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Trying a modafinil for the first time. My review and experience of the ‘SMART DRUG’ common in universities.\n\nEnjoy!\n\nPlease drop the video a like \u0026 subscribe if you’re new to the channel :)\n\nFor online training contact through my email in the link below.\n\n• My Social Media Links •\nInstagram –…\nFacebook –…\nEMAIL –\n\nNOCCO –

johnny savage écrit: i work as architect in my country. i took modafinil too because of the amount of work i have to manage. doesnt make me smart. but i feel vibrant when on it.AL Winter écrit: Could the appetite loss be explained by having drunk a huge amount of water?Alan alan écrit: Came through your channel after watching TMCycles,if you don't know the don search him on YT, and really liked your content, subbed bro. Keep at it!ashutosh chowdhury écrit: Your voice is nice like wwe wrestleran1rb écrit: It reduces sleep severely, but when you do get to fall asleep, it's quite a deep sleep. When the effects begin to wane, there is a heavy tiredness of the mind and body. You also have a 'vacant' feeling when you wake up.Soul Snatcher écrit: Will this work for dmw written test ?рафаэль смит écrit: В РОССИИ ВАС ПОСАДЯТ В ТЮРЬМУAli écrit: where did you get them from?Bismarck O écrit: please don't be mixing moda with other stuff it can mess up your b chemistry.Trent Kulik écrit: Holy fuck dude I would ride youRaul Mondesi écrit: Came for the video of Provigil, but stayed for the Solomun. Anyway, OCD drugs have ruined my creative output, my attention to detail, and basically my desire to do anything. More importantly, I oversleep because of depression. So yeah, this was prescribed to me to try and help me start living again, and I started it today at 100mg. I personally thought that I felt an immediate boost for 2 hours and then that was it. I still didn’t challenge myself in anyway, I just felt a bit more alive and jolly and shit. What the hell do I know though? Life can be a fucking dirty lass. Be well.Dr. J. LaTour High Priest DOD écrit: Smart drugs were made illegal a long time ago. There is NOTHING I never found OTC was any good at neuroplasticity.
All good intelligence drugs DO NOT reduce dopamine or other neurotransmitter , they enhance and increase . Anything that works, even a little , is better than nothing at all !Philipe Reis écrit: do you reckon modafinil is better than ritalin ?Rogue écrit: Where did you get this from as the only way is to get them imported unless prescribed?Mighty YoungSir écrit: your mouth looks stupidEytan écrit: Where can we get modafinil at?Andrei Potenchi écrit: bruh basically its just X. get yourself a punisher or smth and have fun :))Shane Millott écrit: What was the stuff u drank again? I also would like to add it with my Modafinil..ty great insight helpfulLior Atia écrit: the otistic kind of eyes..from the moda' side effects?Reality Group écrit: Dont take this with coffee or any energy drinks. It got me really paranoid! Other than that it really does work!Mike Google écrit: Chew gum to deal with the dry mouth����Jack Thompsons écrit: Is it good or not?nepitatese écrit: wtf is wrong with your voice?John Mackay écrit: Any uk sites I can buy modafinil from please guysArmaduras Medievales écrit: you know cereals are bad for your brain right? and all those carbs will give you brain fog, check out a book called Grain BrainYoung Samosa écrit: How much do you weigh? It may be less effective if your 200 +Kian The God écrit: a lot of inaccurate education but was enjoyable to watch!Awaneesh Tripathi écrit: I've tried Modafinil
Results: You don't get mentally tired.
Focus increases.

