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Pregabalin, a drug prescribed to treat anxiety, epilepsy and nerve pain has seen huge increases in prescription in Belfast, alongside the illegal trade of the drug on the streets. Director Adam Patterson follows the lives of some young people in Northern Ireland who are using and at times abusing these prescription medications.\n\nIf you would like information or support about the topics covered in this documentary, there are organisations in the UK that can help. More information can be found at\n\n–\nClick here to subscribe to BBC Three:\n\nDid you know that we’re up to other things in other places too?\n\nBest of BBC Three:\niPlayer:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:\nTumblr:\n\nOh, we’re on Snapchat too – just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.\n—\n\nThis video is monetised outside of the United Kingdom by BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.\nService information and feedback:

Chase The Horizon écrit: Pregabalin is an widespread problem, speaking as someone who works in pharmacies throughout Essex in England I can honestly confirm that this is a full blown crisisMelanie Willard écrit: Pregabalin??? They pass it out like tictacs. While taking away actual relief.MarkStewart PraisetheMostHigh écrit: There’s no help. They’ll prescribe you methadone which raises your tolerance to such a ridiculous level that a lot of people will be on it for life.
It’s not treatment it’s maintaining and raising your addiction through synthetic and legal means.
It’s a joke. And pregabalin is total poison to your system.
Ask any addict who knows: What would they rather be addicted to – heroin or Pregabalin.
I guarantee every answer will be heroin.
Pregabalin is great for opiate withdraws, it should only be used short term.
Do some research on people’s experiences coming off Pregabalin, you will be totally shocked at how many ways this poison attacks your mind and body.
Drugs are over prescribed, the ‘help’ is a joke. I’ve been an addict for 4 years and still haven’t met a drug worker who has the slightest clue about addiction.
It’s always the addicts fault and we are looked down upon by most of ‘society’ because a lot of people can’t think for themselves so they think how they’re told to think without realising that they might have more in common with that addict than their best friends.
Such a backwards world.
My heart breaks every day.Mark Alexander écrit: I have both anxiety and nerve pain. Not on Pregabalin, but am on Gabapentin and they're very similar. I know what he means about when you don't have it. The withdrawal is ridiculous.Beverly Ann écrit: Sad that this fighting over religion and there’s only one God❤️��������Shauna Anderson écrit: I wanted to jump through the tv when I watched that guy with that puppy. There is no need to get in any dogs face and do that!!! All You doing is instilling fear and eventually hate inside that dog. Give the puppy what he gives to you buddy…. Love
It's dudes like him that give those dogs bad names, it's people like him that add to the stigma behind pitties and pittie look alike. Domt be the reason another pittie is euthanized due to being "aggressive" when thays all you have taught him. Dude do right by your puppy and don't continue the stigma behind this breed of dog, drugs and gang violence. That dog could help you through mental health issues and drug addictions if you play your cards right. Dogs/animals are therapeutic and are great gifts in life for this reason. Train him properly please not through intimidation and fear, your dog doesn't care if you're tough, he just wants love and care.fabian sanchez écrit: Stick to weedChris Carton écrit: Typical Belfast attitude "Aye, the UVF is great!" "Why can't you like in your own area?" "Coz I dealt drugs and the UVF put me out! Legends!"Crusher 0.o écrit: Because of such morons the people who would realy need it, arent able to
get it. Or they are fed with antidepressants and neuroleptics instead
which not work aswell as the real pregabalin. It is a realy good
