soma 2016

soma 2016

SOMA Blind Playthrough – Part 1/2

la description:
This was streamed live at:\n\n

Malpheus écrit: You know what sucks about dying? The crash.Redricepudding écrit: CENTURIES . . . fuck yeah chat.Redricepudding écrit: Finxert went to play SOMA, me too.Redricepudding écrit: "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away," – Philip K. Dick . . . my favorite quote.Code 0 écrit: Wow. So I guess Otz just casually murders robots then. Ok.Captain Kush écrit: watched 30 mins and cant watch any more cos i want to play it myselfScumcha écrit: 1:30:42 'Just parry the brain damage, you'll be fine"Chris Lim écrit: You've got some attention deficit style of playing lolDunderbolted écrit: This game is so atmospheric and dark, it's amazing. Good stuff 🙂Void boy écrit: if you remember buttlebutt, buttholes and crab memes from the stream <3Lagroy Dankins écrit: This not Otzdarva guy thinks he can use Otzdarva senpai's voice……..HOW DARE HE?!!?!!?!?!?!?!Otzdarva écrit: Did you guys like this one?Lucian Leesonja écrit: As amazing as your dark souls content is, I'd love to see you play more horror games. As you probably already know Outlast 2 is conning out soon and it looks like an actual decent horror game.

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