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Alzheimer’s disease – plaques, tangles, causes, symptoms & pathology

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What is Alzheimer’s disease? Alzeimer’s (Alzheimer) disease is a neurodegenerative disease that leads to symptoms of dementia. Progression of Alzheimer’s disease is thought to involve an accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. Find more videos at http://osms.it/more.\n\nHundreds of thousands of current \u0026 future clinicians learn by Osmosis. We have unparalleled tools and materials to prepare you to succeed in school, on board exams, and as a future clinician. Sign up for a free trial at http://osms.it/more.\n\nSubscribe to our Youtube channel at http://osms.it/subscribe. \n\nGet early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways, and more when you follow us on social media:\nFacebook: http://osms.it/facebook\nTwitter: http://osms.it/twitter\nInstagram: http://osms.it/instagram\n\nOur Vision: Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis.\nOur Mission: To empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Learn more here: http://osms.it/mission\n\nMedical disclaimer: Knowledge Diffusion Inc (DBA Osmosis) does not provide medical advice. Osmosis and the content available on Osmosis’s properties (Osmosis.org, YouTube, and other channels) do not provide a diagnosis or other recommendation for treatment and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosis and treatment of any person or animal. The determination of the need for medical services and the types of healthcare to be provided to a patient are decisions that should be made only by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.

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Hope this field grows faster!Anuj Pradyut écrit: The alpha secretin and Gama secretin chop off the amyloid and dissolve them. The beta secretin chops of the amyloid but cannot dissolve it and plaques are formed. The neurons also have neurofibrillary tangles which leads to damage to neurons
The sporadic is most common in Alzheimer's and is caused by genetics and environmental mostly the ApoE-e4 and it's late Alzheimer's. The familial is early Alzheimer's and have PSEN 1 and PSEN 2 is about the changes in gamma secretin
The trisomy 21 syndrome is also a cause of Alzheimer and is about the increase in amyloid increase in the brainDestiny Nightstar écrit: I sadly lost my Grandma to Alzheimer's Disease on March 30, 2017, she was 81 years old.Yi-Han Wu écrit: putting medschools out of business one video at a time �� thanks team for your hard workRahul Kashyap écrit: Thanks for giving best lecture on AD……. really helpful.Mary Richard écrit: I am Human Papilomavirus Negative again after using a herbal cure from Madidaherbalcenter. I never thought I would find cure and get well again. All thanks to Dr Madida for his good works.David Schott écrit: Dudes. And ladys. It is near impossible to live with someone whom is severely compromised. You take care of years. They don't. Remember you and hate you. Yet when a severely compromised person calls the cops, they arrest the caregiver. Its E 8 06. If you can't understand that you seriously ignorant not smarter than a 5th grader. Probably need re educationRohith N écrit: I am 21 year old. I have forgetfulness, difficulty understanding, I can't remember some words properly while talking, unable to focus or concentrate properly. and I became kind of an introvert, by seeing all over the internet I feel like I am suffering from Alzheimer's. Seen that Alzheimer's onset starts from 30-40 years.
I am 20 years old do u think I am suffering from Alzheimer'sJ écrit: WoW
-__-arifa hossain écrit: Best video on Alzheimer's disease… thanks.Nada Alharbi écrit: Thank you so much
, I have a question �� : what happened first it’s beta amyloid plaques or NFT?Camila lau écrit: woww u explain things so well!!! also ur writing and doodles are so cute!Azam Khan Bizinjo écrit: I don't know how many lecturers are delivering lectures at the osmosis but the person in this lecture is the best among all. He delivers the information so beautifully that i love to listen and is very easily understood and retained. Thank you so much sir ��Janine Patricia Flucken-Burns Davis écrit: All MENTAL DISEASE IS BECAUSE OF

