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What is depression? – Helen M. Farrell

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View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-is-depression-helen-m-farrell\n\nDepression is the leading cause of disability in the world; in the United States, close to ten percent of adults struggle with the disease. But because it’s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than, say, high cholesterol. Helen M. Farrell examines the symptoms and treatments of depression, and gives some tips for how you might help a friend who is suffering.\n\nLesson by Helen M. Farrell, animation by Artrake Studio.

iLyEs écrit: Now I feel depressed for having smaller frontal lobe like being depressed wasn't enough 🙁Katie Huijbregts écrit: I'm eating my third pack of nuts in the hope I'll eat my depression and stress awayAndrew O’Neill écrit: https://woketez.shop/ great site for mental health clothing, it even has a free personality test so you can know yourself betterMomo Dominic écrit: 2:29 me being a class clown 😀BONGO écrit: My family thinks it’s okay to joke about depression. It’s not even funny. Every time I do something so small to annoy them they say “UhHh YoU jUsT gAvE mE sEvErE cLiNiCaL DePrEsSiOn” or joke around about self esteem. My brother literally told me he has clinical depression because he can’t be arsed getting out of bed?Demarie Avila écrit: out of context: I would get sad because my sister wouldn’t play minecraft with me, that actually gave me depression because she was so busy with homework.=(Andressa Kaneko écrit: I just wanna die, why is that so bad?Sarah Gwyneth Mendoza écrit: To anyone who reads this, I hope you have a wonderful day and just know that there will always be people out there in the world you can rely on! You don't have to fight your battles alone even though it feels like you'll only be a burden to them.

I've been through it all and just kept the sadness and anger I get from people bullying me to myself, but keeping it to yourself makes it hurt even more and time keeps it burning within you. There's a calm relief that goes over you when you let it out slowly, but at that time I bursted out and ended up embarrased. The support I got, however, was something I didn't expect because I always thought that if I did let it out I will be more of a burden than I already am.

So please find someone to talk to before the emotions you try to hide eat you up even more, because the world is too harsh and cruel to battle it out alone.M écrit: I just want to die and struggling to find a way to live again. I'm struggling to fight and get up. Looking for insipiration or a friend.HawkyPlays écrit: I’m sorry but I am not having a controlled seizure just to get rid of my depression ��tsuki écrit: imagjne you want to suicide because of financial problem, and someone says "you need to consult a psychiatrist" that will cost you money, lolBeauty’s and the Beast écrit: 6 yr old 20 sec clip
So cute https://youtu.be/a28irWBlaEgSire Sheep écrit: How could you be depressed with a giant cute dog following you everywhere?Andy Sower écrit: Do you want your Ex husband/wife or lover to come back to you and stay forever with more love and more Respect within 24hours dr JAJ is the answer to your problem him also help me to bring back my lover HE is certainly the best spell caster online and YOU CAN COTACTE HIM ON drjajspellhome@yahoo.com OR (drjajspellhome@gmail.com) result is 100% guaranteeMarvaneco Salamanes écrit: How can I help myself if I can't even afford to see the doctor? I'm getting tired inside..ho ho écrit: Can we open a group chat to talk between us .someone feels same like u and understand u1000 subscribers with no videos écrit: just ask my coworkers. theyre all experts.Ved Aryan écrit: 1:12 idk why but this creeped me out badly.Jason May écrit: Mental health group.

https://m.facebook.com/groups/299828841317862/?ref=group_browseFRCrisis écrit: I just remembered the pass where I get hurt, physically and mentally and go in my room and cry.mehran qadiri écrit: it means we need more depression patients to help you doctors make the better treatment for it

isn't it unfair ����������Xelos écrit: Getting help since last week. Free healthcare is great. So damn grateful. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope you get well..Pythonic écrit: Big boohoo in commentsJordan Gravé écrit: I would love to help you on achieving your optimal health!

