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Dangers of Benzodiazepines For Anxiety | Negative Side Effects

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Originally thought to be a miracle drug, benzodiazepines were believed to be the cure-all for loads of different ailments including anxiety, panic, insomnia, stress, worry, alcohol withdrawal and trauma.\n\nIf it can be so helpful, what could possibly make it so dangerous? Benzodiazepines affect the chemistry of the brain. They depress the central nervous system at the levels of the limbic system and the brain stem reticular formation, which changes the way the brain responds to stress, anxiety, and trauma. They also enhance the neuro-transmitter ‘GABA’ resulting in a hypnotic, sedative state.\n\nA great deal of important research now indicates the damaging side effects of taking benzodiazepines longer than 2-4 weeks for anxiety and other ailments, which you can find summarized at the links below.\n\nTo learn more about the specifics, watch this video and then leave a comment below!\n\nAdditional reading material \n-How to Rewire Your Anxious Brain (on Amazon: http://octourl11.website/773f7189 )\n\n-“The Current Role of Long-Term Benzodiazepines for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety”, Osteopathic Family Physician (2015)1, 19-25.\n( https://ofpjournal.com/index.php/ofp/article/download/364/298/ )

Pamela Deines écrit: There are those of us who got years of therapy before trying benzos like myself and was not effective at all. I live a life of drug free now, but life way worse without benzos.Lorelei Haart écrit: I wonder if It's ok to take benzos on rare occasions for example before a job interview? I took them for a few weeks but honestly I didn't feel anything and stopped taking them. I'm managing my mood better now with excercise and herbs…but it's not enough in stressful situations like interviews..blissy 19 écrit: I've been taking benzos (mostly klonopin) for 5+ years now, I've overdosed several times and mixed it with alcohol and self harm. But I continue to get prescribed. I've tried to stop taking it for good so many times but I can't get past more than a week. I'll find just about any reason to take a klonopin, I really want to stop for good but I'm terrified.ive been doing alot of research lately and i know it's a process but I'm still stressed out about it to where just thinking about quitting benzos makes me want to take one to relax.John Mac-Lean écrit: I've been on Benzodiazepines for a year now, from Ativan, to Valiums, to now Klonopin and they've shattered my anxiety and made it so much worse. My tolerance to them rises and I have also abused them heavily. I'm over 80 hrs cold turkey from Clonazepam after abusing 6mg in a day and I'm contemplating going to the hospital. Benzo's have compromised my quality of life completely and my friends say I'm not even the same person when I'm abusing them. Going on Benzo's was a mistake, and even after going to a treatment center. They prescribed me Valium after. I wish I never took a Benzo.matt mcclintock écrit: Everything you have said is what I have watched happen to my mom after the last 25 years of her being on klonopin. I have been by her side for a week helping her tapper off. It is so sadLennart Hagen écrit: I have been on Valium and Nitrazepam for 12 years ,……i think i need RehabBWL Asaad écrit: I have taken Bromazepam for 3 years because of my depression induced panic attacks. Since 6months I‘ve been off. I have taken so many different anti depressants and none of them helps with panic attacks. Bromazepam and other Benzos are a blessing for people who suffer from daily panic attacks. Trust me, if you have a panic attack yourself and see that it keeps torturing you for hours you wish you had access to one of the Benzos. People need to watch the dose though. Never take it for getting high! Use it only for the medical application!alinabrigit raju écrit: How it causes body ache and headaches as side effectsGavin Mumby écrit: Paige, can I ask your advice? I was on klonopin for a year and non prescriptive benzos for a year. Stopped in Sep 2018 for a year and a half trying to heal trauma and co dependency issues. Lost my children and now after not healing for 2 years I’ve had 5 detoxes in hospital this year for repressed anger. I’m in hospital now for a final detox where I’m on diazepam 15mg 4 times a day and then for the next 6 days I’ll be tapered down. I have therapists that want to help me (I’ve also stopped taking mirtazapine 15mg). From what I’ve told you I don’t know what it’s done to my brain and how long before the brain returns to normal after this detox before any real theraputic work can begin? Thank you so much xMichael Felde écrit: been on XANAX 2 mg + a day for over ten years.i tried stopping cold turkey and BIG mistake.i felt like i was tripping on a heavy dose of DMT for a few days . i had to go back to taking it daily just so i would not seizure or have a stroke.IM STILL HAVING PROTRACTED W/D even currently on this med! I quit alcohol in 1985 ,quit smoking and de toxed off oxy contin[doctor prescribed] w not to much problem at all .all that seems easy compared to getting off xanax! 4 days ago i reduced the xanax to 1.5 mg a day .o.5mg 3x a day .so far i dont feel too bad. im hoping to taper off completley in 8 weeks maybe 12. im doing this on my own .doctors seem to want nothing to do w this ![that and i cant afford the doctor+meds and medicare covers nothing w this ] im TERRIFIED that the damage is permanent and that i may go in to protracted W/D syndrome x100 and never recover .on the other hand i might just make it.. would like to say goodbye to this for good! so far the reduction side effects are headaches and nightmares[lucid dreams] . im only taking it now to stay alive and not wind up in a mental hospital ,its doin nothing for my anxiety . are there cases where a person may be better off just taking the med for life? im 62 and totaly disabled ssdi .degenerative discs BPD AND prob cancer. i smoke maryjane daily and believe this is one reason why im still alive. other pysche meds never worked and my psychiatrist thought that the xanax was the answer because of rapid cycling . ? again does any one else feel that they may be better off just taking this or other benzo for life instead of going thru w/d? i have never abused this med or took it to get high . HELP! please dont suggest alchohol .lol well ,not funny really …. booze is terrible if u hav the bad gene. i think alcoholism is bi polar disorder .just a theory . thanks 4 readingAlex Hayden écrit: For anyone who comes across this video and is interested in further reading on this topic: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/side-effects/201011/brain-damage-benzodiazepines – from Psychology TodayShana Neidig écrit: I've been prescribed clonazepam 23 years, always told it was safe. I was cut off cold once and nearly died..had a seizure etc..I reinstated and now have tapered ( taking tiny dust particles in between days now) I do not trust doctors anymore, I've tapered on my own with the help of other benzo wise patients.Ro Merrett écrit: Thank you so much our son is using them without prescription someone sells them to him we found him in his room unresponsive yesterday morning how do we help himeliminate thebluepill écrit: Great video, excellent, accurate and responsible information – thank you.