BUY THEM, SO WE ALL CAN GET BETTER.Monkeyman écrit: Here after binging the care taker’s everywhere at the end of timeyou can smell my anus écrit: My grandmother had Alzheimer's. I remember her looking at an old picture of her and my grandfather, pointing at it and saying "He left me" He didn't leave her. He died in 2012 and she forgot due to her illness. She died in September 2018 only 2 months away from becoming 90. Diseases that cause memory loss are things I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.Jude Sarpong écrit: You my son my mom works in nursing homeAmir lone Amir lone écrit: Love you Garima mam so much ������������������Balaji Pawar écrit: Nice.Mahajan Sena écrit: Good knowledge……….Krutika Pedamkar écrit: thank your for this video.. i had a question.. you said that the two parts of the amyloid precursor when chopped by gamma and alpha secretase go away as they are soluble. Where do they go away?Judy Ali écrit: Thanks��Lama Haj Hassan écrit: What an amazing channel. Super helpful. Thank you osmosis!Addison Johnson écrit: My grandpa had this and he was an amazing man. I wish I had spent more time with him. May he Rest In Peace, and thank you for educating thousands of people and helping them grow. Keep doing what you’re doing! ��Renuka .N écrit: Thank u osmosis team,u r doing such a great job…it's very useful for all medical students….. All the best for you upcoming videos ❤️��Hira shah écrit: My grandfather is the patient of this .. first he just forget things but now he start beating with us can any body tell me what to do with him 🙁Sharmistha Ray écrit: You are my fvrt♥️��Alessandro Bertone écrit: thank you for the amazing videos I will mention you guys when i get my masters as credit !RuLe sweaty écrit: Im 12 my grandma does not remember who i am but some time she remembers me but then forgets ����Racheal Mercier écrit: omg this is going to help me pass my exam. I was soooooooo confused! Now its clearer, Thank you!!Silati Kalaluka écrit: Please create playlists. Thank youAnila Madassery écrit: Thank you very very much for this vedio…
It really helped me….����رانيا نبيل écrit: Please write your sources i need them for my research ��
Thanks ��
from Egypt ❤jitendra singh écrit: U guys awesome …
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ULTIMATE , fabulous, awesome, unbelievable ,Forza223 Bowe écrit: Can people with Alzheimer’s like alone ?Javier Teran écrit: HANDS DOWN THE BEST VIDEO SO FAR!nina palermo écrit: This is best video everNivya Priyaraj écrit: I am in love with his voice…sooo cool����Migena Mata écrit: loved it! very helpful , thank you.Martin Latvian écrit: Trying to learn and understand and remember, but I guess I have Alzheimer's disease already 😛deborah schwartzkopff écrit: Electroshock or ECT is now being used in some cases of dementia around agitation. It is a form of behavioral control because ECT uses up to 450 volts and greater to the brain and subdues secondary to traumatic brain injury outcomes. It creates docility and manageability for caregivers. There is no FDA testing for safety or effectiveness of devices or procedure. There is currently a national product liability suit in the courts that have proved brain injury outcomes at a minimum. This is purely electrical trauma passed off as a mental health treatment. Electrical trauma can evolve years out in damages to include CTE and ALS. It also impacts all bodily systems in damages to include cardiac and respiratory. Patients have been lied to and harmed around this practice for decades. Inform yourself on ectjustice and Life After ECT. A good book on this topic is called Doctors of Deception by Linda Andre. This practice generates billions annually in US alone. Medical malpractice firms are also interviewing patients for suits as informed consent is fallible.Z Flo Z écrit: I'm so disappointed in the neurological doctor, and all the studies that they do !!!!
They still are at the point, that they can't do anything ,against this brain degenerativ problems.
Going from conference to conferences, writing books, but nothing actually ,comes out useful. I'm in the situation when I'm seeing my mother, losing more of her memorie. Her walk and hands moving more rigid, she is on treatment for two years now. And all the pills in the world, can't seem to help , to stop this illness evolution. I'm so disappointed in medicine, and doctors! !!!Dariuss écrit: I was going to make an Alzheimer’s joke…

