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Curing Alzheimer’s with Science and Song | Rudy Tanzi & Chris Mann | TEDxNatick

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Alzheimer’s cases are growing at an alarming rate as our lifespan rapidly outpaces our “brainspan”. There are 5.4 million patients in the USA and as 71 million baby boomers head toward high risk age, Alzheimer’s could singlehandedly crush our healthcare system. The good news is that dozens of Alzheimer’s genes have been identified, and the opportunity for stopping this disease has never been greater. Rudy Tanzi discusses how he and others are doing just that. He is joined by chart-topping recording artist and actor Chris Mann for a performance of their anthem of hope, “Remember Me,\ » that blazed the Internet in pursuit of a cure.\n\nDr. Rudy Tanzi, a Professor of Neurology at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital and was named one of the TIME100 Most Influential People in the World in 2015 for his groundbreaking research on Alzheimer’s disease.\n\nChris Mann is a critically acclaimed recording artist and actor who has performed over 700 times as The Phantom in \ »The Phantom of the Opera\ » (Nat’l Tour) and on NBC’s \ »The Voice\ ».\n\nThis talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

CM Lim écrit: It's really interesting !
thanks a lotCrystal Bennett écrit: i was cured of HERPES VIRUS by a great herbal doctor called DR Lucky with the use of different combination of Africa herbs. it is still like a dream to me. There is no word suitable enough to qualify your significant in my life dear doctor. you too can contact him for any kind of cure on his Email �� (drluckyherbalcure@gmail.com) or Whatsapp him; (+2348154637647FLORIN T écrit: Wtf is this? Ted talk, fund gathering, musical? Infos are so outdated and so simplified is not worth it your time. Typical American style – make money from everythingAlice Samek Benoit écrit: So sad, but anyone who has looked after a loved one with dementia will know how hard it is physically and mentally. My heart goes out to anyone/everyone affected by Alzheimer/Dementia. A huge shout out to any caregiver doing this alone! I feel your journey. I feel your pain because I've been there. My mom was also diagnosed in her 60s. Feeling absolutely shattered, heartbroken and drained , working with different physicians across the country with little or no improvement. I was exhausted and overwhelmed to look any further. Crying a lot through frustration, anger and despair, But today with the help of Homeocure Worldwide Natural Medicine, my mother is completely healthy and well again. I think we only need more support and sunlight to overcome this dreadful disease. Search for support regardless and don't stop until you get it. With Homeocure Worldwide treatment, there is hope, don't give up! contact them on their youtube channel for more infotami stone écrit: So informative and makes sense, my mum had alziemers … now things make senseIan Green écrit: If you grow a human brain in a dish, what is it thinking?Dr. neurologist Dr. neurologist écrit: Superb ��Miriam De Leon écrit: Beautiful voice and song!chandan Kumar écrit: 16:45 SLEDs … Sleep Plenty (8 hours), LEARN actively (Watch TED, Read books),
Exercise 8000 Steps, Diet – Mediterranean/Vegan
stress reduction => elimination.SM K écrit: Question for Mr. Chris Mann: Did you paternal grandmother have the APOE4 gene or were any other mutations found through a genetic test?SM K écrit: My mother has full blown AD at 60. She was diagnosed in her 50's. She started seeing a neurologist in her 40's. They have not been able to do anything for her other than some obligatory scans and occasional visits and eventually a drug trial that failed. The truth is you have to go to the right doctor. I think calling for people to see doctors early only works if the health care provider, the neurologist, to be more precise, is up to date with literature and cares to prevent/delay the inevitable and takes it up as a challenge rather than to watch and let it happen.Heathy13 écrit: A fantastic Ted Talk. I read the Alzheimer's Antedote by Amy Berger and I believe that she is really onto something. I highly recommend the book!Alex Milligan écrit: They have been curing alzheimer's disease at the sunnybrook hospital in Canada with focused ultrasound check it out on YouTubeSakshi Sood écrit: Thank you.m R écrit: I’m with Dr. Bredesen- he’s not anti drugs per se but he is definitely all about lifestyle and a highly comprehensive approach to this disease.
I just don’t understand why the medical establishment finds drugs to be their go to solution. Why not try to understand WHY the plaques are forming in the first place? Why would one decrease their genetic susceptibility to Alzheimer’s by moving to Nigeria for instance?Gerald’s Videos écrit: Almost forgot to watch this.One love écrit: wow that is great job well doneCitizenthirteen écrit: Mediterranean diet is not good enough. Do a WFPB diet if you want your best chance at preventing dementia and AD. There is already enough data to show animal products cause these diseases . Countries that eat WFPB diets have a minuscule fraction of AD than North America. ITS THE FOOD DUMMIES.Barbara Davison écrit: This may be one of the most powerful TED talks I've ever watched. As a nurse who works with dementia patients, I find this especially interesting. Thank youbathsheba écrit: How does cholesterol impact the formation of plaques, tangles and tau? APOE4 is also implicated in coronary artery disease. You haven't explained the connection. If inflammation is key to the formation of tangles and tau which chokes off the neurons, then wouldn't high dose cortisone work in stopping the inflammation and thereby preventing Alzheimer's from ever developing.144Donn écrit: In my view, nothing of value is given here. There are CONCRETE steps we can all take to prevent AD and if stricken there are things we can do to somewhat recover; Dr Bredesen has 36 areas in one's life to look at and analyze, there is coconut oil and Lion's mane. Do not rely on the pharmaceutical industry for help- take steps on your own with simple but powerful methods.

