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Aging Matters: Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia explores the impact these diseases are having on individuals, families and communities by weaving together the personal stories of those who are living with dementia, their care partners and commentary from leading experts in dementia. The program reveals the myths and stigmas that have hindered better living and better caring and examines the heavy burden of the costs associated with the disease, whether financial, physical or psychological by laying the foundation for a better understanding of the disease process, ways to care for those with dementia and the support systems families need in order to provide that care.

Danna Carbajal écrit: I live in Maryland my mother has Alzheimers and I was told that if I need help with my mom like a nurse to come help me I have to pay out of pocket. I don't have that kind of money I wish I could put her in a nursing home she needs care 24/7 but I also was told I have to pay for that too. it's sad our old family are not getting the help they deserve����������������������������������Nikki Willis écrit: Our Mom Alzheimer's story: Samek Benoit écrit: CURE TO ALZHEIMER; So sad, but anyone who has looked after a loved one with dementia will know how hard it is physically and mentally. My heart goes out to anyone/everyone affected by Alzheimer/Dementia. A huge shout out to any caregiver doing this alone! I feel your journey. I feel your pain because I've been there. My mom was also diagnosed in her 60s. Feeling absolutely shattered, heartbroken and drained , working with different physicians across the country with little or no improvement. I was exhausted and overwhelmed to look any further. Crying a lot through frustration, anger and despair, But today with the help of Homeocure Worldwide Natural Medicine, my mother is completely healthy and well again. I think we only need more support and sunlight to overcome this dreadful disease. Search for support regardless and don't stop until you get it. With Homeocure Worldwide treatment, there is hope, don't give up! Check out this blog for useful info️;, Be it any condition, natural treatment and a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery.Abid Khokhar écrit: Beautiful lovely coupleDenise Vasquez Lemrick écrit: AMERICA needs to follow in Norway's and Denmark's lead in this Alzheimer's/Dementia war….stefan stoss écrit: Ski écrit: I'm sorry, but once you get lost near home, you're done driving.Brian leonard écrit: Grrrrrrrrrrr shame on them! I'm sorry for your mother!Ethel Perry écrit: ����❤Linda Pattenseals écrit: We have our mom at home seems like she is more confused cause she took care of money so when she asked about money she is worse.Linda Pattenseals écrit: Also medicad will pay for nurse at home.Linda Pattenseals écrit: CBS needs to do a better job on Heath care Medicare don't pay long term care medicad pays long term CBS needs to do homework.Donna Means écrit: Awesome video! Thank you.Soul_ Luv écrit: Alzheimer’s & Autism both effect high % African Americans both have been linked to aluminum. Both, depending on degree by which one is effected, but overall require a great deal of help with daily activities where respite is needed. Really makes me wonder what’s really going on here.emily foisey écrit: It’s people like this black lady that keeps racism going in our world!! This has to stop!!! Did you ever think that they don’t really show signs of this disease until it’s in it’s latest stages and that’s why they don’t get the help until they are in the latter part of their age. ?????!!!! So stop the racism and stop blaming it on every other color than the black because white people have no ideal when this disease comes on anyone it’s not the color of the skin so stop being racist !!! It’s a shame that as old as you are you would by now stop blaming your lack of wanting to do anything for your self so you blame the white man for your troubles!!! Don’t you think that the white people have enough troubles of their own and do have enough time to think about blaming black folks for it!! We have better things to do than to be racist and want to do harm to black people !! Sure there are some whites out there that are mean but don’t hold that over every white persons head for that!! Get a life and stop this racism in our country it’s time to move on !!!!doggette2 écrit: I found out that long term care is not covered by medicare..rude awakening when you are sitting in the admission office of the nursing home.$150,000 gone.Tempus Fugit écrit: IF I EVER HEAR ANYONE IN BRITAIN COMPLAIN ABOUT WAITING A FEW HOURS FOR FREE HEALTH CARE I AM DETERMINED TO CHALLENGE THEM PERSONALLY , ON OCCASIONS AFTER LISTENING TO SPOILT ADULT BRATS COMPLAINING I HAVE VOICED MY DISDAIN BY SUGGESTING THEY GO TO A COUNTRY WHERE THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR CARE . I WOULD , THEREFORE LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR SHARING N.P.T. REPORTS AND WILL DELIBERATELY PLAY YOUR BLOG IN HOSPITAL OVER THE POND .Marian B. écrit: It's nurturing and inspiring to hear strong people talk with knowledge and understanding, what the care for patients with dementia means and what it takes for carers at home with their loved one in that condition. My dear Mom took care of my father for 10 years, until the ambulance had to carry him out of his home, fully incontinent.

