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A Closer Look At Lyrica Side Effects

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Here’s what a drug ad would look like if they actually showed the side effects.\n\nSubscribe now:\n\nCREDITS:\nWriter/Editor: Darren Miller\nVFX: Bryan Wieder\n\nGet more Funny Or Die\n——————————-\nLike FOD on Facebook:\nFollow FOD on Twitter:\nFollow FOD on Tumblr:\nFollow FOD on Instagram:\nFollow FOD on Vine: \nFollow FOD on Pinterest:\nFollow FOD on Google+:\nSee the original at:

dave henderson 2 écrit: Its trueeach1ofus deserveshelp2livethislife écrit: docs force patients IN NEED to take this very evil drug instead of giving save meds. i was prescribed lyrica multiple times, without warnings, without any understanding of this drug, it can and will put the majority of ppl taking it to lead a horrific life, full of pain, fear and dozens of other ugly side effects! STAY AWAY – dont EVER try it!Natural born Killer écrit: ��������Billy X écrit: I've had 2 seizures In my life and both times id taken Lyrica in combination with other drugs. First time was ketamine, alcohol, MDMA and Lyrica. Second time id been smoking meth.
Mind you when i take Lyrica my doses are high 600-1,200MG range.Matt McFaul écrit: i am living the side effects right now. Every single symptom. stopped taking around a week ago, still worried I might not get my brain back, or if the pain will die back down, or if I'll ever sleep again. Doctors can't do shit about this either, you just have to grin and bear it. If I wasn't the type of person that spent my life pushing my limits, then this would have pushed me off a tall building 2 months ago when it started.Magical 801 écrit: Yeah that pretty much sums up Lyrica for youDr Chunky Biscuit écrit: Er…what's funny about that?Michela Raile écrit: And im an addict of Lyrica..1 year..Maria Jones écrit: Not being funny but lyrica is actually a fun drug while your on it , I feel good ,happy , I compare it to MDMA without the nasty come down and head fuck . I’ve been taken maximum dose of lyrica 600mg a day for the last 9 years . I’ve abused it yes now it’s a controlled drug . So if I abuse my monthly script I can’t get any until its time .

The reality is people only die when it’s mixed with drugs like heroin or coke so a drug cocktail . No brainier really don’t mix ur drugs . Or over drink water most MDMA deaths are from over drinking water an drug cocktails that’s right water is a killer . People don’t get suicidal on them they have to already be suicidal beforehand . Before even taken the drug . It’s not a anti psychotic drug it won’t help with suicidal thoughts or depression symptoms lol .

The one thing I will say about this drug is when u been taken it for as long as I have in max dose your body goes through withdrawals like really bad when u don’t have it . And it’s not like a heroin or coke withdrawal where it gets easier lyrica withdrawals carry on for weeks not mentally but ur whole body is effected it’s like being in the first week of heroin withdrawal for weeks on end . Obviously not as bad six months it took someone I know to get over withdrawal symptoms from it . Just on withdrawal alone I wouldn’t recommend this drug at all i can’t handle weeks on end of withdrawal I withdrawn and come off different types of street drugs and prescription drugs but this is by far the worst I’ve come across just because of how long it lasts . I didn’t make it past six weeks . I couldn’t handle the withdrawal anymore. Don’t really see a way off these pills tbh , I would rather have a heroin addiction and go through heroin withdrawal , craving after withdrawal effects wear off is all a mental thing that I can deal with that craving is easy withdrawal part is not

other than that I don’t get any of the symptoms mentioned in this video apart from the happy high . Like most users get none of the symptoms in this video at all just the happy high . Hence the reason this drug is abused so much

