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Heavily promoted as treatment for painful diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia, Lyrica advertisements blanket the airways. While some studies demonstrate a small benefit when compared to an inactive placebo, others fail to show any difference. Significant complications include dizziness, sleepiness and weight gain. Suicidal thoughts and altered vision are not infrequent side effects. For cash payers the daily cost may exceed $16.

KGC. TANTO8 écrit: I've been a hardcore drug ADDICt , not by choice but by necessary.Chris Devlin écrit: I take 150 mg every day and it stopped me from taking SSRIs, abusing Valium and codeine. Now I just take one every day in the morning and at night. It’s a miracle for me. This guy seems to hate every single drug on the planet that helps people if you watch his videos. Not one does he say is good. Some people need help and you are just full of shit.necrosbowen écrit: you are missing other side effects, i tapered off for a year with water titration so no stopping the drug cold turkey. this is what lyrica has done to me it helped me i thought for years, i felt great about 2-3 hours after i took it, slowly over time my pain increased big time, which naturally i thought was caused by my daily dislocations and just getting older, i did find though that if was even 20 minutes late my skin and eye balls themselves started to itch very badly and would continue to intensify until i took my dose, at points i was tempted to stab myself in the eyes just to get the burning to stop.

It was only when i was invited here and started reading did i realise that most of what i suffered was not me getting worse but was possibly side effects, only initially wanted to get off because i lost my ability to do anything for myself, had 8 qualified trades i could build repair or design anything, these days i need help to fit a light bulb, i forgot 8 years of my life, i dont remember names, or people or even simple words or how to spell them, and what it did to my mind is reason i choose to slowly taper off it over the space of a year.

i started to slowly come off it the first thing that happened was i got tinnitus and hearing loss in my left ear, at the time did not know it was caused by the lyrica as a parting gift and had hoped it was just temporary i am a year free of it now and now know the hearing loss and tinnitus is permanent. it also changed my personality, very very evil and would snap and lash out to the point fist clenched and was very close to actually hitting my partner, Never did luckily and this is completely out of character for me.

While tapering off it when i got to a low dose and suddenly noticed my pain more than halfed, it was not my body getting worse after all those years with age it was the pregabalin making my pain worse. and i was prescribed it for pain.

The last few years i was on it i would wake up in the morning and crawl to the kitchen to try and take my meds then spend the next 2-3 hours crying pretty much waiting for it to kick in and start working. my pain was a solid 9-10 for years when i woke and when the dose started working would drop to a 6-7 for the rest of the day, as said i thought it was just my condition getting worse when i tapered down to 40mg a day suddenly i felt great pain wise my pain more than halfed, i wake up now on a 5-6 in pain and walk to the kitchen to take my vitamins and kratom, through the day unless get cold or do physical work my pain is generally between a 2-4.

i took this for pain yet it caused pain slowly over time and gave me all symptoms of fibro which i genuinely thought i had. it has also caused hearing loss and tinnitus, it has taken my mind and given me COPD where as i was yes in pain but very very healthy and would cycle 20 plus miles no problem before. now i cannot do anything without being out of breath, it took my mind and my body from me for good and if you read on here oyu will find i am a lucky person compared to many, i needed the weight gain, i have all my hair and all my teeth, it just took my ability to do anything and everything mentally and physically and turned me into a vile horrible person.

also increased anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, RLS etcDan Faust écrit: I took it for 4 years, helped with pain but im on my 2nd SLOW detox and its been horrible……RUN AWAY FROM THIS DRUG, PLEASEKim Wilson écrit: I got it for nerve damage painErdem Kaya écrit: My Physical Therapist doctor gives Lyrica, my Psychiatrist gives me Abilify. (I already used Prozac, i may be immune to seratonine inhibitors). I have obsessive behaviours linked to anxiety. This makes muscle spasm and trigger points. I cannot use Lyrica + Abilify at the same time. Psychiatrist says Lyrica may cause side effects to me, should i start using Abilify instead of Lyrica?Naptosis écrit: Incase this helps anyone: Lyrica (pregabalin) greatly suppresses my RLS (restless leg syndrome).Passing Through écrit: One of the most dangerous drugs you can ever take, for a long period of time

This drug was given to my mum, for over 10 years and has left her with dementia, loss in memory, and serious cognitive damage where now she needs 1-1 care. Shes only 59.


