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Delivering an Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

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This video depicts the delivery of an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis during a medical visit.

Harry Owen écrit: My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 7 years ago, almost when all hope was lost due to several failed attempts in making her healthy. My desire to see her permanently free drives me into searching the internet for possible solutions which led me to a video about Alzheimer’s disease on YouTube, I met with a comment on how an herbal doctor used herbs to cured someone of Alzheimer's Dementia. I collected the herbal doctor's contact and reached out to him, we talked about it and he asked few questions about her physical challenges which I answered, and then he prepared the herbal medicine and sent them to me here in Tennessee with prescriptions on how to use attached, I ensured my mom took the herbal medicine accordingly and in 3 weeks of using this medication, we began to see improvement in her health and now, I am so glad to share this testimony that after 8 months, my mom is permanently healed of this horrible disease called Alzheimer, and now she is living her best life. Contact Dr. Rohan via you will come back for your testimonyMatthew Sherwin écrit: This seems scripted to me. People can also fake crying. It may be just me but I wouldn’t want this doctor to talk to me as if I were a five year old.Tekken Tekken écrit: Hello , when ever I see any Alzheimer's Disease case I always want to say a special thanks to Dr.Osemuahu for helping me get cured from Alzheimer's Disease and chicken pox i was tested Positive 5 months ago, I contacted him base on the testimonies I’m seeing about him
on the internet, I was cured too by him, he can help you, these is my little way of appreciation by spreading my happiness … And he’s able to help you in getting rid of any kind of decease that’s affecting you ….. let me know if you want his infoTekken Tekken écrit: Hello , when ever I see any Alzheimer's Disease case I always want to say a special thanks to Dr.Osemuahu for helping me get cured from Alzheimer's Disease and chicken pox i was tested Positive 5 months ago, I contacted him base on the testimonies I’m seeing about him
on the internet, I was cured too by him, he can help you, these is my little way of appreciation by spreading my happiness … And he’s able to help you in getting rid of any kind of decease that’s affecting you ….. let me know if you want his infoMaria Bowers écrit: Nothing helps. No matter what he does based on the instructions from the doctor such as keep active and social. The brain will deteriorate no matter what he does. There is no treatment.Nathan Goss écrit: My great grandmother has Alzheimer for 15 years. She completely doesn't remember her family and everything except me. She always called my name when I visit her. That makes me sad that she remembers me but not my whole family. She just passed away 9 years ago at age 98 and then my pap has Alzheimer 3 years after her death. I have a lot of people who has Alzheimer. Alzheimer scares hell of me. I kept thinking about it all day.��Rosal lumetta écrit: No one “needs to be put away”Irma Nino écrit: Sam has a better memory than mine. I don't think he is real bad in memory.We all aged and we don't have good memory.For example the doctor has good memory when he gave him that test cause he knows it by heart plus his young. A guy like Sam is older and he doesn't have good memory because he doesn't use his brain to do active reading, games, memory games, etc
I think the doctor was dead wrong in saying he has beginning stages of Alzheimer'sREMY MARTINS écrit: I'm cured from my long long term genital herpes. Congratulations to me I'm so freaking excited I feel so much joy In me right now. Wow I've been cured from herpes. Can't stop thanking God������ ( Hodgson écrit: What a wonderfull caring Doctor. Not only for his patient but for his wife ������Edmund Garvey écrit: I remember my dad being diagnosed with the disease. I sat beside him and he didn't really know much about what was going on. I on the other hand stood up and walked outside and burst into tears. Afterwards I walked back in and sat beside my dad having tea. I'll never forget that day!Joe écrit: The doc told my father he probably had about 10 more years. Daddy smiled and said thanks cuz he never dreamed he would be around that long. He passed away about two yrs later with pneumonia.   ** Maybe this is why my dad and I actually became good friends before he died. I miss him terribly but  I learned a lot.   Love em while you've got em!Thomas Schön écrit: What about drugs like Ayahuasca that lights up the brain like a christmas tree? It's also said to regenerate synapses in rat brains. It also helps with existential issues and anxiety.Andrew Rees écrit: My dad died a year ago with dementia, my mum is struggling along alone, but I think her mind is going the same way, very confused sometimes, but very sharp on other times. Its destroying our family,Kitty1 écrit: Doctor very thorough, patient and compassionate.Johnson Jack écrit: Thanks for all these comments and for sharing some of your own story. I am a 74-year-old man, I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 15 years ago, I always like to use my experience in a positive way to educate others. It is common knowledge that Alzheimer's robs people of their ability to remember. Having dementia for me was lonely, isolating and scary. But when people share their stories, it can provide inspiration, hope and a welcome reminder that you are not alone. Homeocure Worldwide is natural cure medicine. The professional had earlier told me there is no cure, I asked professional to explain this to me? They said it is a miracle. All the patients I have directed to Homeocure Worldwide return with thanks. Don't let drug companies keep you as a slave to their mediocre medications. Don't let them tell you there's nothing that will help you. Today I can say that I'm living life instead of surviving it. For more info, contact drmakusm@ gmail. comMA écrit: Oh you don’t remember the nurse giving you a memory test? 1:58 ( no wonder the guys confused it’s this doctor who gave him the memory test! In another video! ( ) maybe the doctor needs a memory test ����SmellyCat écrit: I thought he did ok, for an old guy.Vagina Doctor écrit: 1:41 he was in the poolGerry Kane écrit: I got dragged down this rabbit hole by Trump's Montreal Test. I'm in tears now. What a beautiful man Sam is. A brave hero to allow this to be shown.Alzheimer’s Proof écrit: This is a great doctor…jim kurk écrit: just keep taking your statin drugs and you will be fines. arslan écrit: such a good doctor. As a non- native speaker of English , I can say that I understood everything he said without reading captionsMark Sullivan écrit: I never really got to know my grandparents but the last one to survive long enough for to get to know had Alzheimer's. As a result the years I got older I could not get attached or get to know her. Alzheimer's sucks is the short of it.I THE PREACHER écrit: A Dilettante Praesumptione Theorem based on: This info is not provide as medical advice,
All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed do not necessarily reflect official positions or views or any other entity, past or present. Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or implying endorsement of interpretations and factual statements.

