pregabaline vidal

pregabaline vidal

TRUTH About LYRICA (Pregabalin)

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▼ THE GOOD STUFF ▼\nLOVE for you to be apart of the Spoonie fam, just’s free!!\nM O R E V I D E O S \nWho is Fibro Mom\nTRUTH About LYRICA (Pregabalin)\nFIBRO MEDICATIONS \nGabapentin(Neurontin)What you should know\nTramadol (Ultram) Warnings ⚠\nAmitriptyline | What you should know\nTruth about Cymbalta (Duloxetine)\nDreaming to be disabled | Life with BIID | Transabled\nALL Symptoms of Fibromyalgia\nBest Treatment For Fibromyalgia!\n10 Celebrities with Fibromyalgia\n5 Scariest Parts of Fibromyalgia\nTHUMBS UP if you enjoyed (helps us out a lot)\n\nHi there! Online I am known as Fibro Mom, my name is Evie. I am awful at vlogging but started a channel here on youtube to connect with others that live and struggle with all types of \ »invisible\ » diseases..diagnosed or not. Everything from chronic pain to mental illnesses. I want to help remind all Spoonies that they are not alone and I’m here to be a friend. I share videos of my family, life tips to all sorts of different topics. My channel is a lot like my life…unorganized and all over the place but filled with love and great intentions! Not your normal, gorgeous, perfect YouTuber \n\nWHAT IS A SPOONIE?? “The Spoon Theory” a personal story made by Christine Miserandino, is popular among many people dealing with chronic illness. It describes perfectly this idea of limited energy, using “spoons” as a unit of energy. Because majority of my content is related to chronic illnesses I like to refer my family here as my spoonies XOXOXO\nCOME TALK TO ME**\nFACEBOOK (a support group for all invisible diseases)\nTwitter /FIBROMOM11\nGoogle+ FIBROMOM \nInstagram @fibromom11\n\nPen pal or just want to send me something?\nFibromom \n\nxoxo Spreading awareness one video at a time xoxo\n\nFor business OR collab inquiries\n\n#SpoonieFamily #spoonie #support #spreadawareness #chronicpain #chronicillness #mentalhealth #findacure #butyoudontlooksick #fibromom #Fibromyalgia #MS #CFS #lymes #IBS #crohns #Endomeotris #cancer #ADHD #Autism #Spinalinjury #fibromom #spooniefamily #spooniestruggles #related #TheMighty #FibromyalgiaAwarness #Invisibleillness #FibroMom #SpoonieSupport

Ali McCarthy écrit: Thanks for the video. Trying to get doc to take me off Lyrica. My side effects are feeling out of it most of the time, anger, anxiety, depression. And it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference in my pain levels.Betsy Friedrich écrit: Just found you as I was searching other chronically ill moms on YouTube. Lyrica was horrible for me, so your intro made me literally laugh out loud. I just started my own channel as it’s been hard to find other chronically ill moms on this platform. Glad to have found you!Magical 801 écrit: I've been on gabapentin for about 3 months. I take about 7 800 mg Gabapentin to each day. I run out of my prescription within 2 weeks. Now I'm using pure pregabalin powder that I get from a legit supplier. It's crazy how fast your tolerance builddragonode1 écrit: Does it make you sleep more?oneconciousness écrit: Take it for MS 600mg a day. It has made me dumb,fat,confused and out of it. Headaches dizziness fatigue and demotivated. It resolved pain. Helped anxiety but only coz I was high all the time. Also the withdrawal symptoms are equivalent to heroin withdrawal.Cara V B écrit: On pregabalin. UK. Prescribed due to extreme anxiety after suffering bullying at work. Was 25mg three times a day. I cut it down to morning and night. No more panic attacks. It's being monitored. Have had side effects but after cutting the dose, they have lessened. If I don't take at night then I get vivid dreams. Only been on it a short while. XxxJoy Shaw écrit: I had a reaction and ended up with 2 large blisters on my belly. They are very sore. Stopped taking them. I was only on them for 8 days.LaraD écrit: This is nuts. Lyrica is used successfully for many people who have epilepsy, I used it for a while myself, but it wasn’t the med for me. No