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Tramadol: Cameroon’s low-budget opioid crisis

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Subscribe to France 24 now:\n\n\nFRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7\n\n\nToday’s Focus report takes us to Cameroon where we look at a growing addiction to opioids. Readily available on the black market, one of the most abused substances, Tramadol, is now making its way into schoolyards. With only one rehab centre in the country, help for those addicted is slim to come by. Guy Marie Bandolo and Leanne de Bassompierre send us this report.\nA programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Rebecca Martin and James Vasina.\n\n\nVisit our website:\n\n\nSubscribe to our YouTube channel:\n\n\nLike us on Facebook:\n\n\nFollow us on Twitter:\n

k m écrit: Need in coloradodon castro écrit: I have seizures more than 6 to 8 times, but that happens when I take over dose, that's 750 mg and above a day for long time thoMetalSammie écrit: Tramadol isnt real Opioid its a trash pseudoOpioid Which has neuro poison Snri effect on it which causes real suicide homicide and massacres as Antidepressant. Its total trash.julle huu écrit: i had after surgery tramadol that shit ain tthat addictive in responsible use you you fuking heads some need theas after surgerysbibanu28 dumitru écrit: Codeine tramadol ….Gary Thompson écrit: IT'S WEAKHoople Head écrit: I take it for sciatica and never found it mood altering, compared to good weed anyway.Namjong digru écrit: Take tapentadol insteadGSD Schutzhund écrit: Similar to morphine? Don't think so! Aggressive, no. It's like a tylenol vs 10mg norco. It will help with norco withdrawal. But, not one for one it all depends on how much norco you consume. Then you find the amount one at a time until you feel even. Wait 5min for each pill. They desolve quickly.Riding Gambit écrit: As strong as morphine lmao, we pharmacologists don't even class it as an opioid because it's opioid effects are so weak, most of it's effects come from increased levels of serotonin and noradrenaline, a bit like antidepressants. This is such a load of BS.DJIBOUTI WORD écrit: From somalia i take 1200grams every dayPina Colada écrit: super metabolizers…some African…luckyJangoballs écrit: I take trams for chronic kidney pain and it works wonders for my pain and my mood… it has giving me a better quality of lifeAirmen Espinosa écrit: You go kang!Karlson Was Here écrit: Tramadol 10mg is like 1mg morphine in analquesia. But its less potent like morphine. Opioids have unplaceble space in treatment of pain, acute pain or others pains. Reports like this is unobjective…. these cameroonians are too muchSteve Amt écrit: How to get it cheap in America?Gemma 84 écrit: Tramadol is not the same strength as Morphine!!!!!!THE PLAUGE HOBO with a shotgun. great movie écrit: Simular to morphine? is this lady on crack?Derek Simenac écrit: Complete and utter bullshit, been on tramadol for 5 yrs and you do not get any sort of a buzz from it because it IS NOT AN OPIOID AND IT IS NON ADDICTIVE not to mention it is easy on the liver. It is less potent than TylenolLEO PUBG écrit: Whenever I'm taking a brake from reality I use 1200mg of Trams ��Moves Smitt écrit: Eh, I really think people want to try to find something to compare the American heroin/fentanyl/heavy pill epidemic. Something like fentanyl, or even heroin, 100x weaker, or even codeine, which is many, many times weaker than morphine. Take it from me as a former opioid addict. While addictive, like any opioid (even though Tramadol is an odd synthetic opioid/SSRI that increases chance of seizure and is weaker that codeine, the weakest opiate)Tramadol is a, uh, sedative opiate, one of the side effects of this is NOT aggression, quite the opposite. To quote Bob from "Drugstore Cowboy", " It began in the back of the neck and rose rapidly until I felt such pleasure that the whole world sympathized and took on a soft, lofty appeal. Everything was grand then. Your worst enemy – he wasn't so bad. The ants in the grass – they were just, you know, doin' their thing. Everything took on the rosy hue of unlimited success. You could do no wrong, and as long as it lasted, life was beautiful.”Brandon Zavala écrit: They aren’t taking tramadol hahaha they gotta be on something else calling it tramadol! Trams make me chill as hell lolRockman Games écrit: as powerful as morphine? its about 8-12% as powerful as morphine do your research before postinfJoe BONES écrit: Tramadol is garbage. It's not news worthy.Khorang Sherchan écrit: The best one are the 50 mg i take like 15 pic after waking up whit some formula and nothing has happend
All together i take like 25 pilla per one go and repeat after 3-4 hourDavid Scott écrit: I'm confused by the fear factor presented here, 'rape' and 'aggression' and 'violence' ?? …perhaps severe withdrawals may cause this. But its a pain killer! … drugs should not be abused, I take drugs (medication) when I am ill, that is all. When I am desperate and in severe pain all day long, and I can't do anything but lay on my bed, that is when I need a strong pain killer.

