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The risks of taking benzodiazepines (Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan) as prescribed

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http://w-bad.org ► Are you or someone you know or love taking (or thinking about starting) a benzodiazepine or Z-drug? Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium, Librium, and others) as well as Z-drugs (Ambien, Lunesta and others), which are similar, have the most debilitating withdrawal reactions in all of medicine. This happens in regular, everyday people who are taking the medications exactly as their doctor prescribed. It also happens to people on what they think are “low doses” and is not just a “high dose” problem. This happens because the prescribing guidelines for this class of drug recommend short-term (less than 2-4 weeks) use only, yet doctors are prescribing them for much longer. Even worse, these unsuspecting patients are given no warning (or informed consent) by their doctor about these risks and dangers before taking the prescription past the recommended timeline. The patients think the drugs are “safe” because they are prescribed when they are actually quite dangerous medications that are capable of inflicting sometimes severe and life-threatening withdrawal syndromes which are known, for some people, to persist for many years. \n\nExperts and studies estimate that as many as sixty percent of people taking benzodiazepines (such as Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Valium) and/or Z-drugs (aka nonbenzodiazepines, like Ambien) for more than the recommended 2-4 week time period will develop physical dependence, adverse effects, and withdrawal? 60% is actually a conservative percentage, as some other sources indicate that \ »50-80% of people regularly taking benzodiazepines (even in ‘low dose’) for longer than a few months will develop a physical tolerance to the drug and become dependent, resulting in difficulty stopping benzodiazepines because of withdrawal symptoms\ ». 30% of long-term users will experience severe withdrawal or adverse effects which may include seizures, hallucinations, psychosis, akathisia, and sometimes suicide or death (people are especially at risk for severe withdrawal if they over-rapidly taper or cold-turkey their benzodiazepine/Z-drug). The tapers to discontinue these medications, once you’ve taken them past 2-4 weeks and depending on dose, can last many months or years (please see http://w-bad.org/slow-tapering-protocols/ for slow tapering protocol guidance). About 10-15% of people who withdraw will develop a protracted withdrawal syndrome which can potentially persist for many years (there are anecdotal reports of it persisting up to five, seven, and even ten years post-cessation.). Others, even after a slow, gradual reduction of the benzodiazepine or Z-drug will experience withdrawal that lasts for up to 18 months post-cessation.\n\nPhysical dependence is a physical condition, a state of adaptation in the body caused by chronic use of a tolerance forming drug, in which abrupt or gradual drug withdrawal causes withdrawal.\n \nWhen someone becomes physically dependent to benzodiazepines (or Z-drugs), they are also at risk for developing tolerance. With benzodiazepines/Z-drugs, specifically, when the receptors in the brain become adapted or accustomed to the action of the original dose of BZ, more of the drug is needed in order for the desired therapeutic effect (or the original effect at the original dose) to be achieved. This means that the drug loses its effectiveness and the person taking it can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms while still taking the prescribed dose of the drug. Some common symptoms of tolerance include increasing anxiety, panic attacks, development of agoraphobia for the first time, interdose withdrawal (withdrawal symptoms emerging in between doses), as well as a plethora of other physical/neurological/psychological symptoms.\n \nThis professional and powerful video features the words and voices of real, actual victims of these medications and their families and gives a firsthand look at the devastation caused by the irresponsible prescription of benzodiazepines. This video offers vital information on the risks of benzodiazepine prescription past the recommended 2-4 week guidelines, which is a worldwide epidemic.\n \nBy spreading the word about taken-as-prescribed benzodiazepine risks, harms, and dangers, we at W-BAD (World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day) hope to bring awareness to the general public and the medical community about this problem before more people are needlessly harmed. Please help share this video with everyone you know and, together, we can prevent more victims of iatrogenic (caused by medicine) dependence, withdrawal, and injury from prescribed benzodiazepines and Z-drugs.Find out more or join us in raising awareness with W-BAD on July 11th at http://w-bad.org\n\nNote: W-BAD does not seek to restrict access to these drugs for those who feel that they may benefit from them, nor does it seek to force anyone to stop or reduce against their own will. \n\n►Find W-BAD on Social Media:\nFacebook ► @WorldBenzoDay\nTwitter ► @WorldBenzoDay