med is perfect for everybody. But I had no idea it was used for pain. I can’t imagine how ridiculously large the doses must be for people to get high off it. Doctors who would continually prescribe those amounts should be losing their licenses and possibly even in prison. Just like all the other pain meds they get their patients hooked on. These people saying it causes this or that should be saying it can, not does. How are they just continuing to take something they are reacting too badly anyway instead of consulting with their doctors and trying something else or different doses etc? You say you’ve heard very few positive reviews, well that’s normal, mostly when there’s no problem people don’t feel the need to shout that to the world “everything is fine!!!”Vicki Palm écrit: It may take the pain but side effects are awful took 1st dose last nite never taking it againJessica Williams écrit: So I have fibromyalgia and I'm afraid to ask my doctor for this medication even though in the past it helped me but I'm afraid because o am on methadone but I still am in pain from this fibromyalgia how can I talk to my doctor what do I say?mir stehts bis hier écrit: I have a Anxiety disorder and take 150mgWilliam Beglen écrit: That's just your body. Yes I did gain 60lbs of water weight in about a year. If I sleep sitting up, my feet do swell. I cannot walk without this drug.ROBLOXmaster 247 écrit: I have had fibromyalgia for three years I have been taking Lyrica 100 mg 3 times a day and 50 milligrams before bed it helps my pain but it just makes it tolerable I have increased energy but I have had major weight gain I have gained over 30 lbs in 3 years and it is all from fluid retention my stomach swells my legs and sometimes even my face and I have to weigh the good with the bad because I have to have a way to get through my days so I have accepted the weight gain but I'm trying to find natural ways to combat the fluid retention caused by the Lyrica so far I have not found anything that will work but I am still taking the Lyrica and will continue to I also take Cymbalta once a day 30 mg for the depression and anxiety as overtaking my life with this disease it took a month for the Cymbalta to begin working but I am able to attempt tab normal days instead of just staying in bed weeks at a time depressed and scaredJason Smith écrit: Yesterday I had a terible headache and Tylenol did nothing Lyrica stopped it right away I was impressed but I don't recommend to take it every day should use it for emergency painShannon Hinton écrit: Lyrica has given me my life back! 150mg 2x daily. Going on my 3rd year with it helping. I also take Meloxicam that has made a huge difference as well. Hope this gives some hope to those who suffer ��Gloria Ganzay écrit: I've been on the Lyrica for about 3 years now I have a fatal condition so I have fibromyalgia as well I feel like it changes my attitude and the way I seesometimes it can make me really happy and sometimes it could make me really really amotionolMelanie from Mars écrit: Foor people who think Lyrica is a miracle drug: Just wait until you need to try to come off of it for some reason. Or when it stops working for you and you want to come off it. You might not think it is so great then.R I écrit: 10 out of 10 pain from nerve damage is numbed to a 4 .. has to be lyrica Pfizer no generic shit or I get side effects… its been 2 years at the top dose of 300 to 450 per day…has allowed me to walk…with my cane …i am able to complete my physical rehabilitation program.. my practitioners have tried every opiod on me and even ketorolac cycles…those things hurt my kidneys and ate my stomach….Lyrica has put me back on to a path of recovery… yes I get loopy and sometimes I can't concentrate..but im walking.. I wasn't walking for more than a few steps at a time for over a year prior…its given me what I needed to start recovering…allowed me to get off of the floor .. it doesn't get all the credit because I refuse to accept this as my reality, but it has helped boost me there… so I get loopy? im