I am angry, aggressive and full of rage when I am in severe pain, but taking a pain killer improves my mood because I am in less pain!

Perhaps if someone is abusing this pain killer, it may cause them problems in regulating pain normally, so aggression and anger are probably withdrawal effects, but if administered by a professional, and used correctly, then things should be fine.

Medication is used to help illness.
Drugs are used for recreation or escape.

There is a difference, but the world is a hippicrite, because smoking cigarettes and drinking booze is very dangerous – how many people have been involved in rape or violence because of alcohol ? hmmLB CA écrit: Tramadol does not cause aggression but the complete opposite, stop blaming it on the drug, thats just a black people thingRobert Becker écrit: Tramodol isn’t even an opioidjack burton écrit: As powerful as morphine. ..ha ha is this for real…��������…Try Alcohol the legal killer world wide ��even government's put there name to it …written all over the bottle .Tugis Art Studio écrit: The rapist wasn't on Tramadol because it kills your sex drive. Even a sexy girl wouldn't get your thing hard and if it eventually gets hard, the person might not climax or ejeculate.Public Opinion écrit: Just took 600mg of tramadol right now, extended verison feeling pretty relax melting into my couchthat’s really me écrit: Tramadol doesn't make you aggressiveViktor écrit: China uncensoredvinki écrit: who goes to rehab for weed hahaDead Bruh écrit: If your getting aggressive on trammies u ain't taking tramadol, I've taken it recreationally and I felt relaxed, happy, not anxious, and overall extremely comfortableMark Alexander écrit: I've never heard of Tramadol causing aggression. In fact it has almost the opposite effect, making you feel chill and relaxed.the_deepend écrit: Old vid, and old comments… All I can say is, tramadol has an effect… One needs to have the enzyme to break down tramadol into the more powerful opiate which has effects similar to oxy/hydro (exact names can be found with a Google search). Some get these effects, and some don't.. I live in a place where I can buy tramadol from chemists and it certainly can get you the familiar opiate high, although has SNRI properties as well to combat the drowsiness.Dave free écrit: Agression , death ..dosnt sound like the tramadol i use ..i can take 12 x 200mg in a 5 hr period …2.5 grams , havnt died and havnt felt violent ..itched like a mother , sweats, and i just sit there staring at the tv..Trish Bell écrit: It's definitely not anything like Morphine! That's not true..It's more of an antidepressant medication. Synthetic opioid but very very weak. You will get withdrawals though..but the antidepressant is most of it.Trish Bell écrit: What a great video!! Great job! Best regards from the USAaddin bond écrit: well it not just tramadol they on. been on tramadol for bout over 12month (knee injury) n i'm not addicted to tramadolZach Howard écrit: Cannabis would heal and feed the people of africa. And the cattle.Robin Carey écrit: Tramadol a strong pain killer???? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha that's so FUNNY!!!!! ������Jerry Tom écrit: Jerry Tom
Many of the videos I watch on tramadol and many anti-depressant medications are all the same. The folks usually blame the doctors and the Pharma companies. Many times they are taking way too much medication. What gets me is that they forget these medications do help many people. Your doctor is not perfect. Do your research before you take any medication. We are not robots – use your head. Don't listen to some Doctor and start popping pills — remember he/she is following a flow chart.
Do your research — it is not the doctor's fault — it is your fault. Your body.Kush Lemon écrit: how mano mg200?300mg?Tim Scotty écrit: I guess I’m still baffled by this. I take two Percocet 10’s up to 5 a day.. and when I run out of my pain meds I switch over to kratom to help with withdrawals and deal with the never ending nerve damage and pain from six back surgeries. I never dreamed I’d be an addict but I was also told by many doctors that I’d be on pain meds the rest of my life due to a totally destroyed lower back.Light is greater than darkness écrit: Did he just say that "Tramadol" is "as powerful as morphine"? Buddy… I'd take codiene phosphate over a tramadol ANY day! I wouldn't even consider tramadol an opioid of any kind. I mean, I have never gotten any type of relief from it even without a tolerance. I can't even feel 30mg of hydrocodone anymore!Ope Opi écrit: ��

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