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https://blackoxygenorganics.com/JordanGraveWe Are Young Family écrit: https://youtu.be/yXHCSk5AX38Chris Williams écrit: Well let's just pull out the violinsMr. Cat écrit: I take my pills and I'm happy all the time happy all the time happy all the timeShruti Kharga écrit: Nowadays I don't feel anything, I feel soo lonely and sometimes feel like giving up. I feel uselessRazoristic écrit: I just realize I get depressionGamer cs écrit: Anybody depressed here please leave message below 200% guarantee after doing this 3 day art of living course you will never know depression in your life (sudharshan kriya)ecstatic playz écrit: Happy wants to know your locationvillian deku écrit: I just want to die seriously i want to die but I'm taking therapyAadrika pandey écrit: I thought i am just feeling depressed, but after seeing the symptoms i am Depressed!!milkman1988 milky écrit: If u r struggling https://youtu.be/S1LbFVJ68n4sin1399 sense écrit: I’ve been wanting to get people out of their rooms & offline after I’ve spent 8 years inside all I’ve done is make myself worse & just wasted away time if you’re staying in right now and you’re feeling like others are way too much to handle just relax there’s no reason to impress anyone be yourself stay slow and comfortable music is a great conversation starter believe that you can & stop putting things aside for no reason just do it and then you’ve got free time for pleasure don’t know who needed to read this or had experiences relative to mine but you may think everything everyone isn’t worth the worry but try make time for those who’s helped you feeling demotivated don’t stay in go find your local online parks and do your best to make your way there learn and experience everyone wish you all the best to find a better way forwardMightyTattz écrit: All the people thinking they are depressed, the only thing making you 'depressed' is you negative thinking. Please please ALL, LEARN TO MEDITATE AND FIX UR MINDSET. THEY WANT U TO BE DEPRESSED SO THEY CAN GIVE U PILLS. ITS ALL IN THE MIND.Rimmm Jhimmm écrit: I don't know how to tell my parents that I'm in depression������ I'm actually crying for this��The Kill-ua-. A cat boi. écrit: Me: has depression
My mom: "Well I have depression sometimes too!"
Me: – magically gets better –

(note: I don't really feel better when I say I'm depressed and have someone say "well I'm depressed too" when in reality they're just sad. People need to learn there's a huge difference between being depressed and having depression. Don't blur those two things into one because though they are similar they aren't exactly the same)Weirdo Weaboo écrit: I'm only 13. Why should I have to feel like this?BloxyplayzRBLX écrit: My name is in the title!!

No but actuallyZe écrit: I'm from a family that doesn't believe in depression, so I used to mention how I felt now I just don't altogether so I don't get yelled at. I just wanna feel happy about my life, soon I hope good luck everyone.Xavy écrit: Marijuana help with these man pills get you hooked on and it’s bad for kidneys for the brain but guess marijuana is illegal but pills are notYao Yao Xiao écrit: I struggled with depression a lot earlier in my life– like the ted speaker said, people who told me the feelings would pass only made me feel more guilty for struggling.

Get help, it could change your life. It changed mine.
Depression is this giant cloud that won't go away, willing it won't make it go away either. It can be managed and if you're like me who suffered from depression in its early stages, you can prevent it from getting worse and even break out of it.DOOM_SL4Y3R écrit: i had 8 symptomsDOOM_SL4Y3R écrit: the definition of me.Kim Tae Tae écrit: Having more than 5 of the symptoms is scaring mealone lotus écrit: Thank you for your video!
My message to all of you who think they are really depressed, if you are not able to ascertain reasons for your extreme or persistent negative mood or you have just stopped feeling happiness when you should have felt it in certain circumstances, please seek help.
There is hope, but also do your research as the medication can have a negative impact also.Faye Pluviophile écrit: But rainy days makes me happyKat Valentine écrit: "You quality to a diagnosis of depression "
Me: nahhhh, I don't wanna acknowledge.shivani singh écrit: It come backs like boomerang.vxCOCOxv écrit: I wish what would happen my spouse says to me “just be happy. Go for a walk.”
I don’t even want to be alive. I’m so exhausted before I even leave my bed, nevermind sleep.
10 years I still cry in the shower and alone at night, I’ve been diagnosed.
Medication is BS, you can’t just throw pills at a brain without knowing the chemical imbalances! It’s like giving insulin to a diabetic, you have to know what type.
We don’t know this yet for anyone of us that are depressed…Mondo écrit: If you are reading this I hope you have a wonderful day and know that everything will be OK and even though I don't know you I send you love xxEllis Allen écrit: I’m so sick of lifesri vishnu reddy écrit: this video deserves an award,,,truly golden 😉reginadelgraal écrit: Ancient medicine men and women adviced to call spirit's dolphin as animal Totem, to heal depression. Discover why…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zRLr_Cq_QgMichaela Folkerts écrit: To whoever is reading this:

You are amazing, you are loved, you are cherished, you are unique, you are you and thats better than ANYBODY or ANYTHING else!