walking!! and the best part, im NOT on opiods…Frank Da Tank écrit: Well I'm taking it for PHANTOM NERVE PAIN AND PAIN AND NERVE PAIN.WOWFrank Da Tank écrit: Ur so hot sorry I had to say .tuforu4 écrit: FIRST 2 MONTHS JEEEEEZLILITHS LAIR écrit: Keep on moving ! ������������elijah pink écrit: Pregablin has a complete hold over me. I’m addicted and without it I am now so sick I cannot function. Had I known how addictive it was I would never had touched it. My life now revolves around getting enough pregablin so I’m not sick.Ryan Vargas écrit: They forgot constipation!Hell on Wheels écrit: Don't go on lyrica, its one of the worst medications I've ever been on. My weight went up and down and my depression and anxiety went from manageable to completely life-ruining to name a few things that happened. I think I'd rather have the pain.Mark Elsdon écrit: I couldn't walk without itOmi Gee écrit: Get of pregabalin, I dont want anything from any1, I was on pregabalin, 3years now I suffer from side effects, that r greater than herion, stay off lyrica. First hand experience, I had weight gain 2 stones, fucked my bowels up. Sore feet, ichty nd backache, headache list goes on n on.Adam Dowding écrit: I have nuropathic pain down my right hip to my knee and below after brain surgery. I call it my magic pill it works so well and is the only way I get out of bed and get things done,the negative is weight gain I have put on over 20kg in the last 3 months but it is a trade off and I would rather put the wight on then not be able to move.Angel écrit: Good morn luv me dr took me off everything but hormones valium and trazodone and put me on mmj even though the doctor is gone now he kept me losing lbs told me to stay far away from western medicine and treatment i do prp every 3months it was every week i'm now unable to keep working due to standing up all day using my arms and hips .no not a stripper lol . It may not be ok for you to do this but we have no cure so please don't stop fighting and looking for a cure thank you luv you are awesomeJamie Anthony écrit: Cant hear youJames Tippett écrit: Lyrica works for me, but the side effects are bad. Weight gain, soreness in my knees and joints. My med provider forgot to fill it on weekend and i ended up in the ER with convulsions and now I have a allergy to this med. Hives are now the big thing here. So now i am to come off of it and try another drug in Pain management. Bottom line, do not with draw from this med or just stop taking it; it will hurt you!Choob Choobtastic écrit: You’re absolutely stunning! 🙂D S écrit: SPEAK UP AND LEARN HOW TO READ OUT LOUD. Your anoying mumble idiotD S écrit: WHY DONT YOU SPEEK UP ! FOR FUCK SAKES. I GOT VOLUME ALL THE WAS UP .Peter De vaux écrit: I have a nice life now on 600mg a dayTIMxisxHERE écrit: Well, I can say, I use Lyrica (75mg) for a while now and for me its against neuropathic pains, which I get from other medicine that I simply have to use. For me, it has never really affected my state of mind in any kind of way. I do notice my reaction speed to be lower than it used to be and I haven't had alcohol ever since. But, for me it's been a great medicine and has helped me a lot. Lyrica was the difference for me between constant pain in the hospital bed, sleeping barrely for 2 hours a night, having screaming pain all the time, pulsing and surging through my body.

The only thing that calmed me down was just pumping tons of morphine into my blood and then I'd just get numbed and hazy but, they had to use so much that it basically turned me into a corpse. While my doctors were discussing my case with one another, they eventually prescribed this Lyrica and from one day to the next the pains were gone and I could sleep again. Two days later I left the hospital. My body hardly experienced any negative side effects from this medicine.

However, it's not like I am superman or anything, oxycodon and morphine had tons of side-effects on me, but Lyrica never did more than just influencing my reaction speed… (and possibly making my motion sickness worse).

