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Pregabalin withdrawal day 5 – bad thoughts? They’re bollox

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so weird things that are happening with my withdrawal from Lyrica (pregabalin).\n\nhallucinations\ncold sweats\nf***in bad thoughts! what the actual fu*kinell?\n\nturns out even if you’re not like that normally, or even ever. they happen.\n\nbollox.\n\nsolution? same as with depression, it will pass. just wait\n\nwhatever you do, don’t get a loan and go to vegas!\n\nWelcome to the MS video diary where you will find a vlog made with 360 videos and 3D videos and regular 2D videos in HD from Andy Bailey in the United Kingdom\n\nYou are welcome to join my channel and be in my gang. Stalker points are available for watching my live streams and they can be exchanged for merch like the magic mug or even a space pants onesie!\n\nI talk about multiple sclerosis and having a chronic condition. I was diagnosed in 2012 with M.S. and I am currently on Tysabri DMT and on the medication of sativex, omeprazole, acyclovir and tolterodine.\n\nI play games sometimes with viewers on my live streams where you can win points to exchange for merch. By joining my channel you get access to some perks such as your own discord channel to talk with me or for having me share your videos on my timeline to all my subscribers. \n\nYou can visit my Amazon shop here for all the things I buy\n\n\n\nAnd you can visit my streaming portal here where you can buy merch and interact with my streams.\n\nHttps://\n\n#ms #msvideodiary #andybailey\nmy personal discord is here if you want to connect with other viewers, you can even chat with your voice! \n\n

Sephoron écrit: how many mg do you have taken?rotka 731 écrit: hi mate, hope you have passed this hell.
I used to take a lot of Lyrica too, ater a (short) while weird burns started to appear on my legs, and a weird withdrawal that lasted pretty long. I would not wish that to anyone on earth.
I hope you are "better" now.
support from France!Alicia Schmalicia écrit: I love you xKim Wilson écrit: I tried to go without, let's just say it didn't last, one day, I actually asked my doctor if it addictive and he said no. And I was on 900ml every day, now I'm down to 600. And I already have chronic anxiety, so you could imagine how bad it was when I went withoutRizwan Khan écrit: Left easilyNitroblast écrit: I appreciate the video greatly, thank you 🙂Utah Chew écrit: Beautiful track to walk alongOscar Holsøe écrit: Hey Andy, Thanks for the encouraging video! I’ve had an absolute nightmare with this drug! Currently in a psych ward, cuz my psychiatrist told my could stop cold turkey if I wanted to. Literally was in the ward 4 days later. Did you ever feel like you were going absolutely nuts? I’m hallucinating, having severe depersonalization and fatigue. I’m only on my second week of withdrawals, will this get better or is this my life now? I know I’ve almost lost hope. Cheers for speaking up!Magical 801 écrit: Yeah I know how you feel man. I have a bunch 99% pure pregabalin powder. I started using it after about three or four days I don't want to use it no more so I went back to using my Gabapentin. I'm thinking about throwing it away but I have so much of it it would be a waste of money. I think it'll will just sit in the closet for nowLisa’s Life écrit: Yep sweats, hot, cold, ITCHING, insomnia, bad stomach, anxiety attacks, pounding heart…I weaned myself off Lyrica 3 weeks ago.300mg daily with tramadol- off that too. Hope you’re still doing ok , keep strong ��Richard Walker écrit: He has lost the plot lolCristian Santoyo écrit: How long did u take it and how long for those side effects to clear up? I was taking it for 1 month and 1/2 what that cause me alot of withdrawal side effects?Waterman écrit: Andy I wanna ask, what if i drink beer to ease the withdrawl?doublezero 0.0 écrit: i was
literally at my wits end and about to take this…you're vid put the final nail in…no way…thank you sir…you're a legendMissy and Hilary Sisters écrit: I’ve suffered with 24/7 migraines for fifteen years now. For ten of it, the doctors fed me the poison. I’m trying to get off of it. I tried before, but it got to me too much to quit it. I was vomiting, the cold sweats, the horrible anxiety. It’s an awful drug that should have never been put on the market. Someone told me that’s how it is to get off of haroin, and they’re probably right. I hate lyrica and would discourage it for anyone. Like your sense of humor BTW!TheWorldlyGamer écrit: I just stopped 50mg cold turkey after 2 months and I've got to say the withdrawal symptoms have been crap. 5 days I've been off it for so far but my god the withdrawal is fucking horrible. I hope you're doing better now. ��Bill Hale écrit: Over 18K views and only 300 people remembered to ‘like’ the vid. Buggers.