You are the universe experiencing itself!! <3 ^^lisa p écrit: i'm not very happy, and it's always been like this, but now it feels like i dont wanna die, i just wanna be dead. i wanna ask my parents to get me a therapist but my mom always says "she's shy" or "she's quiet". i dont know. i dont wanna say im depressed because i dont even have a therapist, but im just scared to be depressed and t i dont know how to tell my parents.Akash Singh écrit: All you need is OSHO and BUDDHA THOUGHTS TO FIGHT DEPRESSION ALL THE BEST HAVE A PACEFUL LIFE AHEAD ��water melon écrit: I've asked for help I got 70 stitches on my wrist and a letter from my doctor that I need help and my mom says it's all in my headEvangelina’s Drawings and gameplays écrit: I don’t like opening up about my DIAGNOSED depression because all my “friends” are saying I’m faking it for attentionEvangelina’s Drawings and gameplays écrit: I was diagnosed when I was 9, today I am 12…. why me? Why not my ex friend or somethingTalene Rivera écrit: I know a lot of people who will joke about things like depression. It’s not funny.BE GREAT écrit: Let's speak I want to know more about you ??NEEHARIKA D Unknown écrit: I spoke with my dad about everything, I cried and told that I dont find the point of why I am even alive. And issues with my family and friends drove me into more sadness. I am undergoing treatment now, dont know what will happen. Just remember one thing…… ASK FOR HELP!!! Keeping it to yourself will not help even a little bit. Dont keep it with you for too long that it will lead you to severe consequences. Talk too your loved ones or strangers (as you wish). Trust me you fee a bit relieved. And dont forget there is a cause for you to be alive, wait for it…..Melvin Samson écrit: Only 10 % in the US? I don't mean to be insensitive, but I feel that 10% is a VERY conservative estimate. I was expecting more… Idk, it's bound to have increased due to social media, peer pressure, bullying etcGrace Nemet écrit: Did you know that Autism can cause depression, too. I think negative things make me depressed, but my parents don't know what. My plush, rubin is like my anti-depression (but without the pill), he also keeps me company sometimes.helmuri22 écrit: There is just one simple answer to this.
You dont even have to watch the video.

SchoolSuresh Palaparthi écrit: Aah… Sodhi…Marcos Vassallucci écrit: Hace años la tengo y nada me ha ayudado https://www.change.org/Agregar_Interlingua_a_Duolingojocecito paol écrit: switchErika Neal écrit: I looked up how to deal with depression alone because it’s 2:44 am and I have zero well to live. I feel like I will never be loved. I feel like I will always fall short. I’m ready to quit…jazzy Herobrine écrit: Bingo wait a secondLovepreet Singh écrit: Depression is the state of mind in which one can feel always dejected from his/her life. i was the one who was suffering in the same way. i was in that state in which i was not attentive and was not able to concentrate on anything but after switching to depression care pack by planet Ayurveda now i am somwhere relieved.Unusual Stranger écrit: 1:02 Nice to see I have all of those symptoms .

Frankly , I have given up on helpCinnamon Marionberry écrit: I have two messages for two different people.

To those with true depression:
I know things seem rough, Either just recently or for a long while. But don't consider suicide. I won't ask you to do it for me, or your friends, loved ones.. Just you. Do it for you. Don't be scared to ask for help. If it gets to the point of considering self-harm, take some time to gather your confidence. It could take an hour, a few days, months. Just don't be insecure. Ask for help from professionals. They won't judge you. If you face them, remember: they will try their best to help. And so will people who truly care about you.