I can just say, it's an amazing medicine for neuropathic pains, however, ONLY if your doctor prescribes it to you; Do not use it otherwise. Lyrica can be an amazing medicine for people, but it should never be labelled as OTC and always require a doctor to prescribe it, who takes your medical context into account.Smart Fart écrit: Some people know when to incorporate humor into a video…and some people do not.Chief Seattle écrit: I am prescribed pregabalin for chronic anxiety. 300mg x 2. My mood is more stable. I am not angry. Anxiety is reduced. I am sleeping. No problems apart from chemical castration. Bye bye sex life.dopemelody écrit: I can't hear shit.Magical 801 écrit: You should do one about the withdrawal effect of it. I knew a girl that was taking it for three years and says she still feels the effects of it 18 months later.Anna Hurt écrit: It made me violently ill. I keep getting told moving helps I laugh to.Anthony écrit: I have been on strong opioids to control my pain and Lyrica has helped me reduce my opioid dose but dam.. is EXPENSIVE!! and getting insurance company to cover it is difficultRaymond JEAN écrit: Personally, I just use Lyrica-75mg (on combination with Celebrex-100mg) on occasional base when the pain is not manageable otherwise (about once week). Side effects wise, I will sometime be experiencing like a "possession" feeling of my body when taking them… anyway, weird enough for me, for not taking them to often. Love the recommendation about use of cannabis base products instead (i.e. CBD full spectrum). Might be my next step.Jon Hhh écrit: Been on lyrica for 5 years taking 600mgs a day. With out it I would be more likely to commite suicied from the pain as my brain feels like it is tearing apart. After a year of taking it all side effects disappeared for me. However I'm scare of how I will be if the doctors ever take me off itJon Hhh écrit: Been on lyrica for 5 years taking 600mgs a day. With out it I would be more likely to commite suicied from the pain as my brain feels like it is tearing apart. After a year of taking it all side effects disappeared for me. However I'm scare of how I will be if the doctors ever take me off itfriendo s écrit: Our standard of medical care speaks volumes. When brains are "chemically lobotomized" to control pain, we are left with individuals with zombie-like behavior which then poses no problems for society and government agencies. Only that by the look of it, Lyrica is a total failure in managing pain.nedar giordano écrit: Some People take too much of itNikki Rev ASMR Plus écrit: I'm on Cymbalta I love it even though so many hate it. lolNikki Rev ASMR Plus écrit: ������Diloui Mac écrit: I've been on gabapentin and lyrica oh and cymbalta…nothing really worked and with the gabapentin and lyrica I was so out of it, was falling over, passing out in weird places. I use to be around 125lbs but since they started me on so much medication, including methadone because it's supposed to be good with pain, I went to 165lbs and no matter what I can't get rid of it! So now I'm insecure and in extreme pain most days…I am getting Dilaudid which takes the edge off but was told I'll be getting weaned off of them soon. Waiting to get into the clinic so I can get my card for marijuana hoping cbd oil helps
I see I was a bit late to the party lolAkash G écrit: Lyrica (Pregablin) and oxycodone work in great synergy. It works at lower doses of pregablin with oxy and it is great for pain relief!!!Liquid Astroid écrit: I take this 125mg twice a day, I'm not finding it helpful. Have started amitriptyline which is a bit better and helps my sleep. I've watched a couple of your videos and just subscribed. I think you're great and I'm glad to have come across your channel. I'm sorry that you have to deal with illnesses and chronic pain though. Best wishes.Malka Ringel écrit: I was prescribed pregabalin to cut the nerves for my arthrosis (bone on bone) and also for restless leg syndrome. I use opiates for fibromyalgia. I have no social life. I leave the house only to shop for food. Rain, wet snow and high humidity cause more pain. Sometimes I need more than my 5mg opiates 10/15….and even that isn't enough when the weather sucks.Ibboblue Ibbetson écrit: Its not good for pain reliefIbboblue Ibbetson écrit: Smack and lyrica match made