But I forgot it.ZAMination Zach écrit: There’s A Fucking Old Lady Live In My House
She Has An Autism & Alzheimers DiseaseBharath rajaram écrit: I feel like a great dr after seeing your videosחחתוב écrit: Haha memory goes brrrrAeen samp écrit: My mother passed way at the age of 39 the doctor didn't get the disease but the symptom is related to this…
It was really heartbreaking ….She didn't even know us
My 7 year old brother and 16 year me
didn't even get a chance to say a last goodbye to her……..
I wish i had a chance to show that how much i love herShockcomet écrit: Thats nice…. end the explanation with no cure followed by a pauseRizwan Ullah écrit: Outstanding DEAR Sir ,Now completely understood….thanksNivya Priyaraj écrit: O my god …explained in simple and funny way ….muaaahCodyDudgeonPhysiotherapy écrit: Thank you for putting a lot of time, effort and detail into this video. As a Physiotherapist, on my new channel I am trying to educate as many people as I can on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. I put up a video telling people that forgetting why you entered a room is a normal part of aging, and to not worry yourself about it. Let’s keep up the good work together and keep the videos coming!the bum bum de sheng bum bum écrit: Garlic may doas much for your brain as it can do for your body by helping to protect you from age-related diseases like Alzheimer's disease and dementia. … In addition, garlic has been found to improve many brain functions, such as memory, learning and mood. See Pubmed!!!!!!!!!!

Also, The latest studies on turmeric show that curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier and has the potential to help clear these plaques. Again, see PUBMED!!!!!

Also, based on results in labtests, [6]-gingerol, [8]-gingerol and [6]-shogaol were found to be able to penetrate the BBB via passive diffusion, suggesting them to contribute to the positive effects of ginger extracts in the central nervous system.


Lets get practical. Do this: Take a 3cm piece of aged spicy ginger root. blend it together in your favourite smoothy. Drink it immediately. Analize how you feel in your brain.

Now, take that same 3cm piece of ginger root and slowely chew it up. keep the juice in you mouth for as long as possible allowing the ginger chemicals to be absorped sublingually into your blood stream. These chemicals will reach your brain withing a minute! If you can stand the spicyness, you'll feel an incredible sensation in your brain. Now this is the power of Sublingual Absorption! The power of Natural Antifungals and phytochemicals crossing the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.

You're welcome!heavysmoker écrit: Thank you for the explanation, as always your videos are fully informative.
I think i'm going crazy for this disease. I'm just so scared of someone i love gets this i don't know how to take it. The more i learn about this the more i understand it's innevitable for some people. Thank you for such a detailed explanation of the brain cells's plaques and tangles.Jemal Gemta Mohamed écrit: Amazing presentation.Christabel Hernandez écrit: Great explanation of Alzheimer’s disease. Thank you!Floris Blanken écrit: I can't manage to access the reference list for this video, would anyone be able to help?Den Mark Sarmiento écrit: Can I ask you if there's a condition about.. remembering things but the next day, you cant remember it like you forgot it. You cant remember something. Then the next day again, you remember things and forgets about it easily. Is there a condition like that?

Errors ahead.Thuc-Anh Nguyen écrit: Hi! Could you perhaps provide preferences in future videos? They might be handy in case somebody wants to read more about what's presented.
PS: Love your videos!Homer écrit: Is there some way to confirm types of APOE somebody has in their APOE chromosome pair pre-death?S Pain écrit: Even though I have trouble memorizing or difficult learning strategies or the stuff
I DO NOT HAVE DEMENTIA OK?himani arora écrit: APP has also been detected in other cells rather than neurons. Why does this process of incorrect cleavage occurs only in brain ?Parwez Alam écrit: Respected sir,