Go back to nature.Camelia Dimova écrit: This Doctor is amazing! Tells the truth , Lyrica isn't that effective and on higher dose gives chest tightening and shortness of breath…
All advertisement !trudy tru écrit: 9 years journey with this drug originally for cptsd, then after taking in ive been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and fnd a neurological disorder!! And si joint dysfunction. Ive struggled to walk since being on it. However when i complained about what i considered side effects it was upped instead till i decided to put my foot down and come off! Finally got neurologist to agree to ween me off because dr said no after terrible time dropping 100mg a day. 4l5 years on im trying again. First 25mg drop today. It seems to of taken forever for our gps to understand its a terrible drug with big health consequences and getting of them requires time and support. Thanks for this just remind me why im coming off. Its done nothing but turn my life downhill for almost a decade.Jerry Mane écrit: Hey WellnowDoctor; How does a drug that works on VGCC s cause withdrawal? Most of the withdrawal is from the opiates they also take. In my opinion. Thanks your great.Jerry Mane écrit: Lyrica replaced Gabapentin. What will replace Lyrica? Awesome drugs but Not for daily use.steve jack écrit: I take it for anxiety 300mg twice daily my dr said you will notice a difference if you stop taking it I stopped it for a week and hell I did this stuff is not a cure but takes the edge offVicki Palm écrit: Bad side effectsMary Adeline écrit: I run a group called Lyrica Survivors with almost 10,000 people. It's a horrible medication that is destroying lives. écrit: This drug will work for a while then stop. Then you've got months of withdrawal symptoms to deal with. Horrible drug to get off!Larry Campbell écrit: I was prescribed this drug for nerve pain. All it did for me was make the pain twice as bad!! I guess everyone is differentAhmet Öztekin écrit: lyrica satılır insta doacnmyapurse delighted écrit: I tried this drug went hospital and they thought I had congestive heart isn't for meWesley Barton écrit: I am still having anxiety, nightmares, thoughts i can not control. Not bad thoughts, just jumbled. My withdrawal caused vomiting, dark & stinking urine, no appetite, could not hold down even water. Flailing limbs, terror. I may be the 1 in 12 who get it, but i got it bad.Avatar A écrit: If you read what people say about this drug specifically and prescription drugs you will never continue. I'm one of the victims 🙁 . At the beginning it will be like a God sent pills but later you will suffer uncountable side effects that will make you suicide.