DEF-ROW GAMING CLASH OF CLANS/DEFROW écrit: I'm on xanax and have been for 30 or more years and I get really sick as soon as I run out and if I have to wait until the Dr calls me sometimes weeks I have seizures and think I'm going nutsHi There écrit: Is a person is in danger of suicide by stopping benzos then surely it is better to allow them to continue to take take them.
Insomnia is hell and can lead to severe depression,anxiety.
It is hell.
Benzos have been demonised yet taken properly improve a person's quality of life.Benzo Healer écrit: I'm looking for contact information for Benzodiazepine Awareness Day. I was born addicted to benzodiazepines. This is my story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOhI_lV-24cBrenda Rodriguez écrit: Thank goodness, I’m not dependent. I see and know the risks to it, especially dependency among other issues. However, I’ve been on a benzo 5-6 years on the lowest dose, never had the urge to take more than prescribed, and only take as needed. I don’t take it daily, so I’m sure that has helped me over the years. I hear the withdrawals are horrible, and I feel sad for anyone going through that or trying to taper off. Although the mixed feelings regarding taking benzos, it has literally changed my life for the good. I have my life back and can deal and manage my severe anxiety/panic attack & PTSD. I can now function and doing daily things like be out doing errands, be an active mother etc. I was able to go back to college, graduate, and still continue school. I did read and have seen reviews about how it damages the brain/memory but that hasn’t been the case for me. In fact, it has helped me so much with school, balancing, and focusing. I have had absolutely no issues with slower thinking, memory problems etc. Mann, all I know is that it works different for me. I think as long as you and your psychiatrist/dr/therapist have a good plan and healthy check up while on it is okay. A few bad cases can’t speak for the many of others who have had positive journey with it. I wish the best for everyone going through it, and hope whatever it is helps you cope makes you feel better.S Moody écrit: people need to stop this benzodiazepines have helped me more than anything it makes me feel normal people like you putting stop to the help the people like me and need them if I am not on them or before I got prescribed them I had the worst anxiety you could possibly imagine the Saved My Life stop taking everybody is a victim to them I knew the risks and I know them but I'd rather be able to walk out of my house and do my job then be scared of everything around me myself and everything for no goddamn reason. With this little dress for my listing I already know it thank youDebbie Holbrook écrit: Where can I get help been on Xanax over 28 years taking 10 mg or more a day . Got cut off cold turkey and went into a coma almost died . I live in Wv and the Phychtirist wont help me just cut me off . There’s no places in Wv that understand or know what to do that don’t care . My physical health is severe I got heart problems, Autoimmune diseases u nsme I got it . Lived in bed 17 years only get up to go to barroom and go somewhere once a month or twice these Xanax I have to buy on the street just to live ������please is there any help I’m on SSI get Wv Medicaid’ so I don’t no what to do I’m ready to end my life . Can’t handle it no more .Ringer Heringa écrit: I want my life back!Papinator 34 écrit: You’ll have withdrawals after 2 weeks of constant use from Benzos or opioids. Do yall not know this?Heat Pete écrit: Xanax = devil.K.R. Hoffman écrit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpbsQhy0hlaSXuXPk4SkJGRoqLmVlhgFOBrandon Semik écrit: Tapering with Valium helped me get off Klonopin; took 2 months. I seriously think that when you stop cold turkey, the downward spiral is SO intense that it sets up a PTSD condition, it's so awful, BUT if you taper you bypass all of that and end up feeling just a bit more depressed, then before you know it you are off them entirely…never cold Turkey benzos, taper using a long half-life benzo like ValiumBrandon Semik écrit: Support is huge, when you are in it, you just want to die, but, it gets better and finally, you can function again, done the benzo withdrawal thing twice now, the key was tapering with Valium, had very mild withdrawals…still horrible, but the truly horrible parts only lasted a few days 🙂Brandon Semik écrit: I take 1/8th a milligram of klonopin twice daily (0.25mg a day, half the lowest possible dose), it takes care of my back spasms which keeps me from nerve damage from the muscle pressing on the nerves. Been through withdrawal, it's brutal, makes you really contemplate suicide but when you realize it's just a chemical state you learn to relax a bit, within a 2 weeks to a month, it's gone 🙂Edi Fišer écrit: PEOPLE LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A FAST CURE FOR BENZOS!!! – Look for "AMANITA DREAMER" on Youtube!!!Smatt écrit: EVERY psychiatric drug is addictive and will give horrible withdrawal symptoms. I struggled for 3 years! to stop mirtazapine. SSRI:s were also extremely hard to stop. Best thing is to try to stay away from these drugs.Andy Wiffler écrit: I THINK THIS IS OVER THE TOP AND MISLEADING INFORMATION. I feel terrible for people who suffer from these effects but IT IS NOT TRUE that all people who become physically dependent need a long taper with debilitating withdrawal symptoms. I have been using clonazepam for nearly 2 decades and have weened myself off of them many times after months of continual use and sometimes years of continual use. I have had some withdrawal symptoms but nothing that I wouldn't have expected to have using a physically dependent drug. Of course 60 percent of people will experience withdrawal symptoms after a month or so but only if they stop cold turkey.
I'm very skeptical that 30 percent will experience severe withdrawal. I would imagine very few would experience much of a withdrawal at all if they taper there use sensibly.