Cons: burning sensation in eyes
Heavy head
Sleepless nights
Don't feel hungry

If you have sleeping disorder then don't try it because it will mess up your situation.
It should not be used as a daily suppliment.
Use it when you need intensive brain activity.Meloo MELOO écrit: you have a beutiful voic use it man ..darius reedo écrit: Is that really your voice?efficienzay D écrit: So, darth vader drinks decaf? interesting.andrewkp2 écrit: The tablet itself controls the release of the drug over time. Breaking it isn't a good idea.Rob Luker écrit: Nice one bain!ray richards écrit: Why do u need to fill your body with all that shite? Surely to maintain strength and focus you will continually need to take all these enhancers, for the rest of your life. I’m more concerned for when you stop taking them, probably have some serious long term side effects.John Pov écrit: why his voice sound like a transformerZaid Al Dulaimi écrit: Why does he have a demonic voice thoughhtfydm ebook écrit: Duckdose was a great vendor.
Now modafinilxl and are quite good.Chayne Ellis Ph.D écrit: Where to buy ? I'm in Japan.Discord Trihard écrit: would you ever take this daily?David Gatt écrit: Where are you getting it from?Anastia Lagarez écrit: where can this be brought from?En Gracia Constante écrit: Omg man that makes me not want to take itMular écrit: Bro that voice seems like some computerised slow motion movie sceneJesus Sandoval écrit: where can I get this ? Is it only a prescribed drug?KANDEGGINA LA MATTINA écrit: GanjaBismarck O écrit: Bro you’re gonna try your liver, and your central nervous system will sufferAlex écrit: Anyone know where I can get some?lorrane écrit: I take it at about 5am then roll over in bed until it kicks in. My doc told me to take modafinil on an empty stomach . Have breakfast at about 7am. I take it early because it has one and a half life. Meaning 18 hours. So I can get to sleep the next night. I have narcolepsy.I Am Not A Robot écrit: You look still dumbCrescoSMG écrit: this made me shit big time at uni back in the day lolFAZE FISTER écrit: What's the price of it?Matthew Hebron écrit: Placebooooooooooooo effectMichael D. écrit: Tomorrow will be my first time taking it.. I'm prescribed to 300mg once a day.
I'm switching from adderall xr to modafinil hoping for better results. I do have ADH….. OH look at the kitty- what was I saying����
Has anyone else tried the switchAnnie Cin écrit: Damn… his Voice!!!!1987jugernaut écrit: So what was your initial dose? What is the max dose for first time user and can I take it with a red bull?Sour Pickle écrit: Btw how much is modafonil is USA?Sour Pickle écrit: WHAT IS A THAT VOICE?!billy jo écrit: Can I buy modafinil online in the UK?ImAManMann écrit: His voice is slowed down at normal speed.Utterly Random écrit: I trade the financial markets and it requires razor sharp focus mainly because my money is involved all the time , also I own a motorcycle garage and at the same time starting up a skin care line. so Basically I need all the focus I Can get . Would you recommend this? any advice would be much appreciated , thanksCristellon93 écrit: Hello! Can someone please message me and help me find a resource for this in the us.Questionable Existence écrit: Please where can I get hold of this stuff?Dawud Khan écrit: How can you get Modafinil in the UK without prescription?Michael Beever écrit: I have a grizzle combination of ADHD, Asperger’s and split thought. I’m looking forward to being prescribed something like this. The thought of actually having clear thoughts and being able to filter information out is so fucking exciting. I have bouts of focus where everything becomes super easy but then it goes and I’m all over the place.Black écrit: MODAFINIL 200 SPEED UP YOUR BRAIN GET ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! blackgold.ovhDerek Currie écrit: Q: "Is Provigil/Modafinil the secret to success?"
A: NO. It helps people stay awake without the side effects of alternatives, such as caffeine. That's all. It does not ever make anyone 'smart'. That concept is a confabulation, mythology, nonsense. Provigil is also not remotely addictive, another myth.

The only side effect I ever experienced is that, after a period of time in years, it becomes less effective to the point of not doing anything, making it pointless to continue its use. I used it, thanks to prescription from my MD, to combat the sleepiness effect of other medications I was using. I found it allowed me to feel relatively normal, versus being a sleep zombie.

The nonsensical mythologizing of this medication has caused it to be:
1) Incredibly expensive,
2) A prescription controlled substance,
3) Difficult to have paid for by insurance,
4) Used as a fantasy 'get smart' pill in various stupid movies, news articles and videos,
5) Sold on the black market as a fantasy 'get smart' pill.

IOW: Much ado about something one step better than No-Doze. Nonsense mythologizing of Provigil has kept it out of the hands of vast numbers of people who could have benefited from its wakefulness effect. I sincerely hope the nonsense stops immediately, ending #1 – 5 above.

BTW: The patent holders of Provigil were recently found guilty of colluding with generic drug makers to keep generic versions of the drug off the market, thus jacking up its price. If you paid for Provigil or its generic Modafinil, you can join the refund settlement group before January 15, 2020 at this website:

https://provigilsettlement.comLatin J écrit: Gave me the worst side effects diarrhea , light headed , headache , extremely thirsty , and actually made me sleepy at times during the day at 200mg . For me it suckedDennis Hornikx écrit: I took a Armodafinil Waklert 150mg for first time yesterday and i didn't feel anything. I was even able to eat and sleep like normallyJustin Mumma écrit: Tim: modafinil is the closest thing to the limitless drug, the ultimate nootropic, the best study drug.