A major problem with eliminating benzodiazepines is that there aren't many safe and/or effective medications that can help significantly with anxiety that can be substituted. Yes, there are other medications such as anti-depressants that can also reduce anxiety, but if they worked well enough, benzodiazepines prescriptions would have ceased. Also, it can take a while for patients to find the best anti-depressant for them, and the right dosage for that matter too – which of course, is another risk for patients. You are correct that psychotherapy is highly effective, but some patients will need more than that.
The medical profession have known of the dangers surrounding benzos for long enough and have had a lot of time to come up with a better medication. In the scheme of things, they aren't much safer than barbiturates. It's an area that still needs so much attention, time and research.Wendel Bolide écrit: Benzo withdrawals were the most horrific experience I have ever had. Absolute terror 24/7 for 8 months. I wanted to die. The words BENZO and LONG TERM have no place whatsoever in medicine. The best thing for anxiety is exercise and novel environment introduction. Well thats what worked for me! For things to change people gotta get out of their routine.John C écrit: Reading all these horror stories scare me, I have been tapering from 2.5 mg of xanax for almost a year now, I am at .75mg now, but I have anxiety until I take my daily pill of xanax. I have fell into severe depression while on this for about 5 years. I am worried I will never be the same. As anyone or know anyone who has conquered this addiction and has no more ill effects at all?Liza Dufresne écrit: Terrible drug. Ten month gradual taper at rate of 1.25 per cent. Spent most of this time in Epsom salts baths. Horrific muscle spasms that continue four years later.Lily Sallee écrit: I take 1.5mg Ativan for catatonia and 2mg for insomnia.Shaun Kearns écrit: I’ve abused diazepam and temazepam for 2 years every single day apart from stopping for a week. The withdrawals are horrific at one point I’d be taking easy 200mg diazepam every day and the same with temazepam if not more. The tolerance builds up very quick. Stay away they are probably the worst drug on the planet to get addicted to i only wanted to get rid of this pain I feel every day of depression and horrible anxiety and this happens to me. So far I’m 3 days off them going cold turkey. ��AlexanderDmz écrit: Thank you for sharing!
Benzodiazepines are really only last resort treatments for anxiety disorders. They can be effective in only >12% of users for long term use, but that doesn't mean that withdrawal symptoms will not happen. It's a albatross. There's virtually no Doctor sanctioned tapering process, except the Ashton Manual. You cannot quit these cold turkey. They can have nasty effects on others, everyone responds differently. These should be still, reserved for treatment resistant anxiety and even then, carefully monitored. But awareness needs to be raised.Anya écrit: I was on benzos with ambien for 11 years.. my psychiatrist just keeps trying to throw more and more medications at me.. switching to new doctors.. I’m scared of psychiatrists now �� I’m still battling with thoughts of suicide and I just feel victimized. Attempted suicide again a few weeks agoneurotransmitter écrit: Can klonopin cause derealization/depersonalization and depression?David Ryan écrit: I wonder how much it ends to just being about convenience. I'm a long time anxiety sufferer (panics attacks since kindergarten, OCD, GAD, PTSD, you name it). I have been looking for a new therapist but honestly it can be challenging at times. It's not impossible by any means but you definitely have to jump through some hoops and finding a person who you really connect with and can competently help you can be a long arduous process. Still haven't gotta a therapist since my last move, but finally the panic got so bad I caved and ordered some Etizolam (benzo analog) online. Worked wonders first few days. It has a weird reverse tolerance at 2-4 weeks so it should still do give trick. But I also can just feel it in my gut that it's not a real solution and a path back to substance abuse (was a weed addict for 13+ years. ) Thanks for this info. It confirms some hunches and motivated me to go get the long-term help.Johnny Beasley écrit: What about me I been on Xanax for 30 years and they told me nope you can’t take Xanax and Lortabs at the same time they will kill you? My question is I been on both for 25 years? Why not say something 5 years ago , 10 ? Cold turkey they took me offJames Sykes écrit: I could really help you to help others, i think. I'm a benzo addict and maybe some first hand info might be useful? I have drug induced psychosis and use benzos for treating this and massive anxiety, plus for enabling me to function as a human being. I've been taking benzos for about ten years so I know what it's like. Your video is probably the best one that I've seen on you tube – thankyou and well done! If you want any info from an addicts perspective, reply via the comments? Peace, love and tranquillity! Lol_BLeW_ A_FuSe_ écrit: It's a neurotoxin that destroys the gaba -A receptor and it doesn't heal for yrs often permanently disrupting the neurons often leading people to suicide abolish these w0rthless clueless scumbag lowlife medical poison control specialistPhilippa Mediwake écrit: What you say makes absolute sense. Social support, exercise, good