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epic one écrit: Clonazolam vs clonazepamStoner Mon Nick écrit: It works at first. Until you build tolerance, and your addicted to a medication that doesn’t work anymore. 1mg 4x daily. Started at .25mg, U try to quit but feel like your losing your mind. 10/10 awfulOreElect1 écrit: Dear Dr.
It is understood that many doctors are not properly educated about Benzodiazepines. Please allow me to arm you with some basic facts so you can better help your patients, and avoid litigation that may be happening soon in the USA due to benzo prescribing.
I am Dr. Jennifer Leigh. I have a doctorate in psychology, post-doc Social Neurobiology studies, and I am an award-winning author. I was on a prescribed dose of Klonopin for 18 years for anxiety caused by traumatic life events.
I became ill on my steady dose and no doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. It took many months of research to discover that my health issues were caused by tolerance withdrawal to my prescribed dose of Klonopin.
Basic Facts:
Many people taking a prescribed dose eventually develop health problems.
Although Valium is considered the addictive drug, all benzos are equally addictive. Not in the way we think of addiction to street drugs, however, the dependency on the drug is very real. Remove the drug and withdrawal occurs.
The newer generation of drugs such as Xanax and Klonopin are more potent than Valium as they target sub-receptors on the GABA receptors. Scientists report that 1 milligram of Klonopin or Xanax is equal to 20 mgs of Valium.
Once exposed to the drug, the brain changes to accommodate the action on the chloride ring on the receptor. The theory is that eventually, the GABA receptor is absorbed into the neuronal axon, and is not available to do its normal function. This causes many benzo users who are on a steady dose to become anxious, as there are not enough working GABA receptors.
In this state, the body has more glutamate available than GABA. The HPA axis fires more often and the patient is less able to calm themselves. Anxiety and panic attacks are common side effects of long-term use of benzos, and is seen in patients who were prescribed the drug for medical reasons other than an anxiety or panic disorder.
Doctors who are not educated about the pharmacology of benzos diagnose this anxiety as a psychological problem instead of understanding it is tolerance withdrawal to the drug.
Patients who take a benzo on a daily basis, every other day, every few days, and even those who take it PRN can develop a long list of health problems that have been documented and verified by various health agencies and doctors. Some of the problems are: dizziness, headaches, anxiety, panic, gastrointestinal problems, depression, weakness, fatigue, lack of motivation, heart problems, temporary blindness, suicide ideation, tinnitus, depersonalization, bladder problems, IBS, etc.
Chemical dependency can happen in a very short time, the shortest on record is nine days. Dependency is not dose related. Patients on .25 of Klonopin have been recorded to have as equally severe withdrawal symptoms as those on higher doses.
When a patient wants to stop taking their benzo, it can become a life-challenging endeavor. (Long term use of benzos cause health issues, including dementia so no one should remain on a benzo for years.) Most doctors are unaware that benzos need to be tapered slowly, over a long period of time, in order to give the brain a chance to react to less of the drug, and to revert the use of the down-regulated receptors. Many doctors follow the rule of thumb for tapering opiates, however, this is far too quick and too big of cuts for benzo users. Additionally, it is difficult to taper from the more modern benzos, as they do not come in small enough doses. Xanax is especially difficult to taper as it is so short acting and inter-dose withdrawal can occur.
Even on a slow taper, many benzo patients become ill. Personally I became bedridden, unable to do the most basic of life’s tasks. I eventually was put in a detox ward, cold turkeyed with the help of Phenobarbital to avoid seizures, and sent home to recover on my own. This method is considered barbaric to most educated doctors, as it shocks the brain and can cause a protracted withdrawal. I was treated like an addict in the hospital and forced to participate in recovery activities when I could barely walk, or while hallucinating. Many benzo users are treated like addicts, even though we are chemically dependant, not drug seeking, and we are in that condition due to well meaning doctors who have prescribed the medication.
The recovery after taking the last dose can be a harrowing journey for many. We experience burning skin, deep bone and muscle pain, paresthesia, vision and hearing problems, gastro, heart, breathing, and balance issues, just to name a few. Because there are not enough working GABA receptors, we live in a world of terror and black depression, that makes our old psychological issues, (if there were any) look like child’s play. There are some reports that benzos also impact dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters, which may in part, explain the varied and intense problems brought about by withdrawal. (It has been shown that some catatonia patients are in benzo withdrawal, nothing more.)
Patients experiencing withdrawal are often misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and other psychiatric illnesses. They are often heavily medicated with antipsychotics, antidepressants, or placed back on their benzo. Some uneducated doctors prescribe Lyrica and Gabapentin for anxiety during withdrawal. These drugs work on the same receptors as benzos, and are not recommended. Alcohol, valerian root, and kava kava should be avoided as well for the same reasons.
Once the dose of a benzo has been lowered, it is often difficult to stabilize if placed back on the original dose. It is then harder to taper in the future. This little understood phenomenon is called “Kindling”. Although the action in the brain responsible for this is not understood, we are aware that it occurs.