medication against anxietyRyan Bradley écrit: A bit of the ol' crack and a sprinkle of ketomine with my cuppo tea ☕justin case écrit: So are there any paramilitaries left in Ireland? Everybody says that time is done but somehow it doesn't look completely done.Natural born Killer écrit: 150mg fucks me up lolNatural born Killer écrit: I really helps with opioid withdrawalNatural born Killer écrit: I dont drink alcohol ruins opium buz and lycra increases your gaba levels same thing that alcohol doesNatural born Killer écrit: thwt demon thwt follows u!! real talk im currently 3 days clean from a 4 year codeine addiction im taking pregabs to help with withdrawalElise Brodeur-Jacobs écrit: …I just…bro…really?BJ écrit: I'd say Brandon takes the cake for dumbest comment..7:16 "I don't like that, Thats pushing the limit" A few hours later…..Takes 100mg of Valium n few hundred mg of lyrica. Haha apparently that doesn't count as pushing the limit..Ppl never fail in raising the bar for stupiditykoez koez écrit: You say that, but I can't buy any In Londonkyle johnson écrit: Hall check out my review on 600mgBodhi Sattva écrit: I just got prescribed pregabalin for poisony ivy and I notice a high. I google.pregabaljn high. I find this. Lol. niceDrawyoursword420 écrit: Stuff sounds nasty. When I left a crappy alcohol detox they gave me a ton of valium as much as that guy took in the video took them all with beer no problem. Or Xanax. I still think alcohol is the worst drugHJ 0161 écrit: Can you please take the time to check out my rap account on Instagram @officialhjmcr. I’m a 13yr old rapper and would love to hear some feedback and support. if you’re like me and want to pursue rapping them dm me on @officialhjmcr on Instagram and maybe we could make some music together. Any feedback and support would be great.HJ 0161 écrit: Can you please take the time to check out my rap account on Instagram @officialhjmcr. I’m a 13yr old rapper and would love to hear some feedback and support. if you’re like me and want to pursue rapping them dm me on @officialhjmcr on Instagram and maybe we could make some music together. Any feedback and support would be great.HJ 0161 écrit: Can you please take the time to check out my rap account on Instagram @officialhjmcr. I’m a 13yr old rapper and would love to hear some feedback and support. if you’re like me and want to pursue rapping them dm me on @officialhjmcr on Instagram and maybe we could make some music together. Any feedback and support would be great.Isaac Spotts écrit: Lyrica isn't even water soluble; maybe snorting that massive amount of powder that is hardly being absorbed is making him puke? Swallowing all that nasty drip must fck up his stomach… the worst part in his case is his "high" is mostly placebo, taking it orally would actually cause a stronger feeling, its very well absorbed orally. Gabapentin honestly is prolly safer than this stuff tho, I've heard of some weird crap happening on lyrica occasionallyAdam Adam écrit: wtf.. 600 mg lyrica and he puked?? that can't be rightGang Star écrit: I get 56x 300mg of these each month for absolutely nothing.
I love the NHS.Jade L écrit: Feel sorry for the dog. Hope it is safeGoo Go écrit: PREGAABLAANanalisa zamora écrit: Somebody tell these lads they can order their own supply of pregabalin off the internet, no frills cheap from IndiaToni Davidson écrit: The sad thing is I live in a town 8 miles outside Belfast and the only different thing I saw where houses our country is falling apartTom Sobs écrit: Yeah the geezer with the puppy does look like spud from train spotting so he doestapsui écrit: We all know he didnt 'slip"T. Capra écrit: pregabalin?? seriously theres nothing better?? i mean find some Kratom….& light up a fat J of sour diesel with some hash mixed in…pregabalin has more unknown dangerous side effects than most schedule II drugs smhRaptorjesuslives écrit: Why is there subtitles needed we are way easier to understand than half of Englandmeme12 écrit: I need some budz Budweiser sHelen Mc Shane écrit: Was given it for nerve pain with Fibromalgia..left my stomach doggy, so stopped taking it, I definitely got no buzz from it.Necromantist écrit: I'm doing some rails of Lyrica right now. Aye, shite is as good as benzos. If you mix them you'll feel amazing.Chinthaka Kumar écrit: superbOrhan Küçük kara écrit: Yurt dışından sipariş söz konusu gelmesi hakkında bir bilgiye sahip olan varsa yardımcı olursa sevirimLeo Licursi écrit: Sniffing it pratCamOfMach écrit: I don't know how people enjoy this drug I've taken 2000mg doses and it hasn't touched meBlackout écrit: PregoblinTA 10 écrit: All the GP’s need to watch this before they next hand out Pregabalin like sweetsblissed out écrit: Hope hes managed to get that paper blankClassed Edits écrit: 3 years on and that boy Padraig hasn’t learnt a thing. His knees will be