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Tramadol is NOT a ‘safe alternative’ to narcotics.

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Oddball Aquatics-UK écrit: I've had two seizures (tonic clonic) because of Tramadol, nasty stuff.Dustin Arko écrit: I love tramadol, favorite opiate in my opinion it kills pain better than morphine oxy and even heroin/fentkurt mccarthy écrit: I took this when I hurt my back and it caused severe aggression. Let us make our choice on what we want to take. I rather deal with dependence than something that makes me go crazy. Lets be honest tramadol is safe for physicians against the DEA. It isn't safe for patients at all, I think many doctors know that. They just want to cover their own butt, screw the patients… Modern medicine today…Harris Vallejo écrit: When I take more than 20 I have a seizureHarris Vallejo écrit: I take a hundred 50 mg tramadols a day I live in Ecuador they are only $0.12 a piece far butt is so hard to get off theseBlueDragon écrit: Now let's mention some positives. It's simply great for daily use and daily physical activities.Lena Samantha Graham écrit: Tramadol is a great drug i use the depoversion (tramagetic retard) for neuropatic pain. Its the only thing taking my pain, ive been trough gabapentin and low doses of antidepressants as well. Nothing take the pain (i have MS, and one of my worst symptoms are servere pain on the left side of my body).

I have used the same dose for 5 years soon. And have been studying to my master, as well.

Many of the medications are affecting my cognitive skilles, and that is important to remember i think. If you want to use your brain, many of the safer drugs are like having a chemically lobotomy.

Just saying, we respond a d work different ����klemcio 97 écrit: Tramadol really helped me with my neuropathy. I take 50mg twice a Day with pregabalin.Cindy Ski écrit: I wonder why sometimes it works for my herniated discs pain but sometimes it doesn’t. I’m thinking maybe because I’m not well rested. Or won’t work due to my hormones going crazy. I hate that nothing helps when I’m like this. Just wasting another day. Hoping surgery soon.king0cans écrit: Wish my doctor never put me on tramadol or gabapentin. My fibro is too bad to stop taking anything. Its a mess.Ian Tyrrel écrit: Very refreshing to hear a doctor say "better to prescri e a low dose of codeine or hydrocodone". Actually acknowledgment that real opiates work better, instead of constantly trying to push newer drugs with more complicated side effects…Chris Wilson écrit: I can confirm it's anti depressant qualities. I've been on it for 11 years for chronic pain but I'm also addicted to the anti depressant effects what it has. If my tramadol levels get low, I feel utterly depressed.Michael Coy écrit: Tramadol works well for me but don't let a doctor say it's not habit forming bla bla.. coming off tramadol is a bitch.. withdrawal from it was the 2nd worse thing I have ever experienced. 2nd to only Dengue Fever.Dan Stevens écrit: I've been diagnosed with 3 severe nerve diseases. Constant searing and jolting pain across my body 24/7. Tramadol is the only medicine that actually helps it! I also do CBD and thc gummies to help with the stress. If you go off Tramadol, you will have bad withdrawals though. Worse than any other painkiller. So just a warning. It helps with your depression and anxiety, so your withdrawals are pretty severe for a week after you stop taking it. So go into this with that in mind… you're either in it for a very very short time, or long term care.The commodores missing fuel cap écrit: Id hate to have you as a doctor! you actually look into things and do your job.. lmaoJangoballs écrit: I take tramadol for chronic kidney pain and it’s also made my depression better… it gives me a better quality of life so I’m happy taking it rest of my liveRudy Russ écrit: Why can't they make a 14 mg time realease hydrocodone. That is rock hard my doc gave me Tramadol. He doesn't want to give me anymore narcotics lolHoney Badger Offroad écrit: Tramadol has been a miracle drug for me. Chronic back pain from a broken spine, damaged spinal cord and T-12 complete paralysis for 15 years. I've been using Tramadol responsibly for over a decade to control my intense lower back pain. Every time I move and have to get a new doctor I have to go through the same crap to get medicine I've been using for years. Medicine I KNOW works for me. Plus I have not had to take any mood stabilizing medication since I have been on the Tramadol. My mild diagnosed bi-polar and depression disorders seem to be well handled by Tramadol's SNRI-type action. Finally because of my complete paralysis part of my pain is neuropathic or "phantom pain". Tramadol eliminates my need for medicines such as Lyrica or Gabapentin.

