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In episode 8, I discuss a medication commonly used in anxiety known as lorazepam aka Ativan. \n\nSupport the channel on Patreon: \nhttps://www.patreon.com/DrugTalk\n\nTwitter: @talkaboutdrugs\n\nInstagram: @garrett.campb\n\nConnect on Facebook: \nhttps://www.facebook.com/talkaboutdrugs\n\nMusic: www.bensound.com

Drug Talk écrit: Have you used Lorazepam? What was your experience like with it?Sammy Yosemite écrit: Swim! we gotta talk aboout swwim?!Sammy Yosemite écrit: i don't know how the hell i found u man!?Sammy Yosemite écrit: Do the best U can Swim 😀Sammy Yosemite écrit: Swim has been taking lorazepam .5 mg every 8 hours for the last 15 years. What an amazing drug. Great for alcohol withdrawal and minor anxiety. 😀Sizzle Fizzle écrit: You have a soothing voiceAKASH KUMAR écrit: What is the test of lorazepam?Србомбоница écrit: Very hard medication to go off ,my aunt almost died trying to stop it ,it's also the only benzo that knocks my dad out lol,he is a very strong man and tried numerous benzos for his anxiety caused by hipertension ,ONLY lorazepam knocks him outAndrew OBrien écrit: Do a video on Clonazolam ����
It's the best fukn' benzo everrrrrr!!!!!!
Cheap, unscheduled, and easily obtainable
The "fentanyl of benzos" ☠️ ����
A real fukn' party! ��Brenda Rodriguez écrit: been on lorazepam for 5 years. only the lowest dose and only taken as needed. I never felt like I needed or wanted to take more than what was prescribed. I have not become dependent on it. it’s the only pill that has helped me deal with anxiety/panic attacks and even my PTSD. Did try hydroxyzine, didn’t do nothing but knocked me out for hours. I hear it’s getting harder to get drs to give out benzodiazepines out, which I understand why. However, ativan will always be my lifesaver!Hannah L écrit: ����Starie Blue écrit: What is the best benzo for working and driving individuals? Sitting too long in traffic gives me panic attacks and I want to jump out of the car.Jose manuel Rodriguez écrit: This pills i was given 20 exact pills to calm my heart from i feel it runs at a high rate of speed this y at that momment i take kone pill it relaxes me smooth but NOW IM RUNNING OUT OF THRM SO I DONT KNOE WHAT I CAN DO BUT GO WALK AROUND I DO NOT STOP MY JOGG ONLY IF I CALM DOWN BUT NOW I TOOK A PILL I FEEL BETTER IM SO SCARED IM GO TO THE ER TO SHOW WHAT PILLS I WAS GIVEN AND RELAXES ME SO IM G E.R.IMNERVOUS ONLY .Natasha Day écrit: Take 200mg Amsulpride in the morning and 300mg Amsulpride at night. Have you ever been in a mental health ward and hospital? What was your experience like? Love Tasha xxxxxxx super Video. Keep it up!!!! ������☺️��������❤️��������������������.Natasha Day écrit: I suffer with schizoaffective disorder. Got ill at 15 years old but got sectioned at 19 years old. Been on so many different medications such as mood stalizers and antidepressants and other anti psychotics. The worse medications I used too be on was Sodium Valoprate and Olanzapine and risperdone lithium and injections all poison evil nasty drugs. Use too take about 12 tablets. Now I take only 200mg Amsulpride and one side effect tablet in the morning with my asthma inhalers and 300mg one side effect tablet at night. The Doctor took me off Sodium Valoprate because it was effecting my kidney and liver and my health. Better now no side effects any more. Love Tasha xxxxxxx Wonderful Video and good quality content video. Please reply if you can. Thank you for your kind words and advice and support. Stay safe and well in these time's. Xxxxxx ❤️����������������������������.? écrit: But in reality i don't like any drug including xanax i don't call it my favorite or drug of choice? écrit: Xanax is a lot better i tested ativan or lorazepam i put it behind of xanax because you need 4mg of lorazepam to make 2mg of alprazolamempireravenshadow5 écrit: Your voice is better than a benzodiazipinesumit200in écrit: It’s a poison end of story. Don’t take any benzodiazepineshala omari écrit: Is it ok to take it to be able to sleepGammareign écrit: I would love to have lorazepam.Deer Heart écrit: If u are on low doses like very low doses over the week , can u still get withdrawals ? I feel dependant now as I suffer from severe panic and it does helpOmar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C écrit: Peace be to you! I'm a Hospitalist PA in Washington, D.C. I just subscribed to your channel. The information you give is VERY relevant to what I do. Thanks.