My mother(62 years old) is suffering from a set of symptoms which may be called Dementia. Age related Cerebral Atrophy was diagnosed when MRI was done. A Neurologist(Dr. N.R. Haldhar,MD, DM, Siliguri)  diagnosed dementia due to Cerebral Atrophy but other Neurologist diagnosed dementia due to Alzheimer's disease(just guessed but couldn't said finally dementia is due to Alzheimer's, When l request for final diagnosis, he told PET scan is required for final diagnosis but it is also of no use as the disease is not treatable). Another neurologist told (after seeing MRI flim and Angiography report of brain) 'it doesn't look like Alzheimer's'.  All of them told that the disease can't be reversed and further deterioration of brain cells also can't be slow down. My mother condition is getting worse despite getting allopathic medicine. She is getting inability in doing her routine work like wearing clothes etc. She is having progressive memory loss, confusion, illusions, hallucinations,fear and also facing difficulty in walking and speaking. Because of fear, she doesn't go to toilet and defecates and urinates in living room in high frequency. She use to weep sometimes in a day. She is having sleeping disturbance also. Her thyroid test, Vitamin D and B12 test and other tests are normal. Now my question is how to diagnose the main cause of dementia? Whether dementia is due to Cerebral Atrophy only or apart from cerebral Atrophy, Alzheimer's is also one cause? If Alzheimer's is not there, then dementia due to Cerebral Atrophy is curable? Kindly guide me that whether it's beneficial to approach your hospital with all reports but without patient as taking her from Bihar to Delhi is almost impossible?


Md. Parwez Alam

Katihar, BiharWorthless Professor écrit: This is really well done. I'd love to get an updated version with Bredesen's argument that APP is a dependence receptor, and the way it is cut is contingent on whether it finds its neurotrophic support as well as if there is enough trophic support throughout the brain.Ben Strawman Shapiro écrit: Show this to Joe Biden’s supportersJOSEPHH BANGERS écrit: Is there medicine for alzheimers? Im worried about a friend of mine he complains everyday thinking people talks about him randomly and he halucinates telling me he hears people talking from inside appartments what kind of doctor does he need? Hes been to counselors i dont know whats he diagnosed as?yessin 03 écrit: The majority of early onset cases is sporadic !Rahat Iman écrit: Thank u so muchArcel Pascua écrit: Why I watch it because of Irene wood the voice of Cinderella I don't know what is the meaning of that diseaseSteve Woody écrit: For those interested, I made a full transcript of this video. Hope this helps someone else out, especially those writing papers! I double checked everything, but please let me know if I missed anything.

"Dementia isn't technically a disease, but more of a way to describe a set of symptoms, like poor memory and difficulty learning new information, which can make it really hard to function independently. Usually dementia is caused by some sort of damage to the cells in the brain which can be caused by a variety of diseases. Alzheimer's disease, now referred to as Alzheimer disease is the most common cause of dementia. Alzheimer disease is considered a neurodegenerative disease meaning it causes the degeneration or loss of neurons in the brain particularly in the cortex. This, as you might expect, leads to the symptoms characteristic of dementia. although the cause of Alzheimer disease isn't completely understood, two major players that are often cited in its progression are plaques in tangles.

All right, so here we've got this cell membrane of a neuron in the brain. in the membrane you've got this molecule called amyloid precursor protein or APP. One end of this guy’s in the cell and the other end’s outside the cell. It's thought that this guy helps the neuron grow and repair itself after an injury. since APP’s a protein just like other proteins, it gets used and overtime it gets broken down and recycled. Normally, it gets chopped up by an enzyme called Alpha secretase and its buddy, Gamma secretase. This chopped up peptide is soluble and goes away and everything is all good. if another enzyme, beta secretase, teams up with gamma secretase instead then we've got a problem. This leftover fragment isn't soluble and creates a monomer called amyloid beta. These monomers tend to be chemically sticky and bond together just outside the neurons and form what are called beta amyloid plaques, these clumps of lots of these monomers. These plaques can potentially get between the neurons which can get in the way of neuron-to-neuron signaling. if the brain cells can't signal and relay information, then brain functions like memory can be seriously impaired. it's also thought that these plaques can start up an immune response and cause inflammation which might damage surrounding neurons.