done in by the ra very shortly and that’s a fact. Terrorising his local community in Derry by stealing cars and always wiped and probably dealing too.TheAnnArnold écrit: Is lyrica that addictive? Wow! Glad i didn’t start on it when doctor offered it to me!Rikky Rivera écrit: Ass and tittysChristina Davies écrit: That’s crazy. It’s like he’s speaking a different language or something!natalia gomez écrit: I’m about to be prescribed gabbies! By my psychiatrist and I didn’t know you could get high?Cameron 9988 écrit: Scum bagsdacypher22 écrit: 12:17 Okay, it is now officially messing with me that they call pregabalin "buds" while they are also smoking weed.David Pena écrit: I can tell they don't know how to do them.rezillo écrit: This is mind blowing. I've been taking pregabalin for shingles symptoms. I didn't even know you can get high on it! I don't feel anything from the three pills a day I take. It does nothing for me except help relieve my shingles symptoms.Lexine Bate écrit: I don't get the hype over Pregabs l've tried them loads of times there fuckin shit…Steve Y écrit: Hello everyone , someone very close to me is battling through this pregablin addiction and was wondering if there’s anything I can do to help her ? She won’t go to the doctors as she’s scared it will go down on her record and everyone will find out even though I’ve told her it’s confidential , so our only option is to get through this ourselves .. she’s tried going down to gabepebton but it doesn’t seem to be helping much someone please give me some help because it’s literally tearing us apartjohnny G écrit: They say it's Catholics vs Protestants…BULLSHIT…It is and always has been the English land barons vs the Irish…Now the Republic of Ireland, soon to be ONE again…!!!Prince Latif écrit: Bruh -_- i take 6k mg minimum
This is fakeRENIE SHAKUR écrit: @ 6:15, kid looks blue in the face
�� only 17 – strung out!Cian Ward écrit: ��������������������������������������������XANAX GOD805 écrit: Emergency dose of lyricaDan The Metal Detector Man écrit: Why the hell are they being sick?! I use to take a months worth in one day. I'm not bragging or anything as that was a bad time in my life. But I just can't understand why they are being sick when they take it. I'm obviously a different breed. And I was on about 66 to 130 pill's a day, I'm so lucky to still be alive and I will never go back to this shit. I would take a mixture of codein and pregabalin. Though I found it easy to give up the pregabalin and I had zero withdraw symptoms. Which obviously made it easier to stop taking. The codeine was by far the hardest thing to stop and I actually ended up on the methadone script to stop me self medicating because of the ibuprofen and the paracetamol that are in the pill's. That is what was killing me, my organs were rotting and my kidneys and liver were giving up.Super Shemale yolanda écrit: This shit is so addictive , its almost on the same level as valerian root..I AM A FAILURE!! écrit: Taking it orally means it takes longer to start working! I suffer from acute anxiety, manic depression and episodes along with bipolar. It's not easy and the Drs in NZ are USELESS when it comes to medication �� I'm having to increase my dose of pregablin just to wean myself off of venlafaxine because my idiot Dr put me on it when you're not supposed to take it with a bipolar diagnosis! The withdrawal from venlafaxine is HORRIFIC and the Drs don't care because they refuse to give you medication like gabapentin, Ritalin etc. Yes I get a high from pregablin BUT it's the high that I need/is relatively normal because of the anxiety.Kirsty Mcintee écrit: Poor bhoy love from Glasgow I'm just back Tae BelfastDam Tanker écrit: Fkin disgusting…Nicolás Camacho écrit: Psychiatrist are the worst of the drug dealers. They are worst devils….Bandolero écrit: r u fkn srious ? الصاروخ is the best thing everZorrovian écrit: My curiosity is really hindering my productivity today.Hayley M écrit: I'm British, but I don't seem to struggle with understanding what they're saying like many others in the comments seem to. Scottish, if it's real strong, I'll sometimes struggle with a little, but not this.D c écrit: He knows there real buys fake onesCARAMEL PAPI écrit: Just piff on some cali mimosa gets you nice and highJohnny Law écrit: "Sweat to the beat"Henrik Jørgensen écrit: You gotta give it to Big Pharma. Creating a drug that causes withdrawal symptoms worse than the ailments it was meant to cure.