I know other people, who like me, don't suffer from these problems and can use benzos when the need to.
I find this video to be fear mongering. Benzodiazepines have been very helpful for me over the years for chronic pain and some mental health issues. I understand that some people are very sensitive to certain types of medications and that's unfortunate, but from the information I have studied they are the minority and not the majority.
This video seems to be suggesting that no one should use them for prolonged periods of time which I have with great benefit with only minor side effects. I find that disconcertingtracy hobo écrit: i took 2 benzos new year never taken them before but needed good sleep, oh yes, i woke up in hospital the next day all monitered up, and i couldnt remember anything, if it wasnt for lady next door hearing my moans i could have been dead,aparently when she looked through my letter box and seen me stood on my stairs wearing only my panties saying dont hurt me then next minute i went head first all way down stairs, they had to break in my house, she said i was throwng my legs and arms all over,and had a bad head bump…cant remember to this day please no one take themThe Megatron écrit: my doc prescribed xanax for a month and it worked so well but really once he stopped i felt so bad helpless for atleast 2 days then i was fine but that did not solve the problem i had depression and insomnia before it and after itJanel Bucsko écrit: u will get it back. I didW204 C63 écrit: So they are saying 90 per cent of people will suffer withdrawal symptoms or become addicted ? That is rubbish.Dina Oblena écrit: I'm on .5 Clonazepam for 1month and 1 week now including tappering (I'm on .125mg now) can I stop in .125mg?Frank James écrit: Bless the BenzosEarl Barnes écrit: I was prescribed 2 mg to help with sleep and hallucinations, I ran out 2 day early due to appointment scheduling” and didn’t think to much of it I was only on it for 30days” big mistake” my anxiety sky rocketed, and had the common withdrawal systems….They were so bad I got luck and got a early appointment due to a cancellation he had. He had me on Lamotrigine for the daytime and Loxapine for Evenings, the Loxapine made anxiety so bad I had to take a extra klonopin to relieved a panic attack, he took me off that, he tried abilify and that put me in a comatose state and made me vomit after it wearing off” caused me to take a early dose of klonopin to help” this explains running out 2 days early.

He took me off abilify and he put me on 5mg of onlanzapine with 1 mg of klonopin at bedtime and 1mg of klonopin in the daytime . So far so good I at time will only take 1 mg at bedtime along with onlanzapine…it helps with sleep… I take the Lamotrigine and my first dose of Gabapentin in the mourning, it makes me a bit loopy but works, sometimes I will skip a dose of klonopin” I only take the first dose as needed” this keeps me from running out early.

And sometimes I don’t want to be drunk or dizzy off the first dose….I sleep or become a zombie on it…my counselor and primary care doctor wants me to go on walks or try doing something enjoyable” like soaking in a nice bathtub of very warm water” to help with the nerve damage in my hands and feet” can’t be taking klonopin soaking in hot water” big chance at drowning”

With those plans helps me not run out early….with government overreach CPP and people with mental illness is being forcibly cold turkey Off them….I get blood test before seeing doctor and psychiatrist” I guess it checks if I’m actually taking them or using other black market narcotics with them….Not…I can’t see someone doing anything else with them….klonopin is potent, I say there like Xanax but have a longer life

Klonopin stays in your body longer vs Xanax.Ppoy Villaflor écrit: how can i get off these if my doc script this for my insomia in the first place.. if i get off this, insomia will be back again..im really want to get off this but i cant.. i need to sleep….need help….