Also Tim: I am not promoting the use of modafinil in any way at allTrak Select Sim Racing écrit: Where is a safe place to buy this is the UK ?Dodi Khantri écrit: Deep voice checkedKek Gorilla écrit: I get a really bad dry mouth from D-amphetamine, but it's only gotten me to start drinking a lot more water… so managing this side effect helps keep me healthy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Kek Gorilla écrit: So is there an extend release version?Bippity Boppity Boop écrit: His voice so deep he made my panties drop. I am a dude.ludacris6600 écrit: One thing bro, that Volbic has like 50g of sugar each :))
Aaand, i can figure out that u re from the same place as me, the country I mean. Where do you get the stuff? Im more interested to be a trustworthy sourse, as GP or some NHS source – everything legal, as the illegal sources might have conterfaith stuff. Safe bro.SadFishSandwich écrit: What was the drink you made and what milligram of modafinil please?Erin écrit: Is it addictive?Erin écrit: 100mg sounds like a lotGuido Loko écrit: Omg you know the first question that people were going to ask is where to buy it!!! And to not give them the hook-up is messed up, if anyone wants to know where to get it from a reputable site just hmuGuido Loko écrit: MODAFINIL SUCKS!!!!! NOT STRONG AT ALL, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING ACTUALLY WORTH TAKING AND SPENDING MONEY ON…….BUY ARMODAFINIL 150mg by Sun Pharma!!! Then do A NEW UPDATED VID!!!!Andrea Brown écrit: best recommended moda site www.modadove.cokomo bg écrit: Hello guys
The same as most of you out there researching on modafinil
I write this to you all on the 2nd day for me on modafinil now its 5:04 am at Cairo Egypt summertime
The first time for me on modafinil or any other smart drugs was yesterday
I took 200 mlg at about 6 pm felt a bit dizzy and unorganized after about 25 minutes of taking the bill
Lasted that way for about an hour and a half, then I had a cup of coffee
As soon as I drank the first 2 sips "mind I am a coffee abuser"
I felt like I found me at last ��that's what I felt in my body my brain, my mood and all around
I was sitting doing absolutely nothing in my room no music nothing whatsoever
I got up I felt a real moderate rush and a kick like what most of u felt
I've felt motivated clean sharp determined and a bit satisfied
I felt am almost up to anything
I grabbed my guitar which I despised it for a whole 2 and half months before yesterday I played it effortlessly for a non stop 6 hours and it was the best time I ever did
I did go out and it was effortless at all aspects, everything was clear mentally and physically felt so easy unforced effortless and like I if was actually in my teenage years "am 36 at the moment"
Anyway the down side for me is after exactly 13 hours I felt like the turbo went off and am back to the ordinary fucked up me all around
I toke 300 mgl of quetabin and slept right away no problem
Today I woke up very very tired and a bit depressed just a tiny bit
I toke 100 mgl today instead of 200 mgl of madafinil
What I feel now is just that it had reversed the effect of quetabex only… like if I drank some strong coffee.. nothing more
and removed the tiredness and the semi like hangover feeling I had once I woke up.. But I hav not felt a kick nor a rush nor motivated like the first 200 mgl
Something also I noticed
It doesn't "over all speaking do the job for u"
U have to initiate the task first and it will back u up after a minute or 2 maximum whether mentally or physically or both
That's it for me till now
Am worried about building tolerance for it or relapsing after discontinued
ThanksPaolo Zanconato écrit: 200mg modafinil =4 normal redbull?Tyler Bindner écrit: I currently take adderall and I'm thinking about switching to modafinil. Does anyone know if modafinil gives you turtle dick as badly as adderall does?star 777 écrit: It's too bad I can't find anyone willing to sell some philiprobeso9p@gmailDallas Welch Jr écrit: Been on it for 2 years. Never had appetite suppression, actually I probably tend to eat more. I do feel the mental clarity and some workout enhancement but I'm too reliant on it now that on the days I don't take it I cant seem to get anything done and have no motivation.Enrique Garcia écrit: Solomun boiler ? Nice!!!!Autistycká Žirafa écrit: Can I také modalert if I’m 15 years old?The Deathless écrit: Does it also make my voive deep?��C. D. écrit: I would’ve been scared to have more than 200mg of caffeine with that lolMusically Yours écrit: have taken 100mg modalert modafinil tablet after lunch.i expected something amazing will happen. nothing happen. after taken i have sleep for 2 hours.some1 tell me what i have done wrongEmad Izadi écrit: where can i BUY ?Gonzalo Abduca écrit: Modafinil is a cognitive enhancer, it won't make you smart. You can overdose it and still be a dumb if you don't exercise your brain first and regularly. This guy has a very active life that's why he experiences such amazing results.RobinYourHood 18 écrit: Did you piss smell funny like you can smell if it has an odour, happend to me I called it Modafinal Piss.Sauce Tin Jacobs écrit: Have u taken any stimulants to compare it to such as adderalJC Rodhry écrit: I have a question, did you modafinil package come with a bar code on the top? I'm asking because I bought years back modalert and I got my 10 pills package but the package came the bar code on the top, but recently I bought the same one and it didn't have he barcode on the top, same pill, same package information, but no barcode on it. I believe it has same effect but no 100 percent sure because I have been taking Adderall which is more powerful than modalert. Any suggestion??Jackson Brown écrit: Great video.
Have you tried a full 200 yet?
I took the full modalert 200 and it didn't plateau for a good 6 hours. Never thought about training on it though!Louis Alcantara écrit: 200mg lasts me about 3 hours. Peaked at around the 2 hour mark. Focus was unreal. I took 400mg of caffine once with 200mg prior to heavy squat and deadlift session, and it was fucking wild how good that training session felt. I'm thinking of pairing it with utopia to see how much it compliments one another.richard miller écrit: I've been on modafinil for ADHD for two months now. Never had an issue with dry mouth or appetite suppression. Definitely better focus than Adderall, which my doc said was impossible. My different experience could be due to the Keto diet.Dimes Up écrit: What was your retention like after studying? That's a big factor for me

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