Once off the drug, it can take a long time for the brain to recover from the damage done by a benzo; 6 to 18 months is the average time, however, many people, especially those who were on the drug for a long time, and those who were taken off cold-turkey, can have protracted withdrawal symptoms for years.
I am 25 months off of the drug, and still have burning in my spine, tingling, weakness, fatigue, bone and muscle pain, memory problems, cognitive issues, emotional issues (not my prior issues) and gastrointestinal problems. My withdrawal, like so many others, caused me to be unable to work or engage in life as I normally did. Many people in withdrawal face divorce, bankruptcy and loss of friends and social standing. A sizeable population in withdrawal are driven to suicide.
In summary, Benzodiazepines are dangerous medications as many people develop dependence and tolerance. Many develop illnesses, living with less than optimal health and their doctors are unsuspecting that it is the prescribed dose of a benzo causing their health problems. Getting off of a benzo can be life threatening. People can become very ill, unable to work, or socialize. This illness is often diagnosed as a return of the original anxiety and medicated with more benzos, antipsychotics, antidepressants, or other medications that are contraindicated for withdrawal. The only known cure from benzo withdrawal is the slow passage of time.
Here is a list of resources for you to educate yourself further. I thank you for taking the time to do so. Those of us who have been harmed by the prescribed use of benzos are hopeful that more doctors will be educated so they stop harming people by prescribing benzos for more than a few days. We hope too, that more doctors will learn how to correctly and successfully wean their patients off of benzos.
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Ashton, H. Benzodiazepine Abuse, Drugs and Dependence, Harwood Academic Publishers (2002), 197-212, Routledge, London & New York.Pedro Frías écrit: It's better Klonopin that Ambien for Sleep?MsJinkerson écrit: this drug is like oxycotin and highly addictive I was on it and got in serious problem with the police and courtsEnclave general écrit: You can snort it to take the edge off from being highMr Dkizle écrit: I can literly take 10mg of klonopin and be okay the way this drug works your tolerence goes threew the rooofffffGMAIL ACCOUNT écrit: IT helped me. 3 days calmed down after stopVin Joushe écrit: Im hearinnggg thingggzzzz!Vin Joushe écrit: Im seeing thingz!Earl Barnes écrit: I was put on 2mg….I in the day one at night; helps with my severe panic attacks… you become addicted in a month, so be careful. The withdrawals are horrible… usually your psychiatrist will prescribe valium….to taper you off.

I wish I can go back in time and refused it…I tried weed before being put on it, made it worse.chritopher herrera écrit: Thanks. Oh my God I can't believe I never died from taking this. About 12 years ago that medicine used to be very popular here with younger and party people in Tucson,Arizona. Since we are one hour from Mexico, that is where it came from. It was a Mexican pharmaceutical that made the Clonazepam R-2. They came in a red foil case. We took it to get high. A tira, tira mean strip, they were 10 for $20 and half a tira was $15 for 5. I used to take and also everyone else ,like 3 or 4 all at ones. This medicine when abuse would make people wanna fight, steal and many end up in prison for committing serious crimes. This Rocha was very popular among Mexican and Mexican-American young people. You had trouble makers take it, like cholos and stuff. Now it is not popular how it was back then. I thought because of the opioid epidemic. It shifter from rochas to opioids.morock écrit: why when mix with weed all turn upsid downPatricia Scully écrit: Is it good for sleep ?K.R. Hoffman écrit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpbsQhy0hlaSXuXPk4SkJGRoqLmVlhgFOabbas gassan écrit: Since this drug should be prescribed for a short period of time. What other alternatives/approaches a patient can take or do to continue getting the comforting effects of that drug? I take it only when I go to work and I’ve seen how much it boosted my focus, calmness, and performance. How can I continue to get these benefits if I’m only allowed to take it for a short time? PLEASE EXPLAIN.Daniel Chris écrit: A life saverRonny Clayton écrit: Ive been on klonopin for 13yrs at 6mg a day(2mg three a day)to control and eliminate most of the seizures i have.It works by calming my CNS and has the best results of any anticonvulsants ive took to stop seizures and i have taken them all.The Greek Pianist écrit: This medication is a Godsend for me and helps my social anxiety like a charm…depending on the generic. Some work better than others. But I’m a chronic pain patient and I’m prescribed klonopin with Oxycodone. Using Benzos with opiates is fine as long as you use them with caution. Both have really helped my quality of life.PAUL SCHULTE écrit: Just cannot stand any of the many drugs that different Providers have given me. This pill, if taken properly, is a miracle. Very often, I will
get a new Provider who will not prescribe it, and I fall back into horrible agony. With it I can sleep well and live well.You are right écrit: My long time best friend was prescribed to go on clonazepam by a doctor shortly after dealing with some minor stress and anxiety due to starting a new job. He felt amazing immediately after goimg on it and was now on a "high" about life. As time went on though, he began to develop side effects and started having problems eating, going to the bathroom, mood swings, etc… On top of that, the drug was not giving him that "high" anymore, and his anxiety began to go through the roof. He soon developed depression, and his health deteriorated even more due to the intense side effects.