And to those who fake depression:
It's not quirky. It's not fun. It won't make you famous. There's no benefit. Doing this will only truly hurt you in the long run. Please don't fake depression, no matter what. It may have short-term benefit, yes people will care for you for a bit, but you're just shooting yourself in the foot. It's not fun to tell people you cut yourself. It's not fun to tell people you're considering suicide. You can't tell people you're depressed if you're only temporarily sad. You can't pretend to be like this if you're the happiest you've ever been.Be Kind Short Film écrit: If your having a bad day and need cheering up check out my Shortfilm ������ love you all xonenaser écrit: 26 years of depression
the only things it's help me a lot
is NOFAP i hope it's help you toLakmunchlax Josiah écrit: Thank youXblackEx u. écrit: I don't want to live my life but I'm scared to dieCԋασƚιƈ LαႦʂ écrit: “I didn't want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that's really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.”rVal royal écrit: I just feel like no matter who I tell no one would care, I lost my grandmother, and I feel like she was the only one that caredNaveen Kumar écrit: Everything Feels Meaningless…LakshmiPratap Singh écrit: Listen Ayurveda Specialist, Writer of 14 books including 4 "Bestsellers" from india Mr. Abrar Multani ,over depression.
https://youtu.be/wmRg-s9mcR4Ayushman Bharat écrit: I don't know what happens whenever anything happens(good or bad) I alaways have some kind of fear within myself. My stomach and head always pains.

Let's hope for the best for myself.Asmaa Ramadan écrit: "I don't wanna die, i just wanna get relief"
-NF…arvind panwar écrit: only 4 I haveAthithya Raj écrit: I'm having all those symptom
I don't know how this video on my recommandation videoRidley plays écrit: I hate the people that fake it to be cool and edgyMateo Seth Namer écrit: People that are depressed don't like saying they are because they don't want people to think they are lying or trying to get attentionPossible Quail écrit: Guys , just believe in yourself
��, See this if you are thinking nothing goes good in life「Socialist Nyarlathotep」 écrit: I’ve probably been dealing with depression most my life. I’m 17 now and have been feeling this way since I was around 9. Before then, I was a happy child living a normal life (as normal as it can be when your mother divorced your abusive father), but after my uncle died I’ve been slowly slipping into depression. After learning how my uncle (now aunt) had tried and almost succeeded in killing himself, I’ve slipped further into it. At first I thought it was just a sad mood that would go away but after gaining 100 lbs, not getting enough sleep at night, noticing my slowness and lack of energy, increase in appetite, lack of concentration, feelings of worthlessness and thoughts of suicide; some of which coming close to attempted suicide (I have held a knife to my wrists a lot of times and was about to actually do it, then I remembered mom would be sad). I might just be a teen saying he has depression to some of you, but I think I genuinely have it, and I can’t get help. I have a boyfriend who loves me and an uncle and mom who care for me but all I feel towards most of them is just apathy and a lack of caring. Thank you for reading this comment…Optimistic Lady écrit: Subscribe to my channel for Positivity and daily life Psychology
PLEASE SUPPORT MElytt écrit: ik im 4 years later but here is a piece of advice

"Accept the world for what it is and get on with your life"
Just because something puts you down doesnt mean anything is going to change, the world and your life will go on…. It is up to YOU to struggle through the pain because there WILL be a reward
NOW GO ON AND LIVE LIFE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!! ����V ShieLds écrit: To the people reading this:

Your Body is not a book don't judge it
Your skin isn't paper don't cut it
Your Heart isn't a door don't lock it
Your life isn't a movie don't end it��
Any help with my channel would be much appreciated����Mohammad Ahmad écrit: Satisfied Heart – Quick Relax from Anxiety, Depression and Stress.
https://youtu.be/tvUaxpXwBHgBrian N écrit: its like a hangoverThomie écrit: Depression is when you kill your minecraft dog on accidentseemal shahbaz écrit: And the only thing you can do as a person is just to open your eyes and heart as well because you will never know whose life gonna end up soon .Instead of saying thousand useless things just say to your friend ,colleague ,student,teacher,
Siblings "Do you want me to wait and listen to you "."Don't worry I am always there for you and feel free to call me".because you will never know may be this call is that person last call and your call may become that person last hope.seemal shahbaz écrit: When you feel so helpless to have suicidal thoughts,when you always cry alone ,when you need just listening ears but you feel nobody is there ,when you are in that phase where you feel even your prayers are not being accepted ,when you give your �� percent and get up again and again ,this is the period where anything does not matter anymore and the only thing that comes in your mind is suicide ,this phase is depression.seemal shahbaz écrit: When you want to say something but there is nobody to listen even when you pray namaz you feel emptiness inside,when you always smile and prefers other peope's need but there is nobody for you ,when you love your family over everything and you want their attention in your difficult times but there is nobody in the house to listen to you because everybody is being tortured at their own place,when you see someone you love is going through pain because of you but you are unable to do anything.

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