It’s like paracetamol has side effects , but the majority of people don’t get side effects it’s exactly the same with pregablin majority of people the only side effect is the happy high withdrawal only happens after long term use not if u take them for a bit of fun or get prescription for a month .rl 2 écrit: This stuff is the devil incarnateSahitya Rampal écrit: Firstly I quit taking white Chita and tramadol but this pregabinal give you only fever but the suicide thought gives you every time if pregabinal is not thereelijah pink écrit: Pregablin has turned me in to a zombie .it helped for a while but I needed to take more and more to feel ‘normal’. I’m now completely addicted and without it I get so sick that I can’t function. It has total control of my life. Don’t touch it if I have ANY mental health issues or addiction issues. It WILL EAT YOU Up. Withdrawal is hell..for me it is too much. This drug will be the death of me.Stop 5G Scotland ! écrit: Nearly as bad as diazepam that shitt !Mitch écrit: What other options do we have for small fiber neuropathy? Thxtimothy matthews écrit: i love Lyrica ,, YumShimmano Joe écrit: I started on lyrica for nerve damage I ended up doing a 12 month prison sentencedotard blormph écrit: i just snorted my LyricaD S écrit: Ill take this to my pain managment and ask her wtf she takes me off norko and gives me this shit that makes me tiredviktorya psychedelic.souljam écrit: "May cause addiction" Will cause dependence witch leads to addiction.Olivia J écrit: All fun and gamez until you get dependent on it works wonder for short term depressionWalter Houben écrit: Lyrica saved many people’s lives, just have to know how to use it and not abuse it !Joe Smith écrit: Had to stop taking it after I ended up making racist tweets and lost my job.Theveganflower écrit: Haha as a pharmacy technician I can tell you what they give you is a pill that is soppuse to help something….but also make it worse and add depression, suicidal thoughts and death.Josh Vlunt écrit: Almost off this drug completely it actually ruined my life can’t believe I found this and it’s one hundred percent spot onCSolarstorm écrit: The point of side effect warnings is that the drug doesn't affect everyone the same way, so they're listing the warnings just in case. So a video like this gets a lot of people sharing their experiences, with a lot of them saying Lyrica hurt them, that it's "poison", while others praise Lyrica for helping them. I myself take Neurontin for pain every day, though not too much, or the side effects look a lot like this. In addition to the physical aspect, pain has a subjective aspect, depending on your perception. Point is, nobody can say that the video is "lying" when it's just describing the possible side effects that some people actually have.Orenthal Simpson écrit: TerrifyingSinn Sage écrit: lyrica really is a lot of fun but you have to take like 4-8 pills.Keith Newberry écrit: Scary thing is , all these warning are true.immrnoidall écrit: to some ,this is not funny. because it is so realistic and true. those meds scared the fuck out of me. doctor are forcing chronic pain patients to take this shit, by taking away their regular safe opiates and making them live in sever pain ,kill themselves,or take the lyrica at 10 times the cost. make no mistake.this is about cash. trillions. not any type of harm from you opiate prescription. these evil bastards do not give a shit about your life. if you even think of talking about it with your doctor[ drug dealer ] , YOU WILL BE CUT OFF AND FORCED TO SUFFER THE PAIN" AND" GO THROUGH THE MOST HORRIFYING MENTAL BREAKDOWN WITHDRAWALS EVER KNOW .YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MIND AND IT MAY NOT RETURN.Jonathan Leon écrit: EVERTHINGISTERRIBLE: FUNNY OR DIE EDITIONLost&Found écrit: My toilet is funnier than this.Aubree W écrit: Yep, that's about right…. and it's hell to stop taking. It makes you very very sick, and they do not tell you that when you start it. You don't think about it being hard to stop because it's not a narcotic…Rhys Jones écrit: I guess that was the "die" side of "Funny or Die"?Jill Dunn écrit: At first when I read the title I thought it said "lycra" side effects and then I wondered what those were. Oops.Jake Pullman écrit: So I guess they chose "die"?Steven Campbell écrit: What utter madness to make safe cannabis illegal while poison like these prescription drugs are pushed onto the sick?Extra Mile écrit: NOT funny.jarry jayo écrit: the worst one is genital itch, they play these ads on CNN all the time.and do you know why they play them. it's so CNN can't do a story about Drug company's side effects because they are a big time paid advertiser, same reason you'll see boeing aircraft, like we are in the market of buying a fighter craft.mute8s écrit: Do a search for "adult swim unedited footage of a bear" to see the first time someone did an idea like this.TheAnial8r écrit: They know exactly what they were doing with the thumbnail.Weirdbutneat écrit: This is true isn’t it?Steve M écrit: This has to be the most honest drug commercial everM- Nice écrit: Lyrica is awesome. Doesn't make you feel doped up but somehow makes your whole day better like working in the background it removes some pains and without pain everything just seems better. Do a funny commercial for oxycodone cuz that's hilarious the way drugmakers lied to us and it's killing everyonePoisonDart écrit: Creepypearlshaynea écrit: I totally misread the title and thought it was about LYCRA. The athletic fabric. So disappointed.LilyD 12 écrit: Remember the George Lopez episode when:

– Carmen ran away
– Carmen had to switch schools because of rumors
– Max got drunk
– Jason abandoned her
-Carmen was kicked out of private school