===>>> I take my Tramadol as prescribed, responsibly ad consistently for over a decade. It makes my horrible physical back pain, neuropathic phantom pain, and mild psychiatric issues thoroughly manageable with no side effects or seizures so that I can have the freedom to LIVE MY LIFE!!!!Jaime Triplett écrit: does tramadol really make you high?kuessebrama écrit: I don't get why Tilidin is forbidden in the US. It is much saver than Tramadol and less addictive like oxycodone for example and it is a light opioid too. Codein for example did not work for me. In Germany you can get Tilidin, Tramadol or Codeine if you have pain you only get more potent meds if this doesen't work.MAC THE SLOVAC écrit: In my opinion tramadol is more dangerous than your traditional opioids like Vicodin… Due to the fact that it messes with the serotonin in your brain, I even heard quite a few doctors refer to this drug is a " goofy" medicationAREK écrit: 14 years helps with pain.levicnall écrit: Tramadol is weak its makes pain worse.Karim Rabie écrit: Tramadol is the devil in a pill form. Everything that guy said is correct, used it for 6 years and I’m still struggling from depression that Tramadol put me on. Do yourself a huge favor and don’t take it. I’m not going to lie, it felt great while I was on it but it literally devastates your brain chemistry or else, stay on it for the rest of your life if that’s something you would consider. Dependency will build tolerance and that’s when it starts. You won’t be able to function without it so good luck everyone.QTee écrit: I feel the same weird feeling i get when I would take other heavier pain relievers which makes me less likely to take it… but i suffer from low back pain so i always have to try something.. my body doesn't respond to codeine and the like. I don't respond to the heavier pain relievers like for example dilaudid… which i actually declined shortly after surgery.. (yes i sure did)… because all it did was make me throw up and had me high whixh i didnt like. So i suffered instead until i could be cleared for toradol… anyway.. all of these so called drugs are a damn mess… unfortunately toradol cannot be administered outside of liquid format so no saving grace thereChris Ranz écrit: Tramadol is getting a bad rap yes it is an opium but here again when the medication is used properly it doesn't become problematic it only becomes problematic when you don't use it properly and unfortunately there are individuals that don't use it properly which makes it difficult for people that need that type of medication that works for them and use it properly it's almost like your paint brushes everyone is an addict bottom line is we don't have an opiate problem we have an addiction problem and that ruins it for everyone remind you I am very sympathetic for people that are addicted to opiates and I wish upon them to get help I wouldn't want anything to happen to them as well as their family members but don't take Tramadol off the market because a few people that are misusing it if you agree with me give me a hoot y'all have a great day and a Happy New yearUNLOCK-TURBO écrit: ���� love tramadol my dentist Doctor told me to take and I love it ��氏のカニ écrit: Tramadol is the best kidsYoung Ekco écrit: How long does it take to where offYoung Ekco écrit: anybody else been hallucinating let me knowScott Cupp écrit: Tramadol is crap. I quickly found out that I cannot take it whilst taking my Prozac. Tramadol is really a horrible drug.Stubble Candy écrit: Been asking my dr to take me off for over a year. Due to my 8 seizures in one year. Also on methadone too and nope never a junkie.Just broke my back/wrist in horseback riding when I was 12.sarah freethinking notrump noleftysjw écrit: I can pop 8 tramadols and it wont do a damn thing. And I dont use pain drugs regularly but I do take antidepressants maybe that's why. However, it just goes to show you no patient is the same. Yet, we are stigmatized as cookie cutter images of a doctors perception. That's how the healthcare has all these hidden biases projected on their patients.TV 24K écrit: Who else here takes 1Gram of tramadol. Everything less is just for pain, if your are going to abuse it.
Do it right.'

Never gotten a seizure, but im 90KG+ might just had luck aswell.