He was in the hospital and they didn't feed him properly, for he needed help with eating. No one had time to sit with him. When I noticed this neglect, I visited him during dinner time and fed him. He resembled a hungry fledgling! When I complained about the neglect of my father, the nurses just looked at me with glazed eyes, hardly paying attention and only nodding their head in an automatic fashion. I could've shaken them thoroughly, out of frustration.

My father died shortly after, bless him. Without my Mom's nursing strength, he faded away.
Little did I know, that in Holland, this was the year 1993, it was (or still is) a deliberate strategy to let dementia patients starve, in hospitals, in the hope that they will catch pneumonia and die soon. Good riddance. It's a harsh reality, an unspoken truth, that due to pressure in hospitals and care homes, patients are left to themselves far too long and too often.

Even my mother, who had her own accommodation, living intern in a care home, wasn't checked on her eating and drinking habits. She suffered from delirium due to adding too much sugar in her tea and coffee and not drinking enough. Her condition suffered from neglect by the nurses who worked overtime and didn't manage to do their work properly.

Now, anno 2019, a new rule is applied in care homes with dementia patients. They're only allowed to have their diapers changed once a day! It's a shame, but that's the attitude of the Dutch government these days. "Let's get rid of those useless eaters", that's the motto.
On the bright side, there are care homes in Holland where empty rooms are available for young male students to live in, work part-time in the care home and attending college.

Their presence in the halls and living rooms of these care homes is very refreshing and has a positive effect on the elderly residents who otherwise see the same old.. same old.. every day.MyOwnDrum écrit: The lovely lady from Veranda Ministries said a mouthful there, didn't she? Many places of worship, all over the country, could open their doors once a week to help!Dawn Rosette écrit: Yeah I think it's true when he said that diagnosis is no use when its genetic.Karen Louks écrit: They also need to do something about the high wage of administration they take their cut first and it's a big one the bonuses are huge a lot of the administration's have been nurses before shame on them you take the money out of the Deep Pockets of the politicians a grab what they can get ahold of and then some the corporations a greedy politicians change the laws peopleSandra Sealy écrit: ������������Caprice123 écrit: Well presented, informative and helpful programme. The longer we live the more chance we have of developing dementia, which can affect anyone. More help and provisions must be made available to help those poor souls who develop this horrible disease.E Ng écrit: Agree tt churches could help out.Victoria Flynn écrit: Fluoride is killing the brains of our people.Keiheahera Kiwi écrit: I love this the churches are amazing ….. this should happen throughout the world churches are breaking groundMuuri soras écrit: Why does everything in us defined by race. Everyone gets old. You can judge a society by how they treat their young women & the elderly ��Sarah Crain écrit: I am blessed. My loved one with dementia is a retired Veteran. That served in Vietnam. Due to his service connected disabilities, he was admitted into a State Veterans Home. It is covered at 100%. Unlike Medicaid, he got to keep his Social Security, retirement and VA compensation. The State want be putting a lien against his estate, when he passes away.