nutrition etc etc is a far superior substitute than running for the ‘quick-fix’GolfLife écrit: I just watched your video, it seems it will be helpful for me in the progress to continue to stop taking this very addictive drug called Clonazepam to treat my severe anxiety attacks that I get every so often. I have been taking Clonazepam for over 13 years now. I have decided to stop taken this evil drug that my Doctor prescribed for me and never told me the side affects that I would be facing down the road if I would ever decide to stop taking them. I really trusted my Doctor on what kind of pills he was prescribing me, but again I should of read of did some research on the drug, my fault. I can’t change the clock back so now I have battle this on my own. Yesterday has been one week since I have not yet taken the drug, the first 3 days after I stopped taking them I felt good with no withdrawals but after the third day, I started feeling very jittery, very anxious, headaches, off balance, blurry vision and speech of words where broken. I’m not giving up on this cuz I know I can beat this, it just takes a lot of effort. I’m still working full time although it’s very hard. I forgot to mention my dosage but here they are 0.5 mg each tablet, take 1 tablet twice a day. So basically I’m taking 1 mg a day. I one tablet in the morning and one at night before bedtime. It took me about 8 months to get where I’m at right now, the first month I decreased 1/4 of a pill at bedtime then one month later I decreased 1/4 of a pill in the morning, so basically every month I would decrease 1/4 Of a pill every month until I was done. And that really helped me so far. My wife is very supportive, and is a distributor sales Of a top company of CBD. she’s helping me get through this, so I’m very blessed. I started taking Full Spectrum CBD Oil 750mg , one dropper (0.6 ml twice a day) . After the 3rd day of being off the Clonazepam and I’m getting a little bit of some relief. I really enjoy watching your video and reading everybody’s comments in which really helps me understand the withdrawals and the pain of this terrible drug. I’m praying to God I get through this safely. It took me about one hour to type all this from my iPad although it’s hard to focus on what I’m saying and typing but lots of corrections due to the withdrawals. Please let me know on your thoughts if I’m doing this correctly. Thanks again for your video, it was really helpful.Aquamarine Earth écrit: Thank you for this great video!Hartley Hare écrit: You're dammed if you do & dammed if you dont…high écrit: When she mentions taking benzos long term, is she referring to daily use or as needed use as well?Naomi Samantha écrit: I was going to take my valium today. Luckily I found this video. I'll try meditation for anxiety instead. I get OCD too. Do you have any tips for healing OCD?.BethAnn Shoenfeld écrit: This medication has ruined my lifeEric Horwitz écrit: As a MD good workAllen Kracalik écrit: Benzodiazepines are far from the only harmful "medications" being prescribed wholesale by the psychiatric and medical professions. So-called "antidepressants like the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and Bupropion HCL or Welbutrin are NOT proven to be effective and CANNOT be, since there is currently NO reliable procedure for testing the levels of the brain chemicals they supposedly affect. Prescribing these drugs is therefore pure GUESSWORK, hardly an ethical medical practice. Further, cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor and other "statins" are KNOWN to cause memory loss, mental confusion and liver damage. Since our brains are practically made of cholesterol, and one of the liver's major functions is cholesterol production, it's no surprise that the incidence of Alzheimer's disease has increased sharply, particularly among younger patients, since these drugs have been on the market. As for ECT, how can inducing a seizure be in any way beneficial? Plain and simple, there are three groups of people that CANNOT be trusted–the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, whose officials are ALLOWED to accept payments from the drug manufacturers, albeit supposedly within specified limits, and the psychiatric profession, which is NOT a legitimate profession if it ever was, but has become a quack enterprise promoting unproven drug use. A footnote on the FDA: I still want to know how those high dosage opioids like Oxycontin got FDA approval.Hashaam Zahid écrit: Doctor ! I am from Pakistan.i am shy, sensitive, unconfident and can not face socially and speak public since from my childhood. I feel panic attack shaking body, heart beating, sweating and not able to speak while in panic attack condition. My father also have same symptom maybe it is from genetic.I am taking colonazepam since 2009 almost 11 years . My schedule is 0.25mg in morning and at night 0.25mg daily. in 2016 suddenly in morning, i feel my body is tremor and shaking heart beating and pulse rate very high. I take colonazepam but not recover . Till now 2020 that time i am writing this comment i can not recover from this effects. Tremor, pulse rate very high whole body and heart beating, heat just like bounce . Please help me out this . I also can not trap off colonazepam beacuse i can not face the withdrawal symptoms. Please tell what can i do.AS écrit: Yes I absolutely agree that psychotherapy therapy is pretty much a waste of time when a person is drugged by a benzo and anesthetized.

