pregabaline sandoz 150 mg

Pregabalin For Anxiety – Weeks 3/4 – 150mg

la description:
My experience on pregabalin 150mg and lorazepam for anxiety

Nash Manthu Nahey écrit: Any weight gain on 59mg.pls!
I have gained 7 kg in 2 months.also iam a person who have fully taken thyroid.i took it for neuralgia pain and panics.
Really worriedJocie Bell écrit: Im a bit late to the show.. currently on this same journey.. skipped head to your other reviews so I’m a bit apprehensive.

I hope you are going ok. Your channel is helpful. XSam Morrow écrit: I'm on 2x 300mg a day for my knee. I had a new knee put in at 28 years old and the metal work has caused a lot of nerve damage. I don't think there's anything better for my case. Don't take benzos they are the devil!! Plus I have bad anxiety and the pregablin really do help. Peace out everyone.My opinion écrit: I'm on 150ml they do help but side affects are horrible and when coming off them wow the rattle is a killer. You go so hot and then cold dizziness too it's not nice to say the least. I try to take them when I'm feeling low and anxious that way I get maximum effect and less chance off becoming dependant on them.Nathan Pidwell écrit: Hi mate, thanks for sharing, i stumbled upon your channel, im taking alot of pregabalin and diazepam and other prescription medications for depression and anxiety, and to be honest im not feeling any better, im seeing my doctor on Wednesday and not really sure what to say, if ahe cuts everything down i might feel worse than I do now,which is borderline suicidal, sorry to be so negative but thats how i feel,thankyou for sharing your story and best wishesspiritual abundence écrit: Its really bad for withdrawal i cant get off itMntside écrit: Did you gain weight on this medication and does it cause extreme constipationjacob kanal écrit: Honestly, Lyrica is better for pain and relaxation than anxiety. For me atleastHimani Sharma écrit: I am taking 75gm in morning prescribe for body nerve pain I am anxious that I will not gain with it plz tell me your experience with itJamee Warfield écrit: I don't know why lyrica stops working so fast. It is great when it works but awful when it stops….i also wanted to say i love you for being so brave you sure are awesomePaul Attwell écrit: It's definitely safer then diazepam or lorazepamGra 67 écrit: My doctor prescribed 150mg of pregabalin per day and to increase to 450mg to 600mg a day I could only handle 450 a day I felt deeply lethargic bloated very disoriented and couldn't drive as it was way too much Even when I dropped it down to 200mg it was a major effort to perform at work So I decided to ween myself of slowly over a week I'm very lucky no real withdrawl symptoms now on 50mg a day I wanna be off them Scary stuff !!!Mind bending meds and they're supposed to be for anxiety.Really be careful what the doctor prescribes folks !!!CraynerProductions écrit: I’m going onto Pregabalin next week for my anxiety. I hope it will work for me.Ivan Clements écrit: You don't know what your getting intoIvan Clements écrit: Get off the shit before its too late for ujen 77 écrit: Hi iv just started talking lyrica thost is my 5th day on it feeling tired dizzy hoping it will pass.did you gain any weight when you started taking lyricaZach Hart écrit: Hallo?Zach Hart écrit: I hope you're doing alright!!!!!! Everything alright?

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