prozac xanax

prozac xanax

I’m Pregnant and on Antidepressants

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So I went off my antidepressants when I got pregnant and within four months I was back on them. The reason was because I got scary-depressed while off them, finally started talking to people about it, and that’s how I learned it’s okay to be on antidepressants while pregnant. So please be brave and honest and talk to your doctor. It’s so scary to face judgment, but, I promise you, your well-being is more important. So stay curious and ask questions.\n\nA playlist of all my videos in order:\n\u0026list=PLUx6zZsShCmW-2Rb1uEBF6UCngc-ZyyKU\n\nGo here to see my baby bump pics! :\n\n———————————————————\nOther places you can find me…\n\nTWITTER\n\n\nINSTA\n\n\nFB\n\n\n———————————————————\nXOXO\nLB

Sheila Haobijam écrit: Thank you for sharing your story. More power to you . ❤️– m7k0z7 – écrit: When you took them, did you have a feeling that reality became more real?

Like you alertness and spatial awareness improved?Tae’ona Corona écrit: Thank you so much i just started today and am 21 weeks pregnant hardest decision whether to take them or not.Rhianna VanOrnum écrit: This video helped me so much I was just put on Zoloft for anxiety PTSD and depression I’m 31 weeks pregnant I was so scared I was doing the wrong thing and I was being selfish taking it while pregnant because I needed to be a pure vessel as you said this video gave me a such peace saying that it’s okSam Nation écrit: Be organic , back in the days we didn’t use these ?Erin-Clare Boulet écrit: 30 weeks pregnant & my dr put me on anti depressants today. probably should have been on them a long time ago so im interested & kind of excited to see how they affect me cuz ppd is a terrifying thoughtChasity Davis écrit: Thank you for the informationGee Wiz écrit: RESEARCH it. This is science. Google your drug specifically. ��Yung Kryce écrit: My girlfriend used to be on Paxil and then she found out shes pregnant. But I keep reading the risks. I'm scared. I want the most healthy baby possible. But I dont wat her stressing and having anxiety attacks.MsBedazzled20 écrit: Hi Linda, any update on your giving birth? How's your baby? I'm pregnant and I am on anti depressant (paroxetine 20mg) I wasnt able to wean off because my pregnancy was sudden. 🙁 I am trying to wean off now but it's really hellish for me 🙁 I am not functional. My psych told me I should stop taking it as soon as I find out im expecting. My 1st OB advised me as well to stop taking it. Then I went for a 2nd opinion another OB and she told me it's ok to continue my meds. Now I am really caught between feeling better and of course thinking the pill might harm the baby. 🙁Mia Rodney écrit: I really needed to see this today! We've been planning on try to getting pregnant and had been told being on paxil was not a good option. So I tried multiple other ssris to ending up just wanting to go off everything completely. It's been a struggle some days and this info has me considering trying zoloft again and be ok not to do it completely drug freeDom Kinney écrit: Lol..the comments are filled with pill heads that are in denial?Gracie Maddox écrit: I really appreciate you posting this. I recently started taking antidepressants. After I had my daughter is when it started then my Dr prescribed me something but my pharmacy said they didn't have it like nothing was called in so I thought that was a sign and I would be fine and as a year went by it just slowly but surely got worse. Watching your video made me just cry about you talking about how you couldn't get out of bed and I was like that everyday with my daughter I only got up bc I had to and that made me feel terrible as a mom and a person bc I wasn't achieving what I know I need to be doing but just physically could not do it and forgot how to function like a person and was in an absolute fog. Im so paranoid about being pregnant with baby #2 rn like terrified bc I'm so scared of being like that again and coming down to being okay or the baby being not having risks and It just helped so much like seeing someone else on it and everything is okay.tanuja nikam écrit: Hi Linda….thanks for this video.