The patient WANTS them only because they haven't been told what the benzos are actually doing longterm.

My experience? I was on benzos for 40 years. I am now OFF everything–, trying to recover from the horrific physical damage the withdrawal has done to me.
I'm so glad I'm off.
Contact me if you want more info.malleswari durga écrit: how can we treat for side effects can you tell meBrad écrit: I've seen alcoholics that probably would have died from seizures if not given benzo's for their withdrawal symptoms. They were given in 50's mostly as Valium 5 mg tabs to a large majority of house wives for anxiety, stress etc, hence "Mothers little helpers" I don't think they should be given for long term use (more than 2 weeks), but they are given in ER settings to save peoples lives for other types of seizures and emergency medical issues as well. I agree with all the "negative effects" but its all the "just negative" stereotypes drugs get that we all hear all the time and that leads to a drug that may be helpful such as MDMA, which is being used in clinical settings to help PTSD and is having positive effects, to it being scheduled as class 1 or 2 (A drug with NO potential for medical use) and then it can not be legally researched (whole other issue). Some drugs are just plain bad but I wouldn't categorize benzodiazapines as "bad". Just not given out responsibly and Dr's as you say are not researching or informed of the long term risks. Just like marijuana was "bad", but after we finally did research into it, CBD's help people and people that smoke it for anxiety and I am pretty sure that after more research is done it will show definitive proof of medicinal effects. I see more of these "bad drugs" becoming useful tools in medicine, ie Ibogain for heroin withdrawal and other psychiatric disorder. I believe DMT, an 5-meo-dmt will conclude to have the some beneficial medicinal effects to us as well. This is just my opinion!. Just like to hear some of the "Pro's" an Not just "Con's"nihar desai écrit: How about medical marijuana for anxiety & depression?Lyric Queen écrit: I’ve been on 5-10 mg Valium as needed, I only take them if I have a bipolar depressive episode and have anxiety, I just get through regular anxiety even though it’s hard I take Zoloft every morning a long with concertabrighid claire écrit: Thank you so much. I was prescribed Klonopin for 20 years. I went into tolerance withdrawal and had the most horrendous symptoms. No doctor understood at all. I found support groups on FB and online. Without them I would not have known what to do. I tapered off over months but teh symptoms persist – they are better but teh healing is very very slow. I do have faith that I will heal. How could the medical providers have been so careless with my health.? If there are any lawyers watching tis, I hope they can see the next big scam ahead – much bigger than the Opioid problemWayne Lotz écrit: Was on Ativan 12yrs for spasms throat muscles… henceforth new dr weaned me off Ativan for 8 months..had all the awful symptoms that associated with benzo … been a yr now I’m benzodiazepines free however can’t stand for more 10 mins at a time without legs and extreme back pain occurs which is new for me ..Clara Angulo écrit: Thanks Paige for giving so much on your channel. My issue is Idiopathic insomnia and no doctor has ever taken me serious on this one. I need help to fall asleep, then I sleep well. I have never felt the "sleepy" feeling when you want to go to bed. So I rely in a low dose of clonazepam (0.125) every night. I am 60 and have been taking it for like 22 years. I know therapy won't help. I am also autistic, without an official diagnosis.Brenda Rodriguez écrit: I think it’s different for everyone. I was doing terrible with anxiety & PTSD, trying different med options. It was until I got prescribed with a benzo that my life changed!! I understand the risks, especially with dependency and withdrawals, along other issues, but everyone is different, and few clients cannot speak for many others. I’ve been on them 6 years only as needed, never had the urge to take more than prescribed, and never been dependent. Ever. These with my therapy completely gave me my life back. Never had no issues, even anything, everything improved for me. Again, everyone is different. I believe as long as a client has a good plan with their psychiatrist/therapist/dr and healthy check ups then I don’t think it’s bad.nedar giordano écrit: Intermittent explosive disorder is a common problem with benzosRamsin Pourian écrit: Thank you for your kind video. I will say that Antidepressants are just as bad or even worse than benzos. All of these sychotic toxic wastes are for human destruction. No kind doctor or a genuine carrying physician will give these to their patients. Today's synthetic doctors are all about destruction of human health and their main goal is to disable people with these toxic waste drugs so that they can get their incentives from big pharmaceuticals and this is exactly how it is because I've been a victim of a same licensed drug dealer. Thanks God I'm getting better day by day going to almost 3 years now. God bless you all whether you are in your healing process or caring and supporting a loved one. Healing will happen so just takes time.Blinkingstar écrit: Last Month went to a psychiatrist for the first time for my Anxiety. She gave me this Clonazepam prescription and told me to take as needed only. Well, i haven't take it yet . Gladly came across with this channel and made me grateful that i haven't started taking the meds. I don't want to put myself in a bad situation due to some medicines .Deer Heart écrit: Well I thought this was such a great drug , little did I know about the withdrawal or the rebound anxiety , I def learnt about building tolerance something I did not really believe , but I def think I did build tolerence as I started to need a higher dose , tbh the doctors need to educate patients more when prescribing them I was just told " they are addictive " and I just thought oh I won't get addicted to them but they are extremely addictive , Drs need to be more vocal , although would I have listened ??? I'm not so sure I just thought it was such a great