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Modafinil / Provigil garnered FDA approval as therapy for excessive daytime sleepiness related to narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and sleep disorders associated with rotating work shifts. In spite of these relatively limited authorized indications, more than 90% of prescriptions for Modafinil / Provigil are for so called \ »off label\ » indications.\n\nModafinil / Provigil remains an unexplored but popular therapy for Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Among the other popular uses for Modafinil / Provigil are ADHD, fatigue associated with mood disorders and lethargy resulting from antipsychotic drugs.\n\nModafinil / Provigil gained popularity as a \ »smart pill\ » supposedly able to delay sleep and allow increased focus on school or work projects. Even the armed forces approve its use for troops on missions requiring heightened vigilance with little time for sleep. Unlike some pills Modafinil / Provigil does not impair judgment, thinking or motor skills.\n\nRecent warnings especially from the European Medicines Agency – sort of the FDA of the entire European Union – suggest caution with Modafinil / Provigil. Reports link it to a number of life threatening side effects including multi-organ hypersensitivity reactions, heart rhythm disturbances and sudden cardiac death.

Words Bliss écrit: Dem words be fighting to get outFrankie Cal écrit: It's not safe druggie's. Stop insulting the man for being honest and upfront with you.MD Bonifasio écrit: I feel like Provigil makes me way more irritable… I use it for work shift sleep disorderGeoffrey Schuchardt écrit: Okay so if your tired you can fuck your health but ON ANY OTHER CONDITION… it’s deadly… mwahhahahaha. Suspicious ��STEWART BROWN écrit: Adrafinil is just as good.Juan Facundo Linares écrit: Great info, thanks! At 10:40 GABA is gamma aminobutyric acid, not benzoic acid. Or in IUPAC name the substance is 4-Aminobutanoic acid.JJ Flash écrit: I've taken this drug for hypersomnia related to Sleep Apnea. This Guy is completely overblowing the side effects of Modafinil. This Drug saved my Life. I am alert, highly focused and able to get through the day when taking this (and has helped with my Depression). It's very safe for Adults (not kids/teens) who are in good health. I've had some mild headaches and irritability but that's about it. Do your own research. Just because someone has an MD after their name and they read from the PDR or some study from 2006, doesn't mean they've actually prescribed it to actual patients. This is one those Docs.Mark Renton écrit: This guy has so much knowledge on this..Dan Gad écrit: Never had any issues with taking 100mg to 200mg a day since 3 years
And it changed my life from darkness to light. I took all the natural herbs and supplements spending over 700 dollars a month, not as good as one pill of modafinil which is free on my prescriptionmake it yourself écrit: I have severe narcolepsy and my blood pressure is abnormal, 88-95/115-135 in normal conditions. My diastolic pressure will be always high and I don't take any medication for BP, can I take modafinil?Petard Stamo écrit: It seems like a negative review for modafinil. But the same is true for every pill. Pills are not taken for pleasure but out of necessity. I don't think that people should look very much at the side effects because if we looked at the side effects of every drugs that's out there then we wouldn't use any pill at all. TCA antidepressants and antipsychotics are more toxic to the heart and a host of other organs than modafinil.V For écrit: Finally, someone that differs from the reddit and hackernews idiots who praise this drug and know not an iota how to measure advertised benefits.Pietja D écrit: I use armodafinil as uplifting mood and energy daily pill(early morning with strong coffe and go for jogging .. Works nice.. Not jittery . I don't know why I take it? Just feel better. Fckup sometimes stomach (little nousea sometimes).. Doasnt work very stimulant type. Rather very focusing on and concentration with little mood uplifting. I'm healthly athletic 45 taking care for health eat healthly. Although I don't have heart problems but I done heart echo.. On aortal valve edge there is very little calcification or something like that and I got " trace of backflowing blood vave" ( don't know what it means?). Asked doctor doing heart echo. He told me it shouldnt have influence on my jogging or sport activity.. Could it be from armodafinil? ( I didn't told him im on armodafinil). He told me it looks like from old infection ( flu?). I order armodafinil from India. Its cheap.. There are moments on modafinil.. ( sometimes many hours you feel kinda.. " stoned" I mean its heard to, describe but it's " sort of euforia" ( something