Effexor, generally prescribed as the generic venlafaxine, received FDA approval as a novel treatment for major depression, generalized anxiety disorder and panic. It now finds off label application as treatment for diabetic neuropathy and other pain syndromes, PTSD, menopausal hot flashes and prevention of migraine headache.\n\nEffexor both structurally and pharmaceutically appears related to tramadol. It lacks any chemical connection to the common antidepressant families – SSRI, TCA, MAO inhibitors. It functions as a serotonin and norepinephrine receptor inhibitor. Due to its side effect profile, venlafaxine was originally considered a second line treatment. As a result of extensive direct-to-consumer advertising it seems to have gained traction as a first line therapy. \n\nAll marketed antidepressants provide about the same degree of success but some individuals respond more favorably to one drug when compared to another. Effexor ranks near the top of the list of poorly tolerated drugs with more frequent discontinuations than with many other equally effective antidepressants. \n\nTherapy begins with a relatively low dose with increases no more quickly than every 4 days. An immediate release form requires 2 or 3 doses each day while only 1 pill a day suffices with the extended release version. As with most antidepressants the full effect may be delayed for several weeks or months.\n\nCommon side effects include loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness and sexual problems. Of more importance are the possibility of lung disease resulting in progressive shortness of breath. Significant weight loss and sustained elevation of the blood pressure may also occur.\n\nAttempting to halt therapy may be met with the discontinuation syndrome in up to 20% of individuals. Symptoms often appear worse than those associated with other antidepressants possibly due to the relatively short half life of the drug. Manifestations may be misinterpreted as a flare of depression. Common complaints include agitation, anxiety, confusion, impaired concentration and balance, diarrhea and dry mouth. Other problems include nightmares, excessive perspiration, tremors, dizziness and electric shock like sensations.\n\nThe serotonin syndrome might result when co-prescribing Effexor with MAO inhibitors or serotonin reuptake inhibitors, lithium, tramadol, fentanyl or St. John’s wort. Symptoms include agitation, labile blood pressure, elevated body temperature, fast heart rate, incoordination, hallucinations and coma.\n\nAs an example of the wackiness of drug pricing, the cost for a month of therapy with the generic extended release venlafaxine with a free coupon from ranges between $6-$35. The same dose and quantity of name brand Effexor XR with the coupon sells for about $500. Go figure.

Wes Tabor écrit: You have to be on amphetaminesDean Wilson écrit: I’ve taken Venlafaxine for 3.5 years (75 mg). It has been a god-send to me. No more GAD or depression, and I’m able to focus more clearly. Also has improved my OCD tendencies.Jerry Tom écrit: What are your suggestions for someone who suffers from depression? Effector seemed to be the most optimisticСрбомбоница écrit: The worst drug EVER , literally the worst side effects EVER for meFurio écrit: Missed a dose of effexor sr yesterday, just woke up after one truly bizzare dream. I dreamt I was living in my parents home but I had some terrible illness like what my late father died of last year. And I was in my childhood bedroom and I could hear people walking down the street drunk and arguin. Which often happened as there was a bar not far from our home. I had fallen over and couldn't get up and couldn't scream out for help. I had crawled some but it seemed difficult and my screening seemed raspy and not loud at all. It was very dark an dno sheet lights were on. Long story short my mum and dad walked in and I'm trying to talk and I'm grabbing dad saying "how? But, you're dead. He had pajamas on and mum looked worn out and tired. I'm trying to tell them to get in side as the people on the street that were arguing seemed to be coming closed to our house. And that'd when I collapsed, mum saying not you to. Dad said what's wrong with him? And mum said its that damm condition you had. And that's pretty much all I remember. Pretty weird but upsetting as wellRodney Daub écrit: Instant dysphoria, projectile vomiting. No thanks6heldk