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3Hr Soothing Headache, Migraine, Pain and Anxiety Relief – Gentle Waterfall | Delta Binaural ASMR

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♫ Download a 2 Hr version on itunes at: https://goo.gl/9BfmxG\nOur music is composed with headache and pain relief tones to help you find comfort and relief.\nThank you for all the wonderful comments from the many people this video has assisted with headache, pain, anxiety and migraine relief all over the World. If I could ask one small favour, is that you please like and share this video and subscribe to this channel. Please also check out our many other videos! Many Blessings to You All, Keith. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHILE THIS TRACK MIGHT ASSIST YOU IT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. If you have pain or other symptoms please always consult your medical practitioner.\n\nFor more great original peaceful healing music, please subscribe to our channel here ����:http://goo.gl/6MQTps \n\nA soothing 3hour track to assist with managing headache, migraine and pain relief, also useful for anxiety and stress relief.\nTo download our other quality meditations and kids stories please go to : https://goo.gl/GZgOJz\n© SLEEPEZY TONIGHT All rights reserved 2016. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.\nPLEASE NOTE; It is not necessary to watch the video if you have migraine or headache – THE VIDEO IS FOR SHOW ONLY – IT IS THE SOUND THAT IS THE HELP – NOT THE VISUALS. \n\nDOWNLOAD: 2 Hr version on itunes at: https://goo.gl/9BfmxG\n\n► Relief is on it’s way! Check out our MEGA Packs for Sleep, Anxiety and Pain. http://vid.io/xqIg\n\nAt Sleep Ezy Tonight we compose and provide quality MEDITATIONS and MUSIC to aid relaxation and sleep. We want to help you to SLEEP, UNWIND, RELAX and RENEW. We provide relaxation music from all over the world and beautiful sounds that instill CALM. On our channel you will find SPOKEN MEDITATIONS, RELAXATION MUSIC, CALMING NATURE SOUNDS, BINAURAL BEATS, CHAKRA MEDITATION \u0026 Much more.\n\n ► Check out some of the other videos on this channel (over 600+ and counting!) https://goo.gl/v9qJMJ\n\n\nTry this asmr Migraine headache relief music if you want help to relieve symptoms associated with headache, tension headache or migraines. It will not work for everyone, however it has helped a LOT of people to assist with managing symptoms associated with headaches etc. \n\nUsing Isochronic tones, binaural beats and sounds from nature (a babbling brook), this recording may assist in the process of chronic pain relief – including migraines, headaches and even fibromyalgia. \n\nIt’s beautiful relaxation music and is a 3 hour brainwave entrainment recording uses Delta frequencies (The deepest sound frequencies) to relax the listener, whilst allowing the body to naturally come into balance whilst healing and repairing itself. \nUse this recording in a quiet place, free of distractions, sitting in a chair or whilst lying down. \n\nPop on some headphones (binaural beats are best used with headphones), close your eyes and allow your body and mind to relax. The brainwave entrainment will ‘entrain’ your mind to frequencies of health and well-being, thus reducing chronic aches and pains. Can also be used as meditation music.\n\nPlease note. Never use this recording to take the place of professional medical assistance and never use whilst driving or operating machinery. \n\n#headache #asmr #sleep\n\nThe Research and Science behind brainwave entrainment:\n\nhttp://www.stanford.edu/group/brainwa…\nhttp://www.lifetools.com/newpages/Rep…\nhttp://www.monroeinstitute.org/research/

