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Hormone Imbalance Q&A

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Kimberly Kelly écrit: Functional medicine healed me. It took a while but it is so worth the effort! ������B Ram écrit: HeyDocumenting Everyday écrit: b12 and magnesium have helped me A LOT. still needing to get GABA to see if that gets me right where I need to be. If I don't take magnesium my sleep is terrible! I had my blood sugar levels tested like when your pregnant. it all came back beautiful.Kelsey W écrit: Hi Katie, I just wanted to share some tips on vitamins and supplements. It is very important (as I’m sure you know) to watch what is in the vitamins and supplements. When looking into them be sure they are plant based not chemically derived if that makes sense. That’s the biggest thing I’d say. Also, Metagenics Ultraflora Balance is by far the best probiotic I have tried and I’ve tried a few. It’s refrigerated and worked wonderfully! I hope this helps in some way 🙂Lacey Harris écrit: Please check out plexus!! It can get you balanced and get your gut healthy. I'm sure you know someone who is doing it/selling it, but if not, please let me know! It has made such a huge difference for me with my PCOS! Love you so much Katie and always enjoy your videos! ❤️Emma Arthurs écrit: Can you do a video on pmddBrooke Leah écrit: I have PMDD and it only manifested after my 2 year old abruptly weaned herself from breastfeeding and my hormones crashed. Haven’t been the same since.Amie Lawson écrit: If you aren’t ready to do anything permanent for birth control but birth control hormones aren’t agreeing with you, you should look into the copper IUD.olingecko écrit: I'm so happy to hear they are expecting! I remember they were struggling with infertility, right?J Wallace écrit: My Vit D was low and it was so low an OTC vitamin wasn't going to be effective. You should get that in your results. Also, regarding birth control and permanent methods, you should research natural family planning. There are only 6 days a month you can get pregnant and with regular cycles you can learn your cycle and read your body and avoid pregnancy that way. I wish I had known this info 20 years ago.Mic&Mak écrit: You should look into Juiceplus! Great supplements they have really been helping with my digestion, skin, energy and sleep!Lauren Lowery écrit: I gained what your supposed to gain while pregnant but then after having my daughter is when I really started to gaining weight, I ate less of course than I did while pregnant but still was gaining and exclusively breastfeeding. Couldn’t figure it out when she was around three months old I found out my thyroid was so under active the doctor said he was surprised I could even get out of bed in the morning. But believe me the thyroid medicine is not a cure all. I definitely had to go on my own weight loss journey which took about a year to loose 36-40 lbs. i have heard that thyroid medication alone is not the best route for thyroid problems! If this is your problem I’m excited to see how this doctor your seeing deals with it!Dana Brooks écrit: Wait until you get the results back before you buy all the supplements. I went to a functional medicine doctor and they are awesome, they will tell you exactly what you needcrazylicious85 écrit: My sister was on a birth control a few years ago that messed with her mental state so bad. She fortunately realized it fast and changed birth control. She has never dealt with feeling that way before and she said it was absolutely horrible, like she was a different person in a bad way. Hope you get some answers!

Edited to add the name of birth control my sister had to stop taking : Ortho Tri-cyclen LoThe Wiegman’s World écrit: Hate that I missed your live. I was in the hospital since Friday with GUESS WHAT!?!?! CELLULITIS! In my leg. Man that stuff is no joke!Sammi Fowler écrit: Happy Easter!!!! Iv just had to have blood work done and am getting on anexity medication for the first time. I hope everything is going good stay so strong @!Sharp Life écrit: 30 minutesBailey 15 écrit: I was told Magnesium Calcium B12 and D 500mg only at a time Any more is expensive urineJudi Dunham écrit: Make sure you buy your probiotic from a place that sells it refrigerated. If you buy it off the shelf, it most likely won’t be alive.Judi Dunham écrit: #Replay ����Kathi Kamholz écrit: Is Ally still getting stuck in the hole in the bathroom?MistyLyn écrit: Vit D3 KATIE!! GET IT!�� Right now, go write it down on your Target list of things to get!�� At least 2,000 IU and take at least 3 a day! Then make sure you tell your OB or new Dr next time you see them. TRUST ME you WILL notice a diff in moods daily. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Kathi Kamholz écrit: Yes, a1c is blood sugar. Determines whether your diabeticMichelle Belle écrit: Cute hair girl!!!!Kathi Kamholz écrit: Happy Easter, Katie ����Joséanne Gauvreau Robillard Vegan écrit: Happy Easter KatiePatricia Gelenaw écrit: ��

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