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SOMA Playthrough – Part 1! SOMA Gameplay on PC (4K Resolution)

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Part 2:\n\nIt has been forever since I played a horror game, or watched anything scary on purpose. Generally speaking I stay away from Horror, as it’s just not something I enjoy… However, an exception is the original Amnesia game. When I heard that SOMA is out, and the developers are the same as the ones that made Amnesia: The Dark Descent I had to go ahead and check it out.\n\nSOMA Playthrough part 1 on PC in 4K resolution and maximum graphics. This video is an hour and 20 minutes long, as I don’t plan on making countless episodes before being able to cover this game fully on YouTube. I will make a full play through of this video game.\n\nSupport me on Patreon:\nSubscribe for more videos:\n\nSOMA is a science fiction survival horror game developed by Frictional Games. The game takes place on the PATHOS-2, an underwater remote research facility with machinery that comes to life.\n\n–\n\n\n\n\n\n

MST écrit: Wow.. you were really bad at this back then. Hope you got better over the years.Steve Clymer écrit: Oh thank you! so much fun watching!Darryl Shabong écrit: Mind=blown when his name is actually Simon LOLAndré C écrit: I can't even tell where you're from with that accent. 😀Shavais Zarathu écrit: Just going back through some of these old, interesting posts while waiting for more SC2 games.
I'd never heard of this game, I wonder you how happened across it.

When you first woke up after the brain scan, and started looking around, I was just sure your consciousness had been transferred or copied into a robot, but then came the scene when you saw your own hand, and so then I had no idea what was going on. But then that other robot acted like he was seeing his own arms and hands, and then I was back to my original impression. I kept saying "Dude, find a mirror, man. Find a mirror!" Lol.ArtistSimpleGames écrit: Dude this was awesome to watch haha!The Slicer écrit: HOLY CRAP 4K RES IS AWESOME!!Den Bond écrit: Some sadistic tendency you have.David Armstrong écrit: Took so long to find the omnitool and find the toolbox. try to pay attention to whats in front of you instead of searching the shelves all the time.. Its very frustrating to watch something for so long when solution is so obvious.

Im goin to continue. hoping it gets better.Jaco Vorster écrit: I love how dilligent you are ! Reading everything and so on , great series !PhilanthroPwn écrit: Awesome game. Not as scary as Amnesia but still great. I'm still making videos for it.Josh Eppel écrit: Toronto subways aren't that dirty, or poorly lit haha! They did nail the door sounds tho.Pun Bot écrit: dang it at some dialog I think lowko is talking then I realize it's the game 😛Pierro écrit: Lol me the big robot found me behind the pile of box ! XD He continue his way futher away but I was waiting until he was completly gone. He went back and found me. I was so scared XD. Good playthrough. love it.
P.S: sorry for my bad English.Andy Lin écrit: Toronto subway!LowkoTV écrit: Part 2 is up: Nicolet écrit: great video, TY!Robert Saunders écrit: "OH NO I KILLED IT! NOT WALLY!" I almost died when he said this. That made my night.I|I||||I| écrit: Have fun ~ This game might get you at X spot xDew0k k écrit: Do you have a PS4? Cause I wonder how many people you can keep alive in Until DawnPablo Ramirez Romero écrit: Please, make a reaction video of Alison Road!max muster écrit: more, more, more… pls more episodes soonJohn Owens écrit: Really looking forward to the next one!Dima Samukha écrit: Imagine playing this crap with oculus rift…Lowkî écrit: enjoyed it pretty much, hope u can stand playing trough it 😀Visitor écrit: I love your commentary Lowko, totally makes the videoKiril Dimitrov écrit: First time i watch a horror playthrough where its actually dark for me too, not just the gamer.. 😀Mawson S écrit: excellent playthrough man I originally joined the channel from seeing your sc2 stuff, I love your short tutorials and match commentaries there enjoyable and informative , but your longer playthroughs on games like life is stange and now SOMA are some of my favourites on youtube, keep up the good work man because we all love your content 🙂MrFrilok écrit: U m8 should play this sort of games with your little zergling 😀LowkoTV écrit: Do you prefer with or without subtitles? I personally prefer without as it makes me more immersed into the game. Let me know and I may turn them on for the next part.Matts FoxDen écrit: just dont like youWraithdagger écrit: 36:04 That's what he said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Noah Rose écrit: My name is actually simon :OJosh I écrit: Hey Lowko, not sure if there's a subtitles setting in SOMA, but if there is, it would be great if you could activate it since some dialogue can be a little quiet or the effects make it incoherent. Looking forward to the rest of the series!Jerald Oon écrit: Hey Lowko, I really love the video, but it would be great if you could turn on the subtitles haha. Keep up the Good work man, looking forward to part 2 😀Perfidyy écrit: Amazingly tense video, Lowko ! Definitely keep doing these but maybe in smaller chunks 🙂Matthew Avellino écrit: Fun walkthrough! Two things: 1.) You could have checked the computer with Carl's ID# as well from the body, and 2.) You could have walked into that room that the enemy robot at the end walked into before you went up the stairs to the comm room.RAKTAR écrit: your name is simon, thats a good start haha16Rood écrit: cant wait for part 2 :)))Janne Hemilä écrit: Lowko takes one for the team! Watching an inch-sized screen myself, sounds almost muted…SamTheBosssss écrit: Hi Lowko, love your work, but I think this would be far better if this video is divided into smaller videos. Not many people can just sit down and watch for an hour .Riam écrit: Silly Terrans thought mech was a good idea ._.DeltronLive écrit: Hey Lowko! Pro tip of the day… You can turn on subtitles in the option menu. Awesome video btw. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Interesting on its take on humans and robots.andrew star écrit: 1:18:14 to 1:18:15 XD yeah i like horror games XDBrian Rosch écrit: Carl got REKT!- Lowko 2015andrew star écrit: 41:07 to 41:08 lowko said teletubbies :3 XDTwanglet écrit: Poor walle bot 🙁andrew star écrit: horror games i got my wish :3LaborerDNA écrit: The story is really good. Continue playing!MegaGameCore écrit: Me after his introduction: Pfff. Pussy.
Me at the end of the Video (after skipping half of it ^^): He's not as big of a pussy as i thought. The game looks boring tho.Andrei Turea écrit: Please continue the series!Carmelo Lopez écrit: Yotube is quite slow processing the video that's why the best resolution is only 360p nowIzik Playz Gam3s écrit: Lowko woll any more?jeffbrownme2 écrit: 4k resolution….streams at 360p…..sebastian vikboll écrit: Lowko playing horror games! This will be so fun!Allu écrit: Watching this while waiting for fifa 16 release on europe :3

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