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Quick walkthrough, no notes, no exploration. Many corridors, many rooms… and a whole lot of running.\nTHUMBNAIL: 19:24\n00:54 Home + Forest\n01:50 Administer another dose, please…\n02:12 Waking up / Maintenance (Stacking boxes) / Dark maze / 4 buttons\n06:31 Dining Hall (Door switch)\n07:21 Long staircase up / How big is this place?… / Laboratory\n09:20 Maintenance (Proxy encounter) / Lights go out / Power cut\n11:00 Fire / Creepy statue / Proxy banging on door\n12:35 Tunnels – Dark (Paranormal chair / Hanged person / Earthquake)\n13:51 Ruined offices / Red nightmare sequence / Water part (Flooded dining hall)\n15:37 Proxy chase\n17:00 Proxy stealth / Blue offices (Phone call from Anne)\n19:46 Vents + Climbing \n23:23 Office Area 3 + Power Room (Captured event)\n26:13 Ending\n\nPlayed on v.1.5 \n\nDOWNLOAD:\nby DamnedHusky:

Leopardtree5 écrit: All credit for making the effort but why are so many of these games basically just mazes with so many useless and redundant rooms? Puts me off.Gharib Shamal écrit: Resident evil 1 music ��?Generationsruns HD écrit: how do you make thisAsashi écrit: A SOMA version of Hunger Games?JJO Tokyo écrit: what is this ? this was not in the og game. how do I play it?Norianna R. N. écrit: Love the Silent Hill music used at around 13:00

SOMA is definitely my favourite horror game of all time, but SH will always take that special place in my heart 🙂Khandaker Faisal écrit: Proxies running is probably the funniest thing I've seen in my entire lifeZenix Kiryu écrit: This game really should've got some DLCLuke Fraczek écrit: So in the story, that Proxy is Aaron's sister???
Damn, these scientists are cruel bastards…Itzcoalt Poottezumah DiSpAnSeR GoD écrit: Proxy: >:c COME You: >:P nuKomentator écrit: Boring. Just walking around the corridors, opening doors and climbing ledders.ScrubbaDubDub écrit: I squeezed the door button thing into the ground when I found it and it dead ass went through the floor and disappeared.

Edit: There are many more glitches.F1 2020 écrit: DLC? MOD?BrutalSniperDemon écrit: Hey Puzzles you should try a MOD for SOMA called When Day BreaksBlack Shibe écrit: holy crap 0 dislikes* you did itVega’s Doom écrit: That penumbra ambience at 11:54. I love that ambience when you’re trying to sneak past wilmarVega’s Doom écrit: That penumbra ambience at 11:54. U love that ambience when you’re trying to sneak past wilmarbbounty écrit: re1 soundtrack here!amandalynn merritt écrit: 17:42 looks like mutant quinn boss fight (he can talk) is like fan made boss
as the armless proxyJevil écrit: Insert Ex Battalion Song hereSim écrit: Music from the 40 seconds beggining?Dominik Sági-Kis écrit: Wich mgs ost was that at 21:22 ?Fahad Fw Vintage écrit: Plz reply bossFahad Fw Vintage écrit: showing fatal error any solution boss ?? i am used gog versionDominik Sági-Kis écrit: You used two very good mgs music at the perfect time!
It was good to hear “metallic archea” when the proxy ( Oda ) came in because in mgs v it was a great encounter and I thinked a lot while I played SOMA how could an mgs ost sound like when I encountered any of the creatures and in that time I felt this was very good , it was a bit short but perfect ! So congratulations and thank you!Fahad Fw Vintage écrit: new area ??Cyclops écrit: i just got shook , The soma monsters have the same ai to amnesia's monsters

what i mean is that they are so stupid because they wont see you if you hold something in your faceJfreNL Games écrit: i recorded the game i whas 1hour 21 mins rec my game and the game crashed 2 times and i love ur vids tumbsup!BrutalSniperDemon écrit: amnesiaPuzzles i found the music its Called Hunter by Stealth musicKse Nusl écrit: Oh, thank u for uploading good SOMA mod 🙂C4L écrit: Voice acting 10/10 ��Keith SoOn écrit: U actually used MGS ost? hahahaScrubbaDubDub écrit: Proxies be like GURGLY GURGLY PUKES EVERYWHERE

PS: That resident evil music around 8:00 made me a little emotionally uncomfortable.BrutalSniperDemon écrit: what is the song called at 17:40?Spedic écrit: 12:25 the Suitor's moan 😀James Urban écrit: what is you next modDalitrox écrit: Such a small question, will you be recording from Amnesia The Dark Descent in Hard Mode?Miranda Andersson écrit: '' No drunk''
''I'm not officer'' xDKatiriaa84 écrit: A..nagrasz przejście z czytaniem notek, eksploracją, blablabla? 😛
Btw, niedawno wyszedł drugi epizod 😛 Też go nagrasz? 🙂SammyroxxGaming écrit: I have a question, do you have a twitter or some place? You hold a thing to determine what you play next, and I think you should atleadt promote it so we can choose for you!Jacob Aulaumea écrit: Knowing me: 1. I would be to scared to try this game 2. I wouldn’t know what in the fuck to do 3. If I got too scared then I’d just give up and let it kill me while I stand 20 meters away from my computer watching the screen ��������‍♂️LeadPencil-223 écrit: SOMA is great 🙂Gamer Redpanda écrit: Yay , another soma mod. Horay!Rabbit écrit: Great mod .

SomaSr.Mentos écrit: Fucking filthy stairs, always fucking trying to hurt someone >:cMuriro San écrit: Instead of "NEXT WEEK" intro, I suggest "HAPPY WEEK": Steam achievement about our new beloved upload.
Yey!i’m spidey écrit: "high enough to kill you if you slip and fall"

you: you can't die here also you regenerate health like a cartoon character so go apeCancerous Fetus écrit: Always good to see more fresh new content from an already amazing game!Holloaway écrit: 12:54 dude seriously. That just looked way too funny instead of scary.Ronja Janatuinen écrit: YES! FINALLY MORE SOMA!Black Shibe écrit: AYY

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