XIV WordsBlake Thomas écrit: I've been on Benzos for 8 years straight. Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Serepax, Mogadon. I ran out of Xanax in 2013 and almost died. I had a massive Seizure followed by 2 smaller ones. At the moment I'm on a high dose of Klonopin.
Looks like I'm going to be screwed if I try and get off them……TecnoNaas écrit: I've been on benzodiazepines for 23 years sometimes huge doses. I have recently got down to 3 d5s a day of Valium. It's not enough and I buy Xanax and zimmovain off the street (I buy them off people who get scripts of the tablets, get the tablets and sell them. It's €2 per 1mg of Xanax and €1.50 for each Zimmo. I'm broke and in debt. I'm seeing one of my doctors on Tuesday and I pray he puts me back on Xanax and Zimmovain. I'm 37 and started when I was 14. Will u please like if you are or have had these medications take over your life. I'd really appreciate it, thanks.Carl Johnson écrit: I’ve been taking clonazepam for 20 years now. I wished this video had more information.Matthew . . . écrit: Been off xanax and klonopin almost a month and a half. Its a rollercoaster from day to day. It's out of my system but the nightmare doesn't stop. They've done their damage and ultimately I'm paying the price.Ryan Palm écrit: So what if it’s addicting? If it works just take it forever. End of storyArianna Its me écrit: Everyone makes it seem so bad, Ive been on them for a year and if you take it responsibly and only when you ABSOLUTELY NEED IT. Ive been on so so so many different medications even having to go thru withdrawls from them but kpins are by far the best medicine ive ever hadDaniel Andersson écrit: lions mane mushroom and renchi mushromm restore the nervsystem and the brain. and some cannabis from nature consumed like a tee. no big company weed from jamacia ore thailand stright from the buchmanTaylor Morgan écrit: Its been two years for me since my last crumb of benzo. It's been torturous hell. Lost my ability to read, comprehend, communicate. Lost short term and long term memory. Lost social skills. Have tremendous head pressure and pain every day. Wish I had been warned. I want my brain back. There are so many of us…how come this is not HUGE news?Love One another écrit: There is a movie that will be coming out this year. AS PRESCRIBED.
RERjfsfrnd écrit: Are you telling me I will have withdrawal symptoms if I am taking 1/2 of a .25 of a Xanax to sleep? I was having those symptoms before I ever took it because of severe PTSD, RLS and Insomnia. What dose should I taper to? If I dont have this tiny dose I just lay awake and dont sleep all night. Other sleep medications are too strong.jfsfrnd écrit: Take the smallest amount possible and never take them as prescribed.Ryan McGhie écrit: LOVE YOU ALL… Thank you for this video. I watched this to stop myself from calling my doc.. I want to create videos like this. What are these types of videos called? Well doneBob Solem écrit: I was prescribed Klonopin for panic attacks and I took it for 23 years. When challenging my prescription my doctor told me that if I had heart problem I wouldn't question taking a medication for the rest of my life and this was no different. Now, one year post taper I feel like I'm just starting to get my life back and its going to be another year or two before I get it fully back from what I can guess. Knowing what to expect along the way has been a life saver and I am forever grateful to W-BAD and all of the other sharing victims of this big Pharma irresponsibility gone wild. Stop your friends and family and educate your doctors especially!

To the victims, you are not alone. Share your story any way you feel comfortable. Our stories will save lives.forrest gumption écrit: kinda terrifyingPeter Northrup écrit: Doctors have a pill for everything. Have fun.Wethepeople Arefedup!!! écrit: Fuck change !!! Ban the trash !!!! Class 4 drug more like class 1 !!!Carmen Citalia écrit: Hell in a bottle!!Fallen Angel écrit: K pins help me when i have really bad aniexty and taking a walk or meditation doesn't cut it k pins helps lower my aniextyelbúho R écrit: My life has been ruined at a very young age thanks to my doctor prescribing me klonopin without warning me of the adverse effects of taking it long term. I fear at age 23 I will never regain my life nor my health 🙁Jacqui Norcross-Edwards écrit: When they were prescribed 25 yrs ago for anxiety and as a replacement for narcotics due to being allergic to them. At that time I was told that klonipin was safe and non addictive. Every time I saw a doctor I was prescribed a benzo. At 1 point I was prescribed klonipin 1mg 3× a day plus 90 1mg. Ativan per month to take as needed. The costs to my life are endless besides the relationships between loved ones were destroyed. The weird thing was that the medication made me act really crazy yet people would insist that I needed the meds so stopping them completely took several attempts that resulted in accute psychosis. I am now over 5 years benzo free and dealing with the catastrophe called my life along with what appear to be permanent damage. This is a dangerous drug that made me come so close to suicide I have no way to explain. I am a social worker, a mother and a very spiritual person who has always loved life to the fullest. What a relief to know that someone recognizes what we are going through. My prayers to those who have survived and are suffering. I know many have lost thier lives and I am so grateful not to be in that number��Elliot Castro écrit: My doctor prescribe me klonopin should i take it?Jem écrit: I'm feeling brain damaged. My intelligence has suffered.adam écrit: When the healthcare system is bought off by the pharmaceutical companies, you have rampant overprescription of medications by doctors.Georgia écrit: If you take Xanax you or your psychiatrist are stupid fuckers. I have been taking clonazopam and on and off valuim and Ativan since I was 10 years old and I'm 23.i don't have withdrawal other than not sleeping. My dad is a drug specialist so he won't let me get addicted. I can abruptly stop clonazopam lolSuh Dude écrit: I really love benzosEnglehard Dinglefester écrit: Was taking xanax .25mg/night for sleep for 1 year, have been off it for 11 days, some days I have no withdrawals, but they are back today…withdrawals can give you heart arrhythmia…be VERY careful taking this stuff and tapering off if you have afib or any other arrhythmia like SVT's. Was just woken up twice during a nap with heart going bzzzt. Not a comfortable feeling.Crazyreviewer123 écrit: Question. I been on Klonpin 0.5 cut in half for the past 9 or 10 years but a mistake was made in the Emergency room when I had a infection I was that infected my foot they actually gave me a whole 1mg of the drug instead. Although it only happened one time does that put me at more risk of addictionAnonymous écrit: I am a victim of Benzos and don't have much time left unless a miracle occurs and I heal in the time frame I have left. If not, I have too become a victim of Big Pharma and Benzos. I will spend my remaining days alive trying to educate as many people as possible and do my share of spreading awareness. Legalized Drug dealers (Big Pharma) need the same punishment as the street dealers. Put away for a long time or even the death penalty. This system is corrupt and it's no different than Blood Diamond. God help all the victims including myself.