Please see what people experienced in this facebook group: y écrit: very good videoLILITHS LAIR écrit: Sounds alot like Cymbalta, except worse !!!!cortenay1 écrit: I have fibromyalgia…Duloxetine worked only for about a month for me then abruptly stopped. i started at 60 mg then moved up to 90 mg and my legs / arms went numb for an entire week. moved back down to 60 mg and i was happy. i was so sad when it stopped working because my mood was very stable and i was completely pain free. I just started pregabalin today 75 mg twice a day. within a few hours of taking the first pill this morning i noticed euphoria. I have sever major depression though so i don't mind being happy! I realize that my body will have to get used to the medicine but i hope it provides a benefit to the pain as well and not only to my mood. Also, with my insurance it was only 28 $. With a generic good RX card it was 157$. I get it from Walmart.LEGEND REAL écrit: Excellent wellnowdoctor. I reside in the UK. You are correct with your break down of Lyrica or Pregabalin as it is mostly known within the NHS. I have several prolapsed discs. There is benefit for the pain of the discs and nerve pain. However there is rapid weight gain. And i noticed swelling on my feet yesterday. You have got me thinking about that. I have to say the side effects are multiple and bad. I take this medication for a few weeks then change to another pain relief. It is a roller coaster but severe pain on chronic spinal damage can be relieved with LYRICA. Many thanks for the knowledge shared.apollonia écrit: This drug should be shelved.
Horrifying side effects.
Why are complications to your pain ? Well, you are making drug companies very rich and patients very miserable and signified !chair power davros écrit: They should find a cure not fill ppl with pills the pharmaceutical industry love you taking them it's business the longer ppl put up with pill popping they will never try to get a cure and fill your body with poison till you drop it has to stopchair power davros écrit: My Dr put me on this last week and didn't say anything about it I said don't give me anything for anxiety depression tablets that they use for nerve pain and here we have it that it's used for anxiety depression etc the dude effects are not worth it the Dr I have has lied and didn't mention any of the I'll effects it can cause I'm stopping taking themMoynan Playz écrit: It has been a life saver for me in treatment of anxiety for menedar giordano écrit: This stuff works, numbs the nerve pain.Cruz R écrit: Thank youNicky G écrit: Apparently for this guy psych drugs are worthless,if you watch any of his video about psychiatric medication,it is all negative.Julie Carter écrit: Thank youSmittenTheKitteninMittens écrit: Sir a question..for somebody like me who is taking small amounts of this drug for opiate withdrawal.(Dihydrocodeine).what would you say is a vastly superior and less dangerous alternative?..i am beginning to think i have made a mistake self administering a short term course to help me get off opiate medication.liquid79 écrit: It's also used for people with nerve pain with spinal cord injury and off labeled for anxiety, ibs and spasticity.jacob kanal écrit: Its like these people Haven’t tried ir. It makes you sleep like a rock#Biden 2020 écrit: Best doctor in Vegas!Teresa Gib écrit: Acts like speed, makes me very forgetful and after 3 years is not working on my pain anymore. But afraid of withdraws so I stay on it. And I've gained 50 damn pounds. Started out thinking this was my miracle drug.Carney Art Glass écrit: Can you help? Right now mental health clinics can get away with giving maintenance antipsychotic shot doses over a week late to the patient; even a day late can cause problems. This causes withdrawl that feels just like whip lash. One time, they were a full week late with ordering the medication, and I couldn’t move my neck for two weeks. It is excrushiating. I have been trying to get this fixed for 5 years and they finally connected me with the grievances office. They lied to me, and said they had no record of the shot being late. Either She lied, or it seems like they are covering up their belligerent mistakes, by not keeping records. They have been late over a dozen times. I was a straight A student in the sciences at the University of Arizona. I don’t use narcotics. They are threatening me with crippling pain every month because there is no law that they have to respect the patients right to receive their medication in a timely manner. Please help!!! Patients are being tortured by this loophole.Chop Tank écrit: It is the worse drug given. And too i was on gabapentin..baclafin..lexapro…i was not told to chg the others. Have found u must request to have other meds stopped. Lyrica almost did me in..i gave it a 6mos chance..then gradually well as most others. They mask pain some what for a short time. Its best to use mind over matter. Reorted to surgeries..much better..still difficulties but not like 10yrs ago. Vits and minerald v helpful as well. Dr. It is so refreshing to hear a professional speak the truth concerning what and why with medications. KUDOSAlan Edwards écrit: Lyrica provides deep sleep and good neuropathic pain relief for ONE DOSE. TOLERANCE DEVELOPES RAPIDLY. No euphoria. It is 1400 dollars a month but is supposed to be generic in 2019Google Account écrit: Definitely doesn't do anything for pain. I wouldn't bother to fill a script of it. It will just make you tired and sleep..that's all it's good for from my experience. Be warned .I would talk to your doctor's about a better choice for pain. Opiods are really the only thing that works on chronic pain. Just my experiencejames williams écrit: I saw a documentary on Youtube about Lyrica. Apparently Lyrica is the worst street drug problem in Ireland today. I live with chronic pain. I have been given Percocet 5/325 for the past three years and although it doesn`t eliminate the pain it has taken enough of it away to make my life bearable. About two months ago that new law was passed taking a third of my Percocet away. I started filling in with aspirin and BC powders until I recently needed a stent. I was then put on a blood thinner and told to never take aspirin or any other nsaid product again or I could bleed to death. I guess the system wants people like me addicted to Lyrica or in the street buying heroin. My guess is that when the opioids have been removed from the hands of people who need them, and those who even use them "recreationally", that Lyrica will quickly move in to take its place. Me, personally, would prefer to return to drinking high proof liquor if push comes to shove. I don`t see Lyrica as an option. That`s what the pain clinic wanted to put me on. I got my cane and hobbled out of there and never went back. I hav`nt had a drink since I started taking the Percocet. Alcohol never made me think about suicide. Which, in my opinion, makes it a better choice than Lyrica and it`s CHEAPER.Nancy Bakos écrit: In my latest research this medication causes brain synapses to stop resulting in brain damage. I understand the FDA passed this through as a non-narcotic which seems highly questionable.Kat Meg11 écrit: My mom’s on pregabalin she has so swollen stomach 300 mg per day and swollen legs arms ankles anyone with these side effects ??! Plz helpHeidi Georgiadis écrit: Lyrica is a drug from HELL! Stay far, far away. Get off it if you still can.Robert Pearce écrit: Tryed twice taking it and made me feel drunk, stoned , couldn't walk balance.tobedeleted écrit: Lyrica DOES help with social anxiety significantly IMO. Although, at times it does feel subtle I notice myself saying more words out loud, etc. aka less inhibited.nedar giordano écrit: It works, and its safer than the opiods and opiates.Zenobia Brown écrit: Weight gain!VAVIN Etienne écrit: Lyrica causes new diseases. Don't touch this shit ! It will destroy your brain. And destroy you !Ashley Slayton écrit: I have CRPS or RSD and have been taking lyrics 75 mg twice a day, and I’m not getting any pain relief. Does this drug even help?Lyza Minelli écrit: Yo le meto a mi guialMs. Thomas écrit: Thank You for Your Honesty. I have Fibromyalgia and have taken Lyrica. It did not work for Me.
Lee Kersey écrit: very informativekaro badoyan écrit: i been on lyrica over 4 years now i am on wodrowal and i am going threw a hell its a hell and i am in helllHypolaristic écrit: i like how he's starting the video like an advertisement and then lists all the negatives.HitchHikersBlues écrit: FOLLOW THE MONEYMe Me écrit: Hi Dr. My Doctor gave me Lyrica for tremor in my calf muscles. 