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How to Get Soma Prime – Warframe

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Christopher Kamal écrit: dont understandkissd0m écrit: what is a T2 defense? where to find it?SmollLzir écrit: Oh well I need friendsjustifina écrit: What mastery rank do need to be to have soma primeXxBEASTXx écrit: What does t2 mean please I need to knowzoeken dcuo écrit: mcik you nerdmiguel loranca écrit: where is t3 extermination?Teagan Gregory écrit: Hifaltkiste écrit: How do you get the parts after the newest updat, since there arent towers anymore?Ibb Mulaa écrit: i know this vid is old but there has been a update that you need a certain relic or something to get the prime weapons or the prime soma in general can you make a video on it plzPhilsGaming écrit: Anyone wanna give me the Soma Prime for free on PS4?Evie-Rose Lol écrit: You can get most of them in a t2 survival but the stock in a to exterminatePablo Álvarez Covers écrit: I'm sorry, I'm really new here… So, how do you get the keys for a T1-2-3-4 Mission? Anyone could help me? PleaseLily Taylor écrit: LmaoLily Taylor écrit: It's abac ._.Lily Taylor écrit: Y'all in correctBrandyn Buffalo écrit: How do u get broncos primeD2N13L écrit: 1:17 some prime XDavimael guadarrama écrit: buena broEric Bloodgood écrit: i got the stock on an ODDDarryl Curay écrit: what are c rotations can some explain to me?FalconX101 écrit: BRUH I got the Blueprint on a t2 survival I'm dead serious just got it yesterday the time was 15:03 and I just got it.Jason Wade écrit: how do you get the lex prime?zaid assim écrit: I got the blueprint from t2 survivalCindiy Rodriguez écrit: I got soma prime blueprint on round ten lol I call it lucksweetlikecqndy écrit: 1:40 dafaq was thatmsu استغفر الله écrit: guys anyone have soma p rec?CryptCold écrit: Soma prime is so hard to getVictor Barabulea écrit: 1:18 Some Prime BlueprintSkyler Burns écrit: where can I get the regular soma?DevilLord écrit: Y not wave20 can be D and 25 EDamian Grobler écrit: Lol well i have tried 15 T3 Exterminate Missions, 6 T1 Defense missions and have so far got 350 k Creds 9 Nyx prime chassis and 12 Vasto receiver.
And all of this to try find the Fricking STOCK.
And To this day i have not found it. I mean Like Oh My Goshjackproductions9660 écrit: You spelled defense wrongPuzz Zeys écrit: It says some prime blueprint 1:00Pitbulldzr348 écrit: can I get it even if I'm not lvl 6HERES JONNY écrit: hey you spelled wrong mate is " soma" as "some"Cameron Lewis écrit: What rank do u have to be to unlock the soma prime. It says it's xp locked so I want to know what rank I have to be.BAMA-NATION écrit: I need help. I'm on PS4. Username: TIDE-BOY69boogytoe écrit: I DONT GET WHAT ROTATIONS ARESteven P écrit: I need the Receiver. I have played T2 Survival three times and still I dont have it!!Buh Duh écrit: I got the stock from rookie derelict defensebiscuit 188 écrit: not sure if anyone said this, but I just got the barrel on t3 sabotageSyl écrit: everyone here was so busy talking about his rotation mess up, but no one realized he spelled defense wrong…..manuel velasquez écrit: yep your rightCoolJace écrit: just download warframe wiki app very helpful for finding everything you needflimsy6 écrit: is it normal that i can't craft it because of my lack of xpflimsy6 écrit: third reward =round 15???Deliriums Realm écrit: think DE has changed a few things since, ive never done an interception in the void and have the reciverCedric Leek écrit: Got Soma Prime Blueprint in T2 Def Wave 5 AND 10Peter Gašperan écrit: before I to sell it, I should I max it first, right?Mahir Khokhar écrit: i got soma prime bp in rotation b , wtfAEiRunderscore écrit: i wish the rotations will change to