If your loved one is a Veteran that served during war time. I encourage you to collect their service records and file a claim at your local VA office. In doing so, you must apply for long-term care. To get your Veteran on the waiting list for facilitative care. As you await the claims process to be approved. A Veteran only qualifies for VA compensation if their disability is service connected. You may be surprised what health conditions are already pre-approved as service connected disabilities related to service. VA Reprensatives can help you navigate the process.

The standard of care is much better than the average run of the mill nursing homes. My loved one is well taken care of.Jos Kadampanattu écrit: Dementia because of Autoimmune Encephalitis? My wife has dementia from AE at 64. I am the caregiver and I am 70 and she is 66 now. My health in itself is not stellar. Money matters keeps me sleepless many a nights. The most important thing is to me my wife is not the person I have known for the last over 25 years. Very sad it is.7.756.1.970 écrit: US, The land of the free!

(..As long as you are strong and healthy.)doggette2 écrit: Thank you for this video.i wish that I had found it,back when i was taking care of my mother. I will pass it on to my husbands
s family now that my mother in law now has been diagnosed with dementia.Michelle and Toni Dawson écrit: These services like the verandah are fantastic, I live in Australia and take some of these services for granted,how lucky I am for the Medicare system here, I just wished that other countries were as lucky ��Maureen Elizabeth Scott écrit: Very informative love the idea of utilizing empty church facilities for respite day care. Abe’s Garden wonderful concept along with continuing research on best practices.Jaci Rogers écrit: s This is a wonderful program. I learned new things. I love the Abe’s Garden. And the one at the Calvary Church.Sharon FLOYD écrit: I spent many years working with elderly in nursing homes and senior living . But back then you either had your mind but we needed a nice place to live do you have stuff to help you if you need it or not. Or on the other side they called and said it was being Senile. So I feel like they’ve just given it new names and with each group there’s a difference in each part of being diagnosed. I learned so much in those years. I totally enjoyed it. It was sad when family members would come in and get upset or not understand why their parent is saying. Things that they would never say, or cursing, hitting, wondering off and not remembering their children or names when they visited their parent . But I have to say to those families who had to place their parents were always involved in their parents lives. I admire that. Caregiving is very difficult but satisfying.If this happens to me all I’ve ever wanted was quality not so much quantity. But if you can get both, that’s a huge blessing. And that I hope I would be in a place like Abel.DONALD1951 écrit: Cost…well the government can pay for it like welfare etc.M Jones écrit: My mom was diagnosed with early onset dementia in her 60’s she is now 74. She moved in with me and my family because a home nurse said she can’t live alone anymore. I was her caregiver for 3 hours everyday for the last 10 yrs because she was also disabled from a car accident in her late 40’s. Once she moved in with me the state cut my hours to 1 hour and 15 mins a day. It’s a joke. My mom is below the poverty line so it’s hard. I have to do everything for her because on top of her not knowing how to do her finances, cooking and working the simplest things she lives with chronic daily never ending pain from nerve damage in her lower back that affects her legs and feet. She has fibromyalgia and diverticulitis. We live in a small town and her doctor is clueless with how to help her, plus the doctor has her hands tied by the DEA and can’t give her even a lower dose hyrocodon. My mom’s daily quality of life is horrible. I get no help. But I have my mom’s back because she was the best mom who was smart, hard working and so beautiful. This video is me. I get no help but worse my mom gets no help.Maria Maria écrit: Who wants to remember poverty and hatred.Jayde’s Journey écrit: Gosh my mom just passed
10-24-18 at 64 unexpected and it’s been very hard. I could not imagine what this would be like? Sorry for everyone going thru this��Redrum Head écrit: The Australian Government solution is to cull dementia patients. Once your labelled with Alzheimers your as good as dead. There are no services for people with dementia .

The governement is just an information service = they take no responsibility for anything.

The hospital geriatric doctors ( killer) do the culling for the Australian government ( spinless cowards) They won't help dementia patients with anything. They dont even feed them – their too expensive – "their taking up valuable bed space", "this is not important case"

You have to eat your own bed sheets as the doctors couldnt be fucked.

