Is Modafinil (Provigil) Really A Smart Drug?

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David Mason écrit: Mason écrit: I don't have any scientific papers to back me up at this stage but I guarantee it improves my focus and attention. Surely a wakeful and focussed brain can work and study longer which would make it a smart drug, It has replaced amphetamines as a stimulant used by air force pilots. It surely isn't a limitless drug but besides amphetamines, it does a pretty good job at increasing focus and attention.arieanna araujo écrit: I honestly hope you’re a professor because you have explained the effects of dopamine /neurotransmitters simpler and more effectively than my Pharmacology and Anatomy professors. What could’ve taken me 3-5 times of repeating, you explained once. Your explanations are direct!!! At least for me, so thank you!!!! Keep up the good work !!Halo2Trigate écrit: Does the same go for Armodafinil?RGon écrit: I see you state that "The ones that show improvement are studies preformed on those with cancer fatigue, MS, or other serious disease states" or sleep deprivation.

Citation needed? I agree, the nootropics community is a buch of snake oil sellers, but I don't think this shuold be any reason to dismiss proper clinical trials or cherrypick them. 
I have just scoured PubMed for a couple of minutes and I've found two meta analysis with interesting findings (175 and 31 primary literature studies respectively). Here are the extracts.
– Modafinil for cognitive neuroenhancement in healthy non-sleep-deprived subjects: A systematic review.- Battleday RM, Brem AK
"We found that whilst most studies employing basic testing paradigms show that modafinil intake enhances executive function, only half show improvements in attention and learning and memory, and a few even report impairments in divergent creative thinking. In contrast, when more complex assessments are used, modafinil appears to consistently engender enhancement of attention, executive functions, and learning."

– Modafinil and methylphenidate for neuroenhancement in healthy individuals: A systematic review.
– Repantis et al.
"Modafinil on the other hand, was found to improve attention for well-rested individuals, while maintaining wakefulness, memory and executive functions to a significantly higher degree in sleep deprived individuals than did a placebo."R J écrit: So, if you found that modafinil helpful with studying, something like Vyvance might knock my socks off?David Warner écrit: yes, it is a smart drug, I have tried and found it suits me much better than sildenafil. just keep in mind that you are buying from safe places. I usually prefer getmedshelp pharmacy. bit slow but it's okay if prices are compared.Trojan Hell écrit: You a 100% wrong it has ADHD benefits I’ve tried it . It makes you focus on your task without break in concentrationFarzan Farajizade écrit: yes, dopamine receptors must be discussed not the dopamine itself; but there many other receptors which are involved in Modafinil mechanism of action; and absolutely Modafinil is a cognitive enhancer drug mostly by means of acting on glutamate receptors which must not get ignored in a conclusion you made.
by the way thank you.thejking écrit: So how do you explain my increased focus after taking it?Nick Humfeld écrit: +Sons of Apollo I am going to agree and disagree with you in the same breath so bear with me. While all the scientific explanations do make sense, I do believe from the standpoint of what I studied through college and what is put into practice, that results can vary. I have observed and experienced results from different approaches to supplements/ exercise methods/ etc. that have no scientific backing as well as putting science into play as well. I believe the marriage of the two makes the best data out there. When it comes to modafinil specifically I do believe it is a smart drug for 99% of people out there. I say this because if you think about what you are saying that is — that modafinil helps people with lowered brain functions to perform better — then I believe it will still be a smart drug for everyone. With all the environmental factors, altered food supply and a general lack of the perfect set up for our bodies and brains to get everything they need to function at 100% then I believe we can all be helped.

Let me simplify with this thought. Science is amazing for creating content that we can use to further progress in any field. However any hypothesis can only be studied by foundations of assumptions. Something has to be assumed to be true to test something else. A perfect example would be Newtons laws of physics!Ofis écrit: You look like Bill GatesKoobasen Moodley écrit: 8minutes i will never get back. This boy is smoking crack. I now for a fact that modafinil works for focus on many friends that get 8 hours sleep a night.Stephen Derong écrit: I equate Modafil to your best night's sleep. When you feel good you perform well. 1 caveat, I end up crashing about 24 hours later.sciencefyll écrit: Sources…Tom Chaffer écrit: Thanks, +TheMoo1231, for those (legitimate) reports you posted in these comments.Enzo Cerullo écrit: I just found this study :(
and this ( systematic review which was published a month BEFORE you posted this video, which do show cognitive enhancing effects in healthy, non-sleep deprived individuals. Also, are you seriously using a package insert as your only reference? This review is laughable.Miguel Gimenez écrit: excellent video ! . I have a question, what about the oxiracetam or the other racetams family ?