For prevention, yes, this video gives some help..eat a VEGAN\Plant Based diet, do High Intensity Interval training..and take this stuff seriously!B Juliana Leo écrit: The BS that has invaded Society is thinking that DOCTORS are there to CURE what ails US! Doctors of MEDICINE …are just That. They deal with medicine = not the Prevention needed to stay healthy. MEDICINE IS A BIG BUSINESS – always has been. But decades ago when Natural medicine was used – Big Business and Investors supported Colleges to implement a Business Idea with Hospitals…and put natural medicine doctors out of business.

That is the real truth – Pharmaceuticals has always been the Driving Point with All Doctors. NOT Prevention and Maintenance of a Healthy Body…by eating Living Foods for a Living Body. I don't care what you all say – You will always be at ODDS with the Medical and Health System. Sick People MAKES MONEY! And will eventually lead to the demise of our Health Care – it will implode into itself because it is overtaxed with very little people to handle all the people that are sick.

IT starts at Home and in Schools…TEACH People Good Health & Nutrition – and this world Just may have a Chance. BUT, at this point, I highly doubt it. We have worked against ourselves for decades…and will fade away into nothingness.Ron Erickson écrit: If you want to relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia disease take an eyebrow tweezers and remove the hair follicles from the patients hands, feet, and wrists. This should have an immediate effect on their well being.nola english écrit: Why do so many have Alzheimer’s today? What is causing us to get it?Daniel Holthus écrit: STATINS are a major issue. If you take them, STOP. Look at the number of cases before and after the invention of STATINS.steve ciaffoni écrit: ✍️����☔️��Michael Orchidevik écrit: Alzheimer is an  INFECTIOUS  disease of the brain.  Therefore, coconut oil helps –  but  slowly  , difficult  ,   but it helps  ,  if the bacteria is not very strong .   This is mainly a fungal infection and  if the infection is very strong   coconut oil  does  not  help  at all .  Found a huge amount of bacteria in the brain  .   I  found   the  BEST  cure  for  Alzheimer  Disease  —  Baking  SODA   ( teaspoon  in  warm glass of water  on  empty  stomach )  by  making  body  alkaline    and   Garlic  a lot  .   Rife  machine  amazing  works .   And  Beta-Amiloid  plaque  does not  cause  the  Disease    —-    BACTERIA   making  inflammation  and  inflamation    cause  of  forming   Beta-Amiloid   protein  ( or  plaque ).    THANK  YOU  FOR  TELLING   THE  TRUTH   about  BACTERIA  causing   Disease  !!!Jet Thurmann écrit: 15. MOTHER
Why cant you be as you were before?
open, sharing and understanding,
understanding my sorrows as well as your own,
creating bonds between ud forever.

I remember you throughout my childhood.
constantly loving, supporting and listening.
You were a secure harbour
to which i could always return
and be myself.

Today you are not here anymore.
your soul has gone somewhere else.
You are sitting there with your
eternal smile,
and your green vacant eyes.

Your are busy twisting paper
with your hands
saying yes and no with an empty face,
only god knows what your are thinking.

Maybe we should have let you go
when you wanted to-
instead of leaving you sitting here
with your constantly smiling face.

Jet Izabella Thurmann, 1993, Skyros.beingsshepherd écrit: What an cringingly American ending ��Andrew Rus écrit: Took me over 30 years so I am an expert on this. Forget everything else you have learned, what works is bamboo resin (bioavailable silica) and spooky2 (rife device).Matt Shortridge écrit: You mention costs of the illness to Medicare/ Medicaid, but plenty of families are paying out of pocket because the long term care is not covered So the cost is even greater than what you describe. Not to mention the lost work of family members trying to keep sufferers at home.KAY STARR écrit: The year 2025 is not help to most people…80% will eventually get alzheimer's…lorrie beauchamp écrit: It's unfortunate that there is so much FEAR around Alzheimer's, because that fear-based approach makes it harder to deal with, by caregivers and family members. Both my parents are afflicted; we choose to stay positive and keep laughter in our lives. Music therapy has done wonders, but calling this condition "horrifying, terrifying, alarming", etc., is more harmful than helpful. Cancer is cancer, AIDS is AIDS and Alzheimer's is Alzheimer's. It is what it is, neither good nor bad.Steven Cravis écrit: Thank you for sharing in this excellent TED talk, Rudy!11thstory écrit: Using the SLED system to avoid going downhill.Aaron Shank écrit: Very inspiring talk.Alzheimer’s Reading Room écrit: Everone in the Alzheimer's community should watch this video. It is well worth sharing.Kinfolk Consulting écrit: Fantastic talk. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.kalijuri écrit: both coconut oil and cannabis oil extract remove plaque from the brain.Lynn Kirchner écrit: Rudy you are a hero for all the work and research you have done on our behalf for this horrible disease.  For many of my family members, 2025 is too late.  For some of us, there is hope and encouragement.  May you have all the support you need to complete your work and shift the paradigm of this disease forever. xoxoAbhishekh Mishra écrit: 1st

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