drug …but now I feel v wary , shame as it kills the anxiety short term I feel almost normal but it seems everything has its consequencesChad Soard écrit: Thank You for acknowledging and helping to bring awareness of these drugs!!! They caused me a lot of pain and illness,especially after I stopped and I just didn't know any better when taking them…..Proverbs 31 écrit: Prescribed short term diazepam for health anxiety and muscle tension which has helped, prescribed 2mg 3x a day but I only have been taking a small dose once a day of 2mg, cut down to 1mg only taken for two weeks then I stopped taking it after feeling I don’t need any more now tension is released and reassured about my health anxiety but been having some withdrawal effects how long do you think they will last?JD écrit: I’m on my 48th month of tapering 5 mg alprazolom constantly decreasing by 10% each 30 days. I’ve been horribly damaged since 2013. I’m at .0300mg and wake up each day with horrible head pain and agoraphobia. I am not who I was. Hopefully I can stop my taper in March of 2021 and then hope for recovery. Benzos are straight from hell and should be eradicated. They ruin lives.Jesus salvation écrit: All ik Klonopin help take away my panic attacks i went to er to many times from suffocating from shortness of breath and tight chest and guess what they gave me an ativan a BENZO itll all depends how u use it . Pple who abuse it ruin it for pple who are responsibleMinie c écrit: a great video. My question is how can we move toward a systematic changes, so that everyone will be informed about these toxins to begin with. Shouldn't we sue the phramas collectively?MsJinkerson écrit: my side effect was violence Lorazepam with paroxetine a serious reactionNatalie Morgan écrit: Thank you for your videos. I'm switching from Klonopin to Valium in order to taper. Does the chemical anxiety ever get better?Andrew Van Scott écrit: So I’m on my third month of being on 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the evening. And I’ve never taken anything that’s helped with my panic attacks and Anxiety. I’ve had 15 years plus of counseling with a psychiatrists and counselors. And this video scares me. these last 2 months have been the best I’ve felt and been since I was sexually assaulted at age 10. I’m currently taking 100mg of Zoloft and 1mg twice a day ofClonazepam. I’m a 28 year old male. So dose these mean I need to quit taking it ?Daxton Knight écrit: Benzos ruined my life. Horrible.LibertyR Russ écrit: I take a small dose(4mg) of diazepam each morning. I also exercise and do CBT. I feel like my life has gotten better since going on it. I know that I'm physically dependent. I keep up with appointments and making sure I have my refills on time. I'm almost cool with needing the medication as long as I'm continuing to make progress. I have built some tolerance(but somehow it still works the way I need it to without increasing dose). I don't want to even think about a taper until college is over.Der Gorghast écrit: Here is what can help … take NOTHING! Anxiety is a natural phenomenon. Most anxiety… and the chances that your anxiety, though you are unique & special, is almost zero!David Gersten écrit: Excellent video. I’m an integrative psychiatrist. People don’t come to me to get on drugs but I use minimal amounts. Antidepressants are not a good solution to anxiety. SSRIs are the antidepressants doctors order. These are dreadful drugs that destroy libido, decrease creativity and interfere with the flow of emotion. I’ve been reviewing the research on SSRIs. They are no better than placebo and less effective than earlier antidepressants. Eli Lilly, the company that manufactures Prozac had their wonder drug rejected by the FDA for years. Studies showed no benefit. A number of the preliminary studies were corrupt. Lilly kept rearranging the statistics and. the FDA kept rejecting. The studies didn’t change. The statistics kept being juggled until the FDA caved in and Prozac replaces Valium as doctors’ “drug for everything.” Early treatment for panic disorder was a drug like Tofranil (antidepressant) and a benzo. I finished my psychiatry residency in 1978. I was taught that meds were for short term use while the psychotherapy was proceeding. Within a few months or sooner people were tapered off their meds. I see severe anxiety. Dr Peter Breggin has written extensively about the dangers and politics of every class of psych drugs.S Moody écrit: I don't get you people benzodiazepines are not meant to be taken everyday on a daily basis I have severe panic disorder and I always end up taking Maybe 324 to file a month not even all together I've tried everything in my power to stop a panic attack before I go to my last resort is my Ativan it is a lifesaver for me you have no idea I'm not addicted to them I don't depend on them I take them less than anyone I've ever known I've tried every single type of therapy for benzos and my opinion instead of any of benzos in my opinion ssris in any sort of antidepressant is so much more dangerous than any benzodiazepine or even opiate I have more respect for benzos than any other drug I do not miss use them abuse them take too much or too much in a day I thought this truck I have no idea where I'd be I have such bad anxiety it I can't even explain how bad is oh and did I mention I'm also in recovery from opiate alcohol hand amphetamine and meth addiction and I have not and will never misuse benzos I hate that stigma that or because you're an addict you can't have this certain thing as those are the only thing that will help me plus I wanted to be on something that I would not have to take daily because that puts me in a bad state of mind and that is for my recovery unlike you people that been taking them for years daily hourly for like 30 years that's not what they're for they're for as needed so people stop spreading some with crap about them the other people they've destroyed their life for me it's saved my life thank youLalitha Gayatri écrit: Good information ma'am.Rodney Daub écrit: I'm 43, was very sick then and now. But I feel benzo, valium have made me much worse
i have every thing mentioned above, and I feel I am getting worse by the year!