Sleep Easy Relax – Keith Smith écrit: It is so great to see all the fantastic comments from the many people this video has helped with headache, pain, anxiety and migraine relief from all over the World. If this video has helped you, could I ask a small favour, that you PLEASE LIKE and SHARE this video and SUBSCRIBE to this channel. Thank you for being part of the Sleep Easy Relax Community. Many Blessings to You, Keith.
For more great original peaceful healing music, please subscribe to our channel here ����: http://goo.gl/6MQTps
PLEASE NOTE THAT WHILE THIS TRACK MIGHT ASSIST YOU IT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. If you have pain or other symptoms please always consult your medical practitioner.Agzam Dulatov écrit: Currently have a bad headache from doing schoolwork for 9 hours straight but this helps. Thank you. ��Jared Stoddart écrit: I had a headache and it went away after about 15/20 mins so overall: 7.4 out of 10Zoey Parmely écrit: I feel very calm now, this really help, with all the homework ive been doing…No One écrit: Most of the people that came here probably has a headache right nowKayla Mcbride écrit: I have a headache right now and I feel like I’m dying ����Lupe Nuñez écrit: This helps when I get random migraines!Jen Jenson écrit: I so LOVE this one! Works every time wonderfully! Thank you so much!!! Please do an 8 hour one as well.ALCOLOLIC écrit: In my opinion this is the best pain relief ive come across. Not listening while resting either, working and feeling that it slowly relieves the pain.casey fletcher écrit: I and 16 I have been getting mirgranes almost daily sinse I was 12. I have almost 6 doctors working on improving my health, but nothing works. I have some scary symptoms with my migraines that can almost look like stroke symptoms, but I am not having a stroke. It can get pretty scary and these are all the different types of doctors I've gone to : primary health, dermatologist, optometrist, opthalmologist, neurologist, neuropathologist, and now I'm going to a retinal specialist at UCLA. This actually helps calm me down a bit, so I will definitely continue using it. I have a bunch of medication but nothing has helped so far when it comes down to actually having them. I have had tones of testing done, but all of my tests have been "abnormally perfect" as my doctor says. I just hope that one day this all passes and it will be a memory of the past.alyssa.leahh écrit: almost an hour and no progress… pray for meNilesh Kulkarni écrit: l have an worst headache.Even l m studying and listening this soothing musicM X R T Y écrit: I’m here because I drank too much and now I’m trying to make sure I’m not hungover tomorrowKenneth Merica écrit: I got a serious migrane took pain meds, took sleeping meds listening to this and now just patiently waiting for it to go away….. with an ice pack on my head….dazie3291 ���� écrit: THIS is My Favorite �� Migraine Relief for Sleep ��. Can you
Please �� Please �� Please �� make this 9 hrs? ��Prismatic Gaming écrit: ThxCutieKitty23 écrit: This music was slowly getting rid of my headache i'll put this in my favorites in case of a headache i gave this video a like since me and my sister got a headache as soon as we woke up it wouldn't go away so i searched up a relaxing song to get rid of my headache thank god i found this its slowly getting rid of my headache thank you for this video I'll listen to this every time i get a headachesatan écrit: Anyone else have headaches every day for years??Kassidy Cayton écrit: I suffer from constant migraines, and this actually helps a lot! It doesn't make it go away completely, but it definitely dulls it to the point of being bearable.Holly C écrit: Omg, it's actually working
Thank the lord for this ASMR mix! ��Teddy Bear écrit: God bless everyone in this comment section i hope everyone feels better soon! ❤️������Mc Shibby écrit: Works every timeHybride_Moon écrit: Me:
Me:plays this
Headache:good bye
Me:turns music off
Headache:what's up fuckers!G.U. écrit: It actually helped. Could be partly psychological, but still.Gamespluschallenges écrit: How did this work???Toasterthathasbread écrit: Been learnin for 5 days straight and I have so much stress 🙁amel martinez écrit: I hate the fact when kids have headaches your parents are so fucking loud but when our parents have headaches we have to be quiet like wtf ����Sun7Shine_ YT écrit: Who else is doing vutiral school and got a headache from it.Rebecca Price écrit: This helped so much after trying to sleep all night i woke up because my head was still throbbing. I turned this on and fell asleep in minutesJjtocold44 écrit: I’m hearing some dc universe music from the gameMY BTS BABIES FOREVER écrit: Wow as soon as it started my headache started calming down����thank u for thisJasper Rosario écrit: how the fuck did not even a minute of this take the pressure off HUH