That's an efficient business model!Jules Dolan écrit: This video makes me sad to be Irish, they all look like a bunch of water heads.Austyn Collins écrit: Dude are these guys really taking lyrica ���� they literally advertise this shit on tv that shit does not get you high ������Just Donz écrit: Pregabalin is not nice tried for my epilepsy not good m8Leo Licursi écrit: They obviously ain't had a real buzzTalio Divino écrit: Man, Kenneth needs therapy, not just the drugs. Simply giving him the drugs isn’t going to help anything in the long run. Poor guy. It would be nice of the state medical service could hook him up with a therapist.Meghan Shalley écrit: I had no idea that lyrica could or would be an addictive drug!!! He's jittery like with meth, spice, or fentanylDark Christian écrit: the thing about drugs is you have tolerance and it gets more and more till it kills you, you can not win with drugs it is a trap for young soul's who know not know any better, I was a child and
experimented on all drugs, it all leads to nothing we get tolerant and need more, don't do them at all. just be yourself be a leader not a follower, plan your life and execute it, drugs will kill youmosao12a ssa écrit: Brałem pregabaline ogólnie na pierwszy raz 600 mg dobrze tarzała, ale potem to lipa z jej działaniem, szybko rośnie tolerancja.420 and coke écrit: W e have top marijuana strains available Og and purple kush, white widow, sour diesel
Avaliable 24/7 and asap delivery
contact via;;;;;;;
email..:::…..nicopriso75@gmail.comJone Sy écrit: This is crazy I’ve done 1200mg of lyrica in a day and it’s barely a buzz. These guys need some molly!Josh Hope écrit: Literally the sooner should take it that you're addicted take it from me withdrawal or HellLEE Wightman écrit: They are torture to come of. Worse then benzosPhoenix écrit: I dont get or take pregablin, both my brothers are addicted to them an have offered me them.. Im on enough stuff already, The guy at the end reading his script lol hes getting the same things as me or things ive bn on before.. Anti depressants and anti psychotic meds etcRyan Vargas écrit: There’s a point where you can only take so much and then it won’t do anything. If you don’t take more than the daily dose (and don’t insufflate(snort)) it works great. These guys using it in heavy amounts all @ once and the withdrawal from these is shitty so that’s why everyone looks so jacked up once they’re out.Daniel Faherty écrit: A half hour documentary about mentally ill people on medication. WowQ-presss écrit: If I was to ruin my life for the sake of drugs, then it certainly wouldnt be over gabapentin… I guess I just never realised how addictive neurontin really was. I've tried it a few times but it was never anything special to me or something I couldn't wait to do again.Daniel Veti écrit: ITS THE BLUES making the people in this vid so wrecked, not the pregab at all and ive been on both. Benzo withdrawal is a killer.Daniel Veti écrit: but literally, I feel like they found the worst person to make a video on this. He snorts some small amount and says he feels sweet as a beat straight away lol. Pregabalin literally just helps your gaba levels increase but hes acting this pregabalin in a benzo.Stephen écrit: I understand every word eire32navjot singh écrit: i m not english speaker………..can somebody tell me whats wrong with pregablin ,its very common over the counter drug.Logan Scott House écrit:
In case anyone needs to hear it…FuCk CoRoNa écrit: He's been taking them since he was 12 the liar he's only 11 now ����drewidz 590 écrit: Pregabilin doesnt even get ya high id rather get alcoholrasta mysh écrit: thats not how pregbaline works its not heroin you cant even get high more than 1-2 days in a rowBetter Than You écrit: lmao why is he snorting it??? pregabalin can't be taken that way, he's not even getting high of it, he's literally wasting it.Kraso Hinchev écrit: This are in the bottom of junkie's societies

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