https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/the-strip/las-vegas-strip-shooter-prescribed-anti-anxiety-drug-in-june/Anonymous écrit: If "some doctor or gov't agency" isn't going to decide what is "right" for an individual, I infer that you think all drug laws should be eliminated and everything should be available over the counter so each person can decide for themselves what is "right" for them?

That may be fine, but if one thinks the "illegal" drug problem in America is bad now, it pales in comparison to what it would be if each person could decide independently if heroin, phencyclidine, methamphetamine, oxycodine et al was "right" for them.

The vast majority of the people lack even a basic understanding of probability (needed to understand drug side effects even at the most basic level), let alone the complex medical issues associated with pharmaceuticals. Look at how many otherwise healthy people "demand" antibiotics for viral infections where they are not warranted if you have any doubts about the medical knowledge of the typical patient.

In other words, if people had to rely on themselves and the warning labels on most drugs, they would be making better decisions on their own than relying on doctors. Doctors are NOT to be trusted. People need to educate themselves. Doctors aren't there for individual's best interests. They are there to support Big Pharma.MicmacButterfly écrit: After approximately 25 years of daily prescribed klonopin I am finally free of the constant fear this “medicine” eventually created. Definitely the best thing I could have done for myself. Craziest journey I’ve yet to be on this life time. ��������❤️ I’m a completely different person and it’s ok. ������Lumi LaBonte écrit: Coming off them too quickly can KILL someone due to Hell on earth withdrawel symptoms as they are far from barable for most. Takes a VERY long time to slowly taper without causing overwhelming trauma to the system. Heard many stories where the withdrawel from benzo's have caused various types of Permanent damage. It also ages a person alot due to the torment and inability to rest nevermind sleep. Psychosis can occur with a ton of other symptoms tapering too fast or cold turkey which NOBODY in their right mind would do to another as it is viciously inhumane. Jyst fact that people need/should know. The danger is not being on them but coming off.Henlo écrit: Can anyone tell me if benzo can make you obsess over things? I had to flee my home due to my obsessive mothers control over me, she has been on Benzo since the 90's with steadily increased doses.
I'd like to know what was benzo and what was the real her.Mentally Misunderstood écrit: Benzodiazepine save lives for the people that actually can’t make it any longer without medication mental health has no cure! You never see this much stigma with OxyContin and Percocet etc if you want to get off then get off don’t try to influence people to do what you want. This was bogus I’m out.exet écrit: So what if it works , and is addictive, do you know what anxiety is like do you understand panicR Y E L L écrit: Honestly this video is shit. Ofc there's going to be withdrawal symptoms especially if you have anxiety or fast thoughts. You become dependent on it because of how much better it makes your mind state and the fact that you know if you take that pill you'll be fine and not have those feelings to deal with through the day����Sandy Wasy écrit: I know a few people who've suicided during benzodiazipine withdrawal.John Doe écrit: Preface – this is only my personal experiences and opinions in the following comment . If your take it as factual or try what i did, you are liable for any damage to yourself if you take my comment to be a direction to do what i did , I am not legally liable . thank you . also apologies for my grammar , spelling etc errors and non sequitur style of writing . it is the best i can do for now . i hope you understand. thank you

Never seek psychiatry or mental health in the first place . Whether you have a nervous breakdown or a psychotic break , we need to build alternatives like the Quaker retreats of the 1800s and secular ones . I had a nervous breakdown when I was 19 years old . My mother suggested this religious retreat . I wish i took that route even though i am not religious . I found out later they did not push religion . It was out in the country and you need a tolerant , outside the busy world sanctuary from the world crumbling down upon you .