75mg per night does me a lot of good. I sleep better though it does not put me for sleep. I have fewer toilet visits at night. Is it safe to take it long term? I have tried stopping it but my tremor comes back specially when I am anxious. I suffer from anxiety (GAD)Susie Q écrit: I could not take Lyrica at all…slept so much, dizzy a lot, n anger issues, suicidal thoughts too…my doctor was so mad at me for telling her that I was very sick on this medication. UghRita Revell écrit: Lyrica has worked well for me, with few side effects. I had some weight gain, lower extremity swelling. I've been using it for pain from a burst fracture in my back. However, I have now withdrawn from it and the problems that I was using it for now seem to have stablized. My understanding that it interferes with neuro plasticity which is concerning for long term use. I find the cost of using the drug is prohibitive, and outside of my financial means. That was my primary reason for stopping its use. But my arguement is actually if I don't absolutely need it, then I don't want to continue to take it.Edvard Bsn écrit: Does Pregabalin gives more energy and euphoria at higher dosages or it seems more relaxing and sleeping ?d3nv1 écrit: It has also stopped my Migraines with visual aura – which I've had since I was 11. So that is a side effect I am very grateful for, and was not expecting. It does make me way more sociable, plus my sleep pattern is great now.
The negatives are – I lose about 20 IQ points when on it, plus it sometimes messes up my vision – but that passes very quickly. Plus my weight has increased about 50 lbs, but I was always too skinny before – being 6feet tall and used to be about only 140 lbs now I am 192. ( So I see that as a positive ! )Connie Bollibon écrit: Ya and now there is a big law suit against them people dying, I had seizures for over a year and you need to stop selling this medication check with your insurance company they will tell you about the suits. And most insurance company will not pay for them.Edward Price écrit: If it may cause thoughts of Suicide, can it not cause thoughts of Murder ? Seriously, why do all these ads say they cause thoughts of suicide, but never say a thing about murder ? Wouldn't a person consider both ? REDRUM !Adrian Anderson écrit: Great video! This is all true…stay away from this drug. I was only on it for a short time and the withdrawals are so bad it feels like I'm going crazy.
I'm so sick it's not even funny, I have the runs and cold sweats. I was vomiting the whole day. It's been 7 days and I still haven't recovered from it.
How long are these withdrawals supposed to last?Tiana Sixkiller écrit: I can't take it. It has made me very sick. I took it for fibromyalgia and neuropathy. It made me gain so much weight. I HAVE NEVER BEEN BIG MY WHOLE LIFE. I was 127 lbs when the fibro hit me hard. Go on lyrica, I went up to 187.5 lbs. Swollen so bad. I had horrible palpitations of my heart, my heart rate at resting was around 120. When I became active, 160's, my stomach blew up like I was 7 months pregnant. It did work in the start, but quit. Docs encouraged me to stay in it and I suffered so badly. It has done so much more to me. I took myself off of it to see if all that suffering had to do with the Lyrica and many of those symptoms disappeared after I quit taking it. Maybe okay for some folks to take, but I think it can also be very bad for some of us.GEZZA1 écrit: earn $300 per month to say how LYRICA is the magic pain reliever and Cannabis is the evil weed.Lomonosov97 écrit: I used Pregabalin for anxiety 600Mg / day 2 years. It's GREAT! My Kreatenin in blod it's normalNavy Phyrfitr écrit: I was prescribed lyrica 300 mg a day along with duluxatine 60 mg 3x daily and i halucinated for a week, for the rest of the month i slept aprox 15 hours daily,the next time i saw my doctor i told him i wanted off those prescriptions he told me to keep dosing, in which i promptly fired him. Id rather deal with the pain and try to live with it than become dependant on anything chemical and man made.Dee Leb écrit: It has been shown in some studies that Lyrica can cause both atrial fibulation and congestive heart failure. A family member just went through this. That fluid retained can also collect around the lungs and cause congestive heart, which it did in our case. Of course the dr.'s didn't agree with my suspicions so I searched and found some legit study cases, printed them out and gave to the dr.s.Dale Zimmerman écrit: There are a lot of comments about how well this drug has worked for them. I am very happy for you, but my story is the exact opposite. I agree with everything this Doctor says and would suggest that a new user needs to be aware that it does not work for everyone.Christy Culver écrit: Lyrica is working for me after 5 years of hellAlison Hilll écrit: it is evil it did nothing for my pain and made me aggresive and 1 in 500 take there own life it is evil my advice leave well alone2115virgo13 écrit: I'm glad it works for you! For me it caused sleep walking ! Which I tried several times to take bath( asleep) only to flood house! I also gained up to 80lbs. I now do medical marijuana and