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Hey guys.\n\nHere we got for few plays on varied champions, hope you will enjoy.\n\n\nBtw i dont know what’s happening with my channel, but just got -15 subs this week from +1,2 k few weeks ago. Same for views, for likes, and everything. Is something wrong ? \nIf you still enjoy my videos, dont forget to like/share the channel, it would really help ! Thanks\n\nU.R.F videos incoming next week, see you soon !\n\nMusics :\n\n0:37 K-391 – Dream Of Something Sweet (ft Cory Friesenhan) :\n\n1:31 Malik Bash – Apollo :\n\n2:22 Captain Teemo Song :\n\n3:13 NIVIRO – Sapphire :\u0026list=PLRBp0Fe2GpgnXJ2owag81mqSFklL83-d5\n\n4:32 JJD – Adventure :

Synlox LoL écrit: 0:00 3:271964 écrit: Copy Gosu outro eh? fuck youMythlej écrit: 3:30 ur too good…stilnox? u mean challengerlox?viceDiesell écrit: that ezreal outro was so cool, howd you get that? subd for it 🙂sakuraxxxnami écrit: (L)Toony Guy écrit: hey i was just wondering what software do you use to record your gamesMamoru Hiroki écrit: Yo dude, I like your videos and you should keep up the good work!Kerpeten Ali écrit: ������������TURKEY������������Twentytwo 07 écrit: Nice channel, subbed 🙂Player écrit: All random urf montage plzPsySkim écrit: AR URF best moments please 🙂Guillaume Vu écrit: nice keep up!Minex ex écrit: i dont understand why its going down cause i watch your vids like. doublelift's (the same fun)Age Of Mythology écrit: Your channel its not appearing when i search >_>Daniel Felix écrit: Hahah that spawn kill loved itRasmus Nielsen écrit: You deserve so much more than you have, homie. Nice montage man! Keep it up!zzrd écrit: I really really love this channelmr. mantis écrit: i don't care if this bronze or master i love your videos keep the good work senpaiRZ Gaming écrit: I like that you are playing different champions but why teemo ;(Wallo tte3 écrit: I just saw someone complaning about low opponents..
But pls every streamers are creating new account every weeks and you never say shit, Synlox do once and you blame him xd
anyway good jobcheque Noris écrit: Yo man. I dont get why you are losing subs, you deserve so much more.. Will share your channel, i swear.
One day you'll get 1 billion, keep upSmudi écrit: Just a Hint: It's Not very impressive when you're playing vs lvl 20 players..Lil Boultz écrit: CY@владислав ванков écrit: Hi man

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