5 Waves/Minutes = A

10 Waves/Minutes = AA

15 Waves/Minutes = B

20 Waves/Minutes = CMaxime Breau écrit: can you still get the componentsJohn Smith écrit: Will trade well if anyone has the receiver for the soma prime. Xbox one: ITzzLiam97Wiw Murphy écrit: Some prime bp lolManiacal Coast écrit: Does it still work now?Aziz Rizwan écrit: how to get odonata primeSur Loths écrit: some prime blueprint XDGShadowes écrit: U are rong, Rotations go A-A-B-C
Min 5 Rota A
Min 10 Rota A
Min 15 Rota B
Min 20 Rota C
Min 25 Rota A

That is cause it make much more harder to get hygh rotatio lvl items, and much easy to get low lvl ones ^^Dr. Flesh écrit: you are with red veal? sounds tasty 😀Blackfunnyguy écrit: Is this info still currently activeBlue Birb écrit: Did T2 Sur 10 times, after that "No Soma P Reciever, but got ember p, trinity p, akbronco p and other stuffNaruto Uzumaki écrit: what mastery rank do you have to be to be able to craft it?SuperGalaxyDaiGurren écrit: Fuuuuuuck, I need the soma barrel for the stupid syndicate and I can't get anyone to help me. The most interception I can do on my own is 2 rounds.Pharuss écrit: who plays in ps4jeremy lilly écrit: Your so wrong it goes aabcchrisdafa écrit: T4??? Isn't there only tower 1-3? Pls answerAFRM GAMING écrit: i fond soma prime bp on t2survival 15 wawesDemon écrit: Can someone help me get this please? I'm on Xbox one Demonic RAGE114tech69 écrit: Is this information still current?Blain Kurucz écrit: I got blueprint from rotation bGuds Højre Hånd écrit: Nice video! Want to help me get that the Soma Prime i got already the blueprints xD if you want to help my username is DonFapNeko Meki écrit: roun 5 is a 10 is a 15 is b 20 is c .-.JENNIFER STEWART écrit: I need this on xbox one my gamer tag is RazortoothBEASTreally Hardik écrit: Rotaion a b c wtf? Please explainkimng2004 écrit: LOL he spelt Defense DEFENCEGK Lee écrit: Got Soma Prime bp at wave 5 T2D twice in a row. Exact same rewards up to the 15th waves both times. Haven't tried it a third time, but is this how it's supposed to work? I swear it's supposed to be random.Dae écrit: If anyone is farming for parts on PC message me 🙂 LoneWolf7007Liza Tashtamirov écrit: Really nice vids you doing, thank you, but can someone help me farm Soma prime,?Trajectory écrit: How does a guy speak so fast, hehe dragon warframe is coming out wanna work with me to get it? Maybe you could make a guide to get that warframe too when released. My username in-game is FoxTrot2November :3Simp Knight écrit: i Got mine Soma Prime 😀OgreTheBerserker écrit: You are incorrect on your rotations. They go AABC not ABC.Samyr Moya écrit: Hey man I was wondering if you want to make a collaboration video.Zelion VE écrit: Loving the videos dude! Keep em up!Pangoo écrit: Congratz for almost having 500 subs….I am uploading random videos….To grow a channel like you…..This is some vids that I uploaded…..Me playing with my terrible build….Fucked up jackal…..Stalker fucked up my rhino….With a few subs and views….Random warframe glitches….Yeah.With a FUCKING BOLTOR ON A T3 EXTERMIMATE (when I still havent got a soma)Amir Faiz écrit: Yooo cat! I got the stock this morning just after u logged off after we did the omega isotopes 😀 i also got the nyx chassis… 😀 what a lucky bitch i am… hahahahaha xDCorbin13ftw écrit: bro…. rotation A is round 5 AND 10, rotation b is round 15 and rotation c is round 20. I am 100% percent sure. and again with survival rotation a is 5 & 10 minutes, rotation b is 15 minutes and rotation c is 20 minutes. 🙂 good video though.SunVro écrit: you spelled defense wrong lol.. anyway thanks!

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