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Spellbreaker PvP AT Showcase – Featuring Tramadex

la description:
This video is part of a series which covers high-level PvP gameplay from a specific class perspective. The aim of the series is to showcase movement and the ideals of a class in PvP when played by a high-rated player.\n\nThis video showcases Tramadex’s build \ »Tramawar\ » which he has stuck to and used since Path of Fire release. It was widely used during the last ~3 seasons and has recently been adapted with frenzy etc to meet the new meta duelling requirements. Tramadex is a Legendary player and PvPs in the the very top rankings (Top 10+) and his gameplay is a brilliant source for learning.\n\nI hope that you guys can learn from this coverage. Let me know what you think about this style of upload. Thanks as always. \n\n\n\n\n – Join the community\nSponsored by Corsair – (10% off using code \ »JAWGEOUS\ » on Corsair Peripherals \u0026 Elgato products)

Serjio écrit: Ty jaw, those featuring videos are very usefulAngeels écrit: tramadex is really bad at the game cant believe you showed this blyat :/heyimSrs Daron écrit: Love watching trama play. His revenant is also insaneGSDaemonium écrit: Too bad the necro disconnected half match :cVenti écrit: always good to see,how *useless * poor ele can permadodge and tank pure dmg war (he whoud kill him if he didnt left point) tears from ele players are so sweet.Wacky écrit: Great, Jawgeous read my mind needed some tips on spellbreaker.Bewts McTewts écrit: One small suggestion, I'd like to see your camera zoomed in just a touch. Hard to see all the animations and action clearly, especially with all the visual effects noise and often tree branches block the view. But maybe that's just me.Merlock écrit: Bro we need to give props to illegal Math people don't realize the piano play he must've been doing to accomplish that1 2 écrit: Yeaahhh you delivered! You have yourself a loyal fan.Shorts écrit: Content is lowkey really high quality…

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