in havenIotfi lekbir écrit: I love lyrica 300AHL ‘V AHLUHV écrit: lyrica is a drug of abuseRose Marie écrit: Can't hear you. My volume is as high as it goes.weird science écrit: Fyntanil patches work apparently I have a friend with fybro I have cch we used to discuss pain meds at length and I'm on pregablin he's on fyntanilNancy Bakos écrit: IT PISSES ME OFF that the FDA approved this medication as not be addicting or a narcotic. I had a former neighbor that was on Lyrica -AS soon as she ran out of her meds you could hear her having withdrawl symptoms. THE FDA is not your friend.Nancy Bakos écrit: My orthopedic surgeon has agreed to let me stay on tramadol which helps-although I am in chronic pain it's tolerable. I also trained myself to focus on other things besides "pain." MIND OVER MATTER does work. My feelings are anything that stops you feeling pain at all is dangerous. LEARN MIND OVER MATTER TECHNIQUES.Nancy Bakos écrit: I have fibro-and know better than to take Lyrica! I have flat out rerfused. Recently did some research that this medication cause brain synapses to stop causing brain damage. NO THANKSNancy Bakos écrit: I have fibro-and know better than to take Lyrica! I have flat out rerfused. Recently did some research that this medication cause brain synapses to stop causing brain damage. NO THANKSKat Meg11 écrit: Anyone had swelling stomach ankles and arms and gain weight due to lyrica ?#Biden 2020 écrit: Just get to the point stop messing aroundNicole Clausen écrit: I gave it 2 weeks. I can't live like this. I'm a human, not a zombie!Sam bax écrit: I started lryica a few days ago, it helps for pain for sure , slight headache head feels numb strange but it works im going to keep usingCindy Beasy écrit: Love the start of this, moving more helps ease my pain of fibromyalgia laughing hysterically so funny, anyone who has fibro knows that moving more makes us hurt more.Dj Kuss écrit: Im from UK and over here its known as pregablin and its normally prescribed to combat the pains you get when doing a rattle off opiates and I have heard positive comments on this as you only hurt for 3days therefore you only need to use it for those 3days so you dont get hooked on them. I have been told though if you take them longer than 3days in a row, like some people I know have done, you become addicted to them and they all said that the rattle off pregablin is far worse than an opiate rattle so only use them for 3days and then stop. I had a doctor try to prescribe them to me for my anxiety which is outrageous and I declined. Im disgusted that people with fibromyagia are being given these as like you have said they mainly cause more issues than they help. I know that cbd oil can help with fibro as I have a lot of friends that use it for this but they said that propper cannabis oil with thc and cbd works loads better and in their words is far superior than the oil with just cbd in it. Anyway I really hope this helps some of you and that you find the right thing for you to combat the pains of your fibro.skghori écrit: I am a sixty eight years old man with Restless limb movement, I have been taking Lyrica 300 mg every night. I am feeling a little better but my memory is not the same, I am thinking it is because of Lyrica?
I do get slight anxiety attacks some times.Meika Renea écrit: Lyrica doesn’t give me weight gain but in the long run helps my pain (chronic)Kari Tacoma écrit: Can it cause euphoria? That’s all I want. I’ve been using morphine.immrnoidall écrit: methadone for nerve pain . is a miracle. zero side effects never need increase, NO HIGH FEELING AT ALL. NO HARM TO LIVER AND KIDNEYS. BUT MOST OF ALL,NO MENTAL EFFECTS. i've personal known people taking lyrica and its other ssri families of drugs. they changed into different people with strange new habits. like being a raging alcoholic." what a slap in the face this ad says" don't drink on it"when it all you will think of.3 killed good friend turned into a perv. you become strange. but you think it is normal. people suddenly are not happy in their family and leave . it is always something gross and unattractive .things you would not do as the person you were. every doctor i have had over the last 20 years,gets pissed of when i bring it up and usually starts treating me like a druggy that just wants pain killers. even though methadone will not get you high. you will DIE first if you think you can take more to get high. methadone saved my life but lyrica has a new patent and a HUGE price profit margin. doctors lie to keep those big bucks coming in. your health and safety don't mean shit to them.Jag Girl écrit: My Drs gave it to me in hospital when I had an infection in my spine. 2 discs wer eaten away from the infection, which in turn caused some major nerve damage. Lyrica really helped. I do have weight gain, which I wasn't aware of at the time. Not cool.