écrit: Oh doc. I was with you until this one. I've been on Effexor for at least 10 years and it completely saved my life. It does come in 225mg XR caps now. And I was told you can max out at 300, not 350. Oh well. It's close enough, right?Tim norton écrit: Was prescribed this drug went off of it shortly after starting couldn't remember sh*t lol.Kromi écrit: Anyone with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) cause by this drug ? Let me knowByren Hayabusa écrit: Currently down to 37.5mg and I've been tapering off slowly for about 3 months. So far so good; no negative side effects. I feel more present, less tired, more dreams, more happy. I plan on tapering off the remainder for 6 months at least. Slow and steady wins the race. (fingers crossed).Flávia Forgearini écrit: **buy (without prescription) injections and capsules ……. ANONIMO_WS@HOTMAIL.COMSandiz écrit: If it was actually true that These drugs Are so horrible, Why Are people still taking Them? Why Are people still getting prescriptions? 19% in The world is on some type of antidepressants, if The dangers Are There, Why have this Dr Breggin not developed something that can work against depression and anxiety to this day, all this dude does is harming mental health, making it Harder for people to stop The stigma against antidepressants, Yeah a real hero, an asshole. He is 81 fuckin years old nowJean Zerwas écrit: i am bipolar and my physician put me on venlafaxine, and i'm 20, i've been on it for two years, and i have felt as if my manic periods and depressive periods have gotten so much worse over the past 8 months. i will be requesting to stop this medication now that i have learned these things about how it can impact people with bipolar.Jemstone 6 écrit: Missing one 225 mg XR dose I have withdrawl….James Murphy écrit: Effexor is amazing.Mr. Clark écrit: This drug and serequel are the worst drugs when it comes to going off it even when you do it properly with doctors approval and don’t think the pros out weighs the cons .raisedonrock90 écrit: I take this for anxiety and it has helped me immensely! I take the lowest dose and it's the just right amount for me. I still get depressed and anxiety at times but it kind of numbs it and I'm able to think logically out of an anxious thought.David Herrera écrit: I can only thank you tremendously for your honesty & thorough breakdown of Effexor. Maybe 3 weeks into it now & your video has me believing there can be no good to this medication.
All that was mentioned was 100% negative to my body. You said
“It’s just another antidepressant!’
Where does that leave a patient who put their 100% faith into?مغربية مغتربة écrit: You scared me to take this medicine doctor ��KNDR écrit: I am seriously distracted by this guy's crazy mouth. His lower jaw is going ALL OVER the place!Crystal Williamson écrit: I cant be the only who has to take 300mg per dayPetard Stamo écrit: It's ironic because the least safe drugs (alcohol, nicotine, pharmaceutical drugs) are all legal. On the other hand, mushrooms (psylocibe) are all schedule I. This is about business as it has been in ancient times and not at all about medicine.rebel 86 écrit: they tell you "risk of suicide" but they never tell you why. its because life becomes black on all aspects, that you no longer want to live. so quit this shit & seek natural healing. it takes time & effort but ain't you worth it ? it all is .rebel 86 écrit: heal yourself with food not man made medicine.Linus écrit: Effexor is a mild NARI, but only at higher doses. Some patients find it
activating. It makes me so sleepy that I have to take a steady dose of
stimulants (Adderall) just to keep my head off my desk. As it is, I still
sleep for about 12 hours a night and I sometimes need to nap in the
afternoon. But then, just about every AD I've tried has been sedating.

The only exception was Desipramine, a tricyclic. It was quite activating, to
the point of triggering my anxiety. However, for someone not prone to
anxiety or hypertension, it might be good for lifting energy levels. I
understand most people are activated by Wellbutrin, too. It didn't work for
me, but I'm the only person I know who found it sedating.

And regarding another poster's Effexor withdrawal horror story: it's true,
getting off Effexor can be a dreadful exercise. But Effexor is perhaps the
most powerful, most consistently beneficial antidepressant on the market.