for reference, i get headaches and migraines every day, or nearly every day. sometimes won’t go away for hours, or at all, and sound has just always made it worse. like, i can’t wrap my head around this fucking witchcraft and i’m a damn witchBi_Panic_28 écrit: This is helping me sleep after my tonsillectomy in so much pain ����Joedapro1342 écrit: I think I have covid rn im hoping I dont though ��HotShot gamer Zak écrit: Thank you for saving my LifeAnGleee Arya écrit: Wow. I'm shocked. I started feeling relief within a minute. I feel so better now .
Headache due to stress are the worst one .
I'll come back to listen this whenever I will have headache.alexander schmidt écrit: this is crazy I‘m not even 20 seconds into this video and i felt my headache relieving sooo fast omg thsnk uu because i‘m trying to sleephappy face écrit: Who's here cause they played Roblox too much :/KELLOG ‘SS écrit: Good luck on your journey to who ever sees this and congratulations to your awakeningEdward David écrit: gonoodleKJ écrit: i'm only a few minutes in and my headache is pretty much gone!!���������� ���������� écrit: I have a tension headache���� feeling a litte better doeGrimSister écrit: Period pain and nausea. This actually helps a bitCristina B. écrit: the realRyanny Guimarães écrit: Essa música tem me ajudado com as enxaquecas cíclicas por conta do período menstrual. Gratidão!
This song has helped me with cyclical migraines due to the menstrual period. Thanks!Fluffycat1971 Aj écrit: I threw up some more 🙁Doom Slayer écrit: Remember have water and rest tooBrooke M écrit: Everytime I go to bed my head hurts and my brains like- WHY RIGHT NOW?!??Haterade écrit: Got a nice warm bath ready. Cut this track on. And……….i drowned. Sorry

Honestly tho this clip and a little meditation helped my head stop hurting.Sonia Killen écrit: When I get headaches i always feel like throwing up when it is super bad but if your headache is that bad listen to this it will make it feel a lot betterSebastien Mercado écrit: 1:00Jer3m1e écrit: This Legit Helpedcafevi écrit: This has helped with my headaches and I pull out this video every time I have one. ����Static ? écrit: am i crazy or is this working…Wolfgirl Pup écrit: I tried to use this to calm my headache. I don’t know if it works because my mom wouldn’t turn off the radio….��Anime Fan 229 écrit: It really sucks when you have a chronic headache for 2 days straightFloraFauna écrit: My head was banging I put this on to try and sleep i woke up completely headache free. Nothing has ever worked before!manahil jaweed écrit: Am I the only one who has a headache every day, and doesn't know what's going on?����riddhima khemani écrit: I tried a lot of subliminal but only this worksidk 😛 écrit: Me: * casually play this bc of my migrane*
migrainePhilip Espinosa écrit: it’s okay fellow headachers i feel your pain �� hope you get some sleep !Anna Jacob écrit: i fell asleep and the whole three hour video played until my ipad died but now my headache is goneCurrently Daydreaming écrit: The headache I've had for three days just won't go away so I guess we're doing this the hard way.m alhammadi écrit: fuck dat really helpsMimi écrit: I drank too much energy and was on the computer the whole day
I feel nauseous and my head hurts like hellYuiGlitch écrit: This actually calmed my headache a bit,just dont move too much and dont click off till you headache is 100% outBeFabulosa WhyBeOrdinaria écrit: Sick of this painAbby Pearson écrit: I’ve had the same headache for 10 hours ;-; it rlly hurtsITSNOT MYFAULT écrit: Cannabis oil mixed with olive oil, rub on temples and V slot where scull meets back of neck. Stops migraines with continued use. Eat activated cannabis oil for heavy ( vicodin) pain. Tiny bits at a time. In 2- 3 months, No more migraines, no need for daily dose. Just once a week will do it. Just saying.Valerie Palmquist écrit: I am so incredibly happy I found this..I am lying down with a severe headache and within minutes the headache has let up..thank you.a reader écrit: (potential trigger warning)
i've been getting loads of headaches recently due to stress. i have a friend whose mental health is really bad, and she feels like im the only person she can talk to. it's really hard for me because i feel so much pressure keeping not only my own problems to myself, but hers too. but like i said, she feels like im the only person she can talk to so i dont want to tell her how hard it is for me, because im scared that if she doesnt feel like she can talk to me, she could do something like self-harm or worse (she has spoken about trying to overdose and has self-harmed in the past). we're fourteen and she keeps beers behind her bed, and smokes with her sister.
im not planning on telling her how i feel regarding this, but does anyone have any tips on how i could prevent stress-related headaches? i try to drink plenty of water and get a reasonable amount of sleep and stuff, but i get a headache most nights of the week.
im also scared that going back to school in september could make it worse. like it could either take my mind off things or it could make me even more stressed.