is the smarts drugs actually exist ?Jon Tatum écrit: Thanks I almost got prescribed this med, I did some research on it before and found in reviews a lot of people liked it but not for the reason I need it forDiego Arroyo écrit: What about racetams?Diego Arroyo écrit: Very well explained. Thanks! Some smart drugs recommendations? Not the ones you mentioned in the video.zempath écrit: I have ADD and Modafinil does not improve my focus or memory. However, since one of the symptoms of ADD is sleepiness and sleepiness affects your focus and concentration, one could say that Modafinil helps here, indirectly. Also, Modafinil is relatively mild, Armodafinil works much better.Grant Huling écrit: I appreciate that you're bringing an actually informed perspective to this topic on YouTube. That said, I have a wild new puppy, and as a result haven't slept through the night once for the past month. I've self-medicated with Modafinil, just a few days per week, and it does help. It's only a short-term scheme and I do assume I'm damaging myself. This is the sort of context in which I would recommend people consider it — not in order to become Magic Bradley Cooper.FantastyckplastycK écrit: dude u suck, modafinil is also perscribed for ADHD and it helps you focus and feel motivated and oh yeah, wearing a tie and a shirt was the first red flag for me actually. everyone interested should try it and see how it affects them, as opposed to taking your mumbojumbo at a face valueintroverted Crow écrit: Thank you for opening eye's.Daniel écrit: if Modafinil is not a smart drug then what is?Austin Pawlus écrit: I disagree with this. I have seen many videos about this drug and you are 1 of a few people that say there is nothing to gain by taking this drug. I just don't see that as the case. Most people, some of them reputable, say that this drug helps with focus and fatigue.BetchAssMofo écrit: Great video, very informative! I completely agree with everything you've said. I have been using it due to chronic fatigue and for long overnight shifts and I can safely say that the only thing I ever experienced is just the wakefulness of it. I believe the only thing that works for cognition and focus is Ritalin or other drugs in that category. Everything else, even racetams are bullshit in my opinion.thoth81 écrit: It's funny to see all of the "related videos" that are from the exact people you describe, promoting modafinil as a cognitive enhancement drug. I meet many high school and college students who think that they need this compound to operate at their academic best. They laugh when I ask about their diet, exercise regimen, sleep habits, alcohol/drug intake, etc. They usually have less than desirable answers to these questions which brings to mind the point you make about it benefiting brains that are in a deficient or diseased state. Perhaps many people are just so terrible at taking care of their bodies that they see results with modafinil? More likely, any results are due to wishful thinking/placebo effect. The only benefit I received from modafinil, prescribed to me by a doctor at the VA several years ago for sleep issues related to night shift work, was precisely what you and the studies describe: a boost to wakefulness/alertness. When I transferred to a new job, I discontinued the prescription.

It seems that quite a few people are ignorant of biochemistry and practically illiterate when it comes to scientific studies.xpallodoc écrit: Just subscribed to this channel thanks!Pasha london écrit: thank you for video:) some one whos not with user name some modafinil website, makes more sense:) agreed it keeps u a wake and being more focused in some cases might seems like u smarter 🙂 it doesn't add any brain for sure, just helps to use what you have already, but with better focus perhaps.Cognitively Advanced Zygote écrit: Also, if you are referring to a specific study (5:06.) Appreciation would be given for some links in the description if available online/ possible.Cognitively Advanced Zygote écrit: Sorry the question is kinda unrelated; Do you have a video on/ know much about Memantine? (Namenda) It has a history of its use in Alzheimer's/Parkinson's disease based off of my own research and is said to have a high potential for off-label use in ADHD and ASDs.vincent sherlock écrit: I prefer Fluormodafinil (stack it with Piperine + Semax + Noopept and NSI 189).

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