After being on clonazepam for nearly 13 years, he tried to stop taking it but the side effects were brutal and causing him to have severe mental and physical discomfort. He tried for 2 years to get off of it and could not do it no matter how hard he tried. Sadly he ended up taking his life. This was a guy who never did drugs, excelled in school, was very easy going and people loved to be around him.
By no means I'm sharing this story to discourage anyone if you are taking this drug and trying to get off of it. If you are on it and are experiencing severe side effects, please seek professional help. The doctors won't tell you that once you've stopped taking this drug after being on it for a long time, that the side effects take several years for them to eventually go away. And the side effects can be absolutely brutal.
My hope is that anyone who is considering going on this drug will do LOTS of research before ever putting this drug in their body. Please be very cautious, sincerely.IDontKnow TBH écrit: Wait so if u take clonazepam u can’t vomit?polycrase écrit: Never take this poison!Anonymous Alcoholic écrit: mmm pill pornYubraj sharma écrit: Does this medication help with depression?la ciudat écrit: You say only the negative shitParadigm Apocalypse écrit: i like to see people genuinely caring about eachother, aww <3Michael Last écrit: I was taking this as needed for about a year. I regret it so bad. This drug has screwed me for life. I just can't go back to normal.
I was on a low dose and only taking it once or twice a week and that was enough to do irrecoverable brain damageEric Blair écrit: Prescribed this DRUG for 22 years. ABSOLUTE LIVING HELL to get off even with a addiction specialist's
expertise with respect to a proper taper. Anyone reading this comment: DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!
Just google side effects when tapering. You can scroll down for 30 seconds reading the list of horrible side
effects when getting off this poison. And that's just the beginning. When you are CLONAZEPAM free, that's
where the "fun" really begins. You may be suffering for YEARS. CLONAZEPAM: pernicious poison.Chhawni Ralte écrit: At night i cant sleep and dr.. say eat it for 1..and you can sleepDino Bussanich écrit: I was on klonopin for 28 years for anxiety and my doctor took me off it back in April. I hope i found another doctor who will give it me.Brad Petrick écrit: Would you give a substance abuser with a known history of benzo abuse and addiction Klonopin if they actually needed it and had severe anxiety?sTRAIT jACKET écrit: I have severe akathisia. If I change from Val to Clon will I get wd from Val?Alexander Dashit écrit: It IS a party drug if used correctly. I know this is not the point here, but it can really kick a party into high gear. Death is almost impossible unless combined with opiates and alcohol. as for it's efficiency? it saved my life. I'm on it for life and it has never hurt me, not memory or ANYTHING.Matt Gehringer écrit: Thank you Tarun your video I found extremely helpful.Uaint Shytho écrit: How do SSRIs like Sertraline or Zoloft react with Clonazepam? Any bad side effects?Steve Hunt écrit: So i really just can't STOP. I'd live to quit 3 of the meds, I'm only 41!!!, i shouldn't have a seizure disorder from my TBISteve Hunt écrit: I take 0,5mg/4x a day, as prescribed along with anti-seizure medicationJordan Smith écrit: Can you hit me up on a reply i have a question about this. I was on TEVA generics verison now I am on SOLCO Healthcares verison. Can i be prescribed a placebo and just not be told?Saduya écrit: thank you for this in depth explanation I couldn't find the information I was looking for anywhere else, thanksAntti Kokko écrit: This medication is a lifesaver if used properly.Anthony Flores écrit: Great info answered my question about mixing certain medications. ThanksNo One écrit: This is the most evil drug on the planet .Eric A écrit: These drugs are a bit dangerous but help in times. Im on 1 mg. Hard to get off of. Also mixed other drugs with it.Alexandra Sarno écrit: Thank you for informing us about the medication without scaring the crap out of us like other youtube videos ��Nicholas Martin écrit: Very educational and professional. Surprised you don't have more subscriptions. I'd love to see a video on Venlafaxine (Effexor) which you may have already done, i'll have to check.Giovanny Jean écrit: I take it for sleep. And i was able to get off it very easily and whenever I wanted, regardless of time spent taking it. But maybe it's just me. It also works great with cannabis, for me. The cannabis reduce/eliminated REM sleep which leaves me feeling tired even after 8+ hours of sleep. But with Clonazepam, I wake up refreshed. So it's great for REM and REM rebound.Tony Bon écrit: I'm on it now. It just makes me calm, like in under a tree in the country on a warm day, with some lemonadeJose Calderon écrit: Great job. Right to the point. ��Ggggy Derek écrit: Great infokimberly tillson écrit: Thank you for a great deal of info.

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