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FaZe asked me to try their NEW TRICKSHOT COURSE…

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FaZe asked me to try their NEW TRICKSHOT COURSE… (its insane)\nUSE CODE SOMA IN THE ITEM SHOP ❤️\nLet’s try and break 3,000 LIKES!?\n\nMAP CODE: 9498-1862-8273\n\n\nFaZe Kaz:\n\n\n\nHope you all enjoyed the new video. Make sure to follow my other socials below to stay up to date with everything.\n\nMy Other Socials:\n\n\n\n\n#FaZe #Fortnite #FortniteTrickshot

Soma écrit: code soma in the item shop if you enjoyed the video ❤️Liam Hayden écrit: How do u do the Pickaxe swing thinfReVerseHD_Shieldz écrit: I have been watching some since he had 2k subsserina childs écrit: Just got an idea! Be a default on creative mode and act like you suck. Then clap on som butts ��Sixten_vxo écrit: You are the bestPufs écrit: Sick montagesAmrit Grewal écrit: And an you pls add meAmrit Grewal écrit: I've been usingCryptic Eastspots écrit: you sound adorableMadixx Treece écrit: I I use your creator Cod
fortniteMr. Gamerpower – Poy écrit: Yo de best trichshotter man learn me pls!Hathwyck family hathwyck écrit: You copied fleas montage in a videoKaangoktas10 écrit: wDonni3385 écrit: An ad for came up with this video :/Hyper Beast écrit: I have played this300_IQ_L2s écrit: I'm playing with utrapoutdre l écrit: I did it already its easyHina Khan écrit: U good at fort niteHina Khan écrit: U good atSherry Mcillwain écrit: Ur so cracked at trickshotsRashawn Hinson écrit: I'm a watch out some of your friends MiaRashawn Hinson écrit: I'm about to pull out of videoRashawn Hinson écrit: Coolraghad écrit: Soma I’m huge fan of you and Tojo because you two doing awesome tricks shot that made my mind blown �� and I even use code soma and Tojo because I’m make your day amazing just like Tojo so keep up the good work ������max mitchell écrit: soma is trash 😉Jana Hasan écrit: Who loves somaFranco Johnson écrit: How do u stutter act with ur pickaxe?LDRঊৣMyτhical écrit: Can I have a shoutoutpsycho_ plays écrit: He's cra0ckedsleepo écrit: soma sounds like a very nice dude 🙂Vortex 18 écrit: I think your the reason faze Kaz added instant reloadProboke_Syko0 écrit: Soma: doesn’t reload Me:ReLoaDUnknown Soilder écrit: i watch ur vid every day bro i love uDivine écrit: soar soma:dies me hits epic trickshot xDTimotej Cifra écrit: hey. Soma im your big fan and I want to ask you how to picaxe glitch?Albert Gonzalez écrit: Lame ass kidItsKodxz06 écrit: why do you sound like a young version of dakotazJulian Wassenaar écrit: You kinda sound like fe4rDraden 1stPlace écrit: Hi SoaR SomaAngelf11 Pro écrit: You sound like fearlessChelsea Lowen écrit: You are the best YouTuber I’ve ever seen you’re so good at trick shot and every time I wash your montages of videos it makes me wanna play Fortnite yourself when I’ve literally gotChelsea Lowen écrit: Yo bro keep it up on the good work I love your voice by the way you’re my favourite YouTuber I love youDylen Do on Yt écrit: Is SoaR a clan name because I want to joinIanfelix Martinez écrit: CODE SOMA!SWXFT DotEXE écrit: Are u and plasma brothersez trianglr écrit: that was sickPhsyco 999 écrit: 1:48 how do you do that with the shockwave grenade?Epic_savage Gamer écrit: u sound like fearless?? Mxtion écrit: ����❤️?? Mxtion écrit: Code soma to always hit first tryLimeins -Brawl Stars- écrit: 6:57 thats the music from good times with scar hermitcraft super fast build modeJacob Curgenven écrit: Why is renegade so shinyCarson Welsh écrit: In some parts he sounds like Fe4rlessSCN_Porshe écrit: how do u do the pixaxe thingmja-_- écrit: Do you know who SoaR B3T4 is?ITZSAVEGEXD Rxscer écrit: yo soma i use your code and keep it up love your vidsRayoHus écrit: Are you from somalia?Sick_Lord_ YT écrit: U sound like fearlessChristopher Howell écrit: Who thinks somaSounds like Dakotas like and commentxCamco écrit: good video but why is the screen moving around the whole timeJ Un écrit: I used a heavyEATAE écrit: You sound like Dakotaz and your no scopes are like DakotazHunter Mazzucca écrit: why does your voice sound like that.Lukasz Momot écrit: HiTFR_Blinks écrit: Could I try a game and try to hit a shotBion 4life écrit: Me: seeing soma trickshot. Me trying it. ME MISSING 241 SHOTSKoolmancarlo Playz écrit: he always forgets to reload an i spend too much time worrying about reloadingYvan Akra écrit: I love your vidéosChub AL écrit: Fact: watching this video while procrastinatingHonnor Daniel écrit: He sound depressedbrxly écrit: stoopidFsHyBoJBoog F écrit: Just played itInvade YT écrit: Soma after every shot he hit: hm that was kinda of clean ����L2 Fishy écrit: This is how many times he didn’t reload

����Chocolate Buns écrit: The secret has been discovered, I'm saving this video so I can get better at trick shotsKenneth Barrancas écrit: You should join fazeCynixs écrit: how to picake stutterVemZ ART écrit: Your voice is so chill and your so good at trickshotingEvan Porter écrit: You sound like the coolest dudeRiXDiNO écrit: How do you do that with your pick axe 1:48Judah Rubio écrit: I used itJudah Rubio écrit: Ima use your codeJudah Rubio écrit: Your a good player I’m a botJudah Rubio écrit: I’m newLucas Shankle écrit: Yo you killed me in fortniteControllaSeth écrit: You goatedmax snipezツ écrit: nice videoSpadez FN écrit: Parallel Soma ?AcronimYT écrit: Woah!Alexander Pena écrit: y////e/////tAlexander Pena écrit: you sensfazeboys19 fazeboys19 écrit: Can i plz play some fortniteRyan C écrit: Wow you are insaneAlexander Pena écrit: you do discordAlexander Pena écrit: dont lisen he is mym brotherIllision Sxm écrit: My Name is TTV_Death77 or you could friend OmgThatWuzSamAlexander Pena écrit: but if i lose dont un feand me pllllllleasIllision Sxm écrit: could we play duosAlexander Pena écrit: and subscribedAlexander Pena écrit: i like your vidos

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