Loved the explanation of withdrawal thoughts. The wit and humour is encouraging, yes. But the info in general of what you went through here is fab — you’re helping people when ya do this sorta thing. Bless ya, Lad.Denise Allison Stout écrit: 10 years the doctors fed me this poison I weaned down a bit for a month then went cold turkey… day six ��������������….brain is doing somersaults in a wool sweater….I was taking 300 daily for 8 years then 450 for a year then 600 for another year then cut back down to 450 then 300 then nothing……Cara Copland écrit: Scottish lass, just took a 300 pregab for thr 1st time last night… I loved it. I was cleaning and my alcohol withdrawals-,, i ve drank a tin to 3 tins per day to medicate my anxiety after a rape last October. I bought 6 at £2.50 each. Im planning to take up to 2 a day to get me over the first wk of cleaning my home and returning under the watchful eye of a controlling covert narc… A 71 yr old exploitative buggar. I ve cog dissonance around… Thanks for showing me NOT to buy them ever again. Cara the huntress and Eloi thee gorgeous hound… XSean Needham écrit: Anti depressant withdrawal is more funVapaa Rotta écrit: I actually took a loan (10,000€) in the thought process of not paying it back because i was gonna kill myself anyway, i spent the money on hookers, heroin, oxycontin, weed, lyrica and several other drugs, i lived in a very medicated state, driving absolutely blasted, absolutely care free, going to bed when i wanted, waking up when i felt like it (i slept like a baby thanks to heroin, oxy & weed) eating when i felt like it and just did my best to live so carefree, i had nothing but enjoyment in my life for those couple of months that 10k gave me. It has now been a bit over a year, im in debt and unemployed, but sober, and after having that couple months of stress free vacation suicide seemed kinda silly, i felt like it gave me the rest i craved so badly. e withdrawals were absolutely horrible and to this day i still battle with strong cravings, mostly for intravenously administred heroin, but atleast i am not suicidal and i can still enjoy little things in life. i have still long way to go in my healing process, and someday when i get a job i will get my credit back, and im gonna do my best sticking in sobriety. I dont suggest this to anyone, but i regret absolutely nothing.Metal Head Medic écrit: I'm a Paramedic in the States.. I've seen a LOT of suicides. The PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. Right fuckin on man. Scrolling through your diary on this- wish you the BEST of luck.Lynno From Cork �� écrit: I needed that laugh ����Thank u xLEE Wightman écrit: Iv only been taking them for a month or two. And it is hell. Never been so low in my life. I thought the benzos where bad. Fuck me. There is no end in sight.Mark B R écrit: i hear the words 'Cold Turkey' a lot. Well of course we want off them as quickly as possible but any drug is dangerous to come off cold turkey. Dosages should be gradually reduced so the body , brain & mind can adjust slowly on a gentle slide. going cold turkey is like your brain & mind been thrown off a cliff , hence the bad or weird thoughts. All the best to you too Andy!Francois Jobin écrit: fuck same for meJACK_KNIFE-1 écrit: I'm on 50mg a day will I get withdrawal if I stop with such a small amount?GMaria • Ask the Spirits écrit: I’ve been prescribed for off label use for Bipolar. It’s considered a “ mood stabilizer” But nobody told me about the withdrawl. I just forgot to take it for two days and on the second day I was so sick and depressed suicidal that I went on train tracks and lay down but the police found me and took me to the hospital. They said I was yelling and screaming I don’t remember anything. Needless to say I’m still on it because apparently I’ll try to kill myself not being on it and not knowing I’m even doing it!! I’m shook!!Ben Hutchins écrit: Funny dude lol I'm on 300 pregabaz twice daily lol fuck this what I got to look forward to ��Marty McCullough écrit: NIGHTMARE mate… you off them now?Jam Sey écrit: I used to take THIRTEEN Lyrica 300mg a day. My withdraws lasted just over 2 weeks. I wanted to die.Tracy Slechta écrit: You are soo funny.Great personality. Especially for what you’re going through right nowMiss Grace écrit: I'm 600mg for serious anxiety disorders, I'm so scared, I can live with it but I'm not strong enough to cope with the withdrawals. I've done a couple of days cold turkey recently and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced. I'm on 7 day repeat scripts and this week I accidentally took more than 600 mg the first couple of days just from forgetting I'd already taken them and taking them again. So I've had to go the last 4 days on one 300mg capsule and half the other capsule to ration it out until the next script. Its been horrible with just that little bit less than normal. I really am lost and don't know how to cope. I'm also having problems with other addictions on top of that.