But i've been using it for years, I usually take 2 weeks of then i take another cure.Hugh Jinvaney écrit: I had a seizure due to tramadol. Please don’t think it won’t happen to you.JP 9590 écrit: I think I'll get a second opinion.
��Montrose Williams écrit: I’ve Been On Every Pain Med On The Planet.Tramadol Is A Very Strong Medication.The Name Of The Medication Fools People By Their Visual Windows To The World By Being Accustomed To The” Codone”And Or Codeine Name.A Trend Started And Many Followed.A True Chronic Pain Sufferer Would Not Complain.sbgMike1 écrit: i haf take 1000 mg tramadol par daiAdrian Black écrit: If there is a chance that the doctor reads the comments, just a question…Is there any chance that a Tramadol addiction can cause depression?christy sivley écrit: Thank you for doing a video on the dangers of Tramadol. But! But, I would like emphasize the worst one, which you did mention but I'd like to reaaally emphasize this…IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE to many people. Tramadol was originally developed as a anti depressant and unfortunately for some people, it's literally like the missing piece to the puzzle. For me, it was heaven sent. In 2001 I began taking it. It's 2019 and I've been on a methadone maintenance program since 2006, and I've been an addict since the first Ultram I swallowed. I was taking 280 every two weeks. Unfortunately, the Ultram led to Tabs, Oxys, Percocets…..yea. I was told with my initial rx that it was a "non-addictive pain med" so there was nothing to be concerned about- because I had declined a pain medicine because of severe addiction issues with both of my parents- yet my doctor, who was a very good doctor who didn't write a lotta pain meds to people normally, but I trusted him that much more because he wasn't a "writer". Plus I was only 21 and didn't know squat about pain pills- I'd had two babies-one by cesarian-without any pain medicine because I was terrified of it. So it's nice to see some of the myths about ultrams being dispelled. Thanks for your awesome work Dr. Oller!!!!Daniel Daniel écrit: What is the deadly dose?Donna Caulfield écrit: It's about time Tramadol is explained as it is here. I actually ended up with Serotonin Syndrome due to almost a trifecta of death. I was given an Rx for 100mg Tramadol while on the antibiotic Linezolid and SSRI Zoloft. No one at the urgent care I went to bothered to ask what other medications I was currently taking. I went to the Urgent Care because I had severely gotten my Great Toe jammed under the bathroom door. It was bleeding, the nail broke and popped up from the Matrix and the pain was excruciating. I also take Coumadin for AFIB and I couldn't stop the bleeding. All in all it was the most awfully scary thing that has ever happened to me. Serotonin Syndrome is nothing to fool around with.LouLou écrit: My doctor gave me tramadol when other pain killers where ineffective after my gallbladder surgery, I fall asleep and woke up pain free.Iamjangoballs écrit: I take two Tramadol three times a day for chronic kidney pain… it is the only painkiller that works and it gives me a better life as can get on with things without to much pain..Michelle Thomas écrit: Doctor-Thank you for this video! I am an example of Tramadol causing EXTREMELY low blood sugar. I have Lupus SLE and back in the 1990s, when I was first diagnosed, I was told Tramadol was safe and non-addicting. This was very wrong, as you stated, because I would have withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea and anxiety if I were to miss a dose. Four years ago, I almost died as my blood sugar plummeted to 11. I shouldn’t be here right now, and if not for my excellent doctors and nurses in the ER, I wouldn’t be. I vowed then to help educate as many people as possible to the addictive nature of tramadol, as well as its hypoglycemic side effects. Thank you for educating people with your exceptional videos!Kristen Jawor-Brady écrit: I’ve been on it for 4 years. It makes me a little lazy and no sex drive. Never worked as an antidepressant for meSusana H écrit: I had really bad side effects using tramadol…never again.Coyote Tracker écrit: Been on tramadol for years and no