I'm lowering the dose now. It's all I can do!
Does it help now? No! not even at stupid high doses. I just lay there awake.
I asked to be put on this stuff, begged for it almost. It was only thing that gave me relief. Now I find it was a curse
Help!RaulFAlaniz écrit: I can most definitely agree with making long term use (anything over a month) basically entirely discouraged….BUT in some situations, what happened with opioids is now beginning to happen with benzos……I have a four figure ER bill because my bp hit 197/137 …. I had never had a panic attack that bad, and I had never had a severe headache, so I told myself "I am not stroking out tonight….today isn't the day I die or become a vegetable"……So I ask my pdoc for a one off PRN script of klonopin for panic attacks….He wouldn't have it……Not even the psychiatrist at MHMR RXs benzos…..But THEY DO ABSOLUTELY HELP ARREST A PANIC ATTACK and taken ONLY prn (like say a quanitity of 30-60 with no refills for at least a year) they are not that problematic unless abused…..Now I am in the situation where I have real physical causes for hypertension in addition to psychogenic…..WHen the big one hits I am afraid I will just tell myself "It's just a panic attack, but I can't have a milligram of klonopin because they are now basically verboten"…..lilbumkin abdl écrit: Xanax is very helpful for me.OreElect1 écrit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh-enG_cv0MbGoU4XdT9mxAOreElect1 écrit: https://youtu.be/_OFTgpniWtkGCT10/31/1990 écrit: The problem isn't Benzodiazepine the problem are doctors,let's cut through the bullshit for a second…it's far to easy to blame the drug for people's negative reactions instead of ourselves which we are to blame along with the doctors who hand these drugs out like candy.time tk take responsibility people no more blaming that's weak of you and cowardly at best, research…we've all failed ourselves in research,we failed to demand from our doctors and we failed ourselves to use properly,I don't care how much you reading this say "You've used as prescribed", chances are especially if your a long term user is you've went off the path more then a handful of time but no one wants to admits their own faults simply because it's easier to blame others which is pathetic.
These Benzo's have a great benefit in real world medical applications and shouldn't be so dismissed simply because it has effects which I don't know of any drug that doesn't. This is a short term management treatment plan with better results short term then long to which you as the patient failed yourselves when not being aware of this fact…which leads me into Doctors,more then anything you men and women are 100% responsible for the sufferings these drugs cause,along with the FDA who sleep comfortably beside Big pharma with a nice printed cheque to look the other way while Big pharma hides information of addiction and side effects,but you doctors also gain income from havung patients go onto these therapies..you guys put patients on these drugs,you fail the patient to give them all the information needed for them to decide if the benefits outweighs the negative (which it never does), but what's worse is you fail to have a plan off these drugs which should be criminal…because trust me patients who get hooked and or harmed to the point where getting off seems like a nightmare no one is prepared for is the most disheartening and sad forms of inhuman experimentation you doctors practice daily, patients get hooked or feel they can't get off which sends their mental status worse into darkness because now they either have to feed their addiction while feeling like a criminal or they feel disgusted in themselves feeling like a addict…monsters,your all monsters those poor patients who had their lives destroyed reaching out for help in a crisis receiving a ticking time bomb.opiates and Benzo's,I never seen a worse practice…there's zero planning to get patients off these and often times,once a patient is ready to come off and have decided to get off they are treated like criminals or addicts for a fate pushed on them while income is collected,doctors especially therapist turn their backs on patients,push them onto another doctor,fail to take responsibility and or write a note which discredits the patients destroying their credibility so that yours can't be later on its sicken to say the least. That's not even talking about all the symptoms a person goes through for years just to get to a heal status if one can be reached.Anthony Enright écrit: I have been taking Xanax for over six years now if I dont take it it is hard to breathe and my chest and arms hurt.I was diagnosed with Cancer six years ago where I was supposed to be dead by October 