by Dr. Winston Greene | Aug 23, 2002 | News | 0 comments

Thirty years ago, some 60 countries added fluoride to their water. Today, less than ten countries add fluoride to their drinking water. The presence of beta-amyloid formation in the brain (leading to Alzheimer’s disease) is a direct cause & effect from added sodium fluoride to drinking water.

Folks, don’t worry about reading the entire abstract here. Concentrate your reading in the Conclusion section of this abstract. Again I say, if you want your water fluoridated that is your business, but do not force me and my family to drink it when we have few options to avoid it.

–Winston Greene, D.C.


International Society for Fluoride Research

1998, pp 91-95


J A Varner, K F Jensen, W Horvath and R L Isaacson

Binghamton, New York, and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

Abstracted from Brain Research 784 284-298 1998


The question addressed in this study was to understand why 0.5 ppm of aluminum fluoride in the drinking water of rats was associated with a larger increase in infections and mortality than with higher concentrations of 5 ppm and 50 ppm of aluminum fluoride in the drinking water. This higher mortality had been found in an earlier experiment when rats were given 0.5 ppm, 5 ppm or 50 ppm aluminum for 45 weeks in their drinking water.

The earlier experiment had been done to help determine whether aluminum in drinking water might have a role in aging-related neurological impairments. The suggestion had been made that when both fluoride and aluminum were present in drinking water, they would form Fluor aluminum complexes, such as AlF3 in the stomach that, compared to their ionic forms, would be transported more easily into the blood stream and across the blood-brain barrier.

All the groups receiving AlF3 had shown the same significant reduction in the number of cells in certain areas of the hippocampus relative to the control group. The level of aluminum in the brains was almost double that of the control group, while morphological abnormalities were observed throughout the brain and its blood vessels. Dramatic behavioral differences were not seen.

One possible reason for the increased infections and mortality of animals in the 0.5 ppm AlF3 group was that the toxic agent of importance was the fluoride and that its absorption or its effects were antagonized by the higher levels of aluminum found with the higher doses of AlF3. The present study was undertaken to compare 0.5 ppm of aluminum fluoride, AlF3, with a comparable level of fluoride administered alone in the form of sodium fluoride.


Twenty-seven adult Long-Evans rats were administered one of three treatments for 52 weeks. All groups received double distilled deionized drinking water. No additives were present in water for the control group. One treated group received water containing 0.5 ppm AlF3 (Al3+) giving a fluoride concentration of about 1 ppm. The other treated group had water containing 2.1 ppm of sodium fluoride, to provide an equivalent amount of fluoride (about 1 ppm) as for the AlF3 group.

Tissue aluminum levels of brain, liver, and kidney were assessed, and histological sections of brain were examined. For the morphological evaluations all counts and ratings were conducted by three individuals, two of whom were always blind to the treatment of the rats from whom the tissues came.