big deal. Give me a break! Fear propaganda.Jenni Harris écrit: I have been on 600mg of Tramedo for the past ten years. Not one problem. I have lupus, amongst other things including a spine fusion. Do not stand there and tell me that this is a narcotic. Utter crap. I have no mental problems, haha depression, which I take medication for. I also take schedule 8 medications with no side effects. Immune suppressors, you name it I take or have taken. You are being a quack in stating things that are not fact in all countries. Some of us are different. Do not bunch us all together as one lot of yobs that just want the drugs. I would like to see you suffer as I have, as my family have, and as others have. I am unsubscribing, sorry mate, you’ve lost me. I am not a drug fiend. Nor have I ever been.Brandi Sodemann écrit: Well thanks to these kids doing drugs heroine and meth we cannot get proper pain medication so what are you doctors going to do just let people suffer????Chizaram Esomchi écrit: Can taking of tramadol harm your unborn baby?kelvenguard écrit: Good to Know that after my APPENDIX Ruptured and then the Doctors found I also had a HERNIA after patching me up and kicking down the street the SYSTEM gave me a 12 Tramadol Pills for Pain Killers that will KILL ME…. Lol ….. I got a few more years left in this SLAVE TAX SYSTEM… all's goodkelvenguard écrit: is ALL the comments here from Drug Addicts ????Shanon Lynn écrit: Tramadol never helped me with pain and I've been prescribed a myriad of pain medications for neck issues. I do not that it is now considered a narcotic, which I think is ridiculous. It has no addictive qualities. I think doctors should treat patients as individuals and prescribe what's needed, but there seems to be popular trends in what doctors prescribe for varying disorders, illnesses, etc.Adrenaline Stairz écrit: I injured my leg tore a ligament. I was given Ibuprofen for the pain and that doesn't help. My doctor prescribed Tramadol and I'm on Effexor, Wellbutrin, Klonopin, Trazodone, and prilosec. I picked up my prescription for Tramadol. I asked the pharmacist to tell me the side effects and I asked if I could have serotonin syndrome and they said it could happen but it probably wouldn't. After all I am closely monitored. I was concerned that Effexor and Trazodone could make me have serotonin syndrome but thank God that hasn't happened. I am keeping the doses at least six hours apart. I don't have a tolerance to Klonopin and I've been on it for seven years now and still the lowest dose and it still works. When I first started taking Klonopin it took two weeks before it started working. Every one body chemistry is different. I've known people who take Klonopin and they have been on the same dosage for years and some had to keep increasing their dose.
If Tramadol is abused yeah it can be dangerous. If taken as prescribed by your doctor I think that it can be safe.Tim Heckerd écrit: Idk i usually bulk buy and when i take it i take around 200-300mg of the stuff. I feel incredible yet full of energy but also relaxed. love the stuff. codeine does nothing for medKyLesCaster écrit: Tramadol is useless. get a real opioid if you have paineast coast republicans écrit: You can pop a siezure out of no where WHILE DRIVING. IT HAPPENED TO ME .Pyro Guy écrit: I’ve been on tramadol for 4 years for migraines. I’ve also developed a very strong dependence on it. I’m not sure if it’s addiction or dependence….some people can go without and others again, have developed addiction and the withdrawals from this I’ve experienced are as a bad as any other opiate!Khaled Weda’a écrit: People who take tramadol for changing their mood whether depression or anxiety, you'd rather take medical marijuana (CBD) is safer and without side effects.CALIDEE HOLMES écrit: Only thing i liked about Tramadol was once daily dose… it really didn't work for the pain and it made me constipated��… now how the hell can you get addicted to something that doesn't work?! i preferred Vicadin…worked like a charm… i could take half a tablet and it worked for three days… a bottle of 30 lasted two months… they stopped issuing Vicadin and started the Norco… ended up back at square one smdh