There is a downside to every drug. Unlike most antidepressants, Effexor's
side-effect profile is extremely mild. It catches up with you when you stop
taking it. One way or another, every drug is going to mess you up. If you're
depressed, you balance the risk of side-effects and/or withdrawal syndromes
against relief from your depression.Petard Stamo écrit: Personally I don't recommend it. It will get you hooked up. They lie about the dopamine re-uptake blocking effect. It also happens at lower doses like 75. It will cause cognitive impairment if you stop it after taking it for a long time. Perhaps it is the worst phenethylamine antidepressant ever invented. It is not a SNRI. Effexor shouldn't make you sleepy. If you feel sleepy on it check your heart rate. If it is too low than there is a possibility for drug induced QT interval prolongation. This is serious.Hey Young World écrit: I was having seriously bad lucid nightmares for weeks gosh it was truly horrible weaning off this drug was the best decision I’ve made it was horrible for about two or three weeks constant brain zaps dark thoughts anxiety anguish ect but hang on cuz in the end I’m so happy to be free from the shitty side effects also it did absolutely nothing for adhdsidka84 écrit: haha,how coud it help with anxiety??just think about it,it s norepinehripne/noradrenaline reputake inhibitor…it makes you more anxiousGood Vibes écrit: On mirtazepine Effexor and klonopin. Effexor added onto my 7.5mg mirtazepine has been a god send. Mirtazepine stopped working for me so we are stopping the Remeron and going on the Effexor. Only side effects I have is no sex drive and live with my girlfriend. I don’t know.Joey wetmore écrit: Idk if I have more anxiety than depression I feel like I'm worrying all of a sudden for no reason cant seem to relax hope this med helps me 75mg…worried about side effects and withdrawal..?soufiane setli écrit: The only AD that worked for me along with elavil ssri are rubish emotion blunters thats allMike C. écrit: This drug has been awful for me. I'm now having even worse withdrawal symptoms after being taken off. Brain Zaps, insomnia, agitation, worse depression, and elevated anxiety.YOU – Get It écrit: Giving up Efxor was my nightmare on earth…Daverm écrit: Effexor seriously damaged my teeth and stomach permanantly, and the same problems happened to a close friend. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINEkate jl écrit: I only been taking this for 3 days and from day one I haven’t been able to sleep I wake up at 1am every morningRay écrit: Venaflaxine XR helps me a lot. I’m just starting, but I already feel energized and more sociable.
Still though, I’m not having the best side effects. I sweat profusely, and with caffine (just a bit of soda) I nearly went into a 2 hour panic. My dreams are odd. But alas.

It’s helping my a lot. My shoulder is no longer hurting from nerve pain. I can move it properly like I haven’t done in years. I can talk more. Socialize without fear. I’m being able to focus again too, and study once more. It isn’t perfect, but it’s helping me become who I wanted to be. It’s making me a normal individual. Someone I haven’t been since I was a child.Amy Thompson écrit: Effexor is the only drug that works for me, plus it's saved my life.Teletubbie69 écrit: I was on 225 mg Venlafaxine for two years and started to build down my dose too zero 5 days ago because my liver started to get effected in a negativ way, i have to build down to 150 mg in 4 weeks in slow steps and return to the doctor for a check up and then if things go well i am going to contintue. I also have some appointments with a nurse with knowlegde about depression etc. I have had 4 days in a row really fucked up dreams about violence,rape and death. But overall i dont feel any other bad symptoms. I am a little bit nervous if i am going to get severe symptoms the more i am reducing the dose.Gem Jem écrit: Awesome doctor, intelligent, well grounded information and advice in this video.Rozetree écrit: I took one 75 mg Effexor capsule for moderate depression after a DNA test suggested it would be better tolerated than other SSRIs. The side effects were awful. I took it at night and felt extremely drowsy yet too wired to sleep. I was very nauseous and finally vomited. The whole next day I felt lethargic and had dilated pupils. Perhaps not the answer for me!Euphoria Q écrit: It's an opioid, I started effexor yesterday for my depression and anxiety and my full body aches are gone.Shelby Cofrances écrit: I've been on Effexor XR 37.5mg for about 6 years now. I have lost literally half of my hair on this drug. I am talking with my doctor to get off it. I 100% contribute my hair loss to this drug. I hate it.tyler hubbard écrit: I can say Effexor has helped me greatly, I didn’t have bad side effects when I began the drug, still on it .z0mbie Bait écrit: I am on 300mg daily of venlafaxine aka effexor I've been on venlafaxine 5 months now, 35mg of aripirazole aka abilify which is a antipsychotic , 400mg of tramadol, and a Parkinson's medication for restless leg syndrome which the venlafaxine and phenegan cause all over the body without these so these are also to counteract side effects from the other medications, 30 mg of phenegan to counter the night terrors I get from the venlafaxine. I get these not as a withdrawal but on my full dose I have night terrors most nights.
I have been on the aripirazole and tramadol for 8 years, I was never told any of these were addictive or had severe withdrawals and they last months sometimes yrs to fully leave people.
I have had mental health and personality disorder all my life and numerous side issues, suicidal thoughts, research,attempts etc.