They even fabricate evidence to get you killed – telling bald faced lies about to " legally"put you on the "liverpool care plan" – starve you to death – It makes the Nazis gas chambers look like child's play.

They get away with it because they they make the rules and hide the evidence

There is no human rights in this country

The wont even spend money on a proper diagnosis – too bad if you've collapsed from a hematoma on the brain from getting haldol 'ed and getting bashed in your nursing home.

The doctors just thought it was just a progression of the disease – one day you can walk and the next day you cant and they couldnt be fucked checking anythings wrongs. youve "just got an attitude problem and decided that you dont like walking anymore" = It easier for them to kill u. They wont even give you a CT brain scan after youve collapsed – they give it to you instead when its too late. Theyre plan to kill you worked a treat. They cover the whole thing up with the blessing of the Australian Government.

The saddest thing about the disease is the government and communities response the care. Its all a business – care comes last.

Australia looks much worse than the USALucy Gordon écrit: Paulan is an inspiration!!Laura Hunter écrit: Dementia always seems to attack the very intelligent xxxDavid Hollings écrit: At 46 my heart enlarged and shot a clot to my brain killing the left side leaving me paralyzed on the right side its giving me Parkinson's disease and Vascular Dementia I'm 53 years old now have to use my G.P.S. to get around but I live in the country nothing but hill & mountain I woke up not knowing where I was sat at the end of the bed lost then it all started coming back to me I forgot my Niece & Didn't know who she was I live by myself it's scary you just take it Day by DayDepression Itself écrit: Quite depressing, usually this disease is genetically inherited by family. So if your mother, father, or even grandparents had it, you most likely will get it as well. it's upsetting but this disease shows early diagnoses without you even knowing it. This is truly a horrible disease that is extremely hard to cure.garald tao écrit: The most populist people in the world and not a single one in this video. It is not a race problem because it effects Hispanics and Blacks along with Whites is the most unscientific statement of this entire video if Asians are not factored into the equation. Lets tug at people's heart strings and use a million band aids rather then finding a solution. Not to be a cynic but politics, public policies and pure stupidity has stifled medical and scientific developments for decades.Natalie Luders écrit: It truly is mind blowing the state of America's health care system . If you choose to look after your family member yourself from home does the government give you any help financially. I live in Australia and my father looks after my 86 year old grandmother full time our heath care system financially helps my father in a multitude of ways it works out to be about $3500 a month plus all medications no matter the over the counter price is $6.40Denise Vasquez Lemrick écrit: This film angers me to no end. The twisted state of the American healthcare system as a whole disgusts me. We as wealthy country have absolutely no moral compass, and only focus on lining the pockets of politicians and the wealthy. I am seriously considering moving to Oregon where assisted suicide is perfectly legal because nobody in this government cares enough to make real change in the dire situation of healthcare. The people in the Netherlands have actual communities that function just like normal society but only for people who have dementia to maintain the most normal, dignified life as possible for these people. It was the most beautiful documentary of all on this subject broadcast by CNN…this country makes me sick.graham bishop écrit: Once being a dementia nurse it’s truly heartbreaking on both care givers and families, it’s a disease that slowly takes your loved ones right in front of you, it’s a disease that slowly takes the life of the person drip by drip, i had to give up care because it kept breaking my heart every time a service user died it felt like family it was painfulCindy Ross écrit: my mother passed away march 2017 from alzheimers disease she'd had for over 12 yrs. its simple heartbreaking what it does to the individual & those among themReanas Jamurath écrit: BBonnie Young écrit: yes you are blaming the nurse if she gave the Haldol it was ordered by the doctor and we do give it to demented behavior patients you just can't face reality and got to find someone to blame those are same statements I've been hearing for 30 years out of family's mouth I'm done watching this now

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