2015 so I lived and one month later my wife filed for divorce because she met someone at work so i went through a three year divorce where I lost everything due to the corruption in the court system.So now it gets worse so I take it more than twice a day.It seems that I get really sick if I dont take it and I have been to a counsellor but at the end of the day it feels like the Xanax is the only thing that is keeping me alive and functional.Mark Daniels écrit: Over 6 years of diazepam use i began on 20mg p/d 0ver that time it has increased to 180 to 200 people/dLaz N écrit: paige i 'm on attivan for five years, are the side effects gonna disappear if i quit? or they stay forever?acidbath32 écrit: To get off Benzos you need a several things, first of all you need to get yourself some phenibut especialy if you are on a high dose and you've been taking it for years. 2nd you need to get some CBD Isolate, Third you nee dto get some ginger. Mix then all toether and they will remove any problems you have from the acute withdrawal. for the rest of the withdrawal you will have to exercise, smoke pot, distract your mind some other way. It is possible though and this has come from someone whos been through methadone, suboxone, benzos, etcNicollas e Meu Mundo Animal écrit: Im 23 years old and I've been on Paroxetine and Xanax ever since I was 17. Paroxetine I do take everyday, however I can live fine without Xanax, I only keep with me at all times in case I have a panic attack… I get them pretty often so it REALLY helps me, it stops the attack and calms me down in a couple minutes. Luckily, I have been months without Xanax and I only get prescription when I go to the doctor to get my Paroxetine refill in around 6 months. I truly don't plan on stoping having the medication with me, nothing seems to work but that, but I also know that those drugs can REALLY make you addicted so I dont abuse it WHATSOEVER. Its only something I have when NEEDED.Tay K écrit: Hi bit late very late I’m 17 years old male I’ve only had little psychiatric help and it’s not help at all compared to what benzodiazepines do all I want is to feel normal like benzos make me fell can my psychiatrist make me feel normalLaura Pakledinaz écrit: Great information Paige!! I am just beside myself with this detox. I'm super upset this is not even kidding. I feel like an animal that has been used for testing. This is not even a joke. I'm not happy about this at all. It's been a daily battle for 102 days. I want to get better. Is that even possible??Lori A écrit: I was given Xanax in the ER recently after having a panic attack related to perimenopause/hormonal imbalance. They wrote me out an RX until I could see my regular doctor. After only taking 3 small doses of Xanax over a few days I noticed I was having rebound anxiety that was off the charts as the Xanax wore off. My anxiety was 5 times worse than what initially sent me to the ER in the first place. I will not allow my doctor to prescribe me a benzo when I see him tomorrow. God bless all of you going through withdrawal. I just took it for a few days and wow it is a nasty drug.

Thank you for this informative video.L.G. Girl écrit: By the way thank you for your concerns for others. Helping others from a professional point of veiw. Many are aware of their concerns. But, many times their concerns are not valid by professionals ☹️ ����������Shawn R écrit: Good Lord benzos destroyed meL.G. Girl écrit: Might as well add memory lost to that. Along with twitching eye lidsBlair Sterling écrit: Xanax and Klonopin destroyed my life.. do not come near benzos !!!Unit-Life écrit: Good to know of the negative side of these. I have been having massive panic attacks that I haven't had for a few years now that I have stopped drinking hard and smoking weed entirely.

Finally decided to seek real help and am researching what types of medications might be prescribed. Definitely don't want benzodiazepines I guess. Thank youAfrina Sultana écrit: I am taking citalaporam 5 mg for 1.5 years…is it safe…pls answar mamNaresh Rawat écrit: I have taken a tablet of etizolam 0.25 for 26 days..in total i ve taken 7 mg of etizolam in my body..i have mild anxiety..pls let me know if i am in danger??MsScruffy4 écrit: THERE IS ALWAYS DANGERS UNESS USED. SHORT TERM. USE THIS OVER A FEW WEEKS AND THE WITHDRAWAL WELL MIGHT BE A HELL YOU NEVER THOUGHT EXISTED. JUST DO NOT TAKE. A DRUG FROM HELL.andrew knight écrit: you have a nice house!Steg human écrit: Benzos destroy lives, period.
There is something seriously wrong with the medical system, it seems that selling poison is more important than duty of "CARE".
A doctor that prescribes this "TOXIN" for longer than a month should be jailed for malpractice.