To Read the entire Paper click on the Link:

And Stop drinking Tap Water – Drink Distilled Water only. Nothing in it and no taste.No U écrit: I thought this was for educational purposeBeel écrit: Ok thank you sir the bill for this 8 minute conversation will be $275 and the tissues are an extra $35. Quit being a lazy alzheimers geezer and pull yourself up by your bootstraps and find a way to pay for your medical treaments MAGARay Ramos écrit: moon rocks is the proactive ticket��David Andrews écrit: Fake AF…D Wynn écrit: I have no idea why I"m here.montrealstars60 écrit: What an amazing doctor! Wish there could be more like him!Bonnie Holman écrit: Our family has never had anyone diagnosed with this or dementia. Everyone in both sides of my family know their loved ones, have wonderful conversations including memories shared, and are able to be part of what ever is going on. One side has heart issues – on the other it’s often cancer. I feel SO SORRY for families with this issue. I also realize there is always a first….Leaves Ongrass écrit: I wish he had answered her question about how long! People ask when they are ready to hear the truth. She needs to plan.Frazzno écrit: Soo Sad! ����‍♀️��‍♂️��‍��‍��‍��Lyn Smith écrit: This is about having respect for yourself and transferring that to all those that you come into contact with. Nothing more nothing less. RESPECT ��Newnycsystem écrit: We took pictures of your brain and the purpose was to see if you have one!Victoria M écrit: God. I’m so scared. I’m going to cheerleading my mothers appointment later today but I’m still so scared. I don’t want to say it but I just want everything to be okay, hopefully a vitamin deficiency.Terry R. Barclay écrit: Hi everybody. My name is Dr. Terry Barclay and I'm the healthcare provider in this video. Thank you so much for all of your positive comments and the wonderful feedback you've provided regarding this video. Many of you have asked if this is "staged" or whether the individuals in this video are actors. The answer is no. Sam is a real patient with Alzheimer's disease and both he and Lydia gave their consent to having this interaction filmed in the clinic. The goal is to provide an example of the way in which a diagnosis of Alzheimer's can be delivered with clarity and compassion. Sam and Lydia wanted this video to be used to teach physicians and healthcare providers around the world about best practices in the care of individuals with memory loss and cognitive impairment. This video can be used by anybody for training purposes without special permission. For more information about best practices and many more videos, see Kabra écrit: What is more scary word you can hear from the doctor: A or C
Alzheimer's or cancer (Corgicottage écrit: What a compassionate physician. His manner is straightforward and caring. I am a nurse of 36 years and have found not all physicians are as kind as him. Part of it, I think, is the fault of insurance companies who demand that physicians take on too many patients because their fees are low. Plus, insurance reviewers, who are normally nurses, are forced to come down hard on physicians not towing the insurance company line, i.e. keeping patients in hospitals "too long", prescribing pain meds, doing too many expensive imaging tests…many docs feel insulted by their loss of autonomy and become crabby.
This doc hasn't gotten there yet…and what a warm person he is.David Levesque écrit: It's right for the woman to start crying. For caring people, as this woman probably is, it means a sudden reworking of schedules, switching of parent- child roles( a huge thing), and involving the entire family ( A MUST). A friend went for periods of caring for his effected wife, even though with family in the same neighborhood, it became to much for him alone. Drained fits life savings. Put him on social assistance ( a major self image blow), and depression. Until he himself became demented and put in nursing care.
Illnesses one can't see but effect people ( in social times of peace and maintaining the rail) can screw people up so bad. I hope mental challenges don't mess ones life up but if it does, good luck)Karen Zortea écrit: Wow! If all doctors treated their patients the way this one does the world would be a different place! All too often doctors do not take the time to explain things. So important when you’re dealing with scary subjectsget in écrit: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR, HIS EMPATHY and chair side manner is stupendous. How long has it been since anyone has seen such an empathetic doctor? Its been years for me.Stevmania écrit: Glad your here. Sure they did not see it that wayLanell H écrit: Of all ways my life could end, I pray to God that I’m left with my mind and memories.Bobby Lee écrit: Too much sugar and too little saturated fat over a lifetime results in Alzheimer’s.Minda Jesus écrit: Amazing explanation from a really lovely doctor! This is the worst news that anyone can receive and this doctor made it look so easy! Thank you so much! From a Portuguese woman living in England x��������prrr écrit: I always thought Alzheimer was visible in the brain.Pamelina says écrit: I never want to die forgetting my whole life ��Weedhopper écrit: Alzheimer's is the cruelest of diseases. You die alone, even when your family and loved ones surround your death bed. You don't know or recognize them. They're strangers. I watched my dad die this way. I would rather die from the most painful cancerous death with my last vision being of my family at my side, than to die surrounded by strangers.RapidDecisions écrit: absolute wrong way to tell a pt anything. Why does anyone give a shit about the test that don't mean anything. Simply tell them what is wrong and stop building the drama.Susan Chisena écrit: The patient looks pretty contentMitra Roozitalab écrit: Can shaking hands one of the sign about this?Isilda Amaral écrit: A great doctor, and a greater human.