����������‍⚕️����Puiji Saluji écrit: How many 1 mg tablets should I takeben sawyer écrit: also I can I take my 0.5 and take my stomach pillaben sawyer écrit: I am taking a low dose like 0.5 well anything happen to me ?Shell Bradshaw écrit: Your sound is way to low can’t hear u!MooseLips écrit: when i panic, i have breathing problems, will this pill help my breathing get better or make me tired AF and still have breathing problems? breathing is the main thing that gets me during my panic attacksBen Dover écrit: i had 2 AND HALF YEARS OF WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS….SUICIDAL … HORRIFFICMisty Matthews écrit: It works wonders for my ptsd flashbacks and panic attacks! Literally the only thing that’s helped me, I went through trying meds for almost 3 years and finally found something that worked ��Red Dragon écrit: Greetings,
Which country are you in? In Australia lorazepam 0.5mg, 1.25mg and 2.5mg.

However we only have 2mg and 5mg Diazepam. Fairly sure the makes 10mg legal ones?chilling-boy écrit: Just took 3 1 mg pill with some alcohol and weededandko écrit: Please use a mic for future videos 🙂Chaos Kid écrit: Ativans r dope afJerry Setlerr écrit: Ativan or psychward that's my choice when my manic depressive hitsRedMud écrit: Also marketed as Tranquipan a sleeping aid. Great film lots of useful info thanks. The jerky cuts between sentences and paragraphs of the narration is a bit annoying though.Joshua Kelly écrit: Thanks for the information. After my recent hospital visit I was prescribed this short term for anxiety/agitation due to bipolar 2.Patrick Leone écrit: I have epilepsy. I use it for seizure control. This is a very widely prescribed medication for that.Joshua Dotson écrit: Your voice is a benzodiazepineFraz Ahmad écrit: NiceMrs. English écrit: Your voice low lhope to make vidios about medicines with writing icant understand well iam arabic thank you alotBobEckert56 écrit: Please tell me you are a pharmacist or medical doctor so I can give you more than 0 credibility. If you're not, STFU.Because Kittens & Paint écrit: #worldbenzodaySherry Butler écrit: I like clonazepam better it helps me eat better and not be as tired.vincent insomnicide écrit: I've been using it several times, years ago, and it gave me suicidal thoughts. Result, I found meself with two long cuts on my arms and a pool of blood… I've taken several benzos, now I'm on clonazepam, it works well, with its longer half-life. I'll never go back to lorazepam.Joe Exotic écrit: So whats the what's the difference between lorazepam,clonazepam and valium? Or is there a difference at all?Southern Subaru Guy écrit: Thanks. Would you do one on Dexedrine Spansules and Halcion?Aspie Otaku écrit: Tryptophan and CBD oil safer.OutOfTheKlosset écrit: Thank you for this video. I had a prescription for my 5 mri's to prevent my tourettes from ruining the images but my pharmacist didn't provide much information. I appreciate your help in understanding how it works.James Boss écrit: The withdrawls from this stuff are horrendous! However, atarax and propranolol really help these withdrawals.Trafalgar D. Law écrit: Anyone else get a super weird feeling in there stomach after taking it? Not nausea not hunger just an unexplainable not pleasant feeling.Ron Ruddick écrit: Alrighty thiensupermelodia écrit: With all these side effects it will cause me more anxiety before even starting. I don't know why the doctor prescribed this crap to me. I was victim of