I did the voluntary inpatient in a psych unit . The first couple days were like a sanctuary and i felt thier was a new beginning . Then on the fourth day my quack , i.e. psychiatry experiments on me with a neuroleptic . I went through a hellish neuroleptic induced akathisia for weeks on end . After I was released the next 9 years I was never the same .

Then i went to an anxiety group outpatient evenings connected with a hospital . Our doctor who was a very caring and talkative and down to earth person gave us xanax rx's which was what big pharma pushed at the time . For the first time It seemed i could take deep breaths and relax for the first time since that iatrogenic torture 9 years earlier .

Well 4 years went by on the "maintenance" xanax . I applied for a college scholarship and got it . Actually my iq went up ten points while i was on xanax . However taking classes and studying was almost impossible while on xanax . I dropped out after only one year of a full four year scholarship towards a baccalaureate or 4 year college diploma .

I tried stopping so many times and it made me almost go mad .

So now i have been 34 years on all the benzodiazepines you can name .

I was on clonazepam for the past ten years . Since this new war on benzos , I was cut down drastically . for the past year until the last few months my clonazepam dose was so low i would overuse . in my experience clonazepam is the most painful, seizure inducing, and mind wrecking withdrawals of any benzo . I have had withdrawals so bad i was black and blue all over from muscle cramps so strong it would tear my muscles .

I finally convinced my doctor to put me on a conversion from clonazepam to the original benzo diazepam(i.e. Valium (r) ) . But she put me on th lowest conversion dose of 5mg of diazepam to each .5mg of clonazepam . So i have gone from 1.5mg of clonazepam per day to 3 5mg of diazepam per day . In the past month I am finally getting use to it .

Of course you start going thru withdrawals after only 8 hours from your last lorazepam(ativan(r) ) and perhaps 15 hours withdrawals start and of course get worse the longer you have none to take .

Clonazepam is very deceptive . It is probably the most powerful benzo but takes about 10 hours to peak . So doctors feel well he or she is not getting a buzz . But these idiots don't realize that in about 24 hours of last clonazepam the half life goes straight down and crashes and you are in absolute hell , will have seizures and you could very well die from a grand mal or commit suicide due to the severe muscle tears, lack of rest, and all the other hellish symptoms ,.

The advantage of going on diazepam is that it stays in your system for a week . It peeks in two hours , but has this very long gradual half life where you can go 5 or more days without it . Of course you are going to hit the wall and drop into hellish withdrawal in about 11 days . However this long half life at least buys you time .

We have been put into a double bind . The mental health/big pharma cabal has been pushing benzos on us for half a century . And now they think we long term low dose prescribed users can just stop taking them . This mental health/big pharma pushing of benzos should be liable . We should have the right to be maintained on them if no humane, non damaging, successful detox is available . From my experience there still is no effective detox and abstinence approach in the USA .

Being maintained on the lowest dose possible on the longest acting benzo-valium is in a way something like the highly successful and humane Swiss legal maintenance of opiate addicts and dependents . It has a higher success rate than our US abstinence regimen , and opioid or opiate dependents can go back to work , work and contribute again even when they are on the maintenance dose which usually is taken in pill form . Even more important to the general society is that it puts the illegal market and its violence out of business so neighborhoods are safe again . Those in the Swiss maintenance programs naturally take less because they are no longer in constant anxiety and desperation on where they are going to find their stave off withdrawal fix , and where are they going to get the high price of drugs on the streets . This war on benzos is driving many of us to the illegal market because our doctors have to cut us off because they are understandably frightened to have their licenses to practice revoked or even being sent to prison !!! if they maintain us long term prescribed patients .