❤️Chuck Pestacchi écrit: Yes this has to be a very trying diagnoses saying he now has Alzheimer's disease. This Doctor did his very best giving them some hope, there's not cure, wishing this couple the best.Jen écrit: I’d prefer a straight up yes or no then if he wants to blab go ahead. I’d be super annoyed if I was the patient.Jon Brahms écrit: God bless them.Joe Ehrlich écrit: Really ? Where is the grey matter in the brain scan? That is a for sure test. It happened with my mom before death? Many months beforeJoe Mazzari écrit: Fantastic way the doctor put it. Heartfelt.M. Webber écrit: This is not ANYTHING, like the Dr that told my father. I was the son, that was there. The Dr. started with the drivers license revoked, paper work!Janette Everton écrit: I bet they don't tell him about coconut oil nahhh!The Dialogue Body Language écrit: MTC oil is great for part if memory backRicky Rick écrit: You don’t know what it is; because there is no test for it.cvcoco écrit: Its April 2020 and things are improving. Its possible that in 5 years there will be real treatment to stop this. My uncle died of Alz a little before this video was made and I can say the Dr is wrong about the slowness. He was perfectly healthy except for memory. 87 years old and never a day in a hospital. From the time we knew something was wrong, it was was about 4 months until he needed full time help, then about 5 months of nurses staying in the house, then into a facility and by 3 years from the first inkling of the problem, he was dead. This coincides with others I knew in similar similar circumstances. Beginning to end, about 3 years, and the last 2 were the most painful for everyone and he knew nothing at all. So, about 1 year to nearly complete memory loss. YES, everyone is different but yeah.Diana écrit: What a great Dr.asdf asdf écrit: Good thing about this is five minutes from now he wont remember….Edward Du écrit: So is this real or staged? I honestly can’t tellDark Silver écrit: lol this seems so staged. xDJoe Langley écrit: It feels like an instructional video from a uni, but this is obliviously real and that Dr has a very good way with people. I have worked with a lot of doctors over the past couple of years and the majority have been fantastic people but only occasionally do you get a chap like this guy.anjana jaideep écrit: God bless you �� samDebra Frakes écrit: Actors reinactment!M écrit: Nice video though i can not believe i will ever be in a situation of needing to tell someone they have alzheimersDavid Stanley écrit: This dr is a hero. All doctors should watch this video to see how to communicate with patients.Wolkano écrit: I have never seen more correct and exact subtitles in my damn lifeBenjamin Buljevic écrit: so whys he wearing those weird glasses
give the guy some stylish lensesBirk Svendsen écrit: I want this guy to be my doctor, he seems like a nice fellaJeremiah Griffith écrit: Wait this is a instructional videostefan stoss écrit: écrit: These are quality subtitles. Way better than on most movies.Tee Bee écrit: Real or not…that is how a conversation should be. I would like a Doctor who takes his time. As a nurse…that is how I sit n talk with my patients.your1 &Olney écrit: I wish more doctors were like the one in this video.����Miss Chic Boutique écrit: What a wonderful doctor, he is so professional and caring towards Sam and his wife. He knew all the right words to say at the right time. God bless Sam and his wife ❤yoloduran duran écrit: I remember when we had a similar talk with my dad's doctor. The doctor very strongly suggested that we consider a nursing facility for dad. He has Parkinson's/ Alzheimer's and was suffering multiple falls . It was a very difficult but necessary appointment. Dad cried, we cried. The doctor shared his personal experience with his dad which let us know that he understood . That was 1 1/2 years ago. We found a very good facility for him. He is doing very well physically. We visit him constantly and he liked that. We are appreciating the time we have with him. He's got the mind of a child so he is our little boy. God has been very good to us. We will continue to cherish our time together.Dan Miller écrit: God bless this man and his family this is sad I watched a great grandmother go through this this is so hard to go through I couldn’t imagine being the one struggling with itJenny Shepherd écrit: Excellent delivery from the Dr, our delivery was not so great…Panderz Ba Nanderz écrit: Your labs came back completely normal: That sucks.
The brain scan was essentially normal: Well damn
Oh shit, Lydia’s falling apart.
Awww man. I feel sad for them.
Is there another video with them? How are they now? How dare you introduce us to Sam and Lydia and then take them away like that!!! ������alex samdon écrit: That doctor has no bed side manners.sailing95 écrit: If I'm ever in that chair, I hope I have enough emotional strength to go home and end my life.Ștefan Cosma écrit: ALZHEIMER'S disease is presenile dementia usually occurring in