Amyloid plaque can also deposit around blood vessels in the brain called amyloid angiopathy, which weakens the walls of the blood vessels and increases the risk of hemorrhage or rupture and blood loss. Here's an image of amyloid plaque on Histology. These clumps are buildups of beta amyloid and this is happening outside the cells. Another big part of Alzheimer disease are tangles, and these are actually found inside the cell as opposed to the beta amyloid plaques. Just like other cells, neurons are held together by their cytoskeleton which is partly made up of microtubules, these track like structures that essentially act like a minecart shipping nutrients and molecules along the length of the cell. A special protein called Tau makes sure that these tracks don't break apart, kind of like railway ties. Although again it's not completely understood, it's thought that the beta amyloid plaque buildup outside the neuron initiates pathways inside the neuron that lead to activation of kinase an enzyme that transfers phosphate groups to the Tau protein. The Tau protein then changes shape, stops supporting the microtubules, and clumps up with other Tau proteins and gets tangled and leads to the other characteristic finding of Alzheimer disease, neurofibrillary tangles.

Neurons with tangles in non-functioning microtubules can't signal as well and sometimes end up undergoing apoptosis, or programmed cell death. Here's an image of Histology showing these neurofibrillary tangles formed inside the neuron. As neurons die, large scale changes start to take place in the brain. For one, the brain atrophies, or shrinks, and the Gyri get narrower (which are the characteristic ridges of the brain). As those get narrower the Sulci, which are the groups between the Gyri, get wider. With atrophy the ventricles, or fluid filled cavities in the brain, get larger as well.

So, that's the pathophysiology part, but why does this happen in some people and not others? well Alzheimer disease can be split into two groups sporadic and familial. Sporadic is used to describe the late onset type where the exact cause isn't very well defined and is probably a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors. And sporadic accounts for the vast majority of cases. With sporadic Alzheimer's, the risk increases significantly with age affecting around 1% of people between ages 60-65 and 50% of people over the age of 85. In fact, a gene that's been identified as possibly contributing to an increased risk of Alzheimer disease is the e4 allele of apolipoprotein E gene or APOE e4. Researchers have shown that the risk of developing Alzheimer disease increases for patients that inherit one e4 allele and increases even more for patients who inherited two e4 alleles, one from each parent. Apolipoprotein E helps breakdown beta amyloid, but the E4 allele seems to be less effective than the other alleles like the APOE 2 allele, meaning patients are more likely to develop beta amyloid plaques.

Familial Alzheimer disease, on the other hand, is used to describe cases where some dominant gene was inherited that speeds up the progression of the disease. So, sometimes familial Alzheimer's disease is referred to as early-onset Alzheimer's. Familial accounts for about 5 to 10% of cases and could be caused by several gene mutations. First, mutations in the PSEN-1 or PSEN-2 genes on chromosome 14 or chromosome 1, respectively, had been linked to early-onset Alzheimer's. These genes encode for presenilin 1 and presenilin 2, both protein subunits of gamma secretase. Mutations in these PSEN-1 or PSEN-2 genes can change the location where gamma secretase chops APP, producing different length beta amyloid molecules, which seem to be better at clumping up and forming plaques.

Another known genetic cause of Alzheimer's is trisomy 21, or Down Syndrome, which involves an extra copy of chromosome 21. It turns out that the gene responsible for producing APP is located on chromosome 21, which means that people with Down Syndrome have an extra APP gene and presumably increased expression of APP, potentially increasing the amount of amyloid plaque buildup. For this reason, familial Alzheimer disease often progresses by age 40 in patients with Down Syndrome.

