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Wikipedia Ban? Explained | Tamil | Madan Gowri | MG

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Join MG Squad Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY6KjrDBN_tIRFT_QNqQbRQ/join\n————–\nSubscribe to Ir Wog (MG Squad’s 2nd channel) IRWOG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pRPRlo6wIOakEOi_2RWwA\n————–\nIn this video we will be discussing about Wikipedia. Why Wikipedia is collecting donations. I (Madan Gowri) will also be answering questions about Wikipedia and why I donate to Wikipedia every-time they ask.

Madan Gowri écrit: Never argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level. – Mark Twain.
〽️G Squad ❤️Vichu écrit: Can you do a video on new education system ???Sathish Sk écrit: Superb….Bro very useful videoDeivarayan Sethu écrit: How do you create the last part of the video?Deivarayan Sethu écrit: I like it.Aprom neenga epdi Youtube videos Ku photos collect pandringa.kumar iyer écrit: VERY TRUE MADAN! YOUR VIEWS AND NARRATIONS ARE VERY SIMPLE BUT INFORMATIVE AND TO THE POINT! APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS!
THANK YOU!������Rajesh Kumar écrit: It doesn't matter if he copies from any website or any sort but he makes even the boring topics look interesting by his narration.. ����Siva Guru écrit: What about Wikipedia explained by string channelPrakashika G écrit: Minimum amount keta paravala. Oru 10 rs 20 rs keta ellarum donate panalamMaddy écrit: Indha video la idhalam paka porom paka porom nu rmba neram solite irundha irritating ah iruku ba ����‍♂️��bharath cm écrit: Plz friends donate some money ����plz let's doPRAWIN M écrit: Madan bro talk about Apple storygirish 1136 écrit: Donated wiki…. Thanks Madanrajat kumar écrit: Wikipedia is hypocrite: Allahu Akbar (Arabic: الله أكبر) is an Islamic phrase, called Takbir in Arabic, meaning "God is greater" or "God is [the] greatest".

Actually it means Allah is supreme.Dinesh deena écrit: News paper background bro plssSivaRajendhar écrit: Me too donated..Anbu Rajbala écrit: Wikimedia����Cikgu Sanjay écrit: Why we are watching Madan Gowri? The way he narrates. And his genuine expressions. Dot.Ram prakash écrit: Bro coping is not a matter . U r conveing the news in short time .We should thank you.lovely nj écrit: Indha world la yarum 100% unma illa mg I know but ur Frankness I like it bro������Dhanasekaran Nagarajan écrit: Booka oruthan computer la text ah kondu vandhan. Text ah, speech video va mg. Speech video va oru action video va cinema maari yaaru kaata porangalo5021 Bipin Kishore écrit: Who are all came here after the suriya death date..������P.K Kamal écrit: Wikipedia=Madan GowriAbarna Ganesan écrit: Keep rocking broSantha Jani écrit: I like your speech sir..in my point of view you are perfect sir..youtube lotus tamil écrit: வீடியோ முழுவதுமாக பார்த்தேன் நீங்கள் பேசிய விதம் அருமைjazzy jaris écrit: Bro.. no need to give so much justification… we all love ur videso irrespective of daily topics or vlogs. we feel like u are our virtual frnd whom i see daily without fail and gather some useful information thru u. some i may remember some i may not. but watching u speak and listening to u is the main reason how u have reached so far. most of us here are not just subcribers but we consider u as our frnd. thats y daily salikama pakrom..Thuwan Shafran écrit: English pureethu illa ay thaan ogalkitta waarom video paakakavya kavya écrit: Anna please talk about BTS and BTS army please annabann games écrit: NiceGuru Shankar écrit: Bro, Your videos and ideas were not settled in many persons brain, so do speak slowly, you don't have trains to catch this time also. Otherwise ur valuable videos also become as not valuablesivaram sneka écrit: hai bro enkku replay pannuingaTamil Thiyagu écrit: Anyone said to you like don’t post video about NEP2020 "??? If no !!! Then why ?…Gideon Samuel écrit: Bro History pesunga brosomes rajendran écrit: Bro neenga irumkum bothu edhukhu YouTube la oru Wikipedia…??indhu C écrit: New education policy 2020 pathi pesungaATHIYAN écrit: Soooo short and sweetTamilMint01 écrit: I followed this kind of talk in my channel also. Thanks for your supportYavinayaa Arunkumar écrit: Many say that he is reading exactly what is given in wikipedia, but what do students do��?? Actually there are very less people in the world who have never copied or used wiki…. look at yourself first before looking at others is a famous quote, try to follow it…..���� no hard feelings….sowmya Haridas écrit: Romba easy wayil takknu click aakira maathiri interesting topics solliringa… thats what i like MGPriya Nga écrit: Pinn la a command parungaPriya Nga écrit: Bro comment parungaKOVAI GOOGLE écrit: Enna maari little youtubers ku Wikipedia illana problem dhan…priya viji écrit: Cheers ✌️Jasva Kingsly écrit: Wiki M Gsuren thiran écrit: Always keep it up this great work MG…we support u…Sundararaman Ponnambalam écrit: Bro adhu, ‘valathu kai kodukurathu, idathu kaiku theriyakudathu”. Neenga mathi sonneenga. Take care while speaking.NOVA PRIME écrit: Wikipedia is banned me �� now karma is boomerang ����Joel John J écrit: Bro, the way you speak is good, Yes also your Genuine, on one video you said you also did mistakes in your initial videos, that gave the confidence to create a channel in YouTube. Click on my photo to view my channel & share your comments below my video Bro !!!justin raja écrit: NicePRABHA ACADEMY écrit: Arasiyal?Prakaash Jayabalan écrit: Madan talk about SelenaS&A Creations écrit: "Naanum 100% Correct kadayaadhu…Naan ennikum genuin aa irukkonunnu muyarchi seiyire paiyyan-Madan Gowri"