My dosage are 150mg capsules. Once a day. Sometimes 2 or 3. But only once a day. I only take it as needed. DEFINATELY do not abuse them. I have no dramas with addiction with them though. I can go weeks or months without wanting them. Soo, that is great for me. I'm pissed about the weight gain. 20 kgs in 12 months.kayleigh kelsie-mae écrit: Also dude can you Americans buy this drug then? We need prescriptions for this and tramadol etckayleigh kelsie-mae écrit: Make me dizzy and feel heavy when I used to take pregabalin can I just add through I am an ex addict so I was abusing them to try and get a rush I know they help with nerve pain so maybe would be different if you actually needed them.ゼロRe écrit: NICE:Dbrett jackman écrit: 300mg of pregabalin fucks me up 8 outta 10………excellent..HRH PRINCE LOUIS MAGNUS VON DRACHENBURG écrit: Vile drug ! Give to me for fibromyalgia but made me go into a coma and nearly killed me , beware of this EVIL DRUG ,IT NEEDS TI BE BANNED IMHO .We Be écrit: The Lyrica helped, but I didn't realize all the side effects. I think I have some of them. I tried to get off it, but its like quitting smoking.QueenMelissa Lehman écrit: I got a question my Dr wouldn't even let me try this med he said there was to much bad that comes with it .
As someone who tryed diffrent meds what one did u find better this one or gabapentinWorf King écrit: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Of course not McDonalds or Burger King!Mama Bear écrit: From my experience, anything with “may cause/worsen depression” type warnings are a SCREAMING FLASHING red flag the size of Texas to stay the hell away from it.ZAria écrit: Started taking Lyrica a week ago. 100mg 3x day. But I started off with just one a day it made me way to blah an dizzy feeling. I know about that out of body feeling like your not in control of your body an your just like walking around dazed. Started jerking, muscle twitching not sure if that part is from the Lyrica or not…. for my all over body pain it worked for a week. Was back to normal it seemed meaning zero pain. But now I’m only getting 3 to 4 hrs a sleep a night. The PAIN is waking me up or I would sleep longer. Don’t understand it. Worked well for a week. I took it last night before bed made me tired of course but then woke up IN PAIN. Ugh! Won’t anything work?Marifer Ramos écrit: Gaining weight like crazy with all kind of medication for fibromyalgiaMarc Milhomme écrit: She could get itDubbel Henke écrit: I used to be an incredible junkie; Heroin, methadone, ketobemidone, oxy, benzos, speed, ketobemidone – you name it. NO DRUG HAS HURT MY BODY AS MUCH AS THIS DEVIL DRUG from demonicically evil Big Pharma…..Dick Swagging écrit: 1st off, I can't hear anything you are saying. 2nd progabalin is used for other uses than your specific issue. 3rd you are not licensed to distribute these drugs or prescribe them….. making you a dangerous person to heed advice from.Nick DJSnaps écrit: They put me on it for nerve pain I have a torn l5 and 3 other ruptured disks. Plus all the damage in my knees and ankles from skate boarding. They said it would help with the nerve pain in my legs. It just increased the pain by making my legs rls get ten times worse. It also made me super drowsy. I did not like the feeling on it almost like there was lightning bolts moving through my legs and arms. So that was my experience with it.Yvonne Rhodes écrit: it helps with my pain but the s9de effects are worse. It effects my eyes a lot.Котик Плутон écrit: I'm using liryca 75mg/2 at day two years, I'm have damage brain. It's best medicine for me.