sorry to keep ranting, i just had to get my feelings out somehow, but like i said, does anyone have any tips? it would be really appreciated. thank so muchSamara Brown écrit: Hey! Just listen to what I have to say <3

If you feel sick and are scared , for whatever reason such as vomiting, going to the doctor's or even death

It'll be over soon,pain doesn't last forever
You'll be back to you normal self
Remember to drink water and breath

Breath in


Breath out slowly

Just remember that I care about how you feel and I hope you'll feel better

Love you <3The Simi Effect écrit: Period headaches are the absolute worst. The left side of my head is pounding and i feel dizzy. Must be nice to be a woman ����

Been listening to this for like 10 minutes and it has helped a little bitget a load of this guy écrit: I'm literally here because I keep crying. Every night I just think about my brothers and how I'm gonna lose them one day and it breaks me,so I just cry until my head starts pounding and till I'm unable to breathe out of my nose.Joy écrit: I have almost two weeks with constant headaches. I’m kinda scared but can’t go to the doctor. Let’s pray it’s nothing to worry about and see if it goes awayOrangeswirl écrit: thanks for this listening to this for about half an hour got rid of my headacheFabulouslyFarah écrit: First timer! Hoping this really works and the pain goes away.Laura Mena écrit: It worked for meNight Rider écrit: Hehe, I went down stares to get some WATA and i was drinking it and chripd and almost choked lolGaming Emperor écrit: Headache is been troubling me for 3 days :(((Night Rider écrit: Omg it works, wow!Shu écrit: I've been searching my play list for this video. My head was hurting so bad I couldn't really see well. With migraines the tension in the back and neck make the migraine so horrid its unbearable. This video helps relax those tense muscles then my attention/brain goes towards relaxation which does help with the pain. As long as I catch it early enough. If it goes full blown, nothing helps but ice packs, blacked out room, send children to Siberia, phone ringer off and pain pills if you can keep them down.
So I thank you for this wonderful video. When you say it may not work for some, its because it's a full blown migraine. A full blown migraine any music or sound is a no no. I've suffered for 28 years. So people when you start to feel the tightness, and that first pain behind the 1 eye, put this on. Shut out the world for 20 minutes and just be. This will work and you get your (life) day back.Ervīns Dukovskis écrit: Hello mystery person who is reading this. If you have a headache heres how i deal with it. I go outside for 30‐40 minutes. That sometimes works but sometimes it doesnt. Btw i dont walk i. just sit on a bench outside my house. Then i go to bed with some sort of noise like this one or some kind of white noise. Whatever you're into. But the best way to calm your headache or atleast the way i do it is: find somewhere peacefull or if u cant get some headphones or earphones. Find a comfortable spot where ever that may be. Maybe your bed, a chair, where ever you feel comfortable. Play this sound or any other sound that makes you feel relaxed. Personaly i use this one. So then sit still or try to move your head very slowly beacase movements can make the headache worse. Then put down ur phone and relax. Talk to yourself or think about something and try to not think about the headache. I am writing this while doing everything of the above. Well maybe not the phone part xd. But hope this helped someone. Stay safe and good luck!Jake Harris écrit: A man goes to his doctor because he’s been having headaches for the last 20 years.
The doctor performs a thorough examination and tells him his diagnosis. “The only way to cure your headaches is castration.” The man is taken aback, but, because he has kids and it tired of the headaches, he decides to go through with the procedure. It works, and his headaches are gone for the first time in 20 years.