i used Lidocaine patches until my insurance company wouldn't approve them anymore… then by happenstance a friend of my brother was receiving Flector patches… they didn't work for him so he gave them to me…perfect! they worked…my insurance company wouldn't approve them…their stance… Flector was only for Cancer patients or patients with Neuropathy HA! so no worries my brother's friend gets a regular shipment and forwards the Flectors to me… i am now in pain free heaven ;+)

Of course these Med Specialists are gonna give you a myriad of reasons to deny you pain meds that work… they don't want their bank account to be in pain����Lit InDatTrap écrit: Watching while high on tramadol…J Hutch écrit: Tramadol don't do anything for pain. I get more pain control taking tylenol.Georgie Gorman écrit: So a doctor is a doctor ? One tells you to take this stuff and anotber tellsyou not to ? Doctors differ patients die . Thats why i wont go near them never againvalerie aycock écrit: Caused me to pass a blood clot.Joey Boom écrit: My mom had a seizure from tramadolLisa Schuster écrit: I feel so sorry for the poor animals fed this poison.vacationboyvideos écrit: Well it helps with depression! I tuke 2 few hrs ago and feel amazing now!Mark Alexander écrit: I find Tramadol kind of shitty for pain but it works wonders for depression and anxiety.Mark Alexander écrit: Tramadol is an opioid so it's kind of a narcotic.dwarden3 écrit: Tramadol works great for my pain. I usually use it as a last resort after the Ibu/aceta merry go round.Calla Doll écrit: I have also taken it for 5 years. Stop repeating with the DEA is telling you. It has saved my life and it has no withdrawal like xanex. None
My last dr gave me Lyrica. It was 200$ with insurance. It made me numb and I couldn't do my job at work.
Also notice how most of the people agreeing with him have been on opiates that act on dophamine? Half of them can't even spell. Funny how that works.Charlotte Lynch écrit: I use Tramadol for pain and it just makes me itch that's the only side effectsexobscura écrit: Tramadol is a fantastic drug that should be freely available to ALLAnglynn74 écrit: been using tramadol for about 9 yrs now for degenerative disc disease in my back along with dextroscoliosis & endplate & facet changes. it's better than taking a heavy hitter narcotic. the tramadol doesn't make you high or anything like that and you can function on it. I take one in the morning & one in the evening, helps with stiffness mostly and minor pain. this after trying everything else otc and prescription and a chiropractor and therapy. it helps me move and sit without being in severe pain. They gave me this because I refused to take percocet or anything like that because I want to be alert, and this stuff works great for me. unfortunately insurance won't pay for it anymore citing the opioid crisis, the fact that they consider tramadol an opiate is a joke because it's nothing like that, but I pay cash for it. great med with no issues, never needed to up my dosage, no problems with it, same dose for almost a decade now.Eelminthon the fourth écrit: I approve of these kind of video, on the field advice to the general public, you might be able to reduce health care cost with prevention and information.anthony pucci écrit: not a bad drugsEmily. Lets end BSL in the UK écrit: This is really interesting. I've been on tramadol for the last 23 years on a dose of 100 mg x 4 times daily (I now also take gabapentin, paracetamol, oramorph and oxicontin long release I do have many health issues that cause pain and even taking all these I am still in quite a lot of pain daily) and I admit no-one has ever told me about any issues with tramadol and luckily I seem to be someone who hasn't had any reactions to it xjeff Hardin écrit: I'm a broken down 56 year old with arthritis, but gimme 2- 50m. Tramadol and I'm ready to whip any man in this bar and take their woman away. Perhaps an exaggeration but they do make me feel better.Jon williams Jr écrit: Ppl just talk cuz they got lips….Payam Daneshvar écrit: Doctors who prescribe synthetic opiate over real opiate are selfish robots. If you get Tramadol, flush down the toilet. These doctors need to better understand what real pain vs drug seeking pain is.jordan cortes écrit: I`ll tramadol tf outta my brainstnicholas54 écrit: I'm not sure what to believe here but I can tell you that I've been on Maxitram (100mgs) for a number of years due to a fractured lumbar vertebrae. About a year ago I decided to stop taking the Tramadol and after a day or two I was hit by the most bizarre feelings I'd ever experienced: amongst others I had awful restlessness, audio hallucinations and blind panic. Clearly this was withdrawal from the Maxitram so it didn't take long before I was back on them. I'm not usually squeamish but I'd go through hell and high water before I'd face those withdrawal symptoms again.Mary Roberts écrit: With draws is awsomeMary Roberts écrit: I love going thew withdraws it feels good alot of pussy out there im going threw vikidin withdrawal it fills awsome in vary stong and evilNina Lee écrit: I experienced every side effect associated with tramadol. When I finally went to pain management I was told I was putting my life at risk and to discontinue it immediately.donion moore écrit: thanks for the warning!…i have a bone spur and think ill just deal with itheavy meddle écrit: I'm 48. Been addicted to methadone, buprenorphine etc for 30 yr on and of. Moved to Thailand 6 yr ago and tramadol is sold over the counter here. I thought this "babydrug" was nothing. Have disc problems in my back so I bought 10 tabs. Shouldn't have done that. As the addict I am, I soon took about 50 every day. Had 4 bad, BAD seizures. Now I'm down to 3-5 tabs but man… These tabs are ratpoisonBLU3D3V1L 203 écrit: I just got tramadol 37.5mg Acet 325 mg.
Idk if i will take it, after reading these comments and video.Joey Menace écrit: HEY MY MOM IS HAVING EXTREME STOMACH PAIN FROM TAKING THIS PILL WHAT DO I DOTHE MEDIC écrit: He's reading off the internet and not giving you his experience as a doctor :/Mike D écrit: All these white people saying it dont have no effect lol tf yall on hero?Dom Demann TV écrit: I love Tramadol… It's so much better than hydrocodone… The high lasts for hours…Ronico Francois écrit: Masarap mag adik sa pinas gamit tramadolJosh Hope écrit: Can I take tramadol after my morning buprenorphine ( subtex)cinimod351 écrit: This doctor is a complete idiotic and talking nonsense. I have 500 to 1000 mg of tramadol and feel absolutely fine. You can drive on it unless you feel very high or your getting very sleepy. If you taking it as prescribed you are not going get high so driving will not be an issue.John Garvey écrit: Miss my tramadol prescription got took off it because im on a drug treatment order from court. Back to street valium it is ��Michael 3:16 écrit: It works well for me as needed without compromising my écrit: excellent!Junaid Ahmad écrit: Dear I'm injecting tramadol injection from last few months in a week.and I'm very tens about what. How I can stop this ?

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