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How I Treat My Anxiety | Lorazepam | Clonazepam

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In this episode, I discuss why I use lorazepam and clonazepam to treat anxiety. I also discuss other techniques besides medication that help me with anxiety. I require the use of benzodiazepines in place of SSRI antidepressants due to my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.\n\nLorazepam Videos:\n\nPharmacist Review:\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQIHiRnIcck\n\nExtended Pharmacist Review:\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhZzoDDVYdI\n\nUses, Dosing, Side Effects:\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIi-I0QWcXk\n\nClonazepam Videos:\n\nPharmacist Review:\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S72cKA9U-OY\n\nUses, Dosing, Side Effects:\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOsMztKkgrM\n\nSupport the channel on Patreon: \nhttps://www.patreon.com/DrugTalk\n\nTwitter: @talkaboutdrugs\n\nInstagram: @garrett.campb\n\nConnect on Facebook: \nhttps://www.facebook.com/talkaboutdrugs\n\nFor information purposes only!

Michael Del Carlo écrit: Clonazepam flattens my anxiety more than Ativan. It was the other way around for a while.poop wilson écrit: Have you tried Antipsychotics in the past?EYEoftheneedle écrit: I'm only prescribed 0.25mg x 30 a month. It's SUCH a low dose. (My old doctor gave me 0.5mg x 30 a month, which was easier to manage) I've been using it like this for probably 2-3 years without any problems and without any withdrawal symptoms on days I don't take it.
My new doctor doesn't want to prescribe them. I'm terrified I will be left with the anxiety and unable to get the medication I need.imreallydead. écrit: I have paranoid schizophrenia I use Benzos to help with the anxiety that comes with the paranoiaAnglynn74 écrit: will clonazepam 0.5mg work good for a panic/anxiety attack where your heart is racing? will it take you down a few notches? I was given this med a couple yrs ago, I only took 1 pill back then & stillk have the bottle here. been having a nasty anxiety attack for the last few hours with racing heart & I'm going to take this clonazepam before bed hoping it will work for me.Josh C. Landers écrit: Ive taken ativan for last 7 years and it has changed my life for the better (6mg daily at 2mg x3 per day). My doc tried 9 different anti depressants before putting me on ativan once i expressed that i was NOT depressed and why would a doctor prescribe a anti depressant to treat a completely different disorder like panic and anxiety? A DOCTOR DOING THIS IS LIMITING THERE CAPABILITIES AND DOING THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY WERE TAUGHT IN MEDICAL SCHOOL. ITS Like prescribing tylenol or any other non cancer drug to treat cancer or any drug to treat a completely different problem than what it was invented to do… If anyone with knowledge of this sees this please explain further why a doctor would do this… People that take a SSRI for anxiety and say it works were depressed from get go and that was the cause of there anxiety in turn fixing there depression. These folks were depressed causing the anxiety. They dont have a real anxiety or panic disorder, they are depressed. Period. I understand there addicting but as long as a patient takes them correctly and hasn't had any addiction issues in there life, then why not use them because there miracle drugs for folks like me and this guy on video who have anxiety and panic to the point it becomes physical and to the point its disrupting ur day to day functions. Pain pills are prescribed to the point where it created a epidemic but thats ok somehow… but someone on a benzo isn? Haha… Im sick and tired of the stigma… Im sick and tired of being looked as simply a druggie for us who take them on a daily or consistent basis. DOCTORS, STOP LIMITING URSELF AND USE MEDS TO TREAT THINGS THESE MEDS WERE INTENDED FOR. That's why u go to school. Thats why u take an oath. Yes, be responsible and make logical decisons.Carranza chronic écrit: I took citalopram for a year I took Zoloft for a couple months and I tried Prozac for a couple months nothing seems to help my psychiatrist hasn't ever brought up the option of a benzo and my primary physician said she can't help with anxiety that it's up to my psychiatristRockii Cooper écrit: I take one in the morning and 1 at nightItem69 écrit: I have panic disorder and alprazolam has been extremely effective for me for 15 years. The anxiolytic effect never waned and I didn't need dose escalation.. Unfortunately it has now been classified as a controlled substance here in Australia and GPs are very reluctant to prescribe it. Currently my pdoc is weaning me off alprazolam onto diazepam, with the plan to then wean me off the diazepam. In the meantime I've also been put on vortioxetine off-label as an anxiolytic. It has surprisingly few side effects for an antidepressant. We'll see how this all goes. My pdoc says that I'm unfortunately "collateral damage" in a well-intended push to reduce benzo use in the population. I never abused it in all those years. It was pretty much the perfect medication for me RIP.Marcos Ramos écrit: Thank u so much for this infoKevin Jenkins écrit: I don't know much about anything of this. But I've been prescribed, 60 2mn Lorazapan. Plus 100 mg a day of Zoloft. On top of that he gave me 30 7.5 mg Imovane. To knock me out i assume. Am i a lost cause ?hifi 88 écrit: I take lorzepam 1mg as and when needed maybe only 1 or 2 tablets a week. Is this safe for long term? I'm going through a hard life situation currently and it helps massively. How are you suppose to take it without getting hooked? My doc said not easy to get hooked on them as low dose currently. Im just thinking in the long run. Maybe as life improves I can get off them for good.Whoo Youu écrit: Thank you for sharing something so personal. I also struggle with anxiety disorders.Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Love your videos <3 I am prescribed Diazepam to take as needed for my generalised anxiety disorder, is this the best benzodiazepine for that do you think?T U L L écrit: Springtime is when mine lifts, the clock change and new life blooming. From October thru February I’m nervous and depressed. I never imagined springtime could do the same.Emelda Deogracia écrit: I use clonazepam so i can sleep goodKenneth Hamilton écrit: I have been taking clonazepam for a while now it seem like the only on that does a great job with my anxiety and my OCD.. As always thank for sharing and talking about your own experience.Yup 137 écrit: Any idea what type of medications they’ll put you on for anxiety post head injury?Tinger écrit: They don’t treat anxiety they mask it and can/will become very addicting and become a problem themselves..and why the hell would they prescribe you two benzos they trying to make u an addict if you arnt already arekin.1997 écrit: Only if my doctor would treat me with a fucking benzo i wouldnt be self medicating with liqour and street drugsNYC Wet Shaving écrit: You are so real brother! Thank you for sharing your story!Joyce Elmer écrit: I use that same breathing technique for high blood pressure. Works well for that too. Possibly because elevated B/P because of anxiety.

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