mobbing/bully at work for many years causing me chronic stress, anxiety and poor sleeping. Don't allow people abuse you at work, report to HR in writting and keep a journal.Jeff Galaska écrit: The problem is doctors dont explain this like u did. Ppl are put on this poison and wen they want to get off its TERRIBLE and lasts very long. The WORST tortureRose Mary Parker écrit: Been taking half a pill for 8mns. Last 4 days just tak8ng 2 benadryl at night to sleep. Sleeping fine .we'll today was anxious off the charts. Now I think it's because I've not taken ativan. So took half a pill and one benadryl they are kicking in nicely. Thank God never been to anxious could not sit still.MotoSpirit écrit: Bro idc what he says hes fucking beeing high on something rite now dead asshapabot écrit: I just started breaking the 1/2 mg pills in half and put them under my tongue. (in conjunction with my Lamictal)
Thanks for the clear video! Just subbed,Dilara Fidanoglu écrit: Thank you !Comi Brat écrit: I am 16 years on ativan. What a happy life.Bailey Kathleen écrit: Got out on ativan for anxiety and panic attacks and adderall for my adult ADHD today should I be worried about side effects??bathsheba écrit: Drug salesman. The benzos are deadly and the withdrawal is hell on earth.Val Kaj écrit: The risk outweighs the benefit I mean the. benefit outweighs the riskVal Kaj écrit: Dr I know people with long healthy livesVal Kaj écrit: Dr Peter r u promoting suffering?Lewis Ratzker écrit: I take 3 or 4 lorazepam tabs a day, 1mg, really helps with the anxiety I have dealing with the fact that I'll be dying from the incurable cancer that I have in the next few years.
Also take per day: citalapram 40mg, tramadol 200mg, zopiclone 15mg. I dont do any councelling because all that does is piss me off. Also have: emotionally unstable personality disorder F60.3 & recurrent depressive disorder unspecified F33.9.
I also have a few other mental issues/ disorders as well but feel happier about living with those things privately & hide them away from the doctors & psychiatrists!
Great video, thanks!Lakhbeer Singh écrit: sir what is solution of ativan please reply fast sirvSky Grayson écrit: My new psych doc had me take a urine test. (First time ever asked to do this) I take 2 to 3 mgs of prescribed ativan daily. Have for many many years. My urine test came back negative for it. I can't wrap my head around it. It literally does not seem possible. The doctor wants me to come in next week. I have no idea what's going to happen. All of this really frightens me and I feel helpless. :/Eclipsed by glory 316 écrit: last year sucked for me I was up to 4 mg just to sleepGary H écrit: I just started taking .05mg for anxiety. How many hours would I have to wait till I can take after my Hydrocodone? I read it was dangerous to mix the 2.Simply_merlz écrit: Your voice has calming effect that it makes me fall asleep �� gifted…Ayma Moreno écrit: Loved your video, could you talk about alprazolam//Ritalin//sertraline? PleaseHannah Caldwell écrit: Wtf your face is so perfect u look fakeDOCTORWHO ISGR8 écrit: like the music, i take it, no tirednessHarold Maldonado écrit: I am taking 1 mg of lorazepam and clozapine, I want to stop taking this to sleep, as you recommend doing so?Rising Star of the World ! écrit: What does it look like?Hell Dorado écrit: Great drug, but the full effect (peak plasma) usually doesn't kick in until 1.5 to 2 hours after ingesting. I use it mainly for insomnia (.5 – 1 mg); it works great for slowing your mind down and getting rid of that mental chatter/anxiety that prevents so many people from falling asleep. That being said, I have noticed that it does affect the quality of my sleep at times, specifically the deep restorative sleep phases – I'm very athletic and have noticed a fatigued and sluggish effect on my muscles after a night of Lorazepam.Ryder_Brad écrit: I just got prescribed this thank you for the helpful video

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