Thanks for your video, it's made me feel a little less alone with this terrible situationStaffie Fantastic écrit: Just done the same as you bud ,… I’m so glad you posted this Thankyou .. it’s a lonely journey , doctors don’t know what the Fuk these things do to your mind … tried killing myself a few times while coming off pregabalin … had convinced myself that I was still in a coma and this wasn’t really happening… I’m going without meds now and prefer having seizures that could kill me rather than being insane and doing myself harm… couldn’t watch my daughter getting upset every time I went fkd up
my heart goes out to anyone who’s going through this , pregabalin are worse than the condition it’s meant to treatDaren Coull écrit: I am feeling the same but doin cold turkeyPeter Suwara écrit: Withdrawal depends also on the period of time you stayed on a medication that alters your brain chemistry. The longer you are on it, the longer it will take to come back to normal.

Intense exercise will help rebalance your chemistry by flooding it after an intense workout. I would suggest slowly building up to sprints in the morning would help you dramatically.

Sometimes a taper helps. The thing NOT to do, is replace with a short acting gaba-ergic medicine. If anything, you could taper on diazepam if the withdrawal becomes too difficult.nedar giordano écrit: I take 2 50mg capsules with a huge cup of coffee. Makes me feel like a $million dollars mate.Kay Mel écrit: My pysch well won't be soon as I'm being discharged wanted me to take it on top of my propranolol… I've refused so now he's discharging me back to my gp. Wanted me too for severe anxiety I've been through a lot of trauma and I am suicidal so hey let's go put her on medication that will make her more suicidal makes sense �� this drug should be banned.Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey écrit: @andy Bailey I'm about to. Come off 600mg a day cold turkey. Don't have enough to taper. Is there physical withdrawal? I've been on it three months approx. please help, anyone… Thanks.Billy McCarthy écrit: How has it gone man? I'm still on 600 mgs a day and have been for five years. I need a week to myself to get off it but can't. Trying to explain this to people is impossible. I'd rather have rhe neuropathix pain now.Jovi Girl écrit: UPDATE…..I FINAAAAALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT FUCKING WOOOOOOOORKS!!!!!
I don’t know if you’ve read my past post and saw my struggle with this EVIL DEMON CALLED LYRICA…..But I finally found something, AFTER TWO FUCKINF YEEEEEARS OF TRYING TO GET OFF OF IT….I have tried cold turkey DONT DO IT, you can have fucking seizures as well as a long list of dangers. I tried cold turkey not knowing what could happen, AND I WENT THROUGH FUCKING HELL……First off, before I tell you what has been working FOR ME….I wanna say that I AM NOT…IN AAAANY….WAY….SHAPE…OR FORM….A MEDICAL DOCTOR, OR ANYONE IN THE MEDICAL FIELD…..I AM A LYRICA VICTIM….I have been taking 600mg of Lyrica FOR 10 YEARS….and the last 2 years been trying to get off of it UNSUCCESSFULLY….but I finally found something that works….I WILL WARN YOU….SOME LF YOU MAY NOT LIKE IT….ITS VERY UNCONVENTIONAL….YOU NEED TO FIND A DOCTOR WILLING TO TAKE THIS UNCONVENTIONAL MEASURE….BUT IF YOU KNEW WHAT HELL I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH, YOU WOULD CONSIDER THE OPTION…..SUBOXONE!!!!! ……Suboxone is a medication used to GET OFF OF OPIATES…..Lyrica, IS NOT an opiate….but I had IDENTICAL WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!!! The sweatiness, excruciating pain, hot/cold sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, insomnia ….I know it’s IDENTICAL WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS BECAUSE I AM A RECOVERING ADDICT….i have been clean from drugs since June 7th 2017 yesterday was my 21 months clean….I did not “have to” be off Lyrica because it’s not a narcotic, but as a PERSONAL CHOICE, I want to be off of ANY MEDICATION, whether it be narcotic or non narcotic….I have tried everything you can possibly think of to