I live in the UK and I have begged for help, now they have put me on the venlafaxine, phenegan and pramipexole (the Parkinson's medication) and said come back in 7 months….I feel like I'm in withdrawal physically if I'm even two hours late and slept through my dose time which is set strict now. I'm terrified of all these meds and I do have enough in my mental health records to warrant and be accepted by dignitas as they do help people die who have got long term mental health illness that has no future re getting better. The last decade has been the worst and the last 5 months much worse since starting the venlafaxine/effexor … I'm 45 not in great physical health I have other bits not working properly but they would be a breeze to cope with compared to coming off these meds. I will not see 2021 but my dear friend who has offered the money to fund and pay for dignitas I feel is too much to ask.a few doses of aspirin and a bit bath and a nick to the artery in my leg or neck would be better I think, I also have a cannula if the blood clots but in hot water with the blood thinner it should work.
They want me on these meds indefinitely and I'm too scared to reduce at home which is their advice….as even a very small decrease causes physical withdrawal and mental too.
I have asked for help everywhere possible and I am rejected because case is too complex ( actual words to a support worker) I lost my support worker due to their funding getting cut,losing my housing support worker next month because they only give you a few months.
Have been waiting 5 months for an assessment by the community mental health team for a psychiatric social worker with no updates.
My new GP does not listen and tells me she has to rush because her almost adult daughter is having her tonsils out or she cannot make that appointment because she has a coffee morning.
She has no idea how that makes me feel.
I have one friend online who says he will accept whatever I do because he knows why I'm in this state and that in the north of the UK there is no help.
I have no family or friends support network so no big family to leave behind.

Wow major rant.,..I'll just say this, if you are offered venlafaxine say NO, infact if you're offered antidepressants full stop. Look up online what withdrawals these meds have.

I wish I had before I was put on tramadol and aripirazole 8 years ago.Yasmine écrit: Oh my god! You gave me more anxiety !Sergio Jorge Amorim écrit: Hi there does it work for intermittent explosive disorder..Jane Windever écrit: ill comment when im sobber! have you known totatal desair?Louanne Lewis écrit: Effexor xr 150mg has worked well for me for depression, anxiety, hot flashes and talking to groups of people as a instructor but when i try to take myself off it or miss a day i spend my days sobbing, then by three days i can hardly walk and im a nut, by a week im hallucinating and im so hot i cant stand it. So since i have to function i cant get off it after many attempts.david emley écrit: I took 75 mg in am for 5 weeks did not make diff how i felt adverse constipation had my doctor take me off this one thank you for your advice also.StruttinSuccess écrit: I take 30 mg mirtazapine (Remeron) in the evening and 150 mg venlafaxine (Effexor) XR (extended release; I call it "Extra Relief") in the morning. You gotta get up to 150 mg for venlafaxine XR to work, and adding mirtazapine gives a nice, relaxing, mellow sedating effect throughout the day–no more anxiety or panic for me; I don't need my diazepam anymore. The mirtazapine also gets rid of the abnormal sweating the venlafaxine XR causes me. Withdrawal is not a big deal–you just get some electrical-like shocks in your head that throws off your balance a little; it's not like you are having serious anxiety.rumi nova38 écrit: sounds like mr rogers .Eldin écrit: When I first started Effexor, it took me like eight days to notice a change. My pupils sort of dialated and I was feeling alright, happy. Month later I was enjoying my life to the fullest. I did things I never dared to do because of my anxiety. But after six months I wanted to stop because I tho I was healed, I felt no need for a drug because I wasn't feeling the effects of the medicine anymore, but my overall mood remained stable. I went to my psychiatrist and asked to get off of the Effexor. She told me either to taper down for like a week or to stop it abruptly if I can handle it, in other words get my sh*t together. I asked her about side effects, withdrawals.. She told me that there are no withdrawals for anti depression medications and the worst 'side effect' I could have is the same as when I just started taking it, if any. I chose to taper down. Day 4 without medication each muscle in my body started to twitch through the day. The next day, I woke up feeling sore, twitching persisted. That nigh even my tongue started to 'twitch', that's when I have gone to ER and was referred to a psychiatric clinic. They have put me back on it, now I take only 37.5mg before bedtime but I feel miserable, never felt worse in my life. I used to have panic attacks a lot before I started this medication and I tho that's the worst feeling. Now I beg dear Lord