Etc, etc, etcThemicison Kreativ écrit: Oh my, drug companies make things dissapear…. I wouldn’t piss them off, but carry on was funny as hellSony R écrit: Guess I’m the lucky few, worked perfectly fine for me. Nerve pain from lumbar spinal cord tumor. Gabapentin made me nauseous. Within 1 week pain level significantly reduced �� worked better then opioidsGigi The Waitress écrit: This was sort of dark and I love it.Adam wiggins écrit: My mom had fibromyalgia, she mixed this stuff with another prescription, and stopped breathing in her sleep…….died April 2016…Aptery écrit: Yea feetDRAGONADElol écrit: That thumbnail triggered my foot fetish XdMrMacAwesome écrit: I'm showing my wife this, I need an adultMisterDanny écrit: Oh, Unedited Footage of a Bear is real. I'm going to go scratch all of my skin off now, bye.BlackburnBigdragon écrit: I had surgery that left me with permanent nerve damage in my tailbone, giving me constant, permanent, nerve pain to everything below my belt. This drug combined with Percocet saved my life and made it so that I could actually function in society again. That said, I have something to say. This issue of drug companies advertising directly to the public is a problem that definitely has to stop. I'm a firm believer that your doctor knows what's best for his/her patients without the patient seeing something on TV and then running to them and badgering them about it. It's just wrong. It shouldn't be done this way.Joshua Allan écrit: What is it?Greg Tyrone écrit: I think pain is preferable to this shit! :-OMrSubsound90 écrit: They're getting worse, I saw a blood pressure med with the side effect "loss of connection with reality or that reality is distorted"!!!Sheepsquatch écrit: This is a comment.kickinitwithmydawg écrit: poison. don't take.tigerbalm écrit: Doctors, who are soo respected (which I disagree)….are teh Pharmecutical shills selling their poison! Wut happened to the hypocratic oath?BostonEmily écrit: I fucking love lyrica… Because im an addict ���� 90 days clean tho��Woodrow Johnston écrit: Was this supposed to be funny?DisMaFugger Here écrit: OK so you didn't add commentary of your own so no law suit, but I can see a take down notice in your future.King Peppy écrit: A W E S O M E S A U C ENick Granese écrit: This shit makes my dad depressed and act strange, but his diabetic nerve pain is awful and to keep working his labor job, on his feet all day, at age 60, he needs it. It's not really a fucking jokeLeeroyGreen écrit: I only clicked for the thumbnailMr. West écrit: I always just watch funny it die videos, and when it's over, I'm just like. I didn't laugh the whole time… The ideas are always really good, but they never make me laugh… Anyone else?7 Opinions écrit: Thank God I stopped it with doctors permission alreadyTrevor Dishaw écrit: I was on it for a month, they also need to include “total wang/balls numbness” to the list.Claudette S écrit: I have ms, and took this. Didn't really walk for 2.5 years, and after 16 months off it in still detoxing, and (!) I think it's one of the most dangerous meds on the market. And I gained 60lbs in 3-4 months, wonder if I'd be disabled if I didn't take it ����Jared Hempfield écrit: FUCK BIG PHARMA! Take Dimethyltrimpamine, side affects may include out of body experiences, telepathic contact with trans-dimensional entities and a heightened perception of this reality and remote viewing of your past.JohnHadesDoe écrit: ��Love is not in the air écrit: WowEric Louderback écrit: This wasn't very funnyTony, The Stark écrit: This is random as hell! I love it!GorillaGuerilla écrit: What the F*** is wrong with you people?
You do realize that some highly impressible people will now be likely to refuse taking a drug that can help them because of shit like this!?
Some of these side effects can occur in a lot of medicines, but you specifically targets Lyrica!
Hope the company sues you!Tickety Blue écrit: They should actually show this on commercials.Varun K écrit: I n f o r m a t i v eNaderR écrit: I have a pack with only two missing tablets, enough to realize this is poison.Sora Graal écrit: Lyrica is much more clearer with the side effectsJt Wright écrit: damn.’s brother écrit: Myself and my partner are from the uk and recently travelled to las vegas for a week – we couldnt belive the adverts for so called medical products we saw while there!GenericGeorge écrit: I take lyrica daily. Its not addictive at all, the only affects I get is a slight drunk affectRAE10182504 écrit: More of these please. And a very special episode as well.CypyCup écrit: And than you end up with peripheral neuropathy through no fault of your own and think "Welp, i'm gonna kill myself either way if i don't get the tiniest bit of relief"Starrphire écrit: This is so Unedited Footage of a BearA Salamander at Heart écrit: Umm watDarkb4light 06 écrit: I've been in it and something they don't mention is loss of time and sleepwalking. It also causes you to say and do things that you don't remember. Scary shit.Just Emmie écrit: Funny or Die should we be worried about you??Joshua Taylor Madison écrit: Pain is NOT funny.Bounty Hunter Kakuzu écrit: I like the thumbnailNi ck écrit: DEPRESSIONComModity écrit: CleverJera-Munya écrit: damn im fast

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