middle age and associated with sclerosis and nerve deterioration. The

hardening is in the nerves of the brain that delineate motor impulses,

preventing proper association with motor commands. In advanced

cases, hardening has extended to ganglia, disrupting sensory as well as

motor response patterns. Alzheimer's is mainly the result of low blood

protein levels over long periods, such as in vegetarianism or

fruitarianism, or in someone who lacks enzyme-mutations for digesting

and assimilating cooked or processed protein, or lacks enzyme-

mutations for digesting and assimilating cooked or processed sugar,

forming calcification along nerves, which erodes nerve tissue. Another factor that causes Alzheimer’s is accumulated aluminum from vaccines,

canned food and beverages, aluminum cook-wear and chemtrails.

Aluminum destroys Zeta Potential causing high sediment in blood and

neuro-serums and excessive clotting. That often causes hardening and

scarring in the brain.

Avoiding cooked and processed protein, including all meat, eggs,

roasted nuts and nut butters, and avoiding cooked and processed sugar,

including drinks, jams or jellies, steamed and/or sulfured fruits, any

canned food, and deodorants that contain aluminum stops progression

of this malady. Usually, by the time Alzheimer's symptoms manifest,

hardening and deterioration of nerve tissue is too advanced to reverse.

However, recent indications lead me to believe that frequently eating

fresh raw coconut cream with cucumber dissolves the hardening of

nerves that causes Alzheimer’s, effecting reversal in its early stages.

Eating fresh raw coconut cream with banana, or eating 1 tablespoon

daily of cold-pressed-below-96° Fahrenheit peanut oil with 5 drops of

quinine water, gradually dissolves hardening of the arteries that feed

the brain. Also, drinking moldy water from rinsing moldy raw grains

every 3 weeks for the rest of one’s life, and eating moldy grains once

every 6 months for the rest of one’s life removes some hardening.

Eating a raw-food diet with plenty of raw meats, especially fish, fresh

raw fruit and Nut Formula strengthens mental functions.bobbycone2 écrit: Why would you caption her studder? Wtf?Chevon Keller écrit: You gonna lose your thoughts . What are your thoughts on that??Donna DiMarco Campagne écrit: my mom has forgotten to pay her bills and take all her medication and now we are taking care of her we took her to the doctor and he did say she has Alzheimer's she is on medication the Doctor said it will slow it down but not stop or cure it we got her back on track with her bills and on her medications she just spent a week in the hospital because of her not taking all her medications we was asking her if she paid her bill and did you take your meds she always told us yes so not we are paying her bills and watching her take her meds it is so sadCaocao8888 écrit: How doctors tell patients: “Pay me NOW. Cash only.”Tom Anderson écrit: My mother passed away due to Alzheimer in 1999. We were told the only way to actually confirm the disease is to get a biosopy of the brain after death. But that was 20 years ago and medical advances have beem made.John French écrit: Clone that M.D. His "bedside manner" alone is healing.OM GATIH écrit:
How to increase and maintain positivity around us?Kathleen Lock écrit: I was a little surprised that the Doctor diagnosed his memory problems as Alzheimers this early on. My husband had Alzheimers and all they could really say is it was early onset dementia because there are many, many different types of dementia and it takes a long time to recognize which one it is. Fortunately, they're all treated with the same medications so it's not important to know which one it is. Alzheimers is a horrible disease and I sympathize with any family going through it, it will put them through hell and back.Kledsky écrit: wow I really need to get a new Dr…. This guy was great my Dr. would be like "Yea you? Ok sit. DO YOU REMEMBER ME? Ok good, you got Alzheimers plz pay at the front window. NEXT!"Ariel valentin écrit: See him every 6 months that way to long.rfweber écrit: This guy reminds me of Pauly Shore's more responsible twin brother.

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