He is ecstatic and decides to treat himself to some new things. He decides the first thing he’s going to buy is a suit. So, he goes to the finest men’s store in town and tells the tailor he wants a new suit. The tailor says he can help and that he’s pretty good at measuring people just by looking at them. He tells the guy that he looks like he wears a 42 Regular suit. The man remarks that the tailor was exactly right, and the suit fits perfectly. The tailor asks him if he’d considered getting new shoes. The man hadn’t, but decides to treat himself. The tailor looks at the man’s feet for a second and comes back with an 11-wide shoe. Again, a perfect fit.

Finally, the tailor asks the man if he’d like anything else, perhaps some socks or underwear. Being as the man recently had surgery, he decided to get some new underwear. The tailor looks at him and says that he will go get some 38 underwear. The man laughs and says, “Ah, I’ve finally stumped you. I wear 34 underwear.” The tailor looks at him and reply’s, “No you don’t, if you wore 34 underwear, it would hold your testicles too close to your body, pinch the nerves, and give you headaches.”Shakira Caine écrit: Thank you. This helped me tonight. One Love from Jamaica ����That Fox Amber écrit: This is actually helping my mild migraine. ThankDanni Fantom écrit: The second this started playing I thought my headache was better ���� damnMa Davis écrit: naruto and sasuke vs momoshikiKatie Dribnokhod écrit: I’ve been having very severe and intense period pains that have spread to my lower back and legs. No matter what medicine I take, it still keeps going. Im super nauseous. But this has helped me relax and feel a lot better. Thank you so much! God bless! ❤️ ��Cindy lopez écrit: I am fasting right now that is whyni have severe head ache. Huhu hope this will helpJayden Register écrit: I thought that this would work but the synth noise reminds me of the throbbing feeling and made it worse!Mary Jo Stebbins écrit: wait it actually worked I was having stomach pain and I layer down and listened and it's not hurting anymoreTranslator écrit: Yeah this works! I can still feel it’s there but it the aching has been numbed and doesn’t bother meNAX MAX_X écrit: Wow this really helpsHannah Kutz écrit: I don't know if it's the advil I just took or listening to this but one of them worked so I'm happy ����JAMIEL THE DAY I MET MICHAEL JACKSON! écrit: Everything you read after this and read it in Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s voice. My head hurts my head is pounding I need to stop stop it now it’s not a tumor it’s not the caffeine stops the headache terminated completely then the caffeine brings back the headache And the pain will be terminated and drink more caffeine headache is gone I no longer complain like a girly man can I can’t stop drinking coffee headache comes back and the caffeine makes me dehydrated and headache gets worse then I drink more coffee headache goes away I need to terminate this pain completely I need to put it out daaaahhh!!! I need to make it stop!! NOOOOOW!! I need to pump the pain of the headache up in the way ouch!!! Now read the next line in Sylvester Stallone‘s voice. Blue blah Balboa blah blah headache balboa blah you’re the disease and I am the cure Cobra blah blah cobra headache gone Rambo. OK last one with this and Bruce Lee’s voice or just think of Bruce Lee when you read this. Motrin Whaaaaaaaaa pOw! Headache gone! ������Susan Caughman écrit: I really hope this works!w_raths makes random things écrit: i just got my tonsils removed and god this helps me feel so much better but my throat still hurtdNina Blue écrit: It definitely works.Lisa écrit: There isn’t a single sound I’ve listened to that has worked. I’m experiencing so much anxiety rn & I’m so stressed & I also have a stress ball but nothing is working & I just can’t calm down because life is getting so hard for me right now & I’m just so worried….but nothing has worked to calm me down…��

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