The same maintenance approach should be our right if we have been rx'd and encouraged for so many decades to take benzos . The dea, cdc and fda are responsible for this draconian war on benzos and we must hold all of these aforementioned agencies of the federal government are liable and accountable for our pain, suffering which lead to seizure or suicide deaths from the inadequate detox and recovery protocols in the USA .Xue Li écrit: I took benzo for quite large dosage normally 5 to 6 mg daily, average 4 times per week for about 3 months because physically I am quite big and I always have fast metabolism so small dosages normally didn't work for me. Then I quitted gruadually and experienced almost no withdrawal issues except sexuality dyfuntion lasted for about 1 wk +, on the first two three days after quitting I kind of experienced some depression-like symptoms like no motivation, physical weakness, don't feel like going out from my house, but other than that there seemed nothing too severe about the withdrawal symptoms, I also noticed some loss of muscles and facial and body hair during the period when I was taking the drugs possibly due to the suppression effects of the drug on males hormones such as testosterone, but after I quitted they grew back pretty quick. But during the 3 months treatment I almost had no sex life at all because the medication totally supressed my genital function it was hell for young guy like me who always had super high libido.Karen Kennedy écrit: I got addicted to Klonipin, after a short time, small amount. It took 2 tapers over 2 1/2 years to get off, then 2 years off for my brain, neuro- transmitters to heal and to feel normal again. It was such horrible suffering, extreme anxiety, insomnia, abnormal fears and thinking of killing myself all the time, horrible dark depression, cognitive impairment, could not run my household, do art, depersonalization, dissociation, lost my career as an art teacher,
Why is this drug still being prescribed ?oldmoney1987 écrit: AND WHAT ABOUT ALL OTHERS DRUGS, SSRI AND THEM OTHER ONES…YOU STILL NEED TO TAPER…HMMMMMMTony James écrit: there needs to be a serious class action lawsuit, Benzos ruined my life, day 125 of taper from Klonopoison, heads should roll , doctors don't help either, by giving them out like candy, with degrees from a cereal box…MARY VERDE écrit: 32 YEARS ON KLONOPIN 2MG QD. 2X TRIED TO DETOX AND ALMOST DIED. I'M NOT DOING ANOTHER ATTEMPT.no change écrit: xanax keeps my life in check without them I would be in a verey bad place because of my condition with no cure. My life is good I've been married for 35 years retired and still working . I couldn't do that without xanax PeaceNate C. écrit: Ok..if a person wants to recover from this nightmare…can we? Or what can we do? I am suffering big time from my dependancy to these psych meds. Kolonipin is terrible. They all are but i preferred xanax. I could take it or leave it. How do we escape these drugs then?Liam Twist écrit: I used diazepam for around 8month every night for my anxiety. I’m now on my 3rd week of withdrawal, horrendous panic attacks, skin crawling, insomnia, went bed at 11pm last night think I got sleep around 3am with repeating waking up. iv woke up today confused, shaky, panicky. God help people who have been on them for years. Horrible drug to come off. I’m contemplating whether I should smoke cannabis to help me with withdrawal…K H écrit: Do not recommend or occasionally give in need?Cynthia Clark écrit: Where can I find your citations/references for this video? I also did not see anyone on the W-Bad website who is a doctor or a scientist. Did I miss something?Cannabis 420 State écrit: My mom was dropped off of Clonazapam after taking it for 15 years and she is also on pain meds. The new laws are saying that anyone that takes pain meds cannot take benzodiazapenes. So they dropped her completely without a taper and she had a seizure and almost died driving. Doctors are morons and I'm trying to get a doctor to admit she had a seizure while driving due to the cessation of her clonazepam, but the doctors all protect each other so I just don't know what to do to help her and possibly other patients before somebody else almost dies like my mom. She flipped her car and I want justice, not a bunch of doctors just ignoring it and not acknowledging their screw ups. My mom's 70 years old and the doctors dropped her pain meds over 70% and completely stopped her clonazepam without any taper. This is criminal and I can't believe they are allowing the DEA and CDC to control the medical system when they aren't even doctors, or scientists. Just a bunch of brainwashed thugs going after cripples and disabled people now. Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan destroyed this country and demonized anyone taking medication whether it's legal or not. We ar under attack and need to fight back and I don't know where to start.mukunda écrit: Also for ibsBrett McKenzie écrit: I've been taking 2mg of klonopin for seven days. Is it
