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Pregabalin/Lyrica & Gabapentin are Class C drugs now (UK) – BBC News – 1st April 2019

la description:
Pregabalin \u0026 Gabapentin are now classed as a category C drug to help prevent recreation use which has been linked to 600+ deaths in the last five years.\n\nFor more see here:\n

That’s Just Life écrit: I've only been on lyrica/pregabalin for the last 3 weeks and I've been pretty depressed since, but I'm giving it a chance, I need it for my pain. I did a vlog on it, come check it out.
Taking this medication makes me soooo nervousweird science écrit: they hand this filth out but wont prescribe less addictive damaging medications out of fear of getting in trouble its a jokeBen Crossley écrit: It's a good drug for depression but disagree strongly with some individuals and must be taken with cautionBig_Paul écrit: Yes and the doctors lied to me, said its perfectly safe, i`ve been fed this crap for 5 years and its destroying me, i`m not the same person as i once was because its changed me, Thanks a lot Pfizer.

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