"Andha manasu dhaan sir Kadavul"saravana b écrit: Wikipedia illa ena panna pora galaArun Kumar écrit: Google advertisement la thaa sambathikkiraanga so avanga donate oh paid oh kekkurathillah nu soltringa…appo advertisement illadi …neenga upload pantra ovvoru videolayum total income apdiyeh tharaporathilleye…so antha income eh avangalukku podhumaanathu thaana…apram yen ad mGGold Digger écrit: Dai.. This is not the first time Wikipedia asking for funds.Sinou Britthy écrit: Super ��Saisamayaraj .V écrit: Bloopers : E
Lol����Saisamayaraj .V écrit: Going to reach 4 million congrats broRandal Orton écrit: Punda neee ada paathu soldra …. Nee nalla sambarikura aana avan sethu poitan. Nee nalla donate padran. Ama da punda mavaney nee othu thundraFreak Memes écrit: Wikipedia and google baba ji ki jai ho. Elam Markum athuku than pogonam nyayama. Early 2k kids oda deivam.Freak Memes écrit: I am going to create madanpedia, like if you want the sameArul Deepak écrit: Bro, please give your Twitter account link, coz lot of Twitter accounts in your nameNTG army écrit: U dont read from wikipedia u understand and deliver in ur style����������Akhil Yedla écrit: There is a another story that karnan and Pukiya Kingdom Queen Urvi was in love…Even There is a book named (Karna's Wife the outcast Queen) it also tells about his first childhood wife Kasturi and even it tells the same as u said in draupati video ….
Many people has to know that love story…. Queen Urvi went against this caste system and married karnan…Pls look into it and make a videoakshay krishna écrit: If there is any problem don't give donation,
Plzzzzz reply brotherShakti Clasher YT écrit: Bro unga mukula black shadows eruku I think neenga specks poduvingalaLIN DAN Chinese shuttler écrit: Pochhha �� project ku enga irundu da na notes edupen ?��elp_ ple écrit: Mg talk from Quora������, Quora users know itDevin Jones écrit: 0:37 na ninajea niga solidigaSaprana Aquatics écrit: Bro your Vera levelMaruthi Madhan écrit: மதன்கொளரி நல்ல விஷயம் பன்னா வெளியில சொல்லனும் ஏன்னா மதன பின்பற்றுவர்கள் அதே நல்ல விஷயத்தை பின்பற்றுவார்கள்chris sharon écrit: Pls… Do more topics like thisTsk10 écrit: நான் விக்கிப்பீடியாவின் நிர்வாகி.. . விக்கிப்பீடியாவெல்லாம் மூட மாட்டோம், போய் வேலைய பாருங்கயா.. .. இவ்வளவு பேசுனியே மதனு எதற்காக பணம் கேட்கிறார்கள் என்ற காரணத்தை கடைசி வர சொல்லவே இல்லை….Sugi nath écrit: போடா புண்டManokaran Mano écrit: bro neenga pesura vidham enakku pudikkum then u r 100% geniune and personally enakku periya inspirationmuni chandran écrit: Engalukku English puriyadhu ninga than engalukku tamil WikipediaMohamed Fazith écrit: Hi naaShankar S écrit: டொனேஷன் பண்ண வெளிய சொல்ல மாட்டேன் னு சொல்றீங்க ஆனா உங்க பிறந்தநாளுக்கு சில இளநீர் களை வாங்கி அதை எல்லாருக்கும் கொடுத்து விட்டு அதையும் ஒரு வீடியோ எடுத்து சேனல்ல போட்டு பணம் சம்பாதிக்கிறீர்கள் நீங்க ஒரு நல்ல மனுஷனா இருந்தா இந்த கேள்விய தவிர்க்காமல் பதில் சொல்லுங்க பாப்போம் சொல்லுங்கiron man écrit: HelloAlagappan Nagappan écrit: Superb Natpu…Fayas Mohamed écrit: We should support Wikipedia. ����Abinandhan Abi écrit: Thaliva inniku video engaArun Kumar écrit: End card trone presentation entha edam broThrisha Soundar écrit: Wikipedia Panchayat��Katham katham����Thrisha Soundar écrit: 12:11 ❤❤����Thrisha Soundar écrit: New info!!!Thrisha Soundar écrit: Panchayat����Vijay Thalaphathi écrit: நாம் தமிழர் கட்சி பற்றி பேசுங்கtechno écrit: I never used till nowinsane crazy guy écrit: 12th video i AM asking for old ringtoneRajesh Np écrit: Clear speech and clarity. You explain each topic in an easy way even a unschooled people can understand. Keep goingMadhan Mani écrit: Pinna enna "coffee" eh ! Nee Copy than da !18UPA021 MUVEESH KUMAR écrit: Bro ending music munnadi irunthathe nalla irunthathu bromrjakku écrit: Genuine speechElumalai M écrit: புதிய கல்வி கொல்கை பத்தி பேசுகKAVI TIMES écrit: AmazingGAMING maning écrit: Ur my one of the inspiration sir. My knowledgeable guru.arthy Durai écrit: Neenga enga utkanthalum alagu tha thalaasselvi ganesh écrit: We though coping assignment using Wikipedia

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