safely stop taking Lyrica….NOTHING HAS WORKED….the ONLY THING that ever worked, was when I went to treatment to get off of opiates almost two years ago, I was prescribed suboxone to detox from opiates, IT ALSO HELPED LYRICA WITHDRAWAL….but after being diagnosed with sciatica, I was placed back on Lyrica….I FINALLY found a methadone doctor who is VERY COMPASSIONATE, SUPPORTIVE, AND UNDERSTANDS THE IMPORTANCE OF MY CLEAN TIME AND MY RECOVERY….AND HE AGREED TO HELP ME…..I explained to him that I was able to get off of opiates, Lyrica, and suboxone when I was in treatment IN TWO WEEKS….I also explained to him that I don’t want a high dose, I OBVIOUSLY spoke to my sponsor before making this tough decision to go on suboxone, and after careful thought and consideration, and guidance from a sponsor, me, my sponsor, and my doctor understand that THIS IS NOT A RELAPSE FOR ME….if you’re in the program you will understand this…..anyhow, SUBOXONE WORKS FOR LYRICA WITHDRAWAL. PERIOD…..the only uphill battle you face, is finding a doctor who will prescribe it SPECIFICALLY AND ONLY FOR LYRICAArthur travelling écrit: Hi mate you OKJava ta hut 1 écrit: I was prescribed Lyrica I don't know if I will take them my I explained it to my Dr and he said that's just street talk.Mateus écrit: Is it really safe to stop in a week? I just started 1 pill per day yesterday (from 2 pills daily for 3wk). No hallucinations so far, but I do feel dizziness, some twitching, and the biggest fear — my lower left breast area (where the heart is?) has an odd slight tightness. Also, I can’t sleep too well; maybe just as bad as the pinched nerve pain. Has anyone actually just stopped taking 1 pill daily after a week & been ok?That Girl écrit: Love you. Lol you made me happy. Was really low before that ��Tina Mills écrit: Been taking them several years, started at 2 x 100 ml per day now I'm up to 400 -600ml daily. Not only 24lb weight gain but my memory loss has become serious ….thought I had dementia. Constant suicide thoughts, so afraid I'll attempt but it actually would be accident due to these meds. I'm desperate for a supervised or residential withdrawal program as I live on my own.jane Doyle écrit: ur funny ��Ondrej von Hamburg écrit: Englisg guys – i like the way you talking.bronx 16 écrit: You need to smokepixie 84 écrit: Pregablin caused me to have a psychotic episode. I was seeing ppl . I thought I was someone else too…. A few different ppl actually. I was questioning if I had schizophrenia,a week without them felt like a miracle cure. They did help with the mangled joint feeling but totally not worth it.weird science écrit: I only found out there addictive when I left a load at my dad's I live miles away so going to get them was no optionAlison Hilll écrit: Lyrica is a very bad drug for some people and i am one of them . All i can say is with the withdrawal will end but it takes time good luck to you ,you will have to do it on your own .Funny it is one of the most expensive drugs that doctors can prescribe and there is the problem big pharmacuticals companies ITS ALL MONEY .Jovi Girl écrit: ALRIGHT….PEOPLE….PLEEEEASE HELP ME!!!!! …..and please excuse the language, I apologize ahead of time, but I AM FUCKING DESPERATE!


I am a recovering addict, next Friday December 7th I will be celebrating 18 months of recovery from all narcotic drugs and alcohol…. I HAVE BEEN AN OPIATE USER, THEREFORE I KNIW FIRST HAND WHAT OPIATE WITHDRAWAL FEELS LIKE…..IT FEELS LIKE HELL ON EARTH….BUT GUESS WHAT…..THAT WAS A FUCKING CAKE WALK COMPARED TO LYRICA!! I would rather go through opiate withdrawal than Lyrica. AND THE WORST PART IS DOCTORS WILL NOT LISTEN, BELIEVE ME, OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IT HAS SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS….I feel alone, depressed, desperate, and in excruciating pain….. ANDY, I NEED TO ASK YOU….along with your many, MANY withdrawal symptoms, were you getting severely cold feet to the point of EXCRUCIATING PAIN…PAIN THAT FELT LIKE FROST BITE PAIN in your feet? The other day I was in bed with 2 pairs of socks, MY SHOES ON, as well as a heating pad because my feet were so cold and in so much pain from the cold. Has anyone felt that??*