I was taking antidepressants before I got pregnant. As soon as I got to know I am pregnant, I stopped taking them. Now I have 3 months old baby and it has been an year I haven't taken antidepressants. And I desperately need them as my anxiety has become worse than before. My psychiatrist has prescribed me fluxotine.
I just want to ask were you on antidepressants while breastfeeding. Please comment.Arielle Sarina Firestone écrit: Hey haven’t seen Linda in a few months on here. Hope everything’s okay!Ashley Musk écrit: Thank you so much for making this video. I really appreciate it! Will you be making another one once your baby is here? Thank you! Prayers for happy and healthy family!Taurus Rule écrit: I ended up with a premature baby with defectsMagdalline Smith écrit: I’m 31 weeks pregnant i was taking Paxil 40mg lamictal 20mg and clonazepam 3 mg and I use to smoke to a lot! When I found out I was pregnant I stop everything!! I was in hell!! I have 2 kids and they where in pain with me seeing me like that!! It broke my hearth then i went to my doctor and they gave me Zoloft 25mg and clonazepam .5mg if I had a severe panic attack and I was sad for my baby I was so scared but it’s my reality and I wasn’t going to abort just for a pill that maybe didn’t harm my baby so I’m still with them my baby is fine and my 2 children’s are better now that I can take care for them and they see me “normal” and happy I honestly don’t regret my choice.Ashley C écrit: I'm thinking of baby number 3 but I'm on 100 mg of Zoloft. It helps me SO much and I don't want to wean. I also get bad PPD. Glad you can manage your depression during pregnancy!Ink and Chocolate écrit: Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and had weaned off my antidepressant when we found out we were expecting, around 6 weeks. Today, I got back on them with my OBGYN's support. The side effects, and the idea of having to "backtrack," have me feeling pretty discouraged; but like you said, it's all about the health of mom and baby, no matter what that takes. 🙂 Your story is comforting and encouraging to me. Hopefully I'll feel back to myself soon. <3Terezinec H écrit: How You doing now? You haven’t post anything for a whileKaitlyn Nickey écrit: I’m pregnant with a little girl & my anxiety was well managed with CBT. Due to COVID and my sessions getting cancelled/spaced out and the obvious hormones & emotions, it’s gotten to a point where I worry nonstop where I have breakdowns crying every single day. I was so against taking medication for so long, but now that’s it’s not just about me anymore I’ll be picking up a Zoloft prescription tonight. Thanks for the video, it made me more calm about it. You’re absolutely right, our children deserve happy moms. ❤️Ana Loyzaga écrit: Thank you. You’re very brave for sharing this.Patricia Giron écrit: Thank you for this : )Kayla Marie écrit: Hi hun I struggle with depression I take 10 mg Prozac I’m currently pregnant do u think it’s safe to take that I’m not good without these depressants ��theprettybrains écrit: �� thank you ��

After trying a few kinds of meds, and coming off them myself and all those things (where it seems like a good idea at the time), I'm now getting on with sertraline 🙂 thanks so much for your positivity around mental health and getting the right kinds of help. Your words of wisdom about getting and picking and sticking with/not sticking with therapists have been with me for years now, and they have been so helpful. Definitely on the right track.Abigail Strange écrit: I appreciate this a lot. I'm not yet pregnant but have been told that Welbutrin isn't the best medication to be on for pregnancy. The problem is, I've tried lots of medications over the years and this is the one that works for me. So this video brings a lot of peace to my heart. Letting go of that idea of needing to be a "pure vessel" is so hard, but remembering that a "happy and whole" vessel is more effective than a "pure" one is important. Thank you for being authentic and putting yourself out there for the sake of encouraging others!Shay Vidz écrit: I am so happy you made this video !!!! I was worried about this too. I want to have another child but I'm on medication.Jaime Leigh écrit: This was such an interesting video for me. I have always thought that you couldn't be on antidepressants or mental health meds in general while pregnant. Of course, it is important to review with your own physician, but it's so nice to know that staying on your meds is an option. Will definitely share with my sister, who is looking to have kids and was very nervous about meds effecting babies. Thanks for always sharing your experience! Much love ♥️Ingeborg Korme écrit: I just wanted to give you a big hug and say that I am proud of you for being open about this. Even though I both am not on medication or want to become pregnant this is so important to know 🙂Dave Staniforth écrit: FAIRBANKS@-35 for a week….now THATS DEPRESSION! ��ajay gandi écrit: respected madam Linda Barsi first who born male or female…. please commentKristina-Katharina M écrit: Thanks for sharing! This is so helpfulVivre Avec écrit: (thank you so much for adding "people who can become pregnant" when you talk about this subject, I'm non-binary and it means a lot to be included)Maia Watkins écrit: I've been on anti-depressant/anxiety meds for over 4 years, and I've always wanted to have kids. The thought of having to choose mental wellbeing or a healthy baby was really awful, but this video (and the comments!) were really reassuring to me. Thank you so much for speaking so candidlyMartina écrit: Thank you so much for this! Really, its so important! This is one thing which scares me about being pregnant and having baby, it's how am I supposed to do that if I have problems just with myself when a bad period of depression comes… Knowing that there is help and it is possible to manage it throughout this time is quite uplifting. I am truly sorry for all you were going through though:( don't be so hard on yourself:) you are doing perfect!eda1102 écrit: thanks so much for saying all this. i myself dont plan to have kids, but i really appreciate youre using your platform for this sorta content for the huge chunk of population who need to hear this sorta stuff c:eimear.reads écrit: I'm glad your feeling well Linda. I take sertraline 100mg and it's honestly my saving grace. I was previously on a higher dose but I reduced down almost a year ago now. Coming to terms on my head with the fact that I need to take this medication constantly almost like a multivitamin was a challenge but I know I see it as a strength.readiness écrit: What camera is it? It looks so good!EndlesslyDestructive écrit: Thank you I’m a little way of babies but I’m really glad I could watch this before I get therealyiswriting écrit: You're just a few weeks ahead of me – I'm 34 weeks with a baby boy too 🙂 Really related to this though – I went on anti-anxiety meds 4 years ago and they made a huge difference in my sense of well-being and ability to cope with things productively. When I decided I wanted to get pregnant I worked with my psychiatrist to try and go off of them slowly, but even just on a lower dose I was struggling at work and just not doing great. Had a obgyn appointment and she immediately said to go back on them – that I was much better off (and the baby would be much better off) with my anxiety under control. Was reassuring when I did get pregnant to hear the same message from my midwives. Pregnancy can be so stressful when it feels like you need to be perfect – for me it's really been an exercise in learning there is no perfect, there are always going to be things I do that carry some risk (even just driving a car), and I just have to do the best I can to take care of myself and the baby.Charlotte Dow écrit: This is SUCH a relief to hear. I’m still figuring out whether I want kids but one of my biggest deterrents was having to go off my meds during pregnancy and hormones play a big role in my depression. Good to know that there are options!bettyreads écrit: Glad you made the best decision for you. <3avosp écrit: Oh my Gosh! Pure vessel is so completely it!!!Rheartsliterature17 écrit: Thanks for sharing this experience! I’m on antidepressants and, after struggling to even let myself start, I’ve also worried about what happens during pregnancy. Its good to hear your experience so I know what to look for!Maddie Coussens écrit: 'the perfect vessel' is such a catch 22. sure, be 'pure' but also run the risk of not being emotionally present for your child. I think each persons journey is so different that it shouldn't be prescriptive. You're doing a fantastic job and you should be proud.I Have Baby écrit: Great content! You are so pretty and charming! I enjoy to watch your videos every single time!