สุเมรุ แสงเหนือ écrit: Lyrica 75mg tid. Sometimes 150mg tid. Helps but Weight Gain!!! And blurred vision until body adapts.Luke J écrit: pregabalin works so well for me. its been a miracle drugKarl Binder écrit: In my opinion, Medical and Psychiatric professionals, should learn to recognize and respect when someone actually knows their body well, and what works for them, as opposed to convincing people to take medication that has so many side effects. The experiences I have had with medical professionals, has been pathetic, been more of a guinea pig than a patient. I have learned out of experience, that in my case, for my illnesses and my body, that benzodiazepenes seem to work THE BEST, and the side effects from the benzos actually act as medicine for other problems, making the side effects, good effects.Karl Binder écrit: Just started Pregabalin today… not sure what to expect, because my brain can be sensitive at times…Maria Som écrit: this woman seems to. be drugged enough or falling f off take one more and go to sleeo .Darklady429 écrit: Had my phone's sound to the max…still could barely hear you …you need to speak up plz or get a better Mike? Would've loved to hear you.Princess Pentagram écrit: I know it's not related to the subject but you have beautiful eyes and a soothing voice also the laughing baby clip was so cute 🙂Pauly & Nuckhas écrit: I'm on Pregab, and I live in the UK – and adverts for medicine like this is CRAZY to me. Like, really amazingly crazy – Doctors, who study hard for 7 years, are the ones who should be deciding what medication one should take. Patients shouldn't be able to choose this. This advert is so amazing to me.MetalSammie écrit: Oxycontin is 1000x better than this Sh** this Lyrica psych med (toxic) -too the GABABENTIN is in same family and the Opioids isnt, Opioids doesn't cause many strange effects. I KNOW Avicii used first opioid Oxycodone, No problem but it was switched Gabapentin/Pregabalin (Gabrion, Lyrica)~ and it. Can cause yiu suicidal feelings when you are exhausted, for no reason. And CHEMICAL "IMBALANCE" is 100% Bolony! Scandinavia especially Finland is fuc*ing ;Racist and bad and litter country in today. And I don't mean president or the good part of that country there is many good people, but those bad wick doctora (pseudo fake science doctors"Psychiatry" prescribes every adult and child who wants ash's (Made believe disorder) Drug and Its CONCERTA (methylphenidate) they sell it on School the people's, and the adult, who's children got usually age of 6!!! Those "Speed/CRACK, METH family"
AND Astole/take it to they're kids and demanding higher then dose which they do and here's atleast allmost 40ex employee of the CORRUPTED. Hospital "Mehilainen" the WORST PRIVATE Hospital in that country solid 1/5 they steal and don't care nothing and doesn't prescribe reql med what helps like a Opioids, but they prescribe all ratpoisons like Antipsychotic or suicide pills ssr,snei (one of worst are Venlafaxine/Effexor) there are so,many ex employees, made warning of that Horrible WRONG-Doing they are basic ly Psych Pharmas BIT*H qnd Kaypahoito is so sick place, and main corruption cell on Scandinavia SWEDEN, Norway!, and Finland (worst ) … SICK SICK AND SAD WORLD RIGHT NOW. Today's Finnish Medical practice starts to look like a NEW Nazism. Everythong is somekind of new "testinf" aka experimental drug and 95%;of all lead to psychiatric ad toxic drugs. Thats why in A SCANDINAVIA Finland is top of the charts in suicides! !
Let's hope some interference and shut down that f***ing Industry(Psychiatry Puppet =/ Kaypahoito where sick ones , child, handicap , adults and others is a falling and dying every day becouse of the drug like risperidone, Seroquel, lithium. VENLAFAXINE *Effexor. AND Concerta abusing every adult who "use iron adhd "(WHICH IS MADE belief nonsense "Diaoeder"… and not any medical needed effects more than Crystal Meth or Crack-Cocaine. And I DON'T BLAME PRESIDENT he's Good man. HE Can't do anything about these Sick Industrial (Psychiatry,toxic meds, anti OPIOID Campaigns and Pain patiens suffer don't care …, or abuse od elderly and kids on here!

I wish you all well! 😐

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