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT….I AM GOING COLD TURKEY, I HAVE TRIED TO WEAN MYSELF OFF FOR THE PASSED YEAR, IT IS FUCKING TORTURE FOR A YEAR, I WOULD RATHER GO THROUGH IT ONCE AND FOR ALL AND FACE THE HELL…….BUT…..WHAT I NEED TO KNOW, PLEASE HELP ME ANDY, I CAN HANDLE THE DEPRESSION, AND ANXIETY….BECAUSE I AM HEAVILY INVOLVED IN A GREAT 12 STEP PROGRAM…..WHAT I CANT FUCKING HANDLE IS THE PAIN, THE SWEATS, THE FEELING OF WANTING TO CRAWL OUT OF MY FUCKING SKIN, SHORNESS OF BREATH, DIARRHEA, FATIGUE…..basically I wanna know how long THE PHYSICAL symptoms last once you stop cold turkey….the rest I can fucking handle. But I feel like jumping off a fucking bridge to get out of this physical and painful fucking hell. Please help. Andy. Anyone….HOW LONG WILL IT LAST.Fiordalina Rodriguez écrit: God bless you. Have good day��Albez écrit: How long was you on it? If I look as sprightly and upbeat as you do through the withdrawal then it won't be so bad.Heidi Georgiadis écrit: Lyrica is a drug from the underworld! Get out get out while you still can.Maximus manson écrit: I am of the genuine belief that Lyrica is able to open your mind to see the spirit world i have regular chats with dead friends they have told me that the drug will later be found in the future to do this …anyway by the way you remind me of suggs out of madness very much has anyone told you that is there any chance you could do an impression video ?N K écrit: I am from Barcelona spain explained different love the way you explain very honestly funny but true made me laugh but very true thanks for sharing xxJoy Lake écrit: Testicleees! Bullocks! NO IT MEANS FLOWERS, not the ones you want to smell!Reed Barrow écrit: Beutiful trail.Dr. Corona écrit: 300mg a day is quite a bit for lyrica lol it's going to hurt.Lucas Wickert écrit: Are the Lyrica' Side Effects permanent?Kati bön écrit: I can't get off this drug i feel like killing myself1fairhurst écrit: Hello there great video and making light of it is the best way
I’ve been on it 6 years at 300mg twice a day
I’ve been weaning off it for 5 weeks now and now onto 75 mg twice a day

I feel different but still do t feel good
I did not know it made people put on weight ??? Cos I’m the tatted I’ve eve been past 3 years hmm ��David Doonan écrit: Thanks ! I'm off of it for day 5 now and I'm feeling exactly what you describe … Great vid !Edvin Edvison écrit: I got off 600mg pr day. I went down to 300mg gabapentin and 300 pregabalin pr day for 4 days. After that 2 x 300 gabapentin 4 days. Then 1 x 300 2 days. After that, I did 1 mg of Xanax/xanor 4 days. Then nothing. Redrawing from it made me sleep for about 10 days, sick realistic dreams. I hope tonight will be the first good normal night of sleep.mark ochle écrit: i like you man , your alright .Wendy a Christian écrit: Lyrica is the worst drug ever made. Highly addictive. Excerbates pain without you knowing it. Until you try to get off of it. Extreme pain now. Crying uncontrollabley. Extreme stabbing stomach pain and nausea. I'm bedridden now. How can Doctors prescribe this drug !!!! Everyone that uses it, is addicted, no exception. They just don't know it, because they haven't tried to get off of it.RUDI UK écrit: I saturated three towels one night coming off them. The gravy ran out of me like nothing normal. Suicidal thoughts? None at all, but i have the same 'fuck it' attitude as this guy.Mark Lindsay écrit: My brain was doing summersaults like yours.
I felt the doctors wanted me on these drugs mostly to zombiefy me.
They didn’t seem to understand I wanted to feel like myself again.
And… the pain relief never happened.
Best thing I ever did getting off all the drugs that were actually created for other purposes but the drug manufacturers decided they could get more revenue by saying they helped with other things. I.e. nerve pain.
Also, I love how honest you are with your thoughts. Some people think it’s weird. I call it acting normal!