You are one of the people which inspirited Me and My Husband to start our own channel, where we brings high quality informational and educational videos for parents.

Thank You one more time! God bless You and Your Baby!Suzie’s Video Scrapbook écrit: Thanks for talking about this Linda! It's so important and also so underdiscussed. Wishing you and your baby good (mental and physical) health this year xxxAnna-May Moon écrit: huuugggsss I'm proud of you for beating your perfectionism and asking questions and also changing doctors midway through like the last thing you need is extra forms to fill out haha

I hope the last leg of your pregnancy is okay and that it's all as smooth as can be 🙂 you're gonna be a fab set of parents and I'm excited for you 🙂 xxxNina Davis écrit: I definitely stayed on my meds. It gets really hard after birth, my little boy was born 5 weeks early (momma got so so sick but he was fine!!) so it definitely is good to be on something, especially because labor can be traumatic even if it goes perfectly. It’s just a shocking experience that your body races through and your mind is just kinda left in the dust like “what’s happening!! What just happened?? What does this mean, how do I feel??” Good luck momma! You can do it!!Elise écrit: Thank you for making this video, take care ! ❤️Cleo écrit: thank you so much for making this video, I always find your videos super helpful and worth watching anyways, but this one really hit home for me ��D M écrit: My PPD was Bad bad BAD!! Depression was already an issue and PPD hit me like a truck! It was so bad that with my 2nd they were really really keeping an eye on it. Since we knew it might happen we were prepared and when it did happen I had a much much better handle on it. Thank you so much for speaking on this!zeidlers écrit: Thank you for making this video and sharing!Nancie Merkouris écrit: Thank you for making this video. I wish I could have watched this when I was pregnant 2 years ago. I started taking anti depressants because I didn't want my son to see me crying all the time.Brooke Crawford écrit: I’m on bupropion, too! I’m not pregnant, but I want kids down the road. This video gives me courage to communicate with my doctor and stay informed whenever I do choose to start trying! Thanks for using this voice to talk about this stigmatized yet vital topic. I support you ��☺️brianna bricker écrit: Aw thank you for making this video!Brie Cheese écrit: Thanks for making this video! I had also assumed that you can't be on medication while you're pregnant, so it's important to let other people know that they should talk to their doctors first.kmaya1024 écrit: yaay this was such a helpful video! i had always believed that women couldnt be on antidepressants while pregnant so, im glad you've busted this myth! also, not sure when this was filmed (before this week or after) but hope you and baby are doing okay!! <3

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