between little coke and opiates) or I should say " state of meditation"… You feel light painless and at the same time focused but you don't think about anything " it's just nice.. Comperable to small dose opiates or little coke ( but not the same ~Nicer!). Sometimes ketogenic diet made me feel similarVictor Var écrit: What if the person has no mental problem will it still work or if the person has high blood pressureDAvE écrit: Well I take Modafinil and have never had any of this issues. Though I take just 100 MG daily so this seems strange to meCaptain Sunday écrit: I crash bad when I don't take it. I feel like I'm the only one.timothy vincent écrit: I understood every word he said. Unfortunately, he was so boring I skipped ahead a cuple times. Maybe if I was on modafinil I would have been able to focus on this more.Snowflex PxP écrit: There was a study on rats that were given extremely large doses of modafinil and they showed no toxicityJustin Boger écrit: adderal is ok for kids but not provigil?van Looken Roel écrit: Obvious, good medicine are bad and bad medicine are good. Otherwise the elite can't control the population. So, they try to poison us in many ways to keep us stupid! Be wise and get smart! By the way this guy took something smart but isn't really wise 😉Christopher Walters écrit: I pay 75 cents to 1.25 a pill from indiaGrecia Perez écrit: Thank you so much to share you knowledgelorrane écrit: Very interesting. I have it for narcolepsy. at a cost of $5.60 per month. I live in Australia where the government heavily subsidised. Doc said I can take a break from the drug on weekends so I can minimise the side effects. I get skin rashes which are so severe that the skin breaks . It does give you tight focus, I wish I had it when I was studying. I was diagnosed when I was 55. Angry that I lived most of my life with this condition. When specialist first saw me, he later said that he knew that I was narcoleptic. He admitted to hospital immediately. Apparently, I can do a full 90 minute sleep cycle in a matter of 14 minutes and I do it 4-5 times a day. I’m a robot, rather than the fall down type of person. I just keep doing things. Humorously, one day arriving home , I put my glasses in the freezer and my handbag in the oven, whilst in a narcoleptic state. So I can say the drug definitely helps me manage my condition. Also, you shouldn’t drink alcohol when on the drug.I Am Not A Robot écrit: I guess he doesn't even take aspirinRussel Blacker écrit: This guy just gets all of his information from wikipediaLippy Lou écrit: Modafinil really helps me focus at work. I'm lucky to get it at an affordable price at Caruso écrit: This is easily the best explanation and most information I have ever gotten. Thanks for making the video.Mari Christian écrit: I took 100mg of Modafinil once. Had one very alert day but the next day I suffered for it. I taught night classes and could never readjust my sleep patterns thereafter. I also have a collapsed nasal valve which will have to be surgically repaired. Perhaps all will be well once I breathe properly.Lippy Lou écrit: I work in IT and demands are terrible. Provigil gives me the
concentration and endurance I need. I buy generic version from India – . I want to share this has
this place as it has been reliable and a godsend for the last 5 years.Lippy Lou écrit: I work in IT and demands are terrible. Provigil gives me the
concentration and endurance I need. I buy generic version from India – . I want to share this has
this place as it has been reliable and a godsend for the last 5 years.Isaki Dube écrit: I'd rather choke on some good natural herb straight from mount zionIsaki Dube écrit: Nichel écrit: Your expertise on this matter is superb and has saved me from going thru the hassle of having to personally experience it's affects/effects on my life!The non lawyer écrit: I think he used it to make this video.Anthony Laberge écrit: Do a video about phenibut����JRMH346 écrit: Thanks doc. Perhaps a video on MDMA?themelc écrit: Thanks for uploading this instructive video. You mention studies done on people playing chess @22:25. I occasionally take non-prescribed Modafinil for cognitive enhancement at my desk job and am a regular online chess player. I find that when playing chess, Modafinil will allow me to focus for much longer on one move when analysing a line (chess variation) – this always comes at the cost of more time spent on each move but yields better quality moves in general, and on long games a better match outcome.

If I play 10 minute chess or less, the quality of the moves are less important, the advantage goes to the player that can make good practical decisions and this requires multi-tasking – which in my experience is hindered by Modafinil.

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