Keep up the good work mate.Robert Lewis écrit: Oh by the way CBD oil should be helpful to anyone coming off this or benzos.Robert Lewis écrit: Lol man your rambling is hilariousKage 777 écrit: I have no withdrawals didnt do anything for me might aswell have just been sugarBilly McCarthy écrit: 3 years 400 mgs a day. Have kicked tramadol. Now I need to best this shit. Went a day without it once and was fucked as a duck.KP écrit: my dad took lyrica he has hes back broken but anyways he took some and he was angry to me because i cant find my toohbrush i mean wtf man he started to throw stuff and yellingAmanda Hewitt écrit: ������thenearestfire écrit: Keep taking Pregabalin.Guy Canham8 écrit: very funny matey….. just been staring at a box of pregablin that have just been prescribed for me…… dont think i feel so bad now….. think i will give em a miss. thanks chap!James Sission écrit: sorry you are having a hard time with Pregablin for me it works good , thanks for the laugh you are a funny fucker keep it up mate .Henrik écrit: Taper slowly, its very addictiveYazarch Liseed écrit: Andy, thank you for your comment regarding suicide and Las Vegas. That's a good thing to tell myself when I'm feeling that way. Currently on 450mg a day (for a year) + cannabis for narcolepsy/ehler's-danlos/fibro/anxiety. I think Lyrica is a necessary evil for me, but it's good to know what I'm in for if I decide to quit it.marc appleyard écrit: does it make you have adreniline rusheing through your veins. ive been prescribed low dose but taking it before. i was taken six hundred – 1000 mils aday and when they run out, after3 days im sweating raging being six.. i need help can u advise what i should do pl.Roy the boy Mckie écrit: Brilliant pal…Iam from Scotland was on 600 mg a day but now of em.. lmfao… You should be on the stage ….. Ahahaha…David Chalmers écrit: Day 9 off stopping Lycra/Pregablin doc wanted to wean me off the drug, wish i followed her advice rather than completely stopping them, but although they stopped the pain, i was tired of feeling like a zombie all day, 300mg a day i was on, now zero, the withdrawl symptoms are very nasty, up all night cant sleep, to sleeping all day, waking up from vivid nightmares soaking in sweat, sore heads, confussion, dry mouth, depression, suicidal thoughts, not wanting to do anything, got them all, as you say should only last 2 weeks here is hopingVegan4life not just4fashion écrit: You look like your Tripping!skylilly1 écrit: Lyrica is the devil! lol Pretty bad getting off of it. Thanks for the vid it was hysterical!! Got off Lyrica once and wanted to jump off the nearest cliff but there weren't any close to me. So I toughed it out. Thanks god it was Autumn and I could look at the pretty trees. Nerve pain got so bad, had to get back on dragging my knuckles to do it. Now I'm ready to get off of it AGAIN! grrrrrinsomniac69 écrit: am withdrawing now felt well down'd out but your funny mateEdvard Bsn écrit: Does Pregabalin gives more energy and euphoria at higher dosages or it seems more relaxing and sleeping ?Gareth Evans écrit: I know what you mean about being hot & cold at the same time, I had that when I stopped taking Fentanyl (it's prescribed for nerve pain). I'm currently prescribed Gabapentin (Pregabalin's weaker brother) and I'm tempted to try Pregabalin. Not a decision I'm making lightly.

Suicidal thoughts suck; having part of you that is intent on killing yourself, with the rest of you fighting the urge. Dark days…

PS: Bollox means really not good.Edward Price écrit: If it may cause thoughts of Suicide, can it not cause thoughts of Murder ? Seriously, why do all these ads say they cause thoughts of suicide, but never say a thing about murder ? Wouldn't a person consider both ? REDRUM !Slartibartfast écrit: You could've put the traffic cone on your head to elevate the cold turkey!….(apologies to the vegetarians)……..James Morrison écrit: Thank you Ricky GervaisMatt Parkes écrit: bunch of shit, if you are getting these feelings from pregab then sue your doctor…Always Tomorrow écrit: ok 300 you say. I'm seaming down. 450 a day. down to 150 a day now. hellllllp. hope your better.Always Tomorrow écrit: how many pills a day did you taking?Stephen Veitch écrit: Ur mad and amazing to watch, I've just come off them after 5 years so I'm with youUFCNUTTA écrit: Lol dude your proper trippy! I'm goona be on lyrica soon.Linus Sundin écrit: Thank you for the motivation. It feels great to know that your not alone with this lyrica withdrawal shit. We are strong together!! Much love <3nicholas usansky écrit: day 4 cold turkey nownicholas usansky écrit: i like you. youre funny mate. i just realised i have roper fucked up. i have literally leapt from 600mg or lyrica down to 100mg in three weeks. nay fucker telt me i was subbosed to go down by 10mg every week or so!!!!!!!!!! no wonder i cant get to sleep til 6am every night. im just lying there drenched in sweat. and i cant even play me drums cause i keep getting a headache.

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