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NUX MG-300 Quickstart Tutorial 1/2

la description:
NUX MG-300 Quickstart Tutorial part1\nFor more info, please check: https://www.nuxefx.com/mg-300.html\n\n—————————TABLE OF CONTENT————————————————————-\n00:00:15 ➤ Tuner \n00:00:41 ➤ Output Mode \u0026 Global EQ\n00:01:56 ➤ Direct Out \u0026 Combo Front Sound Comparison \n00:02:36 ➤ EXP Calibration \n00:03:14 ➤ Patch Digging Tips\n00:06:10 ➤ Delay Subdivision Tips \n00:07:05 ➤ Patch Demo Example \n00:07:52 ➤ Jam(Drum \u0026 Loop) \n————————————————————————————————————————–\nLike us on \nFacebook: https://bit.ly/NUX_FB\nInstagram : https://bit.ly/NUX_INS

Iurii Sulin écrit: Hello guys, I'm from Canada, tell me please where I can buy this product? ThanksChris Steffers écrit: Thank you for the video and don't let anyone let you get frustrated. A lot of negativity here in this section what is totally out of place. Be constructive and no personal attacks. This unit sounds great and probably can compete with much more expensive units. I ordered one. ��325ml écrit: Cheaply made. Pedal like a toy. Knob feel flimsy. Sounds ok even tho this lazy guy make it sound bad and harsh. Returned it and replace with mooer.ToBeOrNotToBe écrit: What amp are you uaing?My Fingerboard écrit: Very nice. Thank you.Redemption Of The Dead écrit: Lol ive got that EXACT guitar strap.K W écrit: Can you share your patches?Fred Parker écrit: Can this be used with a Bass??Elad écrit: Great playing and explanation! ThanksTheFairway8 écrit: Is that a genuine Fender guitar and ampJudgeFredd écrit: Sounds really great – definitively next product to get on my list.Dick Dastardly écrit: Is there a English version of this video?sahara lei Luna écrit: Wow can i use this thing directly to the PA?Mo Zarella écrit: Mg 20?!Mo Zarella écrit: Van you do the Same With theFelix Suarez écrit: Niceee

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