Safe to stop?thuy ngoc nguyen écrit: Very good educational materials. Is it available in other languages as well?Hell Dorado écrit: As long as you don't take them everyday, or in high therapeutic dosages, the risks a re low. People who use them perennially but only a couple of times a month will experience no withdrawal symptoms. That being said, doctors need to be more judicious when prescribing these to patients who innately suffer from severe anxiety and stress, because they have this natural inclination to ruminate and obsess over everything under the sun. They also tend to be more sensitive to any exogenous mind altering substance. I use it occasionally for long flights (I hate airports more than airplanes) and high stress meeting with large clients. Common sense tells me to not take them everyday, or even every other five days.Johnny Doughboy écrit: Pfft… I take valium 4x a day, yeah withdrawal is hell on earth but don't abuse the shit!! I sometimes hand my script over to someone I trust to disperse my 4 a day as to not run out, but most of the time I can keep the bottle myself without taking a handfull.freethinker424 écrit: Klonopin was crazy when I was on it and it made me extremely angry but I never experienced withdrawal? Maybe I wasn’t on it long enough?Pettre Hello écrit: I will share this video to a lot of people great jobBenzo tERROR écrit: �� thank youMilian tik tok écrit: I tried klonopin one time and i have not been feeling myself after that, i Wonder How long this lasts ? How long will i feel like this ?greengrassofhome écrit: People consume benzos like crazy. I, on the other hand, try to avoid all products made by Big Pharma!Lucinda Meyer écrit: I have been harmed beyond recognition. I can not even leave my home now. My family doesn’t understand. I’m suffering akathisia and neuropathy sever pain. I lost my mind. The physical suffering is beyond words. I pray everyday for relief or to just die. Yes it’s that bad. God helps us all. .End time tv écrit: take low dose,,, im taking 0.25 mg klonopin杨睿康 écrit: I’m on Xanax, just can’t stop taking it…Edgar Suit écrit: It's been twenty years. I'm down to .5 HSIt’s Wonders écrit: Anyone knows if Ativans can do this to someone, I was upstairs the whole time and my mom who took the Ativan started to get out of control she coulded stand in one spot she was always moving like if she was on coke or something then she forgot where who she was and she said she coulded picture my face or how I looked until I came but she started freaking out like If she didn’t know who I was or her spouse but also she didn’t sleep for 4 days does anyone know if it’s just the sleep and ativans that made her bonkers that nightSamurai Storm écrit: I thought i was alone. 17 years on Valium. I'm literally in tears knowing I'm not alone in this fight.Maria Rosado écrit: I need a Xanax watching this shit ..lolDavid Mason écrit: i have been on Benzos for years. My doctor said i would be on ssris all my life so i figured why can't be on benzos for 30 years as well. They are the only things working.William Collins écrit: Some of us have anxiety and have to be on these things to help us.Alvin Gravley écrit: I took Klonopin for 3 years and just stopped taking them one day.Nothing happened to me personally.I was prescribed them for treatment of panic disorder.Aashni écrit: i was prescribed these bc of my severe anxiety and i take them in the meantime until my zoloft starts working but god damn thats scary. i knew they were addictive bc of how fast they work and how well they work but i had no idea it was this bad. i myself try to stick to at most 2 a day but sometimes my anxiety is so bad that i have to take a 3rd later in the day. the max i can take as prescribed by my dr is 3 and im on .25 mg.Robert Long écrit: ������������
I’m 6 weeks off and I’m still going crazy… one symptom afterward another. I woke up with burning forearms now and freaking out. Head hurts in weird spots. Yet my Dr thinks I over think it. Maybe I do, the Mind I oddly powerful. It I can’t make these symptoms up.Ignatius Vladimir Constantine écrit: just smoke weedLina Wasilewski écrit: 6- 18 months average withdrawal time line. Protracted after 18 months 3-5 years or more of symptoms. Most doctors are unaware of the reality of harm these drugs do and treat patients as if its in their heads which only does more harm. There is no psych drug that can lessen the effects yet many doctors will do even more harm by putting patients on whichever is the popular drug of the day. Gabapentin seems to be the popular one they use alot which can be horrifying to withdraw as well as have horrible aide affects. Doctors today work for the drug companies not for their patients. Most doctors do not understand they are drug mules.Diego Valenzuela écrit: Fuck. No one is aware of these dangers because doctors make it seem like meds are safe. :/Nina écrit: The withdrawals are really awful, but when I use it properly it works wonders for me personally. Scared to get off them when I choose to have kids though.M V-H écrit: I experienced withdrawal from Xanax I tappered off slowly and carefully and I was ok after a month.Justin K. écrit: 1:40 so.. After 2-4 weeks (which ain't shit) 60% will show withdrawl symptoms then on top of that 60% an additional 30% will suffer severe withdrawl??? Uhh I know what you were tryin to get across here, but you should have made the red 30% overlap the orange 60%.. Anyone else catch that or am I just too high on this klonopin ������

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