although not a cure! It's much better than drugged and in pain!Dr. Fr0zen Plut0nium écrit: β-isobutyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, 3-isobutyl GABA; aka (Lyrica) Works amazing for me. I must say i'm on nitrazepam (Mogodon) and diazepam (Valium) This is complete BS. I have a degree in biopharmaceuticals and I have been on most opioids for fibromyalgia. Yes you get diarrhea quite bad coming off things like fentanyl (Sublimaze) but this crap does NOT deserve to be on Youtube. You say you're a doctor, much more like a scaremonger! I am quite sure I have more knowledge than you with pregabalin mediated by binding to the α2δ-1 site of voltage-gated calcium channels. Make a video that is actually medically CORRECT. I'm on 1200mg of Lyrica and feel no pain related to fibromyalgia. CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF!Juliet johnston écrit: It is not agreeing with me I just want to sleep all the time I want to find an alternativehotheadedjoelhaha écrit: Finally, a real live Doctor telling us what an absolute joke this drug is. It's Poison people. It's the New Street Drug in my State.Mirian Diaz écrit: I WENT TO THE EMERGENCY ONE DAY THINKING I WAS HAVING A STROKE, I WAS DIZZY,NUMBNESS,TINGLING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY BODY,AND FACE ALL THE WAY TO MY FEET, PAIN ALL OVER MY BODY,AND JOINTS.THEY TOOK OUT BLOOD,MRI,CT SCAN DIDNT FIND ANYTHING WRONG, SO I ASKED MY DR. TO GIVE ME THE LYRICA 150MG. A DAY I FEEL MUCH BETTER,BUT NEED TO TAKE IT. FOR NUERO PROBLEMS ALSO,I WILL KEEP ON TAKING IT ,BECAUSE MY PAIN IS CRONIC PAIN, I ALSO TRIED BEFORE THE LYRICA VICONDIN,MUSCLE RELAXER, DID THE SHOTS IN THE BACK,WENT TO TERAPY, NOTHING WORKED EXCEPT THE LYRICA AND THE TENS UNIT ,Marco Polo écrit: EMG doctor prescribed lyrica because probably cervical blockage, lost strenght in my harm, difficuty to raise it, feel heavy etc… I am at my firt pill and WoW! For years I have numb toes in bed or every time in horizontal and with cramps if I move them. I feel like my muscles are in a very thick molasses. I have to walk for a minute to get them back. Well on my very fist pill I got my toes back when in bed, could move them at will and no cramps any more. I could even scratch my foot with my other foot toe nail. In fact before I could not move my feet as little as a centimeter without getting cramps. And that with just on the first pill. It is not a coincidence because my problem was every single night and for years. Not one night break. I was so overwhelm that I could not fell asleep anymore.Amazinghaze écrit: well, it works wonders for anxiety, i take 300mg twice a day and ive tried alot of shit, that almost killed me, but lyrica, literally saved my life dude, its highly individual dude.FO Bywater écrit: Sorry, but I disagree with the overly negative tone of this video. I have taken pregabalin 100 mg three times daily for 18 months now and it's been amazing. I suffer from severe irritable bowel syndrome and the pain was near unbearable at times and I almost ended up on the operating table for an appendectomy after a severe attack. I went to my GP and he put me on pregabalin and changed my antidepressant from citalopram to duloxetine (Cymbalta) and the difference that has made is like day from night. I have not had an attack since and don't even get the mildest of twinges. I have had no side effects what so ever, only benefit. Admittedly I'm in the UK and thus get free prescriptions, so I conceded that in the USA the price for the medicine is ridiculous. Please give this medicine a chance before making up your mind, and don't let all this 'statistics' talk put you off from trying it out.Ofwikla23 écrit: Thank you very much for your information about Lyrica!!!Edward écrit: Doctor if you our ever in a situation where you suffer from constant pain, I would highly recommend that you try Lyrica, works great.Edward écrit: I'm sorry but its working great for me, very few side effects, without it I would be in constant pain, thank god for Lyrica 🙂Scleroderma Smarter écrit: i really wish i would have known all this before i started it. i suffer from Scleroderma and Fybro among other issues. I started this drug at 127 lbs and stopped it a month or so ago and now i weigh 160. It did not help me at all. I also have osteoporosis with extremely fragile bones and this extra weight gain is not only physically disturbing but emotionally draining also. when i struggle to simply raise my arm due to muscle fatigue, those extra pounds hinder it even more. Thank you for this!

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