My father's life is absolutely destroyed by this horrible drug.C.S. Froggis écrit: I took them a long time (Klonopin). It makes you a zombie. You lose inhibitions. Memory and learning are problems. It really destroys your brain. It prohibits you from making strong emotional bonds with other people. And it is hell on earth to get off.Austin Luckett écrit: I have found Klonopin to be very helpful, however I take it with other medications called Lexapro for depression and anxiety, Prazosin for PTSD to help my night terrors, Quetiapine and Ambien for insomnia. Some people are different and I suppose I am because I've been on 3mg Klonopin for 8 years. It still does help but you need to stick with your dosage prescribed and never begin to abuse them. Just how it has helped me, not trying to say Benzodiazapines are for everyone. I actually took about 4 years of switching medications before I was put on the Klonopin and at that time I had no clue what Benzodiazepines were. It helped me instantly and it has successfully changed my life. I don't mean other ways aren't possible but I have found a way that works for me :). Feel free to comment, I'm all ears and please don't take this the wrong way.Linuxx écrit: what about trying to use phycotherapy while on antidepressants? because antidepressants do block i beleive the front part of your brain and numb it. i agree benzos deffinitley inhibit you from learning new information but do antidepressants do that to?JIMMY.J REVIEWS écrit: This poison NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED INDEFINITELY! It does absolutely no good whatsoever!!!! IT DESTROYS LIVES!!! AND WITHDRAW CAN LAST YEARS!!!!!! Benzos = HELL ON EARTH!!!!! IT GIVES YOU BRAIN DAMAGE!!!!Felipe Mass écrit: I have been taking benzo for many years and l think that is the army way to calm down their patient i dont know how to stop using this medicationAllan Byrne écrit: I began taking 1mg of Lorazepan after a heart attack and stents. That was 15 months ago and I am trying to get off them, I first tried cold turkey and couldn't sleep. Now I dropped down to 3/4 tablet for the past 2 weeks and have been sleeping okay, tonight I am going on to 1/2 tablet and so on. Is this the best way?ishu arora écrit: HI,I i am taking clonazepam 0.25 one in morning and two in night time and desvalnafaxine 50 mg one tablet daily in morning that started in 2007 i had sudden toothache in last tooth and felt jerk that was very sudden and that i was struglling with my career and was not on any medication that happened suddenly and i felt fear go to the dentalist he examined me i told him that i felt fear when that jerk suddenly occurs in my denture or tooth .he gave me some dental painkiller and advice me to remove that last lower tooth and about my fear he send me to some psychologist..and then different physychological medical experiments started on me changing doctors and others things i was overweight that time .they given me anti depressants antihypertensive medication ..actually that time during these medication i started feeling insight my body i felt one wave in go through head to my left foot whenever my blood pressure rises or or my blood pressure rises then i felt that wave vise versa i dont know about that actually.
after some months i changed another doctor and he gave me antihepertensive and multivitamins and and other antidippresants after few months like for two six month of treatment i had weakness in my left hand pinki finger and second finger and the area between thumb and finger became thin due to weakness doctors suddenly changed my all medication after diagnosing me they wrote on my prescriptions that i had hensen .
hensen is leprosy i checked on internet.
that was in 2010 early and then i have started anti hensen anti leprosy drugs like dapsone,hensapran 100 and rifampicin for next six months and
hypertensive arbitel Am twice a day telmisarten and amplodipine combination ,petril clonazepam .25 one in morning and a multivitamin aproximately six month later i recovered my hand but i was remain continued on antihensen drugs and others approximately after three years i discontinued my antihensen drugs but from 2013 to 2019 i was continued on
arbitel AM TWICE A DAY
till 2017 i was on those self medication because now these were my habits .
In 2017 i had diabetes also so now i m on anti diabetics antidepressants and antihypertensive during this period i get married in 2017 and i felt that i had erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as well due these medicines …now my wife is very unsatisfy with me but she advice me to cut antidepressants both desvalnafaxine and clonazepam and she suddenly cut off those medicine ..what can ido
how can i get better please advice me.
i know story is very confusing but advice me something.
unknowingly i get addicted of those medicine but i am realizing now that is itmaryann holmgren écrit: Found your channel to be helpful without the eeeks your going to die from withdrawals…I have been on Alprazolam 0,5mg 3xday , my doctor left and now the new one said no. No to refill or anything about what/why .I heard cold turkey will kill me and that's how it has been left for me to do. I am 68 yrs. old and very stressed after fire, head on car accident and husband with failing organs at 55 yrs old. What advice can you help me with. I am hoping to go off without killing myself or my marriage.Hayley bourgault écrit: I've been on klonopin for 15 years 2 mg a day.My doctor just stopped giving them to me so I had no choice but to try to get off them.Hey doctor was helping me and try to get me off them and 2 weeks. As you can imagine this did not work.I want to get off them but I'm so afraid of these withdrawals cause they are horrible.What do you suggest I do to come off theseRon Daddy écrit: Thanks Paige. Very insightful. What’s the best way to taper from .5mg Klonopin taken as .25mg two times a day for 8 months? I started tapering 2 weeks ago and now down to .375mg. The withdrawal has not been too bad. Should I continue tapering with .125mg every two weeks?Tsering Paldon écrit: We need more of you in our health system.A P écrit: My friend was given Gabapentin to help him withdraw off clonazapam. It took him 1 yr. I’m so proud of him. He said it was terrible Stopping Gabapentin was not difficult I feel so concerned for people battling benzo dependencymartin duffy écrit: My mum was Sarah her husband who she loved dearly my (father) was a womaniser he put her threw hell with his affairs she turned to benzo,s to help her deal with the pain it led her to a life of prolonged suffering and illness after illness which eventually took her life. I hate the memory of my father my mum was so beautiful honest and innocent please don,t except benzodiazepines because guaranteed they will torture and eventually take your life

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