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Pregabalin (Lyrica)

la description:
A brief video describing the use of pregabalin also known as Lyrica for the treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and neuropathic pain.

KGC. TANTO8 ecrit: Lyrica is the most effective drug to stop drug ADDICTION. I take 110 mg a day or more of methadone, which is synthetic HEROIN. BUT PLEASE LISTEN TO ME ABOUT THIS, LYRICA will allow EVERYONE w drug ADDICTION.Indeliblystamped Supertramp ecrit: You can shove this shit up your arseMarco Polo ecrit: I knew quite of them. However it is very considered of you to warn people on YouTube. I just had my first take last night. I could not believe it. My toes get numb when I am in horizontal position like in bed or even on my Elran Sofa. Then I can't move my feet or even scratch my foot with my toe nail, I get cramps in my toes and my ankle. This has been for years on every single night. So after my very first pill my toes were not numb any more and no night cramps any more. It s not a coincident since I got this every single night for years. i was so overwhelm that I could not fell asleep anymore. I hope it will help me for the primary reason that It was prescribed for in the future.insomniac69 ecrit: me to mate been on them for 2 years was on 300mg twice a day now got it down to 150 twice a day but its been total shite. insomniac69 ecrit: worst drung on the NHS they don't work after a month and then your body is Very addictiveDoggterrorist ecrit: im in a world ov shit trying to come off them
Davidius Doremouseius ecrit: @jabah yes oh great sageLouise Voraujan ecrit: Just give all these 'heavy' drugs a wide birth. Digger fickdich ecrit: you will codeine a sell it;)mrPregabalin ecrit: 300 mgs ! Sorry but its kind of funny because I used to take a whole box of 150mgs Lyrica (56 tablets, 8400mgs). I stopped for seven months and none of the side effects were permanent so don't worry:)mrPregabalin ecrit: Yeah especially opioids like Tramadol. Unfortunately this causes paradoxical seizures (Which I experienced), difficulty in speech and sudden episodes of suicidal thoughts.Drugs suck!hivneekeri ecrit: Lyrica potentiate other drugs 😉Alex Vasquez ecrit: Really, can we do better than pander to the drug companies?monstergal ecrit: @86kdanc FInd another medication"
86kdanc ecrit: There is something that I need to bring up. I am 24 and I was prescribed Lyrica around 3 years ago for chronic pain around the ears and jaw. Of some of the side effects listed there were these three – memory loss, problems concentrating. I have both to a significant degree. My memory used to be quite good but it has been getting progressively worse. Please advise.

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