Symptoms of Alzheimer disease worsen as plaques and tangles buildup and damage to the neurons accumulates. In the early stages, symptoms might not even be detectable. As it progresses, though, patients lose short-term memory. Like, for example, they might not be able to remember what they had for breakfast that morning. They then progress to a loss of motor skills making things like eating difficult without help. Also language becomes affected making it more difficult to communicate. Eventually they lose long term memory, like forgetting the name of their spouse or even that they're married in the 1st place. And they progressively become more disoriented, which can be dangerous because they might wander from home and get lost.
In the late stages they become bedridden and the most common cause of death is actually infection, like pneumonia.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer disease is really tough because the only way to definitively show that a person had Alzheimer's is by performing a brain biopsy after autopsy. Usually a clinician will, therefore, make a diagnosis after excluding other causes of dementia. Currently there isn't any cure for Alzheimer disease. Some medications exist but the benefits are small and there haven't been any medications that clearly and definitively halt the progression of Alzheimer's."TymeFlys écrit: I can’t believe that I taught chess to my grandma. (She has dementia)Gimo Merons écrit: Grazie! Bei disegni!danceballetacro écrit: wow excellent video i have a test on this next week-Frog Blob- écrit: Hi I just realised I have Alzheimer's disease my mum doesn’t know well not even sure I have it I diagnosed myself but it’s hard for me to learn lolMeggy* écrit: Just a quick edit – Short-term memory ISN'T remembering what you had for breakfast. Remembering recent events is still Long-Term Memory (Episodic), and the unability to do so is called anterograde amnesia (inability to form new memories). Short-Term Memory (also noted as Working Memory and sometimes used interchangeably) refers to the memory of the now – spanning back SECONDS, not hours – it is what helps you remember the beginning of your sentence, do mental calculations, remember a phone number being said to you as you type it up in your phone, etc. It's also what is impaired temporarily when someone's high on weed, for example.

But still, very helpful video! 🙂Imene Ashe écrit: I literally am an english student and i feel like this would be so much helpful if i was a pharmacy student or something .XDTV écrit: a peeperda ne écrit: This old guy I met has this . He wants to build  a container home without building code permits, and makes up stories . Doesn't believe he should pay tips to servers at restaurants is really forward or rude most of the time and doesn't realize it .Gerard Jones écrit: So whats the big holdup. we understand how it works.Trojan Empire Productions Ltd. écrit: using aluminum foil to smoke weed as a pipe or bottle bong bowl will cause alzheimers after long term useMadhu Shree écrit: Very neat to learn all the points are hidden over hear … It is more enough for students …. Thanks a lot osmosis ��Yan Yi Chan écrit: that was superb. thank you.n/a écrit: what an happy endingمحمد طلعت écrit: Great effort
Thanksthe truth god écrit: the treatment bit can be improved vastly, the most important bit is understanding the mechanisms of the treatmentShelah Lontoc écrit: Love this. Thanks a lot!Mohammad usman Abro écrit: The Best one i have ever seen. I have been studying it and found it very difficult to understand but this made that too easy for me…. Thanks Osmosis!!!!!!fawaz Khan écrit: Pathophysiology of alzheimers was confusing everywhere but with your explanation i have found my answers.clara hayes écrit: your videos are amazing and so helpful, thanks so much! <3Julie Harada écrit: Great Video! Was there an app used to make this video?Tahir Gorgen écrit: Elecktro magnetic forces as wifi modems will make the jought (children) of tommorow more an altzheimer patient. I know this from my own experiences

And they can make the memory of many altzheimer patients stronger. They have the technology and they (not you all) can also program our thinking proces. From my own i know for example that they did listen me lets say for 36hours long to something with connecting worths. After that i connected for maybe weaks all my thoughts, unwanted to each other. Even till now, from of december 2015, i notice the effects of that.

I know much more than all you;p so do they

One implant to an brain computer program device and neural monitoring device and that's it. That program is far the future for all you and it also learns from me and people as me.Tony Mudau écrit: Can weed cause dementia?Pierra B écrit: Big ass words y’all joking right smdhCateria ShieblOdSkI écrit: I lossed my emotions due to brain injury and a few traumas also I like horror moviesofficialjarix écrit: What is a YouTube

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