if I can just go back to the times where panic attacks were the issue! That's how horrible I'm feeling after Effexor. Stay away from it, save yourself on time! I'd rather go thru panic attacks 24/7 than to feel this way.Brad Heitz écrit: Does this dude ever say anything postive.gofic écrit: I was on Effexor XR 150mg for 4yrs and I felt horrible!! I only stayed on it for as long as I did because my doc refused to ween me off. Went from 120lbs to 155lbs in a few months. Last year he finally switched me to Wellbutrin 150mg and I feel so much better!! I'm back down to 120lbs and staying that weight. The only downside is acne and hair loss, but I'd rather have that than be suicidal.E. McN. écrit: Do NOT stop Effexor abruptly. The withdrawal (even for low dosages) is horrendous. A very slow taper is the only way to get off of it. I am currently starting my taper and I am looking forward to the day when I can get it out of my system.LILITHS LAIR écrit: Sounds like POISON to me !!!! Jezz !steven lupanko écrit: Very knowledgeable gentleman. I have ptsd and was given this as I have glaucoma in both eyes and my GP refused to prescribe me what I would describe as slightly safer option. can be risky for angle closure and trigger acute glaucoma attacks in the eyes but as I was so suicidal you would have thought my g.p would have at least tried them on me. She is lacking any knowledge in anything it seems I guess I change doctor hopefully this guy is available 🙂Bill Taylor écrit: Side effects side effects side effects they are all true I weaned off for 9 months and still went through withdrawals 2 and a half days of misery almost 7 months completley off still suffering side affects nosea dizziness balance eye site crazy head pressure and as they say brain zaps do not take this garbageJoey Baseball écrit: I take 75mg on weekdays when I work. Nothing on weekends. It has stopped my constant anxiety attacks. But it has not stopped my depression, and constant self-doubt.Guillermo Martinez écrit: I've heard so many bad things about effexor. I started taking it over a week ago, no side effects whatsoever so far.Hayleigh Petrie écrit: I tried this for ONE DAY for major depressive disorder 75mg. I had an extremely dry mouth, felt nausea in full throttle, was not sick but felt like I could be more than several times I had to sit right up. I felt dizzy. I couldn't see properly at times. I couldn't eat. My brain was tingling/ prickling and developed in to a very heavy headache, felt more depressed than ever and that I wanted to end my life and spent around 6 hours on the phone with crisis team. I felt muscle spasms in my cheeks and could only drink water. This morning after waking I've felt tremors while trying to eat some ice cream. I woke up a few times during the night and have ended up sleeping until 3pm this afternoon after managing to fall asleep at 11pm. I feel like this drug is toxic and have had an extremely bad reaction to it myself, still have a sore head. I haven't taken it today and don't want to.Indigo Rainbow écrit: Interesting that effexor is related to tramadol .when I was taking this med I had no pain or feelings as in my bowels at all! and my bladder wasn't emptying but I didnt feel it ! The high doses for these meds is insane and mixing meds is crazyPeter Dixon écrit: Greatest scam ever these drugs. You have one problem, depression, and then with this drug you have a much bigger problem.Phillip Gober écrit: Effexor is poison. I was on 150 mg of the extended release for about 10 years. It was almost impossible to get off the drug because of the discontinuation symptoms. While on the drug the extremely vivid dreams and night sweats were horrible. Ive been off the drug for about 3 years and still, from time to time, have the peculiar sensory symptoms from discontinuing the drug that are mentioned in this video.Buttercup58 écrit: Imipramine kicks Effexors ASS Dr. I think the side effects of Tricyclics have been grossly exaggerated with the advent of Prozac. I tried almost all the new Antidepressants and Imipramine leaves them in the DUST. As far as tricyclic side effects… that just means they have more Character Dr. If Antidepressants were like people the Old Tricyclics would be the ECCENTRICS of the Antidepressant World.��Furio écrit: I can miss it one day. But the first time yesterday and previous was the first time I forgot and I paid for itFurio écrit: I missed my dose two days in a row. And last night I had the worst sleep and so many vivid nightmaresinsomniac69 écrit: bloody good videoinsomniac69 écrit: very comprehensive videoinsomniac69 écrit: on 300mg a day and does sweet fuk all for depression, but amazing for anxiety, not worth the trouble it causes thoughThomas Dunn écrit: Effexor helped with my anxiety, but it made me feel dead tired all the time and made me rapidly gain weight. When I stopped taking it, I ended up going into severe withdrawal with such terrible dizziness and nausea that I had to continuously take Dramamine for weeks.Andrew James écrit: i tried it for a few days it made me feel the most depressed ive ever been, and ive had depression for 20 years

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